If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 16

Coming too fast, like a storm, Brother Chen was caught off guard.

Ren Jing also noticed that someone was behind him. He turned and saw Gu Xi and was not surprised. He smiled and said: “Gu Xi, Good evening.”

”Good evening.” Gu Xi said, that is quite good, his arriving late can catch up with the “son” of the bridal chamber night.

The two of them exchanged a few words, and Ye Chen returned to God. He quickly said: “That… no, I and Ren Jing…”

Gu Xi is very perfunctory: “Hmm, I know.”

You don’t look like you know! Ye Chen shouted in his heart!

Ren Jing knows that Ye Chen is thin-skinned and gets shy easily. He does not want to make him embarrassed, so he said: “I will go back first.”

Ye Chen nodded again and again.

Ren Jing looked down at the rose on the floor.

Ye Chen is still immersed in the setting of the rose, which is the life point and quickly wants to pick it up.

Ren Jing took his hand: “Don’t touch, carefully put it in your hand.”

Ye Chen hesitated.

Ren Jing whispered: “If you like it, I will send you some tomorrow.”

Ye Chen jerked his eyes wide open, and the opening was: “No need to send it!”

Ren Jing curls his lips, smiles like intoxicating wine at Ye Chen: “Also , send

something else .” Ye Chen opened his mouth, want to say that Dad is not lacking, please don’t send it!

The death system said: “Don’t refuse, what if tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the task of the day is to let Ren Jing send you a gift?”

This succeeded in letting Ye Chen swallows the words of rejection…

Ren Jing said: “I am going ”

Ye Chen: “Hmm.” He didn’t dare to say a word.

Seeing that Ren Jing had to go, the death system suddenly sounded again.

Ye Chen said: “Don’t do anything, big brother."

The death system said: “I think it’s a good deal. It’s a pity to miss it… No matter what, I will tell you first.” He paused and said, “Random task: Get Ren Jing’s good night kiss and reward life point 1. ”

Ye Chen: “…”

Th death system went to laugh and said: “If this random task had come a few minutes earlier, you will have a life point.”

Ren Jing just kissed Ye Chen, and it was three or five minutes. This task can be followed in three or five minutes later.

Ye Chen: “Are you really playing me??”

The death system is also very innocent: “I am not that good, really.”

Ye Chen was so entangled and cried!

The death system comforted him: “Or forget it, a life point, don’t want it!”

But with this life point, he will have a holiday tomorrow!

What to do? Gu Xi is still standing on the side!

Ye Chen stopped and Ren Jing sensed, and he asked him: “Is there anything else?”

Ye Chen whispered: ” Nothing.” Ren Jing said: “Then I am going.”

”Hmm. “Ye Chen should be.

Ren Jing turned and was about to step up, but the clothes were caught, and his mouth was slightly raised.

Ye Chen was hot, and quickly let go.

Ren Jing looked back at him.

Ye Chen took a deep breath and decided to fight: “Good night!” After he closed his eyes, his lips trembled. Ren Jing could understand and he could not understand him.

Ren Jing was startled for a second, and he almost kissed him, but considering Gu Xi, he resisted, but he could not bear to let Ye Chen disappoints, so he stepped forward and kissed the forehead of Ye Chen: “Good night.”

Ye Chen's heart is cool and penetrating: kiss the mouth! Why do you want to kiss forehead!He wanted to open his mouth in spite of shame. Fortunately, the death system said in a timely manner: “Congratulations, complete the random mission and reward the life point 1.” Hey, finished? ? Ah, it turns out that good night kisses on the forehead counts! Ye Chen was full of surprises, and the itch was so itchy thag Ren Jing couldn’t wait to push him to the bed. However, Ye Chen has already completed the task… He quickly said: “Come on, Yang Sen has been waiting for you for a long time.” Renjing’s throat swayed.

Ye Chen had to say again: “Be careful on the road…”

Ren Jing finally left.

Gu Xi, who was forced to watch a scene, sneered.

Ye Chen's scalp was numb.

”Into the house!” Gu Xi dropped the two words and lifted his feet and went upstairs.

Ye Chen was about to follow in, but look at the roses on the ground. He felt heartache, picked up and brought them in.

Gu Xi's sight fell on the roses.

Ye Chen explained: “It’s not so good to leave at the door… In case someone else sees it, um… not very good.”

”You still know it is not good?” Gu Xi didn’t get to point, you really know to not hug and kiss people on the outside, do not think about his own identity and Ren Jing, was photographed in case by the paparazzi what to do? Seriously blasted out of the closet , but also engage in such big news!

