If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 27

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At first, Ye Chen didn’t respond. What he prattled on to himself was the size difference between himself Ren Jing. Ren Jing wore a large while he wore a small. The size difference between them was… centuries apart!

Brother Chen is strong, Brother Chen won't cry, Brother Chen is still as handsome as ever!

The death system let out some whistles.

Ye Chen asked, "What kind of hooligan are you roleplaying this time?"

Death system responded, "Hahaha."

Ye Chen treated it like someone with a mental disorder.

Ye Chen only tried a piece of clothing, but Ren Jing bought him a whole pile of clothes instead. Basically, Ren Jing bought the whole collection of the latest season for him.

Ye Chen hurriedly told him, "No need to buy that many……"

Since this was a brand he often wore, his cloakroom back home was estimated to already be filled out with the latest season's pieces.

Ren Jing said, "Don’t worry about it. You’ll need some change of clothes for several days."

Ye Chen replied, "I won’t be able to wear all this."

They were only staying for three days anyway……

Ren Jing smiled, but he didn’t stop picking clothes out as he wished.

Ye Chen was unable to hold Ren Jing back. Well, it was just a few clothes, these really shouldn’t matter to Ren Jing. He could just gift Ren Jing sports car later.

With that in his mind, Ye Chen felt quite relieved.

Seeing his smile, the cute sales boy beside Ye Chen had an interesting play inside his heart.

How impressive! What they said were all the same, 'No need, no need', and yet… The result is that he can open a Versace branch store already!

How enviable QAQ! The cute sales boy hated the fact that he had grown into 180 centimetres, so he was about 10 centimetres taller than the cutie. This kind of (cutesy) method was too hopeless for him!

Ye Chen actually had an opportunity to change his image. He only needed to settle the accounts of this pile of clothes and he would change from cutie immediately to be a great president.

But the mission still lingered on his mind. If he footed the bill, then it wouldn't count as Ren Jing buying clothes for him!

There was no way he could tell Ren Jing, "I'll pay for the rest of the clothes, but pay this one for me."

What would that be called? Unreasonable and difficult, too ambiguous.

Forget about it. This shouldn't be a big deal, Ye Chen need not care about such silly misunderstanding.

When they left, Ye Chen finally reacted, "Hey…… Our clothes look like……"

Ren Jing helped Ye Chen finish his words, "…They are the same."

When Ye Chen saw the pile of shopping bags in the car's trunk, he was left dazed for three seconds, then his face burned in an instant.

M-ma-match-matchinggg o-ou-out-outfitsss!!!

The death system said, "You finally realized."

Not a single thought could even pop out in Ye Chen's head.

Ren Jing said, "Get into the car."

Ye Chen was on the verge of not being able to feel either his hands or feet anymore!

He didn’t even know how he got into the car. Still, he sat tight. Then Ren Jing said softly, "I seldom wear Versace's clothes."

After suppressing his feelings for a long time, all that Ye Chen could say was, "Mn……"

Ren Jing's palm was on the back of Ye Chen's hand as he said slowly, "You look good in them, so I also want to try them out."

Ye Chen felt as if his hand was being burnt. He wanted to pull it out, but at the same time he didn't want to. He decided it would be best not to move.

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen, his gaze and voice were so gentle that it made Ye Chen's heart thumped wildly. "Do they look good on me?"

Ye Chen immediately replied, "They definitely do!"

Whatever Ren Jing wears looks incredibly great on him!

Ren Jing smiled and said, "Not as good as you."

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide in surprise as he responded, "How could that be? You…… You look great in whatever you wear."

Ren Jing took Ye Chen's hand and kissed the back of his hand.

Ye Chen felt as if he was struck by lightning, he was stupefied all over!

Ren Jing asked, "Is there anywhere you'd like to go?"

Ye Chen replied after he thought for a long time, "You're not going to the Latin district today?"

Ren Jing said, "I finished the shooting last night."

"Eh……" Ye Chen blinked his eyes as he said, "That means you didn't have any rest yesterday?"

Ren Jing explained, "The production team were rushing the schedule a little. Good thing that my condition was pretty good, so I simply finished the shots at one go."

