If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 22

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Ye Chen used a great amount of willpower to keep himself from jumping high!

He had sat down just like what that damned death system said, but what now? How should Ye Chen feed Ren Jing popcorn!?

Ye Chen could rely on his extraordinary acting skill to get himself accidentally sitting down, but what about this popcorn thing?

No matter how unexpected it might be, he shouldn't be able to accidentally feed someone popcorn!

Ye Chen was very anxious that he wanted to stand up immediately.

But he was not able to! QAQ

The death system encouraged him, "Come on, all that's left is three popcorn to feed. Don't let your previous efforts go to waste!"

Ye Chen, "……"

But what the death system said made sense. Now he was like standing at the end of the very long journey already, just one more step and he would win it!

Hang in there. He just need to hang in there.

Ye Chen took a deep breath, his face turning bright red as he strived to say these with trembling voice, "You… Seem like wanted to eat something."

Ren Jing couldn't hear what he said at all.

Ye Chen continued to say, "The popcorn is very tasty, you should try it out."

Ye Chen said as he tried to keep himself positive: This is normal, very normal. It's just feeding him popcorn, it's not a big deal!

Ye Chen picked up the popcorn as he trembled and fed it into Ren Jing's mouth.

He wouldn't be foolish enough to only feed him one at a time. Ye Chen immediately grabbed three of them at once and fed it to Ren Jing in one go.

Fortunately, the popcorn was small so it melted in his mouth. Ren Jing seemed to be in a daze as he ate the popcorn.

The death system hurriedly tried to comfort Ye Chen as he said, "Congratulations to you for completing the daily mission. You got the reward of one life point."

Ye Chen did shameful things just because of this single life point!

Ye Chen would really like to stand up immediately by now, but since the great movie king had finally come back to his senses, he held Ye Chen by his waist, making his tiny butt which had gotten away to fall back onto Ren Jing's thighs.

Ye Chen turned entirely stiff.

Ren Jing took Ye Chen into his arms all at once, bringing the two of them face to face. Ren Jing's pitch black eyes became sparkly as they reflected the big screen.

Ye Chen suspected that he had seen the galaxy.

Ren Jing's and Ye Chen's forehead were now at equal height. Ren Jing called out as he raised his uncontrollable lips, "Ye Chen."

Ye Chen couldn't even say half a word.

Ren Jing asked him, "Can I kiss you?"

Ye Chen, "……………….."

Even though he asked, it was obvious that he wouldn't wait for Ye Chen to answer. Ren Jing tilted his head and kissed him. As Ren Jing touched his lips, it made the caramel scent of the popcorn spread around as if the whole cinema was filled with the sweetness of this crispy yellow thing.

Ye Chen became confused upon being kissed by Ren Jing, but he didn't feel like pushing Ren Jing away at all.

Ren Jing let go of him to take a look at his lovely visage. He couldn't help but kiss Ye Chen again.

For the first, second, and third time, he kissed Ye Chen as if he was a precious treasure. He kept on kissing him continuously with a deep devotion and infatuation.

Ye Chen eventually came back into his senses and he hurriedly stand up, but Ren Jing pulled him over again.

Ye Chen had his back facing Ren Jing at the moment. Ren Jing held him in his arms, buried his face into his neck, then said as he inhaled with all his strength, "Don't move. Let me hold you for a moment."

Ye Chen didn't even dare to move, he absolutely didn't. He wouldn't want to let his 'thing' to touch against Ren Jing, so he definitely didn't dare to move even just a bit!

Ren Jing didn't stop until there. His hand slipped inside Ye Chen's clothes, making his way into his smooth, fair-skinned belly.

Ye Chen felt ticklish that he flinched. He pressed down Ren Jing's hand to stop him and said, "D-don't…"

Ren Jing took his hand off from the thin fabric. He didn't touch him anymore, but instead he lowered his head and planted a vigorous kiss on Ye Chen's delicate neck.

