I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 412: Thank You, Old Man Heavenly Tribulation For Striking Down!

Chapter 412: Thank You, Old Man Heavenly Tribulation For Striking Down!

The atmosphere on Saint Mountain was heavy.

The darkness of the tribulation clouds surged like a raging storm.

But even so, the Heavenly Tribulation still didn’t strike. Instead, it lingered in the air, causing everyone to tremble with fear.

When they saw this scene, many people couldn’t help but become bewildered. “What is going on? The Heavenly Tribulation has gathered for so long, yet it still hasn’t descended?”

Ordinary Sage Heavenly Tribulations would usually descend very quickly.

However, they had already waited for several hours, and night had even fallen. Yet, the Heavenly Tribulation still hadn’t erupted!

One had to know that the longer the Heavenly Tribulation accumulated, the more ferocious and terrifying its might would be!

This Heavenly Tribulation cloud’s aura was terrifying to the extreme. Lightning flickered in the clouds, full of terrifying divine might as if they wanted to destroy heaven and earth!

The Heavenly Tribulation clouds that were pitch black like ink emanated numerous golden bolts of tribulation lightning. The lightning strikes were dazzling and resplendent like the scorching sun that rose into the sky, illuminating the deep night sky!

On top of that, the tribulation lightning was shaped like dragons. Multicolored light flowed in all directions, and they formed a vivid image as they ceaselessly passed through the dense tribulation clouds and emitted a horrifying aura.


Seeing this, even the Sages trembled. “Is this the Mixed Divine Heavenly Tribulation?”

The Mixed Divine Heavenly Tribulation was a great Heavenly Tribulation. Normally, it wouldn’t appear in tribulations for those below the stage of a Sixth Tribulation Sage!

However, at that moment, the Mixed Divine Lightning was constantly interweaving in the clouds, and its aura was overwhelming, causing many Sages to feel apprehensive!

This terrifying great calamity was full of destructive energy as if it was going to overturn this region!

At the same time, some people also noticed some clues.

“The power of the Mixed Divine Heavenly Tribulation seems to be inferior to that of a True Sage Tribulation!”

Although the Mixed Divine Lightning appeared terrifying in terms of strength and quantity, it was still much weaker than the Sixth Tribulation Sages underwent.

But even so, the Mixed Divine Lightning was not something that could be easily overcome.

Just the aura that it emitted was enough to make most Sages extremely fearful.

But what caught everyone’s attention the most was that a junior caused the Mixed Divine Heavenly Tribulation!

Didn’t this mean that the Divine Firmament Saint’s first Heavenly Tribulation was comparable to a Six Tribulation Sage’s Heavenly Tribulation?


Everyone took a deep breath!


To be able to transcend the tribulation to become a Sage at the age of 100 was already very rare in the history of the five regions.

Not to mention, Shen Tian had just become the Saint of the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground. He was probably not even 100 years old!

To be able to transcend the tribulation to become a Sage before the age of 100 was shocking enough. Yet, his first Heavenly Tribulation was actually comparable to a True Sage’s Heavenly Tribulation!

What kind of heaven warping genius was this? His talent was too exceptional!

The Sages of the other sacred grounds were astounded!

If the Divine Firmament Saint successfully broke through, wouldn’t his strength immediately surpass a large number of Sages?


The tribulation clouds crazily surged, and sounds of thunder rumbling could be heard. The lightning radiance seemed brilliant and endless divine might poured out from the clouds!

The golden tribulation lightning was dazzling to the extreme, and even its aura became more violent.

Golden lightning dragons weaved through the sea of clouds, exuding a destructive might!

It was clear that the tribulation clouds had already gathered to the limit and were about to erupt and strike down!

Everyone focused their attention on Saint Mountain!

They wanted to see if the Divine Firmament Saint could really transcend the Sage Heavenly Tribulation!

At that moment, the curtain of light opened, and the multicolored light retreated!

The mountain-protecting formation around Saint Mountain slowly opened, and the scene within appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Shen Tian could be seen to be at the top of the mountain, sitting down cross-legged. His body glowed, and his fingers danced in the air, creating a beautiful sight.

In front of him sat an enormous green cauldron that emitted boundless radiance and a grand aura.


Seeing this scene, everyone’s pupils constricted.

