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Chapter 323 - Meeting EaChapter Other Again

Chapter 323 - Meeting EaChapter Other Again

Where did this voice come from? Who would charge onto the Hu Clan’s premises, and break into the Hu Clan’s restricted area?!

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but look towards the source of that voice —

High in the air, one would only see a person walking along the wind currents. His figure was tall and straight, his form was lean and slender, and his long hair was tied up in a bundle through a jade coronet. His full-body, sapphire-blue brocade robe was luxuriant, and his exceptional bearing was first class.

His beauty seemed like floating clouds, and his mien was like the bright moon. Due to the dazzling brightness, others didn’t dare to look upon him too closely.

This person only stood there, but it was as if he had captivated the sights of everyone beneath the heavens. Everything else in the surroundings was crushed under the dimming light.

His imposing aura was majestic and boundless. By uttering those words, an extremely terrifying pressure caused people to momentarily forget their own realms. They only felt that the air had become difficult to breathe, and the rage they revealed or restrained was suppressed!

Yes. His complexion was tranquil, but that pair of eyes seemed to be condensing a cruel storm. So long as it was unleashed, this storm would shatter everything in the surroundings to smithereens!

Such a personage was truly unprecedented!

This person moved very quickly. As soon as his voice arrived, so too did he.

Hu Chang’an’s lips slightly twitched: “This, this is…” He couldn’t help turning his head to look towards Gu Zuo’s location.

From this one look, his heart was filled with jubilation.

As it turned out, that Hu Long originally wanted to use a hand to push Gu Zuo to his knees, but after that voice erupted, it appeared that Hu Long had been assaulted by a burst of killing intent. Hu Long’s entire body was immobilized from top to bottom.

The terrifying aura crashed down, and caused him to feel like brambles and thorns were stabbing into his back. It was like Mount Tai was pressing down on his head. It was like he was being pricked by countless steel needles. It was extreme agony. Even his trembling arms and legs were limp and pained. He couldn’t muster up the tiniest amount of strength to lay a hand on Gu Zuo!

In Hu Chang’an’s eyes, Hu Long’s legs turned soft, and his knees buckled as he collapsed to the ground. Wasn’t this a kneeling stance? Unexpectedly, he had been forcefully suppressed by someone’s aura, and he was the one who sank to his knees instead of Gu Zuo!

Hu Long was covered in a full-body cold sweat. Nearly all the layers of his robes were soaked through, and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead — Where else could one see such a spectacle of this thuggish lackey?

At this moment, his complexion was deathly pale. He looked towards Hu Jun as if asking for help.

However, Hu Jun didn’t once pay attention to Hu Long. Instead, his gaze had fallen onto the person who arrived. There was a trace of panic in Hu Jun’s eyes, but they quickly became calculative.

As for Gu Zuo, the instant he heard this voice, his mind had already turned blank. Immediately following which, he couldn’t help looking over. When he got a clear view of that person, his face couldn’t restrain his emotions. He revealed a great, big smile: “Big brother!”

Practically the next moment, that person also showed a dazzling smile. That person spoke in a soft voice to him: “Ah Zuo, come to your elder brother.”

Before these words finished falling from those lips, Gu Zuo dashed straight to that place, and threw himself into that person’s arms.

In his mind, there was nothing to think about — He only knew that he wanted to stay by that person’s side. Whether that person was as beautiful as the bright moon or as ugly as Queen Wuyan, the spot next to that person was the place where Gu Zuo felt safest in the whole world!

Were these few steps taken in a single breath, or did they last a lifetime?

When Gu Zuo reacted and came over, his entire body was embraced against the beating heart of that handsome young man. With great strength and a tight grip, one arm wrapped around the small of his back, and another clutched over his shoulders. However, Gu Zuo didn’t feel that it was painful one bit. Only the rims of his eyes became somewhat hot and teary. Now, he felt that he wouldn’t suffer any more dangers or grievances.

“Big brother…”

He couldn’t help warbling out again.