Ye Chen felt ticklish, yet painful. Upon being sucked that way, he immediately said, "It… Hurts…"

Ren Jing was trying to resist the unbearable temptation of Ye Chen's tiny voice. Fortunately, Ren Jing was holding back with all his might, or else something would have happened!

Ren Jing coaxed Ye Chen as he said under his breath, "All right, all right, it's okay already."

Ye Chen didn't even know what to say because his 'thing' was still hard!

Ren Jing said, "Don't be afraid, I won't do anything anymore."

What in the world was he about to do!? Ye Chen was so frightened that he wanted to run up to an A380 and fly back to his country at once!

Ren Jing didn't want to do him this way.

Although this cinema could be considered private now, it was not a neat and tidy place.

Ye Chen was his precious treasure, so Ren Jing couldn't bear to see him suffer even just the slightest bit of grievance.

Ye Chen didn't have any idea what the first half of the movie was about, not to mention the latter half. Really sorry, but he really had no clue what the movie was showing!

How did those 120 minutes even go by? Ye Chen didn't even have the nerve to recall it.

After the movie had finished, these two went back to the hotel.

Ren Jing drove the car. As for Ye Chen, he sat down quietly in the co-driver's seat. He sat there as quietly as he could.

Ren Jing asked him, "Do you want some midnight snacks?"

Ye Chen responded promptly, "I'm not hungry!"

Ren Jing asked again, "Then, would you want to go to the Seine River and have a walk?"

Paris in the shades of evening was far more charming than daytime. It was the city of romance where the most romantic stars under the night sky were.

Ye Chen's mind was completely filled about his 'thing', how would he still dare to go wandering around? He said in a low voice, "I'm a bit tired."

Ren Jing said, "Alright, we'll just have a rest earlier."

Ren Jing drove into the hotel's entrance, handed his car over to the doorman for him to park, then they went upstairs.

The elevator soon arrived at their room. Their room was adjacent to each other. Ren Jing sent him to the door and whispered, "Good night."

Ye Chen replied, "Good…… Night."

Ren Jing suddenly burst out laughing and asked him, "Did I scare you?"

Ye Chen, "……"

Ren Jing pulled him over and kissed him on the forehead.

Ye Chen immediately stretched himself taut like a spring.

Ren Jing stroked his back then he said with a voice softer than when they were at the Seine river at night, "Don't be nervous, I won't force you."

Ye Chen mumbled.

Ren Jing asked him again, "Can I kiss you?"

Why would Ren Jing need to kiss him again!? Ye Chen almost turned into a crybaby because of the kisses!

Ren Jing said, "Just once. Let me kiss you lightly just once."

Ye Chen asked the death system, "Aren't there any random missions!?"

The death system said with a cold and detached face, "There aren't any."

Ye Chen said, "What is the use of you even!"

Ren Jing was still looking at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen made up his heart, grabbed Ren Jing by his tie as he tiptoed and approached him for a kiss.

Ren Jing immediately smiled brightly like that of a morning sun.

Ye Chen didn't dare to look at him. He turned around and said, "Good night!"

Ren Jing responded, "Good night."

Ye Chen went in, closed the door, then he leaned against the door as he slipped down. He felt that his heart was about to burst.

Ren Jing stayed in place. He stood there for half a day until his comrade Yang Sen appeared and talked to him in a low voice about tomorrow's itinerary.

Ren Jing eventually stopped smiling and went into his room soon after.

Yang Sen shook his head as he complained: Ren Jing enjoyed sweetness at night, but then he had to stay up late for work… It's not an easy thing to do.

Ye Chen was very quiet for the whole night. He soaked in the bath to refresh himself, played some games for awhile then gave up because the net was too bad, then he collapsed onto the bed, checked on his phone and selected his friend list. Looking at these rabbles made him bored.

He swiped through to check Ren Jing's WeChat's friend list secretly and discovered that it was indeed uninteresting. The total number of his friends were quite little, and all of them were people from Public Relations. At first glance, he could only see Ren Jing's assistant there.