The Divine Firmament Saint was not focusing on transcending the Sage Heavenly Tribulation but was actually refining pills?

Everyone was stupefied. Only now did they realize that a furnace of pills had actually triggered this terrifying Sage Heavenly Tribulation!

Just what level of medicinal pill was this that it could actually trigger even Heavenly Tribulations?

Even Qi Shaoxuan and the other elites who were on good terms with Shen Tian were dumbfounded. “Brother Shen can actually refine pills?”

They had never seen Shen Tian refine pills before, but judging from his current pill refinement technique, he was no weaker than an Alchemist Grandmaster!

Hiss, Brother Shen is so talented. He has hidden so much!

While Qi Shaoxuan and the rest were shocked, they could not help but exclaim, “Brother Shen is indeed our role model!”

One had to know that the difficulty of practicing alchemy was in no way inferior to orthodox cultivation.

Countless cultivation geniuses wanted to dual cultivate in alchemy, but they did not have such talent.

On the other hand, many geniuses were talented in alchemy, but their cultivation talent was barely satisfactory.

It was extremely rare for one to stand out in both aspects.

Nonetheless, this also proved that Shen Tian’s talent was terrifying to the extreme and absolutely unprecedented!

At least in the past 10,000 years, it was impossible for someone to dual cultivate to this level at Shen Tian’s age!

Even the number one Alchemy Thearch from 100,000 years ago might not be as talented!

While everyone was still in shock, Shen Tian didn’t stop at all.

His hands were constantly moving, forming various formations that were inserted into the Lotus Thearch Cauldron.

He was carrying out the finishing touches and was about to condense the pill.

Waves of strange energy gathered toward the Lotus Thearch Cauldron, causing the laws of the Heavenly Dao to descend. Dense immortal light descended continuously.

At that moment, the Lotus Thearch Cauldron’s light completely fused into the pills in the cauldron. Endless divine light converged as though it had returned to normal.

However, there was a faint fragrance that floated in the air and spread in all directions.


This wisp of fragrance was extremely faint and almost unable to be detected.

However, everyone present was a core expert of the major factions. Their cultivation was powerful, and they had sharp senses. Most importantly, they were extremely focused on whatever Shen Tian was doing!

Even though there was only a faint fragrance, they still caught it clearly!

At the next moment, everyone’s bodies shook!

Those geniuses with lower cultivation bases sat down cross-legged and entered a state of enlightenment upon sensing the mysterious energy.

Even the Soul Formation and the Tribulation Transcendence experts felt as if their souls were transforming!

“What kind of pill is this? Isn’t this a little too extraordinary?”

The Great Void Saint, Wang Shenxu, could not help but cry out in surprise. His eyes burned with passion!

Just by smelling the fragrance of the pill, he could feel his bloodline surging as if he was transforming.

Wang Shenxu was excited and couldn’t help but exclaim, “This pill is very useful to me and can increase my lifespan!”

If he could obtain this pill, wouldn’t he be able to instantly replenish his lifespan and kill whoever he wanted in the future?

This pill was much more powerful than the Black Tortoise Longevity Sutra. Its pure medicinal efficacy could restore the lifespan of Wang Shenxu.

More importantly, he did not need to learn from the tortoise!

This was simply a supreme pill that Wang Shenxu dreamed of!

It was the same for Qi Shaoxuan. His aura was exuberant, and his eyes shone brightly. Even with his Thearch talent, he could still sense that the pill was extremely useful to him!

This supreme pill could allow him to undergo a full transformation!

All of these were true.

What Shen Tian refined was precisely the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill!

In order to refine this furnace of Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills, Shen Tian had used numerous top Sage herbs. He had obtained these Sage herbs in various great mystic realms. They were incomparably precious and extremely valuable.

If it were to spread to the outside world, it would definitely cause a storm of blood. Countless Heavenly Venerables would go crazy over it, and even Sages would be moved!

However, Shen Tian actually had a full basket of such precious top-tier Sage herbs.

As a result, even if the main ingredient was not a Thearch herb, the grade of this furnace of Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills would still surpass the Sage grade!

Of course, there was also the fact that Shen Tian’s alchemy techniques had improved.

