If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 101 - Side Story (10) - Meeting the Right Person at the Right Time.

Chapter 101 - Side Story (10) – Meeting the Right Person at the Right Time.

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What did it mean to be hoisted by one’s own petard? Mr. Sun had perfectly illustrated it.

After SUN found out about it, his feelings couldn’t be described just by using the word ‘complicated’.

But what else could he do? This was one of the things he liked about Little Zhe, anyway.

SUN could definitely get along well with the main lead of our main story—indeed, the person was no other than Movie King Ren who had a filter thick enough it could pierce through the universe.

In fact, Yu Xingzhe was not to blame for thinking like this.

When SUN illustrated things to Yu Xingzhe, he had overdone some of the points.

One of them was that (saying) Yu Xingzhe was going to be judged when his homosexuality was exposed.

Even though Old Yu was the ‘good-for-nothing’ representative of the Yu Family, he had actually made good progress.

Even though he was bound to not be better than his brother and sister, he didn’t want to bring shame upon his family.

He liked men, which was something that would bring a lot of trouble for his family. As a result, he wanted to avoid that from happening as much as he could.

Just then, a beautiful girl confessed to Yu Xingzhe. She said in broken Chinese, “Yu Xingzhe, I like you. Will you go out with me?”

Old Yu was a patriotic child, thus he was somewhat interested when he heard the confession. When he lifted his head to look at the girl, he felt that she was kinda good-looking. Hence…he accepted her.

This was why even a wise person reflecting a thousand times could still make a mistake.

SUN had been scheming in front of someone he liked, yet in the end got to experience a defeat in life.

The two were already going out. It would only push Yu Xingzhe further if SUN tried to stop them now.

Yu Xingzhe’s temperament was rebellious.

The more he was stopped, the more he would persist; the more he was opposed, the more he would be convinced that he was right.

So although SUN was quite enraged, he said calmly, “Cathy is such an enthusiastic girl. You two make a good match.”

Yu Xingzhe replied joyfully, “I think so.”

SUN, “…”

Yu Xingzhe said another sentence that immediately stabbed through SUN’s heart, “SUN, I’d like to sincerely thank you. You’ve led me out of the shadow to walk towards the right track.”

The smile on SUN’s face had almost completely faded away.

Yu Xingzhe even imagined the future. “You’ll be my best man if I get married!”

SUN blurted out a word, “Impossible.”

Yu Xingzhe only casually said these, so he truly didn’t expect SUN to refuse. Astonished, he looked at SUN and asked, “Could it be that you want to get married before me?”

SUN, “&#k2026;”

Yu Xingzhe said again, “Then I’ll become your best man!”

SUN couldn’t keep the conversation going anymore. He immediately changed the topic, “Please take a look at this document, it’ll be used for the meeting tomorrow.”

Yu Xingzhe took it and instantly got a headache. “There’s too much to read. Just explain the whole content.”

SUN patiently elaborated the content to him.

Yu Xingzhe had always liked SUN’s voice very much, especially when he spoke about work. Every single word and sentence were spoken clearly, like the warm sun in winter that enveloped people and brought languidness and comfort to them.

As Yu Xingzhe listened to his voice more and more…

SUN sighed softly. He put away the document, then carried the man who had fallen asleep to the bed.

Yu Xingzhe had two kinds of appearances in front of people.

Having a ‘shiny’ family background, enviable looks, and outstanding achievements made him show a presence that didn’t suit his age. He was mature and charming in front of strangers. He had a kind of loftiness that could seize people away when he didn’t smile, which was particularly attractive.

But in private—especially when he was with SUN—Yu Xingzhe would show his other appearance.

His complete trust in SUN, his unguarded dependence, his childish smile after SUN met his demands… All of them had become the brightest light for SUN.

People who had been shrouded by darkness would always be attracted to the light.

SUN smiled as he shook his head. Then, he imprinted a very light kiss on Yu Xingzhe’s forehead.

He had met the right person at the right time, thus he wouldn’t easily let go.

Later, the constant dates were added to Yu Xingzhe’s schedule.

SUN’s arrangement for him was reasonable and fair. He chose the most suitable time in Yu Xingzhe’s private life for him to spend with Cathy.

Yu Xingzhe took this relationship seriously. He wouldn’t let the girl down since he had accepted her. Therefore, he earnestly wanted to fall in love with her.

The first two months went pretty well. They went out for a meal twice a week. Since everything was arranged by SUN, the choice of the restaurants was suitable to what Yu Xingzhe had in mind, which made him extremely delighted.

Since Yu Xingzhe had to balance his career and studies, he only had little private time. This resulted in him not spending much time with the girl.

Cathy was good at understanding others, so he told Yu Xingzhe that they were fine this way, she was perfectly content.

Yu Xingzhe truly felt that she was a good girl and that it would be great to keep being in contact like this.

