If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 18

It is so embarrassing to come all the way to send the plane, but the fact is that he is going to board the plane.

Ye Chen’s instinct is to say : “I did not come here to send you off!”

Ren Jing only said that he was(YC) shy again, and was in a very good mood and joked : “Are you going to the country F with me?”

Ye Chen: “…”

The death system praised him: “The truth Emperor”

Ye Chen swang the system away and laughed.

Ren Jing slightly leaned to his side, blocking him from the line of sight: “Go to the lounge.” Some people have cast a curious look, and it is afraid that they will be surrounded if they continue chatting.

Ye Chen didn’t want to make to the headlines, so he followed Ren Jing well-behavedly.

The lounge is a separate compartment, with the assistants are outside, and Ren Jing and Ye Chen are inside.

The warm yellow decoration contrasts sharply with the cold airport outside. If there was not shadows of the plane taking off outside the window, it would be like a delicate and elegant cafe: comfortable armchair, mellow cappuccino, and beautiful snacks and a handsome man opposite…

The death system: “To round up this is a date!”

Ye Chen was thick-skinned and said: “There will be no extra life points.”

The death system: ” Enjoy the present, don’t just look at the money all the time.”

Ye Chen hummed twice and ignore it.

When two people get along like this, they don’t really need to find a topic . Ren Jing is very happy just to look at him. Even if he doesn’t say a word, the air seemed to be filled with cotton candy, sweet and soft, which makes people happy.

But he was afraid that Ye Chen would be uncomfortable, so he said: “There’s something wrong with the work with Tokom before. I need to make up a few shots. It won’t take too long.” Because the selection was in Paris, he had to fly to F country.

He is explaining his journey to Ye Chen, who is somewhat uncomfortable. Who cares about what you are going to do! Nevertheless, he doesn't dare say his heart’s words. He only hesitated and said: “Well… it's very ups and downs.”

Ren Jing also said : “I received the news in the morning, because the film was set, so the time is more rushed. I happened to be busy for the next half month, so I plan to go now.”

This is another way of explaining why he has been so rushed, Ye Chen listens more modestly, and his heart continues to think, who cares if you are in a hurry! Of course, there is an honest “hmm” on the face.

Not married yet, Ren flim emperor already has severe symptoms of disease taking care the anger of who else! Just listen to him again: “I just booked the flight and called you.”

Ye Chen heard the meaning of this remark, and he lowered his head and tried to make himself speak a little bit: “Well.”

The death system praised him: “Still very interesting!” One word is no longer good, Ye Chen can die!

Ye Chen is uncomfortable all over, but Ren Jing is at ease. His voice is more lowered and more pleasent: “I am very happy you can come.”

Happy, happy, happy ghost ah!

Ye Chen couldn't hold it anymore, and his face was so hot that it was going to burn. He held up his coffee cup and took a sip. As a result, this sweet and soft thing not only did not quench his thirst but also made him thirstier!

Ren Jing really wanted to take him over and kiss him, but considering that he was thin-skinned, he stubbornly resisted.

In order to avoid thinking about it, Ren Jing opened a new topic: ” “First Love” is temporarily stopped. What is your plan afterwards?”

Ye Chen stayed for a while before he responded. He said: “Nothing’s planned.” What plans can I have? He didn’t receive advertisements, otices, and acting roles. The average person didn’t dare to look for him. The second person couldn’t use him, so Gu Xi dared to tie him into the group.

Ren Jing said: “If there is no plan, I have a script. Do you want to think about it?”

Ye Chen’s eyes lit up, he quickly asked: “Do you participate in it?” His purpose is very simple and straightforward. If Ren Jing participates in the show, he certainly wants to go, so that he can get along in the same group day and night and has no worries about his tasks.

But this question falls into the ears of any non-death system and becomes another taste.

Ren Jing’s eyes overflowing with smiles, and he tried to calm his voice: “I am the protagonist.”

Ye Chen was surprised and said: “Really? I thought you were not going to pick up any show again this year!”