Ye Chen is embrassed.

Gu Xi sat on the sofa and asked: “Come on, what the hell is going on?” When did you and Ren Jing started dating? ”

He was not bothered to ask whether Ye Chen likes Ren Jing.

If this was not like, he wilk scratch the wall of his house two Ha! Look at those eyes, look at that look reluctant to leave, you still have to have a good night Kiss, all spoiled into this look, if it is not like, he will broadcast live!

Ye Chen is prepared and plated out, Gu Xi is not an outsider anyway.

He summed up the story and said: “I will only tell you about this, you Don’t tell others. "

Gu Xi rolled his eyes: “Let’s talk, I will listen.” He would like to see how he got together with Ren Jing.

Ye Chen sighed and said seriously: “About a week ago, I had a car accident. I thought I was dead. The result was that I was actually resurrected and lived… Then there was a guy called the death system to start…”

He said all the experience of these days. It was a recollection of emotions. In just one week, he lived a real ups and downs.

From hugs to making chocolates, to lifting high, to touching the abdominal muscles and then to ninety-nine roses, it's really a day of tears. To survive, he does not have easy!

After that, Ye Chen was moved by his tenacious will to live.

”That’s it.” He waited for Gu Xi to say to him, “Brother, you does not have easy.” ‘

As a result, Gu Xi eyes were almost out of the universe: “So many plays, why don't you be a screenwriter?”

Ye Chen's face has a question mark.

Gu Xi said: “You are very good. I will use this trick the next time I go to the little brother.”

Ye Chen was anxious: “Hey, I said it is true!”

Gu Xi: “I believe. ”

This is a tone that is unbelief. Ye Chen said: “I was almost dead, and then there is a system…”

”Well, if you don’t fall in love, you will die? It’s really because of the lack of thinking room.” ”

Ye Chen : “…”

The death system comforted him: “Guxi this is the normal reaction of normal people.”

Ye Chen also came back to taste… It is also said, if Gu Xi told him , he will also send him a sentence: “Xi brother 666, Xi brother slow and nonsense, Xi brother go out and turn right, so go and don’t send!”

Ye Chen does not speak, Guxi counts down his way: “You talk about you, from childhood to adult, there are thieves, no thieves, like it, why do you like to hide? What is the secret of a cabinet? and looked at the big heart, in fact, takes a fine hair-like, still fooling refuses to admit you like Ren Jing can I bite you ah? As long as he likes you, I will bless you! ”

Ye Chen feels wronged and his heart is crying.

Gu Xi also knows him too well. After he said it, he suddenly returned to the taste: “I said, don’t make me stupid!”

Ye Chen did not keep up with his brain.

Gu Xi stared at him and asked: “Is there any purpose for Ren Jing to approach you?” Ye Chen looked awkward.

Gu Xi's brain instantly filled out: silly white sweet young master was stunned by the heart of the black scum male deceived dog blood eight points file.

Broken! This is really possible!

Although Ye Chen is white and sweet, he is not so stupid. He wants to be really happy with Ren Jing. It is estimated that he has already admitted with him. There are two possibilities for this dead teething. One is that Ye Chen likes Ren Jing, but Ren Jing is a player, and Ye Chen is aware of it. Because he loves him, he chooses to tolerate, so he dare not say with Gu Xi. The second kind is that Ye Chen really doesn’t like Ren Jing, but Ren Jing got the handle of Ye Chen, and Ye Chen had to be close to him.

So the first possibility is the highest.

The second possibility is relatively low,Ren Jing although th company’s deep heart, but to today’s status, he does not necessarily see pushers this empty master title of Ye Chen .

He has to say that Gu Xi is worthy of being a director, his brain hole is big, and all of them have made up a series of big melodrama.

Ye Chen for fear of Gu Xi to toss Ren Jing, first do not say Ren Jing injustice, simply screwed up his relationship with Ren Jing, later can not do tasks are worried about him.

What to do?

Ye Chen can only “admit”.

”Don’t think about it!” Ye Chen was red, and said a little stuttering. “I… I just kind of, liked him a little, then that day… I drank too much, you let Ren Jing send me, I see looking at it, itching… just like him…”

Gu Xi's beautiful pair of phoenix eyes are all wide open: “You went to bed with him??”

Ye Chen face was red, and he nodded: “Yes. ……”

Gu Xi was anxious again: “Is he strong?”

Ye Chen was about to explode: “I… I took the initiative.”

”You…you…” Guxi was shocked.

