I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2131 - A Glass of Wine for an Old Friend

Chapter 2131: A Glass of Wine for an Old Friend

Michael felt extremely aggrieved.

Why had the topic of their conversation suddenly turned to him?

Why don’t you two converse about yourselves? Why drag me into your conversation?

Although I sought out the severely wounded Heavenly Temperature God and tried to beat him up, yet ended up being pummeled myself, at least I still managed to occupy a formidable Heavenly God!

Michael felt very vexed. Countless media outlets of the continent were already singing praises of the battle. However, compared to the number of articles focusing on the Battling Buddha’s incredible victory over the Heavenly Wood God, there were only a pitiful number of articles mentioning his achievements.

In any case, he was one of the most handsome cultivators! How had he failed to make any headlines?

He wouldn’t mind even if he made headlines in the Western Paradise or Garden of Eden!

However, reality was cruel. Even though he was the most powerful being of the Garden of Eden, and even though that was his territory, he was still barely mentioned by the media outlets that were based there.

Instead, the news was flooded with articles about the Heavenly Darkness God, An Lin; the Divine Phoenix Maiden, Xu Xiaolan; the alliance leader of the West Sea Alliance, Lan Xiaoni; the invincible leader of the Heavenly Court, the Celestial Thearch; the Holy Ice Maiden, Shangguan Yi; the Goddess of the Moon, Chang’e, and so on… In fact, even the Battling Buddha received far more attention than him…

Sigh… Am I the most invisible Heavenly Disciple Candidate in history?

There was a look of dejection on Michael’s face as he pondered over this matter. Seeing the bowl of immortal wine that the Battling Buddha had passed over with a giddy chuckle, he chose to down it in a single gulp. Stuff it! What’s the point of moping over this? Being able to achieve victory is already good enough!

After having a few drinks with the Heavenly Disciple Candidates, An Lin headed over to share drinks with the members of the Divine Essence Pavilion.

Of the initial one hundred or so Exalted Immortals, only eighty or so of them were still alive. In fact, even Wang Chen, an Immortal King, had sacrificed his life during the intense battle. Although the immortals were all overcome with sadness, they understood that sacrifices were inevitable during a war such as this. Anyhow, being able to achieve the victory that they had was already an admirable feat.

“Sect Leader, allow me to give you a toast,” Yan Ji said as she walked over gracefully. Her red lips were curled up in a smile, and there was a limpid glow in her bright and watery eyes.

“I’ve heard that the cultivators of the Tai Chu Continent have a habit of infusing their Dao Realm into the wine when they’re sharing a toast with others. Are you willing to have a taste of my Dao Realm?” Yan Ji asked with an expectant look in her eyes.

“Of course!” An Lin replied. He accepted the glass of wine from Yan Ji, downing it in a single gulp. He then saw a scene of vibrance and seductiveness. This was a scene that was enough to give one a nosebleed…

Holy sh*t! This wine… is delicious!

“Sect Leader, do you want another glass?” Yan Ji asked in a soft and mellow voice.

“Hmm… No, I’m fine. I’m not a big drinker, and I’ve still got to share some drinks with the others…” An Lin shook his head, immediately suppressing his urge to accept another glass.

As he said this, he walked past Yan Ji, who was wearing an expression of slight disappointment. He raised his glass toward the several dozen Exalted Immortals before him, saying, “Friends, thank you for fighting alongside us. You’ve done the Four Nine Immortal Sect proud, and the beings of the Tai Chu Continent regard all of you as heroes!”

“It’s our honor to fight alongside Sect Leader An Lin!”

“Sect Leader An Lin is the sun that shines upon our hearts!”

“Sect Leader An Lin, when are you going to provide guidance to my cultivation?”

The immortals were all extremely enthusiastic, and there was a look of borderline blind worship in their eyes as they gazed at An Lin.

The Divine Source Continent was a place where power was ranked above all else, and An Lin had more so displayed to them an invincible power that was far beyond their wildest imaginations.

To say nothing of the small Divine Source Continent, An Lin’s power was close to unrivaled even in the Tai Chu Continent, the core of the entire universe!

Right now, such a mighty being was actually holding a toast to them? How could they not be thrilled and overcome with emotions?

An Lin looked over the members of the Divine Essence Pavilion, and his gaze eventually settled on a woman in red.

