If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 35

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As soon as the death system assigned the mission to him, it said cheerfully, "You could get three life points just by staying still for nine hours! This is such a big step in your life!"

Ye Chen curved his lips and said, "Then tell me, how am I supposed to keep physical contact with Ren Jing for nine hours!?"

The death system earnestly gave him advice, "For example, making love for nine hours?"

Ye Chen, "……"

The death system said again in all seriousness, "I believe in Ren Jing. He can do it."

"Get lost!!!" Why did Ye Chen even believe in such an evil being!?

Just then, Ren Jing's words reached his ears.

"……I saw you in a pool of blood and you stopped breathing."

It was just a short sentence, but he had difficulty saying it. It was as if he had just woken up after having a nightmare, the fear still lingered in his heart.

Did Ren Jing really 'see' it? Did they really have 'mutual understanding from the heart'? How miraculous! Ye Chen's heart became warm, it felt as if the cold and wet feeling had been evaporated by the sun and turned into fog in the air. Even though it didn't completely dissipate, it wouldn't have a substantial impact on him anymore.

Ye Chen embraced him tightly, then he nestled against Ren Jing's chest, listening to his heartbeat as he said, "It's weird, I also had a nightmare. I dreamed that I was hit by a car."

Ren Jing who had been embracing him suddenly tightened his arms.

Ye Chen said in a low voice, "It's just a dream, I'm fine, everything's alright."

Ren Jing wanted to loosen his embrace, but it was like his body has its own consciousness. He just wanted to embrace Ye Chen tightly, hoping he could embed Ye Chen into his body.

It seemed that if Ren Jing really lost Ye Chen, it would leave him with an unforgettable devastating sorrow within himself.

Ye Chen was also happy being embraced like this. The longer it was, the better. If only they could embrace each other like this for nine hours, he was going to smile even in his dreams.

The pitiful one here was Xiao Liu.

What should I do…… Should I get going or not?

He was clearly here, yet he felt as if he had already become one with the air…… How pitiful QAQ!

Ten minutes later, Ren Jing finally calmed down. Realizing that the time wasn't early anymore, he let go of Ye Chen and asked him, "Are you hungry? Let's have lunch."

Ren Jing was about to completely let go of him, but Ye Chen hurriedly embraced Ren Jing again when they were almost separated.

Ren Jing's heart trembled upon seeing Ye Chen throwing himself in his arms like that.

Ye Chen said hurriedly, "I'm not hungry!"

Ren Jing paused for a moment before he put his hands on Ye Chen's waist. He couldn't help but slightly raise the corner of his lips then said, "It's almost twelve o'clock."

Ye Chen felt his waist was ticklish, but he endured so that Ren Jing wouldn't let go. He was absolutely determined to collect the life points!

But there was no way they could skip lunch. Still, if they went to a restaurant, it would be too embarrassing to eat while holding hands. Just thinking about how they were going to be stared at by people made him unable to breathe.


Ye Chen finally saw the 'invisible' Liu Xiaoming and told him, "Xiao Liu, help me order a meal, I won't go down to eat."

Xiao Liu immediately responded, "Alright! I'll do it right away!"

Oh dear, I could finally stop being an unwanted third party here!

After Xiao Liu slipped away, Ye-life-points-crazy-octopus-Chen was now unable to let go of Ren Jing anymore. He wanted to hang himself on Ren Jing’s body and be a human-shaped pendant.

Ren Jing’s love filter was as deep as the universe. No matter what Ye Chen did, he could find an appropriate reason to approve of it.

Just like right now, he felt that Ye Chen might still have a lingering fear after the nightmare, so he embraced Ye Chen, trying to console Ye Chen. What he thought of deep inside his mind was that Ye Chen might have perceived his emotional instability, so Ye Chen used this way to comfort him.

With that in mind, Movie King Ren had transformed the (little) sweetness into a milk-flavored cookie by himself – it was sweet, fragrant, and crisp.

He embraced Ye Chen in his arms. Their movements were natural and intimate, their posture more comfortable than ever.

Ye Chen was… so embarrassed he might explode right where he was!

Xiao Liu always work with great efficiency. It didn’t take long for him to push the dining car here by himself.

It wouldn’t work if he didn’t push it until here since the atmosphere inside was languid. If this was seen by other people, he was afraid they would be so shocked that their chins would drop down to the top of the dining car……

The moment Xiao Liu entered the room and took a glance, he couldn’t help but blush.

This whole room is filled with pink bubbles everywhere… Hurry up and get married already, you two!