• Ye Chen swallowed saliva and forcibly summed up: “Anyway that’s what it is! I… I like him, but he doesn’t necessarily like me, anyway… that’s it!”

Gu Xi believed this time, really believed. But he needs to digest it, and he has to digest it will.

Ye Chen looked at him like that, and knew that he was a letter.

He is so sad, he is telling the truth, this bastard guy does not believe, nonsense, he is convinced!

After the two stayed for a long time, Gu Xi first said: “You didn’t bother him very much before?”

Ye Chen did not know how to explain.

However, Gu Xi helped him patch: “Is it… you are the one who likes him and bully him?”

Ye Chen: “…”

Gu Xi was convinced by himself, Ye Chen that EQ, sometimes is the level middle school students, like what one hates, it's not too normal.

Although Ye Chen was not satisfied, he really didn’t want to make be out of other, so he recognized it.

Gu Xi thought for a long time, and pull over the person and said: “Then you reserve a little! Like also do not act too obvious, love is also a game, you are stupid to send yourself, Ren Jing get too easy not to cherish you, understand? ”

Ye Chen brother bullshit.

Gu Xi said: “I tell you, Ren Jing nick name, Human seminal. He plays you like playing a three-year-old child. You give me hold, don’t take the initiative, don’t be too close, be slow!”

Ye Chen sounded dumbfounding.

Gu Xi also gave him a death order: “You have only been familiar with less than a week, do not go to bed, do not go to bed, do not go to bed!” Important things he wished to repeat thirty times.

Ye Chen’s ears are red: “Who… who will be with him…” He was embarrassed that the words were spoken.

Gu Xi felt that he had to be embarrassed, thinking about the appearance of the two men. If he had not come, it is estimated that Ren Jing would come in and put Ye Chen to eat dry wipe clean !

It seems that he has already eaten and wiped it off… Forget it, that time was drunken, not counting!

Ye Chen can only said: “No, certainly not.”

Gu Xi gave him analysis of the pros and cons: “The feelings have to come slowly, Ren Jing does not necessarily dislike you, but he has experienced something different from you. The character is also very different from yours. His likes may not be the same as you, so you have to grasp it. You must not do stupid things. Do you know?”

Ye Chen is quite curious: “What can I do stupid things? ”

Gu Xi’s heart stunned, opened his mouth but did not say anything, he repeated: “Anyway do not be silly!”

Ye Chen thought, felt that he might have poked his sad things, so he reassured him: “No. ”

Gu Xi really not at ease, but did not move, no one can love this thing around, if so, no one will go like a scum.

”Gu Dad” had been stunned for a long time, to see the baby seems very obedient, so he was slightly relieved.

Sending away Gu Xi, Ye Chen was greatly relieved, feeling like ran a marathon, tired.

He went to take a bath and relaxed, and slept very well at night.

Because of the random task, he has another life point. Even if he deducts one at 9:55 tomorrow morning, there are still two left. It is really beautiful.

He asked the system: “The generation of random tasks is irregular?”

The death system said: “All random: random time, random difficulty, even the rewards are random.”

Ye Chen’s eyes lit up: “The reward is also random ah? If I am lucky, I can get 100,000 life points with a kiss?”

The death system dead fisheye: “You think too much.”

Ye Chen grinned: “Who can’t have a dream.”

The death system: “…”

It is rare to block the system and it has nothing to say. Ye Chen is in a better mood. He has a special breakfast for breakfast.

Halfway through, the death system routinely send the task: “You are really lucky today.”

Ye Chen cheered: “Quickly say the task!”

The death system did not have much interest to say: “Give Ren Jing 30 WeChat, request the content should not be repeated, each word count should be no less than twenty-five words. Reward the life point 1. ”

Ye Chen overjoyed: “This is not easy!” Just send 30 paragraphs casually!

Feel disappointed that he can’t see the good play the death system, ready to go offline to sleep.

After eating breakfast, Ye Chen sent a message to Ren Jing: “Morning.” Open the topic first, then send a paragraph later!

Ren Jing quickly replied him: “Did you have breakfast?”

Ye Chen quickly began to make up the number of words: “I have eaten, eat a bowl of salt bone porridge, a cage of shrimp dumplings, and also eat a glutinous rice bag, glutinous rice bag is very small, but still some support, oh right, still drank a cup of milk…”

Ren Jing said: “Eat a lot.”

Ye Chen continued to say: “It tastes good, today is the old Wang on duty, he does the noodles in porridge, I tell you, his buns are called a must, the northern big buns and the southern small buns are particularly good, especially delicious!”