This was a beautiful woman who was wearing a warm and gentle smile. There was a wine glass in her slender and jade-like hand, and there was a look of joy on her face. However, her face was also slightly pale and unnatural.

A streak of white flashed across An Lin’s eyes, and he immediately determined what her problem was.

She had overused a mystic technique that burned her life force and blood essence in exchange for power. Thus, her cultivation base had already been severely affected. It was very likely that her cultivation base couldn’t advance an inch further in the future… By the looks of it, she had fought with her life on the line…

An Lin paused for a moment, before opening his mouth and breathing into the clear wine in his glass. It was as if there were dazzling stars pulsating on the surface of the wine. He raised the glass of wine and walked toward that woman, saying with a smile, “Lingqian, why don’t you drink my glass of wine and observe my dao intent*[Note to editor: author used this instead od dao realm, i assume they’re the same, but you can change if you want.]*.”

Yang Lingqian was dazed. She hadn’t expected that An Lin would suddenly walk over and share his wine with her, wine that was imbued with his dao intent. There were yelps of surprise around her, and the cultivators from the Divine Source Continent all looked at her in envy.

Her pretty face flushed bright red, and she appeared even more charming and beautiful than normal.

“What’s wrong? You don’t remember this old friend of yours?” An Lin asked with a smile.

“No, how could I forget…” Yang Lingqian replied, hurriedly shaking her head. She pursed her lips as she looked at the smiling man before her, before saying, “After working hard and advancing to the Return to Void Stage, I initially thought that I had closed the gap between us. However, who would’ve thought that you had already become this powerful… Like before, I can only raise my head to look up at you.”

“It’s fine, almost everyone in this world needs to look up to me. You’ll grow used to it,” An Lin said in consolation.

Yang Lingqian: “…”

An Lin waved his hand as he chuckled, saying, “Hahaha, I was just joking. Don’t worry, work hard, and you might one day catch up to me.”

Yang Lingqian sighed softly, saying, “Perhaps… I’ll never have that chance.”

“Let’s not talk about this now.” An Lin held the glass of wine before her, saying, “Taste my wine.”

Yang Lingqian accepted the glass of wine. Looking at the limpid wine that was flashing with countless streaks of faint light, it was as if she were gazing at a bright and starry night sky. She was immediately captivated by this sight.

“So pretty…”

“It’s not only pretty, but it’s also delicious,” An Lin said.

“Then… Then why don’t you also try my wine,” Yang Lingqian said with a stutter. It was as if she were a fidgety little rabbit who was afraid of being ridiculed or rejected by An Lin.

“Of course I will; that was always my plan. Perhaps you were planning to drink my wine without paying?” Yang Lingqian’s pretty face flushed an even deeper shade of red. For some indescribable reason, An Lin felt that she was fairly adorable.

In the past, her personality had been far more open and bold. However, she had somehow become all timid and shy now. This strong juxtaposition made her appear quite adorable in An Lin’s eyes.

An Lin accepted the glass of red wine that Yang Lingqian passed over, downing it in a single gulp. A fiery sensation traveled down his throat, and it was as if he could feel an intent realm that would burn for all eternity, forever looking forward and striving to improve. This intent realm revealed to him many sincere feelings.

Mmm… What delicious wine.

Yang Lingqian was slightly moved by An Lin’s actions. Seeing this, she also downed the glass of wine that An Lin had handed her in a single gulp. It was as if she were going to wash away all of her worries with this glass of wine.

However, after drinking this wine, her surroundings immediately changed.

She saw a vast and profound night sky, and it was as if someone had carried her into the sky, allowing her vision to become wide and boundless.

Not only this, but she could also feel a peculiar power coursing through her veins, repairing the meridians and dao foundations that had been damaged due to her overuse of mystic techniques.

“This…” Yang Lingqian widened her beautiful eyes.

This problem that had caused her to become dejected and despondent; this problem that had baffled so many super-mighty beings at the Dao Integration Stage… It had actually been resolved by a single glass of wine?

When she looked up at An Lin again, he was already standing far away in the distance. He waved at her while saying with a smile, “Keep at it!”

The rims of her eyes involuntarily reddened.

This glass of wine from an old friend had spoken louder than tens of thousands of words.

She and An Lin… they were still very good friends.