Soon after, a warm hand dropped down onto Gu Zuo’s head. He was gently pulled to this person’s side by that familiar hand. Then, that voice, which he had always longed to hear, resounded once more at the edge of his ear.

“Ah Zuo, be good and stay here. Don’t be scared.”

Gu Zuo shook his head: “Big brother came. I’m not scared.”

Shortly thereafter, he heard gentle and soft laughter, which made him even happier.

Once he vaguely recollected himself from the joys of reunion, Gu Zuo suddenly recalled Hu Chang’an and the two siblings. He turned his head, and looked over there.

At this time, Hu Chang’an and the siblings were surprised. They were similarly looking over here.

To say nothing of everyone else on the scene.

Originally, the Hu Clan cadet branches came over to revel in their own victory. They wanted to completely reverse the positions of the direct line and that of the cadet branches. They also wanted to suppress the prestige of the three remaining members of the direct line’s present younger generation. Once the siblings were demoted to the cadet lines, they would’ve also taken this opportunity to punish Hu Chang’an. They wanted those extremely few fellows in the Hu Clan who stubbornly opposed them to completely forget about the original young lord, and to remember only the members of their cadet lines.

The Hu Clan’s direct line of descent was too weak, and the majority of the direct line’s elders had passed away. The few who remained were the same as the majority of the Hu Clan’s elders. They followed and conformed to the rules and norms, but it was out of the question to say that they had any power or influence. Their greatest backer, the Grand Elder, originally could’ve protected the direct line for a few years, but because the cadet lines had found the Spirit Deity Grass, he had also passed away. Now, all that remained of the direct line was Hu Chang’an and his siblings. They, alone, couldn’t save the situation. At this moment, wasn’t this simply awaiting for the “transition to a new dynasty”?

It was to the point that they let Hu Long disgrace Gu Zuo. This also made everyone realize that Hu Chang’an basically couldn’t protect his own followers. It could be said there weren’t any future prospects in following him!

It was just that, when the members of the cadet lines coerced Hu Chang’an, stepping over the faces of the direct line’s three siblings and leaving them without any prestige, no one expected that such a personage would suddenly arrive. And this person, who treated the Hu Clan so discourteously and had casually barged inside, had truly ridden roughshod right over them!

After their momentary shock, many younger generations among the side branches glared at that handsome young man one after another. The others were also furious. There was even one person on the other side who tapped his foot against the head of his spirit beast, and arrived in front of the members of the Hu Clan’s cadet branches.

This was a middle-aged man with a mediocre appearance. His profound qi realm was at the Ascendant Realm. While it was slightly unsteady, his spiritual realm was conversely at the Core Psyche Realm, and it was rather robust. Overbearing and arrogant, he opened his mouth and scolded up into the air: “Which family’s insignificant peak Xiantian child dares to act so insolently? You break into my Hu Clan, you intervene in my Hu Clan’s domestic affairs, and you still haven’t offered an apology? Could it be that you want this old man to teach you a thing or two on behalf of your family’s elders?”

Once these words were spoken, laughter filled with ridicule echoed out: “What formidable might. But this is only trash with unstable foundations. You broke through by relying on external forces. And while you forcefully ascended, you also won’t be able to advance a single inch further. How thick must your face be to dare prattle on self-importantly to the young master here? You also dare to discipline the young master on behalf of his teacher? What a joke!”

That mediocre-looking, middle-aged man was Hu Jiao. The former elder, now Grand Elder, was being spoken to in such a way. His complexion reddened and paled. Indeed, not only was his appearance mediocre, his aptitude was also quite ordinary. He hadn’t been able to break through for many years. Deep down in his heart, he was jealous of those genius personages, and bore an extremely low self-esteem. At this moment, he scolded this person precisely because he saw that, while this fellow’s current realm was somewhat low, the young man’s aptitudes were actually quite high. As a result, he deliberately appeared arrogant, and relied on his age to show his contempt in an effort to give himself face. Now that this facade had been destroyed, it seemed that both his inner character and outer honor was stripped away.