The corner of Ren Jing’s mouth cannot help but raised,and send back to him: “It sounds very good. “

Ye Chen asked him again: “What did you eat in the morning?”

Ren Jing said and Ye Chen said: “Breakfast can’t be fooled, you have to eat well…”

He held the phone Barabala, and at the beginning still counted the number of words, trying to make each WeChat more than twenty-five words, but after chatting he had long forgotten the question of the number of words, and he typped very fast and said very hard.

It was only when his fingers are tired and reacted: “That… thirty do you have it?”

The death system: “Three hundred are all there.”

Ye Chen: “… Why didn’t you remind me! ”

The death system said: “I was afraid to disturb you, see you talk so energetically.”

Ye Chen embrassedly said: “Nonsense! What is the effort? It is for the mission!”

The death system has long been used to his awkwardness so, perfunctory: “Hmm, everything is for the mission.”

After receiving the life point, Ye Chen did not have the reason to continue to send WeChat, but still alittle despondent.

He hasn’t talked enough yet… And the last sentence, after that, don’t say it!

Ye Chen sent to Ren Jing: “You get to work, I am going to play games.”

Ren Jing returned to him: “I am already at work.”

Ye Chen still knows his schedule very well. He couldn’t help asking him: “You are not going to have a meeting?”

Ren Jing: “Hmm.”

Ye Chen stayed, and then typped a line of words: “Serious meeting, don’t play with mobile phone !”

Ren Jing gave him a smiling look. Ye Chen was stunned by the most basic expression of the system.

What are you laughing ! What about being a workaholic!

Ye Chen threw away the phone and didn’t talk to him.

Ren Jing also finally put down his mobile phone and started to do business. Yang Sen, who is on the side, mind is full of: Spring is bitter and short, and the king is not early!

It is said that this is not too late for the spring, it has already begun to move towards it!

Ye Chen is very relaxed today. He plans to go back to the old house and see the old man.

In general, he went back once in five or six days, and accompanied his grandfather to talk and eat.

Grandpa hurts him a little, but he is very happy to see him come back again.

Of course, Ye old man is a senior arrogant, seeing his grandson come back clearly, both eyes are shining, still quite reserved: “Back?” The tone is rather calm, rather than surprising .

Ye Chen smiled with his eyes bent, and hidfully played with the grandfather: “I heard that the peaches you planted are riped, and I will not go back even grape skins are not eaten.”

The old man’s heart is comfortable, on the face is still serious: “How old are you? Still greedy.”

Ye Chen: “The first nature of human is greedy, do not eat and be hungry!”

The old man was amused by him: ” Not a decent one!”

Ye Chen and grandpa went to pick peaches, although very hot but the two are happy to talk and laugh.

Picked a basket of peaches, they didn’t call people, they washed together, peeled and ate, and Ye Chen said: “It’s sweet!”

The old man snorted: “Don’t you see who planted it.”

Ye Chen was a compliment to grandpa.

He has been staying in the old house for a day. In the evening, the old man rushed him: “Walk away, hurry back. When you come, I have no quiet here.”

Ye Chen said : “Wonn’t go, stay tonight.”

The old man immediately raised his eyebrows: “Want to stay overnight?” He immediately noticed that his tone was wrong, and hurriedly changed to serious. “I am too lazy to let people clean up the room for you, hurry back!”

Ye Chen does not go, Ye old man is also dared not to be proud, and if the grandson really left, he will regret to sleep.

The two had dinner and played chess together and it took almost a night before they went back to sleep.

The old man’s mouth said too lazy to let people clean up, but the room of Ye Chen is spotless, obviously every day let people do a special trip to clean.

Looking at the familiar room of his, the heart is very not a taste.

The death system said: “The old man is not very good ah.”

Ye Chen has a heartache: “Well.”

The death system: “The life of a person is flexible.”

Ye Chen asked with a startled look: “What do you mean?” ”

The death system said: “Life is not a fixed value. It is possible to die at the age of 85 and 95 years old.”

Ye Chen clenched his palms: “You…”

The death system: “Cure the disease, It's not difficult for the old man to live for more than ten years."

Ye Chen suddenly stood up : "How to cure?"

The death system said: "Life point."

Ye Chen’s voice trembled: "My life point?"

The death system: “Well, your life point can be used by the loved ones.”

The heartbeat of Ye Chen was so fast, banging, so nervously, that almost jumped out of his throat!

The death system said again: “The old man is sick, ten life points are enough.”

666 is the homonym for “溜 溜 溜” liù liù liù , used to describe something is very cool, impressive, excellent.

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