However, the complementation of the countless top-tier Sage herbs also played an important role. After all, quantitative change led to qualitative change.

Moreover, with so many top-tier Sage herbs being refined together, it was extremely rare!

After 12 days of refinement and purification, this furnace of Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills had reached the pseudo-Thearch grade!

This was also the reason that even though only a trace of pill fragrance had leaked out, everyone was left greatly shaken.

A pseudo-Thearch pill was incomparably precious even in the entire five regions. It was a supreme treasure that even Sages would go crazy over!

Its value was only slightly inferior to the Thearch Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills that Shen Tian had refined previously.

After all, a Thearch herb was used previously to refine the pills, and it contained the laws of a Thearch, which are not so easy to make up for.

Even so, a pseudo-Thearch Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill was far more valuable than many ordinary Thearch pills!

This was because the effect of this medicinal pill was able to ignore one’s cultivation and increase one’s aptitude!

Pills that could increase one’s cultivation aptitude, regardless of the grade of the pill, were definitely worth much more than other ordinary pills.

Not to mention that it could disregard the strength of one’s cultivation. This was simply too inconceivable.


At that moment, Shen Tian was at the final step of condensing the pill.

Because the Heavenly Dao did not tolerate the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pill’s effects, it caused the Heavenly Tribulation to descend, wanting to destroy this heaven-defying supreme pill.

This was a very normal situation.

Once something went against the great Dao of heaven and earth, it would be destroyed by tribulation lightning!

Logically speaking, the Thearch Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills refined by Shen Tian should have been met with a Heavenly Tribulation!

After all, they were Thearch pills, true supreme pills. Their existence could even move the hearts of Thearchs. Naturally, it would not be tolerated by the heavens!

However, because Shen Tian had refined it in the Lotus Thearch’s tomb, he had been isolated from the outside world.

What’s more, the Lotus Thearch, the number one Alchemy Thearch from 100,000 years ago, had been present as well. He had blocked the aura of the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills from seeping out, allowing them to escape the calamity!

Otherwise, the Thearch Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills wouldn’t be so easily condensed, and they would surely suffer an even more terrifying strike of tribulation lightning!

At present, Shen Tian wasn’t refining the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills in a specific place that isolated him from heaven and earth. Hence, he couldn’t avoid the Heavenly Dao’s detection.

Therefore, after the Heavenly Dao sensed that the Chaotic Sky-Mending Pills had appeared in the five regions, in particular the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground, it sent a Heavenly Tribulation down to destroy it.

“I wonder if the Divine Firmament Saint can withstand the baptism of the Heavenly Tribulation and allow such a pill to condense fully?”

The aura of the Mixed Divine Heavenly Tribulation made many Sages palpitate. Even they weren’t confident that they could withstand it.

Could the Divine Firmament Saint withstand it?

After all, to Sages who were thousands of years old, Shen Tian was still a child!

Following that, however, countless people widened their eyes as the corners of their mouths twitched crazily.

“The Divine Firmament Saint... What is he doing?”

At this time, Shen Tian wasn’t as vigilant as when others were transcending their tribulations. Instead, he raised his head to the sky and bowed to the tribulation.

He said in a clear voice, “Thank you, Old Man Heavenly Tribulation, for taking time out of your busy schedule to strike my pills!”






Countless people were dumbstruck!

Even the Sages’ lips were twitching.

What was this kid doing?

Worshipping the Heavenly Tribulation?

Do you think that the Heavenly Tribulation won’t kill you just because you have worshipped it?

You must be kidding!

One had to know that the Heavenly Tribulation was born from the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao was heartless!

Provoking the Heavenly Tribulation might cause the power of Heavenly Tribulation to become even more fierce.

No one had ever lowered the threat of the Heavenly Tribulation with politeness!

If such an action was useful, then there wouldn’t be so many unlucky people who died under the Heavenly Tribulation in this world!

The Nine Sun Saint sneered. “This kid is courting death!”

In front of Heavenly Tribulation, humans were as weak as ants. It wouldn’t lower its power just because one worshiped the heavens!

Instead of going all out to deal with it, he was thinking of all sorts of tricks. Wasn’t that just courting death?

The Sages and Heavenly Venerables of the Nine Sun Sacred Ground sneered. They had wanted to find trouble with Shen Tian, but they hadn’t expected that this brat would seek his own death, saving them some effort.

