Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1619 - Miss Feng, My Condolences

Chapter 1619: Miss Feng, My Condolences

Feng Wu had never seen Feng Xun so nervous, and she suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as she ran.

Taking a deep breath, Feng Xun held her slender shoulders and said solemnly, “Xiao Wu, you… you have to promise me. No matter what happens, you have to keep it together, okay?!”

Feng Wu narrowed her clear eyes. “What happened?”

After much hesitation, Feng Xun finally said quickly, “Someone… found a body in the Doma River up ahead.”

“Argh —” Qiuling looked terrified.

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun, her head blank…

She grabbed Feng Xun’s sleeve and pursed her lips, unable to say a word…

“Xiao Wu, calm down! You have to stay calm! You haven’t seen it, right? Don’t worry just yet!” Feng Xun was almost in tears.

Feng Wu’s eyes went teary. “You wouldn’t have come to me if you weren’t sure.”

It was Feng Xun’s turn to be speechless.

Indeed, he wouldn’t have come to Feng Wu if that female body that had been fished out of the water hadn’t fitted Chaoge’s age and body shape…

“Anyway, seeing is believing. You can’t give up now, okay? Xiao Wu, pull yourself together!” Feng Xun was nervous.

“I know.” Feng Wu wiped her tears away and asked coldly, “Where is it? Take me there!”

Feng Xun quickly led Feng Wu over.

The Doma River wasn’t far from the campsite, and Feng Wu ran as fast as she could.

Although she had learned some information from the man in black earlier, given his demeanor, he was capable of doing just about anything.

“Out of my way! Out of my way!”

A lot of people had gathered there when Feng Wu arrived.

Dugu Mengxi, Dugu Yamo, Zuo Qingyu, and even Zuo Qingxian, Zuo Qingyu’s oldest brother, were there, as well as Jun Wuxia and Jun Wuyu.

Seeing Feng Wu’s arrival, Zuo Qingyu smirked strangely.

Everyone was discussing among themselves.

“She’s Feng Wu.”

“The dead one was her friend. She was Duan Chaoge, and I heard that she only just arrived at the campsite.”

“I’ve never heard that name before.”

“You wouldn’t have. Duan Chaoge wasn’t like a certain person who runs around offending others.”

“Do you think Feng Wu upset the wrong people, and they took revenge on her friend?”

“Poor Duan Chaoge. She was too young to die.”

“So, do you still want to play with Feng Wu? You may end up getting killed.”

“I won’t dare —”

Feng Wu stood there and stared at the dead body on the ground. She remained silent for a while.

Zuo Qingyu and Dugu Yamo looked at each other.

Dugu Yamo had shut herself in ever since that embarrassing incident last time at the immortal flower festival. She gloated over Feng Wu’s predicament and couldn’t contain her satisfaction.

“Miss Feng Wu, let the dead rest in peace. My condolences.” Dugu Yamo stepped out of the crowd with a solemn face, pretending to be sad.

They would never miss such a great opportunity to take revenge on Feng Wu.

Zuo Qingyu also stepped out with feigned sadness. She even patted Feng Wu on the shoulder and let tears come to her eyes. “Feng Wu, Chaoge probably offended someone and died such a miserable death… But we can’t bring the dead back to life. You should put away your sorrow now and bury her first. Otherwise, the body will decompose soon.”