Ye Chen asked him, "When did you finish the shooting?"

Ren Jing answered, "At about two o'clock in the morning."

"That late!?" Ye Chen suddenly felt his heart ache and said, "You only slept for three hours?"

In fact, Ren Jing didn't even have 10 minutes of sleep, but all that he said was, "More or less."

Ye Chen said hurriedly, "That's not enough sleep. Let's not go anywhere today. You should go back and catch up on some sleep."

But instead, Ren Jing said, "It's rare for us to be in Paris with some free time, so I'd like to take a walk."

Ye Chen still felt really distressed and said, "Not enough sleep isn't good for your health."

Ren Jing said, "I'll find some time to sleep in the afternoon."

Ye Chen saw that Ren Jing seemed really eager to take a stroll, so he went along with Ren Jing and said, "Then, shall we go to the Seine River for a walk?"

"Sounds good."

There were quite a number of visitors at this hour. The Eiffel Tower was practically filled with people. In any case, when you came to country F and arrived at this city, you absolutely had to visit the Eiffel Tower. It was equivalent to having to visit Tiananmen Square when you came to Beijing.

In the past, Ye Chen wasn't interested in visiting the tower. Neither was Ren Jing. Ren Jing only wanted to walk together with Ye Chen in this calm street. It didn't matter where actually, be it the romantic Seine River or even a muddy swamp, both were alright for him. As long as he had this person by his side, he would have a sense of peacefulness and happiness reaching their peak at the same time, making him feel perfectly content.

Neither of them spoke for quite some time. They simply walked hand-in-hand, step by step, as the sound of their breathing gradually became in sync. Little by little, they strolled far away.

It seemed as if Seine River had no end. Similar to the road they walked, it seemed to go on forever.

Without them realising, it was already noon. Ren Jing said, "Let's have lunch."

Ye Chen was afraid that Ren Jing might be tired, so he hurriedly responded, "Alright!"

Then he also added, "Let me treat you, I'll……"

However, Ren Jing said, "I've already booked a place."

Ye Chen didn't ask where it was, he only stated, "Let me treat you next time."

"Alright." Ren Jing said as he smiled.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Ye Chen immediately became nervous as soon as he saw the familiar place.

Ren Jing said, "The French food here is very good. César invited me to have lunch here yesterday."

César was the director of the production team, so it was a matter of course for him to entertain Ren Jing.

Now Ye Chen understood…… Ren Jing must have had seen him with Yu Xingzhe at that time.

This subject…… Should he mention it?

He would feel awkward either way!

Ye Chen panicked for awhile, then he finally chose 'Not to care about it anymore.'

They walked into the restaurant, then after he finally sat down…… Ye Chen realized that this place was exactly where he sat yesterday!

But this time, the person who sat in front of him changed from Yu Xingzhe to Ren Jing.

The death system said, "What an extraordinary way of being jealous."

Ye Chen, "……"

What’s the matter with this jittery and pleasantly sweet feeling stirring inside him? He might have an illness!

When they were ordering the food, Ren Jing asked Ye Chen, "Is there anything you would like to eat in particular?"

Ye Chen replied, "That's alright, I'm fine with anything."

Ren Jing ordered escargot, turkey with pineapple, broiled lobster…… All of them which Ye Chen ate yesterday. Even the aperitif, desserts, and wine were all the same!

Ye Chen would really like to explain his pure relationship with Yu Xingzhe, but Ren Jing didn't bring it up at all. In the end, he didn't bring up the subject at all. It would be better for Ye Chen to say something first!

While he was eating, Ye Chen tried to bring up the subject many times, but Ren Jing completely used his avoidance skills to evade Ye Chen precisely and accurately that Ye Chen couldn't even touch his periphery.

Later on, Ye Chen completely indulged himself in the delicacies that he forgot about that thing. He ate joyfully.

After finishing his meal, Ye Chen noticed that both of the wine bottle was empty.

My God, why did Ren Jing drink that much!?

This kind of vintage wine of several decades would leave an aftereffect upon being drank. For someone to gulp down two bottles of it, they were going to be dead drunk!

Looking at President Yu, a bottle was enough to make him stagger, and yet Ren Jing, he……

Ye Chen asked him, "Are you okay?"

