If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 14

The fork in the hand of Ye Chen fell, and the delicious bacon roll at the entance of mouth was also chewed by him like a waxy taste. “What do you mean, please let Ren Jing send me 99 roses? “

The death system was happy :”It is literally meaning. “

Ye Chen couldn’t eat, he said angrily : “Isn’t it his business that he can’t send me roses?”

The death system : ” If it was his thing, it is not your task.”

Ye Chen is tongue-tied.

The death system knows how to slap in the face of a sweet date :”Also not as difficult as you think, start your witty little head, there must be a way!”

Ye Chen :”….” Why is this tone so like a big bad wolf coaxing Little Red Riding Hood? What kind of “savior” did he meet? Can you be more pitted!

Early in the morning, Ye Chen began to grapple with his life again.

If this task is to let him send Jinging 99 red roses, then he does not have to think, now quickly set it up, he does not care what Ren Jing thinks anyway, he does more stupid things, also not afraid of shame, directly strong sent out, to complete the task.

But now, he actually has to “please” Ren Jing to send him roses .

What should he do?

Even if he had lost his old face, he could not say: Ren Jing, can you give me 99 roses?

This is outrageous!

Ye Chen whined and felt that after being pampered by destiny father for more than 20 years, he finally ushered in the cold palace.

A whole morning, Ye Chen is in a wobbly state.

In order to hide from Gu Xi , the phone is turned off, and the other phone

and tablet are not taken. Of course, even if he brings it, he is not in the mood to play the game. This mentality is not to be blown up to let his teammates die.

He thought for half a day, and he could only save Wei from Zhao.

“I said,” he asked the death system, “As long as I take 99 roses from Ren Jing, right? “

The death system was keenly aware that he was going to drill a system loophole, so he quickly patched:” It has to be bought by Ren Jing! And it’s for you!”

Ye Chen:”….”

The death system also want to add a few words, but Ye Chen suddenly came back to life. “You big liar! “

Ye Chen was angry and scolded the death system.

The death system was scolded by the face of the stunned, has not returned

to the life.

Who would have thought that brother Chen is really smart.

Ye Chen blew up: “The task of touching the abdominal muscles, you are not saying that there can be no obstructions, you must directly contact to complete the task?”

The death system was stunned.

Ye Chen asked him:” I do not have the habit of hanging empty hot springs! ”

He used his buttocks to move and rub on Ren Jing’s belly .

Although probably eight pieces were rubbed, but at that time he was wearing swimming trunks!

Absolutely not direct contact!

The death system:”…..”

Ye Chen completely figured it out: “In fact, yesterday’s task is as long as I touch the abs, right?”

I don’t need eight at all! Of course not, people’s abs will not have eight pieces, it is just a tendon split a bit.

Host IQ suddenly increase can be swollen? The death system is a bit of a square,

this panic death system: “Sorry, the current network is not available, please check the network


Ye Chen:”….”

Damn it, he’s got himself on the system! Ye Chen: “Lao Tzu did not drop the line, you give me out!’

The death system:”…..”

The guy didn’t make a noise.

Ye Chen is so angry that he wants to put a virus in his head, the kind of virus that can kill people directly into dead fish!

Spicy Chicken System installed “drop line”, What Ye Chen can do?

Can’t hit, scold, meet this old fritters like the pit system, can only be rec

ognized as his father – professionally pitted father.

After one hour of silence betweem one man and system ,the death “baby” system finally took the initiative to open the deadlock: “That…”

Daddy Ye Chen: “Oh! Oh!

The death system:” What the daily task is like, that’s what it is. “

That’s quite awkward, but Ye Chen understands:” So, I just need to believe the words you post on the task every day? “

The death system regrets ah, their own moment of bad taste, even the reputation value is minutely bankrupt. Into minus 100 million.

Ye Chen took advantage of the death system and took the initiative : “Where is your daily mission?”

The death system immediately said: “Randomly generated.”

Ye Chen asked: “Why must it be Ren Jing?” he also warned, “Do not change the subject, my question is why did the first task lock in Ren Jing?”

The death system “cleverly” said: “Did you forget my name?”

Ye Chen really is not impressed.

The death system: “If you do not fall in love, you’ll die.”

Ye Chen quietly said: “You push me and Ren Jing to fall in love?”

The death system and said:. “Yes”

Ye Chen gritted his teeth: “So, why is Ren Jing?”

The death system thief is innocent: “Because he looks handsome.”

Ye Chen : How is this brain-dead dialogue so familiar?

The death system feels that the host’s anger value hasreached a new peak,it is not

appropriate to continue to irritate, so said: “In fact, guidelines for locking” he was vague for a moment before continuing, “Are you in a relationship?”

Ye Chen was stunned. The death system says, “The task is locked in Ren Jing because he was the last person to do something intimate with you before you died.’

“Of course he’s the only one,” thought the death system without daring to say.

“What is the principle?” said Ye Chen.

The death system whispers softly:” Let’s fall in love, have done that, in general, not all of them are already in love? So this locking principle is in your favor.