The focus of Ren Jing’s works in the past two years has been behind the scenes. Every year a play is at its peak. This year, Ren Jing received “First Love”. He didn’t expect another one is being planned!

In the original plan, Ren Jing is unlikely to pick up the show, but as long as Ye Chen picked up, he would definitely pick it up.

So he came to ask about Ye Chen’s opinion.

Ye Chen didn’t even think about it and agreed: “I’m fine any way, pick it up!”

Ren Jing said: “Let’s wait until you see the script.”

Ye Chen is afraid to miss this good opportunity and said earnestly: “I have a wide range of acting, I can act anything.”

Ren Jing smiled.

Ye Chen felt a little uneasy again: “That… wouldn’t it be the kind of dragon suit ( 龙套 actor playing a walk-on part in old-style opera; utility man) that died in three seconds?” That would be too embarrassing!

Ren Jing said: “The drama is very heavy, it is supposed to be from beginning to end.”

Listening to this, Ye Chen said : “Rest assured, I will try to act well!”

Ren Jing saix: “You will certainly act well.”

Who does not want to be praised? Ye Chen, a small character, is softer than hard, was suddenly praised to joy.

Ren Jing also smiled with the corners of his mouth , took a sip of black coffee did not suppress the sweetness on the tip of his tongue.

When they talked, the time went by too fast, that Ye Chen responded after a long time. It seems that they have to queue up for the economy class boarding!

He can’t delay any more, if he missed the plane, he’d be in big trouble!

Ye Chen urged: “It’s getting late, you should pass the security check soon!”

Ren Jing is not in a hurry, the first class has special access. There is plenty of time, he wants to stay with Ye Chen for a little longer.

He said: “Nothing, you have time .” You have time, but I am too late!

But Ye Chen did not dare to say , he also knows that he will expose the fact “following to the F country” sooner or later, but he was like a dying worm, a second late is a second anyway… Anyway, he can't say it now. !

Ye Chen watched the time approaching, and couldn’t sit still at all. He got up and said: “Come on, I also have to go!”

Ren Jing looked at him and said: “Where are you going?”

Ye Chen snapped: “Well, make an appointment with someone… An appointment…” He thought for a long day, and three words came out of his head, “Watch a movie.”

Ren Jing frowned and said: "Watch a movie?"

Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling guilty at thought of the task of sitting on his lap for popcorn and he said: “See more and learn more to make progress.”

Ren Jing asked lightly: “Who are you watching with?”

Ye Chen wanted to watch it with him most, so that he could finish the mission immediately, but… No way!

Ye Chen the name of a dog friend indiscriminately.

Ren Jing knows this person, a young master, the kind who spends a lot of time drinking.

He asked casually: “Just you two?”

Ye Chen said: “Yes, it should be.”

Ren Jing sighed, but did not say a word.

Ye Chen was relieved to see that he(RJ) finally has to go through the security check.

Ren Jing suddenly turned to him and said: “I will be back soon.”

Ye Chen’s heart trembled, and embarrassedly said: “Hmm.”

Ren Jing seemed to want to say something, but Ye Chen pushed him and said: “Let’s go!” It's too late!

Ren Jing suddenly grabbed his wrist, dropped his head and touched his lips softly.

It’s so shallow unlike a kiss.

Ren Jing: “I am gone.”

Ye Chen has become a fiery red shrimp: “Good, good…”

When Ren Jing passed the security check, Ye Chen seems to wake up, and hurry to the queue!

He should have been in line for a long time, but Ye Chen was still in a trance and didn’t feel long.

The death system is not in mood to disclose his secret: This is not like ? Really don’t like him , taking into consideration half a month live broadcast, eat shit!

In the terminal, there is also a special lounge for the first class, especially the public figure such as Ren Jing, which is even less likely to appear in the crowd.

Ye Chen, the 18-tier little actor, has limited popularity, but also has powder. He did not want to cause trouble, so he took out the VIP card and went to the VIP hall.