Hu Jiao flew into a rage out of humiliation. The space between his eyebrows flashed with rays of light, and transformed into a large saber. No matter the identity of the person who spoke, this saber would shower down and behead them.

He was already a quasi profound-level pharmacist. In this Xuanwu City, who could take him on?

But following this, a longsword swung out. It was similarly created out of psychic power. This longsword instantly shattered the condensed saber. When the fragments of the psychic power flew backwards, Hu Jiao was caught off guard. Several strands of his hair were sliced off — His complexion became even more unsightly. His face was practically ashen.

Then, he looked towards that direction, and found another person whose suppressive might wasn’t below his own. After taking action, that individual promptly withdrew to the back.

That taunting voice resounded again: “Heh, so this is the level of the Hu Clan’s skill. To let this kind of mediocre person act as a Grand Elder, the Hu Clan indeed only amounts to this. It isn’t worth mentioning.”

At this moment, the members of the Hu Clan’s cadet branches discovered a person who had been quietly standing on the side the entire time like a respectful attendant. Unexpectedly, it was someone whom their Hu Clan viewed as a great obstacle. Moreover, it was the feared and extremely young Wu Clan Head: Wu Xing!

The handsome young man, who had been previously scolded by their Grand Elder, hadn’t said anything at all to them. He also wasn’t paying attention to them. Rather, he had been speaking in low and dulcet tones to the teenager in his arms all the while. The young man’s complexion was gentle, and his expression was focused. On the contrary, the Wu Clan Head, Wu Xing, seemed to be sharing the burdens of that young man. Wu Xing had personally appeared and had taken the initiative to handle this matter, ruthlessly slapping the Hu Clan on that young man’s behalf.

The gazes of some people in the Hu Clan had already started to faintly flicker.

They heard the meaning in Wu Xing’s words. The Wu Clan Head was actually so deferential to this young man… They couldn’t help but feel a hint of intense unease at the bottom of their hearts.

In the end, who was that young man?! And that Hu Chang’an — What kind of person did he pick up this time…

Just when the hearts of the Hu Clan’s cadet branches were in a turmoil, Hu Jun took a step forward, and said to that young man: “I don’t know who this brother is, but what issues do you have with my Hu Clan? Isn’t rashly breaking into one’s home somewhat discourteous?”

Within this speech, half of it was a rhetorical question, and the other half was a style of discussion to express his discontent. Hu Jun conscientiously spoke with eloquence, and felt that if he kept a humble posture, the other party ought to say a few words. And so long as that young man spoke, a bit of the face that the Hu Clan had just lost could be redeemed.

However, Hu Jun’s “expectations” didn’t come true.

That handsome young man still ignored Hu Jun. It seemed that he wasn’t done talking, and his eyes, which overflowed with warmth and tenderness, had settled upon the teenager by his side. It was as if he regarded Hu Jun as nothing more than a speck of dust. Let alone speaking with Hu Jun, even a sweeping glance felt like a waste of time.

Hu Jun couldn’t wait for the other side’s response, and his facial features grimaced in a split second.

Wu Xing gave an ice-cold glance at Hu Jun with eyes filled with mockery.

During this brief period of time, the trusted Grand Elder of the Hu Clan’s cadet branches had been given a humiliating haircut, and the most promising genius of the younger generations had been disregarded. They appeared tiny and insignificant. The entirety of their grandeur had been completely suppressed.

Immediately following this, that handsome young man slightly nodded towards the teenager by his side.

At once, that teenager was greatly delighted. He turned towards a certain direction, and shouted in a loud voice: “Brother Chang’an, Young Lady Hu, Little Young Master Hu! You guys come here, too! Big brother said that he wants to invite you over!”

Originally, the three Hu Clan siblings didn’t have any presence. All of a sudden…they were the focus of everyone.

The gazes of the Hu Clan’s cadet branches seemed to be as sharp as knives.

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