Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2002 - For Xiao Wu! (2)

Chapter 2002: For Xiao Wu! (2)

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“She was kind enough to let you go for the price of a little money.

“But Ranmil, I didn’t expect you to be so evil!

“If I had known that you were so cold-blooded, I should have told Xiao Wu to throw you down the cliff back there!”

Feng Xun gritted his teeth and told the truth.

But everyone was shocked already when they heard the second sentence.


“Feng Wu was on the Survival Team? How could the Survival Team win?”

“That’s impossible. All Survival Teams were annihilated before!”

If Feng Wu had defeated Ranmil’s Chosen Team, how capable was she?

The older prince stared at Ranmil.

He gestured to her to say something in return.

Because this would destroy her reputation.

Ranmil paled.

She wanted to retort, but there were so many witnesses, and she couldn’t just lie.

“You lost, so you paid Feng Wu two-thirds of your wealth and destroyed two-thirds of your cultivation attainments. Did you think that you wouldn’t need to pay up just because she’s dead?”

“I didn’t!” Ranmil finally knew what to say. “I didn’t kill her! It’s like you said. I’ve lost two-thirds of my cultivation attainments, so how am I supposed to harm her?”

Instantly —

Everyone fell silent again.

But they immediately started talking after that.

“That’s right. Princess Ranmil is only a Spiritual Grandmaster now. How could she harm Feng Wu?”

“But Young Lord Feng and Young Lord Xun have sworn upon their lives that they’re telling the truth. I have to believe them.”

“Did you notice? Princess Ranmil didn’t deny what Young Lord Feng said. She admitted that she did what Feng Wu demanded, which means that Young Lord Feng was telling the truth.”

While they were discussing among themselves, Ranmil cried and said, “Young Lord Feng, I’m already crippled. Why are you still picking on me? I only rejected you and said that I was in love with His Royal Highness. Is that why you hate me so much? Is that why you want to get back at me?”

Wow —

That was a very cunning move.

By saying that, she was suggesting that Feng Xun was taking the opportunity to take his revenge.

Since she had admitted it herself, Feng Xun wouldn’t be able to use her affection for Jun Linyuan against her.

Ranmil liked Jun Linyuan.

And Young Lord Feng liked Ranmil.

That was…

Everyone began to give Feng Xun strange looks.

If that assumption was true, Feng Xun’s statement earlier would become very dubious.

Feng Xun was never good at having arguments. He was able to make that speech because he was driven by his impulse. Also, it was because Ranmil had let him speak.

Therefore, Feng Xun looked as stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

When he realized what was going on, he was furious.

“What on earth are you talking about? Why on earth will I fall in love with you? Are you saying that I’m doing this because you’ve rejected me? Don’t make me laugh! You think too highly of yourself! You’re so fake! I wouldn’t like you even if you were the last woman alive!”