There is no need to be afraid of meeting Ren Jing here. They wouldn’t be able to meet on the plane, but what about getting off the plane?

Paper can’t hold fire, it’s a matter of time! After all, he still has to find him tp brush his task!

Ye Chen was worried for a while . Near boarding, he habitually went to the bathroom to solve the problem when he found that a girl has been staring at him.

Ye Chen thought it was his rare, pitiful powder, so he winked at the other, and put the index finger before his lips.

The sister took a breath.

Ye Chen has slipped away.

The sister was stunned for a long time, and the next second, she quickly took out her mobile phone and sent a message in the WeChat group name “Yang Dalao’s little follower”: My mother, I saw the big baby! By the way @Yang Sen

Yang Sen was boarding with Ren Jing, didn’t notice his phone.

WeChat group has been chatting: ” Fuss, big baby didn’t chase to the airport early in the morning, and pestered the boss for a long time to drink coffee?”

”Yes I have seen photos, tut tut, They are so white , so tender and so cute.”

”It’s a pity that I didn’t take the photo of the big brother, that look, oh my mother, spoiled to death!”

A group of people chriped and brushed the screen for half a day, Miao Miao quickly threw deep water □ □: “I saw at the boarding gate, crab!”



”Ah ah?? ”

Miao Miao seriously said: “If I am not mistaken, Big Baby and we are on the same flight.”

”Heaven, is this the legendary thousands of miles of chasing husband?”

”The old lady’s heart is going to explode!”

When the WeChat group blasted, Ye Chen finally squeezed into the plane to see the “narrow” seats, ready to cry without tears.

It takes at least nine hours to fly to the F country.

He used to hold his chair flat in the first class, but now he’s going to curl up here for nearly ten hour. It is really a grievance.

Of course, the big baby was wronged for a few minutes.

On the first-class side, when he seated, Yang Sen saw the messages in WeChat before shutting down.

After staying for awhile, he turned to look at Ren Jing.

Ren Jing looked at him and said: “What’s wrong?”

After a pause,Yang Sen said: “Ye Chen also boarded the plane.”

”Hmm?” Ren Jing did not respond.

Yang Sen said: “Ye Chen is in economy class, the seat number is 26C.”

Ren Jing suddenly stood up.

Yang Sen quickly said: “Don’t go there, I will help you call him over.”

Ren Jing said: “Is it really him?”

Yang Sen said: “Absolutely.”

Ren Jing petrified for three seconds. !

Comrade Yang Sen, who is a steady worker, has gone to the lower level and contacted the flight attendant to propose a position change request.

The model of the A380 is very spacious. The first class is a 1-2-1 layout. Ren Jing booked the tickets are in the middle, both seats are locked. One is for eating and the other is for sleeping. It is just enough to arrange for Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen saw Yang Sen, he knew he was showing up.

His cheeks are reddish and very very embarrassed.

Yang Sen is considerate, pretends not to see, naturally acts as if they were originally peers!

Ye Chen was quite at ease, but when he sees Ren Jing, he was so nervous that neither hand knew where to put it!

Ren Jing has been mentally prepared to see the person standing in front of him, and the explosion of joy almost got him out of control.

The two stood for a long time, until the flight attendants began to prepare for the flight, and they both seated.

These two seats are adjacent, with a partition in the middle, which can be raised and of course can be lowered.

Naturally no one will raise it at this time.

However, Ren Jing pulled the door on his left side near the aisle, and Ye Chen’s heart beats a bit inexplicably. Before he could say anything, Ren Jing got up and kissed his lips.

Ye Chen’s heart almost jumped out!

Yang Sen conscientiously pulled the door on the side of Ye Chen.

Outside is the beautiful broadcast of the flight attendants, but inside is only a sweet, heart-softening kiss .

”Ding Dong.” The death system sounded slowly, “Random task: sleep with Renjing, fof no less than two hours, reward life point 2.”

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