If Shen Tian were to perish under the Heavenly Tribulation, it would be more humiliating for the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground than defeating them. After all, tomorrow was the grand ceremony. If the Divine Firmament Saint had been struck dead by lightning today, it would be the best gift for them.

If it really happened, the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground would be mocked for the next thousands of years!

However, the scene that appeared next left the Sages dumbfounded!

The tribulation clouds above Saint Mountain seemed to be faintly affected by Shen Tian, and even the tribulation light dimmed a little.

“This is impossible!” the Nine Sun Saint cried out in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Even the other Saints were dumbfounded!

What is this?

Has the power of the Heavenly Tribulation really weakened?

Could this method really work?

Or could it be said that the Divine Firmament Saint is the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Dao? Even the Heavenly Tribulation had to give him face!?

Even a Sage had never seen such a strange occurrence!

However, they didn’t think Shen Tian’s method was really useful and were more willing to believe that Shen Tian was an illegitimate child of the Heavenly Dao.

After all, over the course of countless years, many people had done the same thing. This matter was simply too inconceivable and simply surpassed the laws of heaven and earth!

Wang Shenxu’s mouth was wide open, and he felt that his jaw was about to drop. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Brother Shen, impressive!

“Previously, we thought that Brother Shen was a Son of Providence with unparalleled luck. We didn’t expect him to be the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Dao!

“He is simply too awesome!”

Wang Shenxu raised his thumb in admiration.

Qi Shaoxuan glanced at Wang Shenxu and said, “Idiot!”

Wang Shenxu immediately jumped up. “The one surnamed Qi, you are going too far. Do you believe that I won’t sacrifice my life to kill you!?

“I’ve gained some insights into the Dao recently, and I’ve recovered 100 years of my lifespan.

“To be honest, I feel like killing someone again!”

“Oh, you can try?” Qi Shaoxuan said indifferently. The purple aura around him was vast and mighty, and it exploded with terrifying power!

The Heaven’s Halberd suddenly appeared, sweeping up boundless purple Qi like a God of War descending into the mortal world!

During this period, Qi Shaoxuan’s skills had improved a lot. He wanted to find someone to duel with and check out his current level.

“What... What do you want? Don’t think that I’m afraid of you. If I wasn’t worried about affecting Brother Shen’s tribulation, I would have cut you to death!”

Wang Shenxu felt a little guilty. He didn’t expect Qi Shaoxuan to really want to fight, which made him feel awkward.

Although he had recovered some of his lifespan, he could not hold out against Qi Shaoxuan!

After all, Qi Shaoxuan was the number one famous person in Eastern Wilderness if Shen Tian was ignored!

Now, he was also rumored to be the strongest in the five regions among his peers.

Without 300-500 years of lifespan as a backing, Wang Shenxu did not have the confidence to fight with this guy!


“I don’t bully old people who are about to die!”

Qi Shaoxuan ignored him and turned his head away.

Wang Shenxu’s heart itched at Qi Shaoxuan’s disregard, but he did not dare to make a move.

Although Wang Shenxu had obtained the Black Tortoise Longevity Sutra, he had also been addicted to spending his life.

Perhaps it was because he had suppressed himself too much in the past. Wang Shenxu had been fighting without any regard for his life whenever he had a disagreement recently.

The speed at which he recovered his lifespan was not as fast as the speed at which he spent his life. Up till now, Wang Shenxu still had white hair and had yet to regain his youthful appearance.

After all, every time he slightly recovered his lifespan, he could not help but continue to spend it away.

This was like having sex. It was really hard to quit...

However, not being able to defeat him did not mean that he could not defeat him. Wang Shenxu muttered, “The one surnamed Qi, just you wait!”

I’ll let you be smug for a while first. It won’t take long!

The world is laughing at me for being too crazy, but I am laughing at how others can’t see through me!

The supreme pill was about to appear, so he had to praise Brother Shen first.

Hehe, if Brother Shen was satisfied, wouldn’t he be able to get a share of the pills when they were completed?


I am so smart!

This is a supreme pill. After eating it, perhaps I can even fly!

After eating it, my lifespan will also increase greatly. I will cut that Qi fella to death then!