Ren Jing replied as if he was unaffected, "What's the worst that could happen?"

Ye Chen wouldn't believe these bunch of drunkards. Previously, Yu Xingzhe also looked like he was alright, but the moment they got into the elevator, he showed his true colors.

"Did you drink a lot?"

Ren Jing unexpectedly admitted, "Yes."

Ye Chen, "……"

This drunkard doesn’t seem to be doing things according to the rules anymore.

Ren Jing asked him back, "Have you finished eating?"

Ye Chen replied, "I have."

Ren Jing said again, "Let's go back, then."

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing anxiously and asked, "Could you stand steadily?"

Ren Jing answered honestly, "I'll try to."

Ye Chen, "!!!"

He was even more anxious now!

Ren Jing got up and Ye Chen rushed over to him promptly, thinking that he would have to support Ren Jing as he was about to fall soon.

In the end, Ren Jing stood up very stably, he wasn't even staggering.

Ye Chen wanted to assist him at first, but they ended up holding hands in the end.

Ren Jing also walked very steadily. He was still steady even after they got into the elevator.

Ye Chen couldn't help but feel at ease. He felt that Ren Jing's liquor tolerance was really good, he was so good that he wasn't drunk even after drinking two bottles of wine!

Come to think of it, drunk people would never say that they were drunk. Just like Ren Jing, if he was really drunk, then he was definitely going to say these words, 'Lao Zi isn't drunk, Lao Zi wouldn't be drunk even after drinking thousand glasses of wine, Lao Zi could still drink some more!'

It was a law that since Ren Jing admitted that he was drunk, basically meant that he was not.

But soon…… Ye Chen would realize that Ren Jing was drunk after all, he was even marvelously drunk.

They got into the elevator. No less than ten seconds later, Ye Chen realized that the elevator's button wasn’t pressed yet.

When he was about to press the button, he ended up being pulled back by Ren Jing as he moved.

Ye Chen blinked his eyes and said, "Um…… The button wasn't pressed yet."

How could they go downstairs if the elevator wasn't moving?

Unfortunately for Ye Chen, as soon as he finished his words, Ren Jing leaned over and kissed him.

Ye Chen's eyes opened wide in surprise, then he let out a startled grunt.

But Ye Chen doing so gave Ren Jing the chance to invade. He went deeper into his mouth, bringing along the rich, mellow taste of wine and the numbing electrifying sensation upon being kissed.

Ye Chen was left befuddled upon being kissed like that, but he somehow remembered that they were still inside the elevator, so he pushed Ren Jing away.

But Ren Jing grabbed Ye Chen by his wrist and continued to kiss him.

Ye Chen managed to avoid him for awhile and said, "S-someone's going to see us."

Ren Jing's lips were still on Ye Chen's as he declared, "What would happen even if someone did? I am dying to let everyone sees us like this."

Ye Chen's heart thumped wildly and inside his head was almost entirely empty.

Ren Jing kissed him on the lips again, then his forehead, and then he finally turned around and pressed the elevator button.

Ye Chen was still confused even until after he got into the car. His mind was filled with the words Ren Jing said before.

Ye Chen was unable to describe his feelings. He was very happy and excited, yet nervous.

As expected, Ren Jing did like him.

Yeah…… Ye Chen probably liked Ren Jing, too.

Ye Chen was very happy that he smiled delightfully inside the car.

The car started moving, but Ren Jing was still silent. Ye Chen whispered to him, "Ren Jing?"

No answer.

He moved closer to look at Ren Jing. Just then, he found out that Ren Jing had fallen asleep.

It seemed that he really drank too much……

Ye Chen stared at him for a long time. The more he looked at Ren Jing, the more he thought that this person was really good looking indeed. He was flawless 360 degrees all around. How could he be so handsome!?

As he looked at Ren Jing, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something.

Is this what they called… To lose one's senses when drunk…..

Ye Chen poked Ren Jing, but he remained still.

Ye Chen muttered to himself, "Would he really lose his senses upon being this drunk?"

The death system said faintly, "You should try mess around with him a bit."

Ye Chen, "……"

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