I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 118 - So——Much——Love!

Chapter 118: So——Much——Love!

As soon as Su Ziyang drove into the courtyard, he received a phone call from Ling Zhanyi. He stepped on the brake but after some pondering, he decided to stall the car instead. He leaned back on the seat and leisurely connected the call.

“Hello? Wife… Are you home yet?” As soon as Su Ziyang got through the call and heard such a gentle inquiry from Ling Zhanyi, a smile blossomed on his face. “I’ve just arrived. You are pretty good at estimating the time!”

“Of course!” Ling Zhanyi happily accepted his lord wife’s praise.

Su Ziyang opened the car door and got out of it. He crooked his neck and clamped the phone with his shoulder. Then he picked up the pile of books, closed the door, and switched to carrying all the books in one hand. His other hand then held the phone as he walked towards the house, and decided to test Ling Zhanyi. “Then, guess where I am right now?”

“Hmm… You said you have just arrived home and I heard you close the car door just now… You must be in the garage.” Ling Zhanyi confidently said, “Wife, am I right?”

Su Ziyang smugly refuted, “Wrong, wrong! I drove into the courtyard and stopped beside the swimming pool. Haha… You. Are. Wrong–“

“Ah? It can’t be?” Ling Zhanyi exaggeratedly heaved a sigh which caused Su Ziyang to laugh even more complacently. Hearing his laughter, a smile uncontrollably crept onto Ling Zhanyi’s face. “All right, my wife is too cunning, how could I have guessed correctly?”

“You are the cunning one!” Su Ziyang corrected, “This is called smart, okay?”

“En, smart!” Ling Zhanyi repeated before probing, “What are you eating for lunch?”

“I don’t know either. I’ll let you know after I’ve checked with mom. Aren’t you going to eat? Were you busy in the morning?”

“It’s alright, it wasn’t very busy.” Ling Zhanyi vaguely explained and pitifully asked afterwards, “Wife, are you not going to send me lunch today?”

“… Don’t you have any appointments later on?” Su Ziyang was stupefied for a moment and questioned.

He didn’t want to deliver lunch to him anymore lest this guy eats his tofu again… Then an entire afternoon would have passed as they fooled around. Not only would this disturb Ling Zhanyi and his work, but he would also have no chance to study…

“Nope, I’ve just finished the work in hand and I don’t know what I should eat for lunch…” Ling Zhanyi seized the opportunity to act pitiful, “The food outside isn’t delicious…”

Su Ziyang pondered about it for a moment and ended up compromising, “Fine, it’s true that the food outside isn’t that delicious… Wait for me to put down the books first, I will pack some food and deliver it to you later.”

Hearing this, Ling Zhanyi beamed and he hastily nodded in agreement. “Good! Good! Wife, pack more food, we can eat together in the office!”

“Alright.” Su Ziyang pressed the password to enter the house and carried the book to the bedroom first before he hung up the call. “I am going to pack the lunch box now, let me hang up the call first…”

“Hold on!” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes swirled and he suggested, “Wife, you should bring your books here and accompany me in the office. I will work and you will study. When I have nothing else to do, I can look at you. How wonderful would that be!”

“No way, you will disturb my revision.” Su Ziyang curled his mouth.

That was what he said but it wouldn’t be like that when he got there. Bastard Ling would certainly eat his tofu and mess with him…

Ling Zhanyi hastily promised, “No, I still have work to do, I certainly won’t disturb your revision!”

While Su Ziyang remained silent and considered, Ling Zhanyi continued to persuade him, “Wife, look at how good the weather is today. The sky is bright and clear, the sunlight is so fine and warm. I have a large french window here and even a carpet flooring. You can sit by the bedside to read your books and accompany me while I work. How beautiful would that be! Even if we don’t talk, it will be so pleasing!”

The scenes depicted by Ling Zhanyi were really captivating, and when Su Ziyang thought about it, he agreed with it too. When he was pregnant, they were basically like conjoined twins who were stuck together every second of the day. Now that Ling Zhanyi had gone back to work, he was really not used to being separated for the entire day, and this arrangement would only last for the next two months. After the new year, he would be going back to work and wouldn’t be able to accompany him every day anymore. Why don’t he take advantage of his free time right now and accompany him?

Since Ling Zhanyi wasn’t worried about disturbing him, then he shouldn’t worry that Zhanyi would disturb his study. Maybe they would even have more motivation when they are together!

Thinking of this point, Su Ziyang quickly agreed. “Alright, I’ll take a book with me! Wait for me. I’ll find you after I’ve picked the book and packed the food!”

“Alright! Wife, I love you so much. I’ll be waiting for you! Drive slowly, if you can’t, let Uncle Li drive you here. Anyway, we can take the same car after work at night, otherwise isn’t it uninteresting if we have to drive a car each by ourselves!” Ling Zhanyi said and reminded, “Remember to bring a pack of medicine and don’t forget to take medicine at noon again!”

“I got it! I’m hanging up!” Su Ziyang was also someone who did things quickly. After he had decided, he couldn’t wait to go to the kitchen to pack their food.

Ling Zhanyi nodded his head and obediently bid goodbye, “En~ Byebye, Wife.”

After ending the call, Ling Zhanyi happily leaned on the chair. His eyes were curved happily like a child who had stolen a candy to eat. Great, he could have a romantic couple world in the office!

Su Ziyang was also rather happy. After he put down the books, he casually chose one of them and put it on the bed. Afterwards, he took a packet of medicine and placed it on top of the book before he quickly ran to the kitchen to pack their lunch box.

Zhan Huashan was carrying the older brother while Ling Xiaotian was carrying the younger brother. They had just come out of the baby room and were in the living room when they saw Su Ziyang packing a lunch box. She couldn’t help smiling and asked, “Ziyang, are you delivering lunch to Zhanzhan again?”