In fact, Xiao Liu was very fond of his Brother Chen. He had his own ideas about the situation too. This was what he thought of Ye Chen: the pitiful little young master, who was on the verge of being murdered by his cousin, was shouldering everything by himself for the sake of his grandpa. He looked calm and collected on the outside, but was actually afraid deep inside his heart. He couldn’t show weakness in front of his subordinates (Xiao Liu), yet he couldn't help but ask for comfort the moment he saw his sweetheart.

After all, Ye Chen's cousin was extremely cruel and merciless. It was really scary how he wanted to kill people even in this lawful society.

Having people who had such an image about him was really saving Ye Chen some troubles.

As for the fact that he was carelessly seen as acting cute……

Forget it. Life points and grandpa's health were of utmost priority, so he needed to save up life points as fast as he could. That way, he could do things on his own accord.

While they were waiting for their lunches, Ye Chen had a discussion with the death system.

"Let's confirm the monthly mission again."

Death system responded, "Monthly mission: Say 'I like you' to Ren Jing in front of 30 people."

Hearing the last three words, Ye Chen blushed as he asked, "The reward is ten life points?"

Death system replied, "Yes, just enough to cure grandpa's illness."

Ye Chen asked, "Do I have to say it in front of 30 different persons in total or in front of 30 of them at the same time?"

Death system responded, "At the same time. You must make sure that at least 30 people could hear it clearly and understand what you said!"

This is too fucking hard…… It's difficult to find 30 people who understood the words 'I like you' here in country F!

Ye Chen urged, "You should give me a plan, son!"

The death system responded, "That's very easy, let me give you my two cents."

Ye Chen pricked up his ears and listened attentively.

Death system, "You should go back to China, then find a church. Invite your friends and relatives to come, then dress yourself in a white tuxedo. After that, you could say these three words in a loud voice to Ren Jing in front of the priest……"

Ye Chen felt like a fool for seriously wanting to hear its advice!

The death system laughed and said, "But really, make sure you complete your mission successfully."

"Haha, and I could get a husband in passing?"

"That’s right, if you rush it, both of you could even adopt a child soon."

"And the child’s nickname would be 'death system'?"

"Eh……" The death system said bashfully, "That doesn’t sound good? What about calling them Ququ? Bubu isn’t bad either. Or perhaps Aiai?"

This guy really thought about it seriously……

Why did Ye Chen feel like spanking it right now?

Come to think of it… He had been thinking about names for the kitten he picked up. He had three in his mind now. When the kitten came back from the hospital, he would make a beautiful name plate for it!

They chattered quite a lot, but only a few seconds passed in reality.

Right then, Ren Jing’s cellphone rang.

Ren Jing said, "I’ll answer the call first."

Ye Chen seemed like he wouldn’t let go no matter what. He stated, "Answer it, then."

Ren Jing wanted to get up at first, but he immediately sat down again. His eyes were entirely smiling and his voice was very soft.

The producer on the other side felt refreshed (due to Ren Jing's voice) early in the evening (time difference).

They talked for awhile and hung up without saying much.

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen and asked him, "The script I told you before, will you accept my offer of acting in it?"

Ye Chen asked him back, "The one where you are the leading role, right?"

Ren Jing, "Yes."

Ye Chen squinted his eyes and said, "I accept."

Ren Jing kissed Ye Chen on his forehead. "I'd like to practice getting into my character with you when we return home."

Ye Chen responded, "No problem."

Ren Jing glanced at him and said, "You're not going to ask what you'll be playing?"

All that was in Ye Chen's mind was embracing Ren Jing and not letting go, so he took no notice of what Ren Jing said and asked without thinking much, "What is it?"

"You'll be confessing to me."

"Ah?" Ye Chen opened his eyes wide.

A hint of uneasiness could be heard in Ren Jing's voice as he said, "There aren't many lines, just a sentence, but you had to say it to me in front of many people."

Ye Chen felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest when he said, "Wh… what line is it?"

Ren Jing stared into his eyes and said, "I like you."

Ye Chen's heart beat wildly!

This was really a blessing!

There should be more than 30 people in the crew, so he could say it out loud at that time without having people to think he was insane or silly!

This was too good to be true!

When he had these ten life points with him, grandpa's health was going to be stabilized. He wouldn't fear anything, not even Ye Lan!

It took Ye Chen quite a long time to calm down and said, "Why don't we book tickets and return home now?"

Author’s note

The author has something to say:

Come to think of it, it seemed that there had been a misunderstanding here…… It's not that Ye Chen will not tell his parents, but that he doesn't want to immediately do so now. When he has ten life points with him, he'll handle the matters seriously. *cries and laughs*

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