Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Chapter 483

While Namikaze Minato was blown away by Shinra Tensei, Jigokudō healed Gakidō.

Namikaze Minato did not expect Pain Rikudō to have this almost rogue resurrection method. He frowned.

After a moment of hesitation, Namikaze Minato decided to deal with Jigokudō first. According to the situation just now, the one who can resurrect Pain was Jigokudō. Even Jigokudō‘s position was at the far back of Pain Rikudō, which was the same as being protected by the other five bodies. That’s what he thought.

Nagato was also aware that healing Gakidō in front of the enemy will bring himself to danger, but he had no choice. The person in front of him has God Speed. In case he still has a huge destructive Ninjutsu, there is no Gakidō will be completely obliterated. His losses could even be greater.

“Konan, if all Pain Rikudō was knocked down, you will be the only one left. I will summon Gedō Mazō against him.”

“You want to summon Gedō Mazō here? It’s too risky! And Pain Rikudō won’t lose.”

“I’m just talking about the worst-case scenario, just listen to me! I … he’s here!”

Before Nagato finished his words, his Rinnegan saw a Flying thunder god Kunai moved towards Pain Rikudō. Nagato immediately controlled Chikushōdō to use the Summoning Technique to summon a panda to block Kunai.

But the Namikaze Minato Kunai was split into dozens of Kunai in a split second.

“Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique?”

“It’s just Kunai. No need to bother about it, right?” Konan suggested.

Nagato shook his head and said, “This person doesn’t have Raiton Chakra around his body, which means that his Speed ​​is not achieved by relying on Raiton Chakra to stimulate the cells… The usual Body Flicker Technique has Chakra waves, but I don’t feel anything when he moves. The only explanation is that his technique is space time Ninjutsu. These Kunai are likely to carry his space time coordinates. If he wants to move, he uses these Kunai to teleport. Right now Jigokudō is in danger.”

Nagato explained it while letting Tendo blow the Kunai with Shinra Tensei.

Namikaze Minato frowned, looking at Tendo, then he threw out a second Flying thunder god kunai.

This time Tendo chose to back up, and Shuradō and Chikushōdō fired a rocket, blocking the Flying thunder god kunai.

Seeing this, Namikaze Minato concluded something.

‘The interval between that Jutsu and when I throw Flying thunder god Kunai to the time when these two people shot to block Flying thunder god kunai is about 3 seconds. Which means that this Jutsu that pushes people away has a time interval of at least 3 seconds.’

“3 seconds… That’s enough!”

After saying that, the silhouette of Namikaze Minato disappeared, and he teleported to Kunai that had just been ejected by Tendo. That Kunai just landed not too far from Tendo.

Namikaze Minato, who had Chakra with Wind Attribute, attached it to Flying thunder god kunai and cut off Tendo’s neck. Nagato snorted coldly and used Shinra Tensei.

Namikaze Minato felt the repulsion. He knew that it was Tendo’s operation. When Shinra Tensei was about to push him away, Namikaze Minato threw Flying thunder god kunai to the right side of Tendo and then jumped directly to Kunai, right in front of Shuradō and Chikushōdō.

Namikaze Minato looked at Chikushōdō and frowned, “A Mokujin?” But he acted quickly. With the attached wind Attribute to Flying thunder god kunai, he cut off the heads of Shuradō and Chikushōdō.

“Almost over. Then the next one is you.”

Having said that, the silhouette of Namikaze Minato appeared again in front of Tendo; without the slightest hesitation, he killed Tendo.

Both Nagato and Konan were stunned by what Namikaze Minato did. The time from Shinra Tensei was less than 2 seconds, but three of Pain’s bodies had been killed.

Then Namikaze Minato put his eyes on Jigokudō. Just now, Jigokudō healed Gakidō. He wouldn’t allow Jigokudō to heal Gakidō a second time.

Without the protection of other Tendo, Shuradō, and Chikushōdō, Jigokudō just a body with little fighting ability, can’t even dodge Namikaze Minato’s attack and died instantly.

Ningendō and Gakidō did not escape in the end, and they lost their mobility.

After killing Pain Rikudō, Namikaze Minato set his eyes on Nagato and Konan. Nagato gave Konan a look, and Konan nodded to prepare to escape.

At this time, Namikaze Minato’s words interrupted her movement. “Don’t waste your time. I left my Kunai at the exit. You can’t escape.”

Nagato, hearing this, immediately looked towards the exit, and sure enough, there’s Kunai on the ground.

Seeing this, Nagato gave up the idea of ​​letting Konan escape and instead asked Namikaze Minato, “Who is your Lord?”

Namikaze Minato didn’t answer Nagato’s question. Instead, he said, “Answer my question. If your answer satisfied me, I will leave.”

Nagato and Konan glanced at each other and say, “What do you want to ask?”

“Why did you collect Bijuu? What is the purpose of Akatsuki?”

Nagato told Namiraze Minato what he said to Jiraiya back then.

Namikaze Minato sneered. “Will the world grow up when it knows Pain? Are you crazy? Then does killing your teacher make you feel Pain?”

Speaking of Jiraiya, while Nagato’s expression didn’t change, there’s a little sadness in Konan’s eyes.

“Okay, now I understand. I just want to know. Nagato, I won’t judge your ideal as right or wrong. But let me say this, you are alone!”

After saying that, Namikaze Minato disappeared.

After Namikaze Minato left, Nagato looked at Pain Rikudō‘s corpse, and the words of Namikaze Minato echoed in his ears. The faith he had always adhered to was slightly shaken.

“Konan, I …”

“Nagato, don’t say it. No matter what you do, I will always be with you. For now, let’s fix Pain Rikudō first!”

“Well, first I need to figure out how to repair Jigokudō‘s body and get him back to action, and let him heal the other five!”


Meanwhile, in the cave where Obito and White Zetsu were, Sasuke, who had been unconscious for a long time, finally woke up.

In the battle with Itachi, Sasuke showed everything he had learned and used all his trump cards. It can be said that after the brothers fight, he lost consciousness due to exhaustion.

When he lost his consciousness, Itachi in his mind came as a form of gentle big brother, a murderer who slaughtered his clansman, and a lunatic who wanted his own eyes. Sasuke can’t shake these three images of Itachi in his mind and refused to go.

When Sasuke was still a little confused, Obito came in and said, “Are you finally awake, Uchiha Sasuke?”

The sudden appearance alert Sasuke. He subconsciously reached out to pull out his Katana, but he found that he was chained, and it was impossible to move even a little bit.