Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 2035 - My Future Will Be Yours Entirely

Chapter 2035: My Future Will Be Yours Entirely

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Xu Jinfei frowned.

An Lan frowned and took out her phone. “I didn’t take any photos just now, you don’t have to make such a fuss.”

She had wanted to add, “At least I know how to behave in the mourning hall without making a fuss.”

However, this was Xu Baohan’s own family matter after all, so she should stay out of it.

Xu Jinfei looked at An Lan’s displeasure. If Xu Baohan said that he had a girlfriend, then it must be her.

He didn’t like her. Although she was beautiful, she was too fierce. Why did a woman have to be so fierce? She was too mean..

An Lan could tell that Xu Jinfei didn’t like her anymore. She pursed her lips, not wanting to curry favor with him.

“Can I go pay my respects now?” Xu Baohan said calmly. “If I can’t, I’ll leave then.”

Xu Jinfei glared at him, his chest heaving with anger. Zhao Meng screamed, “Get lost, get as far away as possible.”

“Zhao Meng, let him pay his respects.”

In the mourning hall, an old and stooped voice came out slowly, supported by someone. It was Old Madam Xu. “The Old Master really likes Baohan, so let him send him off.”

“Mom,” Zhao Meng was unwilling.

Xu Jinfei added, “Let him go after he paid his respects.”

Zhao Meng fell silent.

Xu Baohan held An Lan’s hand as they walked towards the spirit tablet. The two of them bowed three times before they stood up and placed their chrysanthemums before walking towards Old Madam Xu. “Grandmother…”

Old Madam Xu slowly closed her eyes as she twirled a string of Buddhist beads in her hands. “Your grandfather was sober for a while before he died. He never blamed you, you should go back.”

Xu Baohan was stunned, his eyes reddening after a while. He narrowed his eyes and pursed his dry lips. “Thank you, take care of yourself, I’m leaving.”

With that, he turned around and left with An Lan.

On the way back to the city, Xu Baohan remained silent, no one knew what he was thinking.

An Lan did not disturb him until the car stopped at the entrance of his neighbourhood. “You should go home and rest for a while.”

She felt that Xu Baohan would rather be alone right now.

Xu Baohan held her hand, his gaze bleak. “I’ll go over and help you cook tonight.”

An Lan looked at him and laughed. “Stop cooking, you’re off today.”

“An Lan, I’m sorry for making you suffer today,” Xu Baohan suddenly said with a complicated tone. “On the first day I was with you, I told myself that I wouldn’t let you suffer, but recently, you’ve been suffering a lot.”

An Lan smiled bitterly. Wasn’t she suffering, “My parents made you suffer too, didn’t they? We were attracted to each other in the beginning. Wasn’t it because we were in similar situations and could understand each other’s feelings, so we hugged each other to keep each other warm?”

Xu Baohan stared at her for a while, then suddenly said, “An Lan, I plan to sell the house here and renovate the new one. What style do you like?”

“When did I say I was going to marry you?” An Lan raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. “Don’t forget that I haven’t gotten over your ex-girlfriend yet.”

“I bumped into her again yesterday morning.” Xu Baohan smiled. “I’ve made it clear to her that we’re strangers in the future.”

“She didn’t cry?” An Lan was surprised.

Xu Baohan was stunned and recalled Zhuang Tianya’s appearance. “Her eyes were red. An Lan, she might really still like me. You were right in the past, I… thought too simply.”

An Lan pursed her lips. “You decided to renovate the house to avoid her?”

Xu Baohan shook his head, looking at her gentle and sincere eyes. “I want to say goodbye to the past, my future will be yours entirely, be it my parents or Zhuang Tianya.”