He even went as far as to be a bit more direct, but he was unable to send anything!

Ye Chen switched off his WeChat. But then, he thought of something and opened Weibo.

He didn't like to check on (his) Weibo, mainly because he would see a lot of sinister comments about himself. Either because he had no acting skills, or because he acted like a prima donna, or because of his height…

Was 172 cm that short? Be it so, even when Ye Chen was barefoot, he was at least 169.9 cm.

But when he wore shoes, his height was definitely more than 172 cm!

Besides, Xie Feng, Guo Tian Wang, and Liang Tian Wang were almost at the same height. They were so handsome that they looked like scum!

Short and handsome people was still handsome! We accept no refutation!

Ye Chen was opening Weibo at the moment to check on other people.

When he searched randomly, he saw that news about Ren Jing was blotting out the sky and covering up the earth.

There weren't many pictures of him, but each of them was very handsome and could make everyone go weak.

Ye Chen turned over rather energetically, then he caught sight of someone uploading a photo of Ren Jing in the currently viral P Fashion Show. He spotted something below it, "He's actually ugly to the core for depending on P!"

"In reality, his height must only be up to 178 cm. He's not that sturdy, either. His so-called clothing made him look thinner. He's trying to deceive the girls!"

Ye Chen couldn't find himself to accept that and said in return, "Even without that P show, he had always been handsome."

"What a bunch of schizophrenic people. A retard's brain cannot be cured anymore."

Ye Chen became depressed all of a sudden, cursing that person by babbling non-stop, unleashing his ability to diss people for two hours straight, making that person not even dare to make any sound.

Brother Chen gained a complete victory over this argument! He put down his cellphone happily and prepared to have a sleep.

But just before he went to bed, that scentwas coming back again…

He… He… What did he do this time……

The death system whistled.

Ye Chen sat up abruptly.

The death system complained, "Did you want to scare this baby to death!?"

Ye Chen said seriously with things piling up on his head, "Ren Jing must've liked me!"

Death system, "……"

Everyone has already known about that matter, you're the only one who doesn't!

Ye Chen said again, "But I can't be that insincere!"

The death system really couldn't keep up with his brain circuits.

Ye Chen said, "Look at all the things you've made me do. You always make sure each of them had to do with him being a wretch for touching me. Whenever I'm done, I'm always running away from his teasing. Yet I always run back for him to tease me again. It'd be good if Ren Jing didn't like me, but in case if he did like me……"

The death system asked him while his heart clicked, "I'm saying that you wouldn't think of giving up on your missions, right?"

Ye Chen gave it a contemptuous look, "Do you think I'd just give up on my life like that?"

The death system asked again, "What are you going to do, then?"

Ye Chen threw away the pillow and said rather frankly, "W-wouldn't it be alright if I just like him back?"

Death system, "……"

It was being caught off guard!

After he finished his sentence, Ye Chen's face turned bright red, then he immediately corrected his words, "I-I mean… I'll try to like him little by little."

The death system knew his awkward personality too well. For him to be able to say something like this was basically equivalent to a confession!

Impressive, Ren Jing's fate is really impressive.

Ye Chen corrected his words again, "I've also thought deeply about it. Since the missions also bind Ren Jing, the best outcome is for us to fall in love."

The death system said conspiratorially, "Right right, yes yes, what you said made sense."

Ye Chen said, "But we mustn't rush it. We only know each other for no more than ten days. We need to become more familiar with each other first."

The death system felt as if it had foreseen its own future, fearing that it would be stuffed to death by dog food in the future!

Ye Chen made a serious statement based on his own understanding, feeling as if he had successfully paved some steps. They might go up and down, but either way he would be able to take care of it.

Then, the next day came.

Even the death system sighed, "Routines, here comes the routines…"

Ye Chen said with his eyes still heavy from sleep, "What's with you, being noisy early in the morning… You won't even let me sleep peacefully."

The death system said, "Daily mission: make Ren Jing grief for you, time limit is two days, and the reward is two life points."

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