Half a year later, Cathy eventually couldn’t bear it anymore. She sent a message to Yu Xingzhe: [Could we have a meal together tomorrow?]

Yu Xingzhe immediately asked SUN.

SUN said, “Would you mind if I arrange it for noon?”

Yu Xingzhe promptly replied to Cathy: [I’ll see you at noon. Let me book the place.]

Cathy replied: [Let me treat you this time. I want to let you try the food I like.]

Yu Xingzhe suddenly felt nervous. He hurriedly replied: [It’s the etiquette for a man to invite a woman to a meal.]

Cathy replied: [Zhe, we’re lovers and each other’s equal. Can you give me a chance?]

What else could Yu Xingzhe say? He could only agree in the end.

Cathy replied happily: [I’ll be waiting for you at school tomorrow morning.]

Yu Xingzhe paused.

Cathy responded again: [Could you come by yourself?]

Yu Xingzhe: !!!

Cathy: [The restaurant is around the school, we could go there by walking.]

Yu Xingzhe couldn’t help but look at SUN.

SUN reminded him, “Cathy is waiting for your reply.”

Yu Xingzhe knew that, but just what…just what was he supposed to reply?

He didn’t want to eat at a restaurant he wasn’t familiar with… Moreover, he didn’t want to bask in the scorching sun. Not only that, if SUN wasn’t with him, he…he wouldn’t be used to it.

Yu Xingzhe paused for a moment before he replied earnestly to the girl: [Alright, see you tomorrow.]

SUN smiled as he said, “I’ve prepared the water for the bath, you should soak in the bath. I’ll go back to rest.”

Yu Xingzhe replied, “Okay…” He was dispirited and began to feel restless even though tomorrow had yet to come.

It would be a nightmare, it would definitely be a nightmare!

After taking a bath and changing his clothes, Yu Xingzhe couldn’t sleep soundly.

In reality, what happened at noon tomorrow was a lot more terrifying than what Yu Xingzhe had imagined!

The decorations in the restaurant were worthy of being relentlessly criticized, the color matching was a mess, and there were unexpectedly ketchup stains on the chairs!

Looking at the joyful Cathy, Yu Xingzhe told himself that he had to persist, he had to endure. It was just a meal, after all.

But this was only the start of his nightmare.

The waiters spit when they talk QAQ!

Their clothes were stained with a lot of oil QAQ!

There are so many scratches on the knife and fork QAQ!

There is also an incredibly ugly red petal on the plate QAQ!

All…all of the dishes…are unexpectedly deep-fried ones QAQ!

Yu Xingzhe’s neat freak personality became worse the more he was exposed to these peeves.

Before knowing SUN, Yu Xingzhe had slowly bowed down to the cruel reality, ready to compromise.

But soon, SUN appeared before him. Yu Xingzhe went through a very comfortable life thanks to SUN taking good care of him in these few years. However, his neat freak personality was getting worse.

At this very moment, let alone eating, Yu Xingzhe felt like he was going insane soon.

Cathy noticed that something was weird with him. Concerned, she asked, “What’s wrong? Is the food not to your taste?”

Yu Xingzhe looked at her and immediately felt deeply guilty.

The girl was very excited about the date and had made a lot of preparations for it: she got her hair styled, put on exquisite makeup, and wore the clothes that Yu Xingzhe gave to her a while back. She looked absolutely stunning.

Yu Xingzhe mustn’t embarrass her, he must control his temper, he must endure.

However, no matter how many times he persisted, his disturbed look still showed on his face. Eventually, he forced himself to finish the meal and Cathy’s expression softened a lot.

Yu Xingzhe and Cathy had been dating for so long, nearly two years. Eventually, Cathy suggested breaking up with him when graduation was approaching.

Yu Xingzhe wasn’t broken-hearted. Instead, he felt kind of relieved.

Cathy was a good girl. In fact, she had been treating Yu Xingzhe as a friend later on. After all…well…they had never kissed once even though they had been dating for so long. Their relationship was more like friendship.

Cathy thought about it in these two years and kindly reminded Yu Xingzhe, “You have someone you like, right?”

Yu Xingzhe was completely struck dumb.

Cathy glanced at SUN, then said slowly, “Since you’ve liked that person, you must cherish them well. Don’t go crying when you’ve truly lost them if you can’t even tell them your feelings.”

Yu Xingzhe asked, “What if I got rejected?”

Would he even reject you?Cathy wanted to roll her eyes, but thinking about the countless new clothes she had received in these two years, she simply continued, “Could it be that you want to regret it for the rest of your life?”

Her words had truly woken up the dreamer!

However, this particular ‘dreamer’ had quite the persistent ‘dream’…

With that, Yu Xingzhe returned home. He wanted to find Ye Chen and made it clear to him!

Afterwards, he saw Gu Xi and Ye Chen who were holding each other for dear life.