This tone succeeded in thunder to Ye Chen:” Talk well “

The death system changed back to normal tone: “Love has done, is not love?” I don’t understand you young people!

“Are you fooling me again?” said Ye Chen suspiciously.

The death system is serious:” It’s all about the truth of the heart. ”

There was some faith in Ye Chen, but instinctively he felt that the words of the spicy chicken

system could not be believed in half a sentence. Especially when he’s “serious”!

He was about to continue to ask a little more, but there was a loud noise from the outside world.

“Open the door, open the door for me! If you hide here, do you think you can hide from me for the rest of your life “Gu Xi’s voice can shout out all the people next door.

Ye Chen is afraid of tomorrow’s headlines become: Well- known director is incarnated in the snow, and he is screaming at the waist and screaming at the heart.

He rushed to open the door and invited the God to come in. Gu Xi slammed in saying: “Do you really like Ren Jing?”

Ye Chen’s head getting bigger:” No.” Gu Xi frowned, apparently not convinced.

Ye Chen sighed and said: “In any case, Ren Jing looks very good, don’t you all run away on a temporary basis? I see a bit of itching is also reasonable.”

Guxi asked him again, “it’s just that, what are you guilty of, what are you hiding


Ye Chen:”….”

Watching Ye Chen’s face tangled, Guxi said again: “You really like him, that is nothing, Ren Jing …”

Ye Chen interrupted his words, solemnly stressed: “No, believe me!” I want to like him, I am your home that scratching the wall two ha.”

Guxi: “….”

In fact, After Ye Chen finished, he regretted it, but the water has been spilled when he went out could only recognize it with a hard scalp: “It is impossible to happen.”

Guxi muttered:” I don’t care who you like, but you do not have to hide from me, you just like my home two ha, I will also help you to advise … ”

Ye Chen weeping and laughing: “You give me a roll!”

Gu Xi actually did not think too much, two people are really too familiar, together for more than 10 years, comparable to a brother, he will never interfere with who Ye Chen likes, he just hope that Ye Chen can tell him.” After all, when he liked the man, he told the Ye Chen on the first day, though there was no egg to use …

He sent away Gu Xi and Ye Chen began to ponder today’s task.

The original words of the death system are such “Please let Ren Jing send you 99 Roses”, the key word is to let Jinging send, 99 roses.

So Ye Chen had an idea. He dialed Xiao Liu’s number: “Help me check the today schedule of Ren Jing.”

Xiao Liu in his heart: “Another check again.”

Of course, he was very calm on outside: “Okay”

Ye Chen said again: “I will order 99 roses.”

Xiao Liu: “!!!” This information was so huge and he was about to faint.

Ye Chen cleared his throat and explained, “That, I do not want it, it’s for someone else to order.”

Xiao Liu was particularly attentive to the latter:” Good brother Chen, brother Chen you rest

assured, I will run.”

Xiao Liu is a stable thief, one hours later Xiao Liu sent Ren Jing’s schedule.

Ye Chen look at it and spit, busy busy, not afraid of dying at a young age!

After reading the whole schedule, Ye Chen found that Ren Jing even had to talk to people during the meal and there was no room for him.

What’s this going to do?

Ye Chen didn’t give up, and he looked at the schedule from start to finish, he couldn’t find a place where he could see the stitches! Is it difficult to go to his door in the middle of the night to block him? But it doesn’t match his plan.

Ye Chen tossed over for half a day but did not find a suitable breakthrough point .

Time passed, watching the noon, watching the afternoon again, and then watching is going to the evening .Then consume it, take proper pills.

Ye Chen took out my mobile phone and prepared to send a message to Ren Jing.

As a result, he just knocked a word and sent a sentence on the opposite side.

If it used to be, the system would definitely scream, but now he was forced to drop the line and could only hold back.

This is a voice message, Ye Chen opens and Ren Jing’s voice sounded: “Free tonight?”

Night Chen: “Eh.,,, “

The death system could not resist: ” Chance ah brother!”

Ye Chen said to it: “ls the network repaired?”

The death system cleared his throat: “After a day of repair, it must be good.”

People are invincible, and the dead brother perfectly interprets this sentence.

Not long after, Ren Jing sent a voice message.

Ye Chen opened and his ears trembled.

Ren Jing: “I have booked a table in Lanting. I am here to invite you, please?”

Ye Chen’s hand slipped and opend the voice message again. The voice of Ren Jing sounded again, and Ye Chen feels guilty and hurriedly close the interface. And remembered that he hasn’t replied to him yet, and he quickly open it and accidentally open the voice message again.

The death system said, “There is no one else, want to listen, listen to it.’

Ye Chen: “Who wants to listen, just accidentally opened it!”

The death system: “Hmm, accidentally open three times.”

Ye Chen: “….” He was really careless! Really!

Forget it, don’t explain it to the dead liar.

Ye Chen tomorrow life’s point is a pit, is planning to play the game to kill the time, and he snorted in his mind.

The death system: “Monthly task: Please say to Ren Jing that I like you in front of at least thirty people, and that all 30 people must be heard. After the mission is completed, reward the life point 10.”

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