Su Ziyang nodded. “En, I don’t have anything to do anyway. I have an exam at the end of the year, so Zhanyi asked me to go to his office to accompany him with a book, and while he works, I will study. I’m going back to work after the new year, so I’ll take this opportunity to spend more time with him! “

Father Ling and Mother Ling were very pleased. En, as a couple, sticking to one other was normal. If they don’t see each other all day long and don’t think about each other, that wouldn’t be good.

“Go ahead and take more food. You two should eat more. If we don’t have enough at home, we can let Mama Zhang cook some more.” Zhan Huashan asked.

“En, then I’ll have to trouble both of you to take care of the children, thank you for your labour!” Su Ziyang was a little embarrassed. After his body had recovered, he should be helping his parents by sharing the responsibility to take care of the children. However, now that he had recovered, he had been going out all the time instead.

“Look at you, child, you are always so polite!” Zhan Huashan held the baby’s small hand in her arms with a doting expression. “We moved here to help you look after the children. You couple should do what you two should do. Besides, do the two of you know how to take care of a baby? It is good enough that you two aren’t making more trouble for us.” Zhan Huashan began to shoo him away, “Get going, the food will be cold soon, Zhanzhan is waiting for you too.”

“Thank you, Dad, Mom.” Su Ziyang tenderly smiled and went to say goodbye to the two babies, “Sons, Daddy is leaving now, come on, give me a kiss!”

Zhan Huashan held the elder brother’s small hand and waved to Su Ziyang. “Little Xuanxuan, come on, say goodbye to your daddy!”

Ling Xiaotian wasn’t willing to be outdone either. “Haohao, say goodbye to your daddy too!”

Su Ziyang’s eyes lit up. “Dad and Mom, have their names been… decided?”

Speaking of that day, Su Ziyang only managed to suggest a name for each of the babies on the phone. Later on, he went to the hospital because of a stomach ache and came back rather late, hence he did not manage to make any further discussion on the children’s name. As he had gone back home to get his books today, he didn’t have time to finalize their names. Initially, he wanted to spend some time coming up with their names during the weekend, but Dad and Mom seemed to have decided on it. Listening to their nicknames, it should be the names he had suggested?

Ling Zixuan, Ling Zihao…

“En, the elder brother will be called Zixuan, and the younger brother will be called Zihao. Ziyang, the names you have suggested are very nice. We don’t want to think about other names either. So let’s name them these!” Ling Xiaotian laughed and poked Zihao’s little face, “Haohao also likes this name, doesn’t he?”

Little Fellow Ling Zihao also cooperatively agreed with a vague “ah.”

Su Ziyang smiled and kissed Zihao and Zixuan on the face before he went out of the house with a lunchbox, a book and a medicine pouch.

He originally wanted to drive the car himself and not trouble Uncle Li. After all, Uncle Li had to eat too, but when Uncle Li saw him coming out of the house, he had already driven the car over. “Young Master Ziyang, are you going to see Young Master Zhanyi again? I’ll send you over!”

“Is Uncle Li not eating?”

“I’ve already eaten. Get in the car!”

“I’ll be troubling Uncle Li then.”

This time, Su Ziyang didn’t need to register his name and why was that so? Because Big President Ling was standing under the building in a suit waiting anxiously for him!

The company’s employees who had come down to have lunch or have come back from it spontaneously walked around their president. Of course, they didn’t forget to do some gossipings.

——Instead of heading for lunch this sunny afternoon, the president is standing here doing something? Looking at how he has been checking out the time on his watch constantly and glancing around in expectation from time to time, is he waiting for someone?

——What kind of person would it be to be able to make the president come here and wait for them? Important clients? Investors?

Gu Feng’s assistant, Xu Nuo, had gone downstairs and was going to eat lunch with Zhang Qing. Seeing that Ling Zhanyi was waiting there with a look of anticipation, she couldn’t help asking curiously, “Sister Qing, who is the president waiting for?”

Zhang Qing took a look at Ling Zhanyi and suddenly thought of the man who had been introduced as the president’s wife in the office that day. She curled her lips into a smile and said, “His wife.”

“Ah?!” Xu Nuo’s eyes widened, “Isn’t our president a rare bachelor? When did he get married? Why is there any news at all!”

“President is being low-key, low-key, understand?” Zhang Qing explained, “Besides, they are not married yet, but the person should be arriving soon.”

“Who is that lucky woman?” Xu Nuo looked envious.

Zhang Qing shrugged and raised her chin to motion to a car coming over there. “See for yourself!”

Xu Nuo turned her head and stared at the car parked next to Ling Zhanyi’s car. She saw Ling Zhanyi flashing out a charming smiling face that was so gentle, so blissful just like he was facing his treasure. The car door then opened and the president bent down eagerly to help the person get out of the car.

Xu Nuo blinked and then took another serious look at them. She was immediately more shocked– a man?!

The future president’s wife– is a man?!

Looking at how Xu Nuo’s chin was about to fall off from her face, Zhang Qing couldn’t help chuckling. Sure enough, all the young women in the company would be surprised to see the president with a man, wouldn’t they? She felt balanced now…

Xu Nuo’s mouth hadn’t closed at all. Her initial shocked expression began to change into a bright and shiny gaze that was even more joyful than receiving a bonus!

Wow~ The president put his arm around that man’s waist!

Wow~ The president kissed that man on the mouth!

Wow~ The president took over the item in that man’s hands!

Wow~ That man’s ears were all red!

Wow~ That man glared at the president angrily while the president continued to put his arms around his waist with a smile on his face!

Wow~ That man’s struggle was a futile attempt, he ended up clinging to the president as if he had resigned to fate. He stepped up the flight of steps and walked into the building!