If You Don’t Fall In Love, You’ll Die

Chapter 37

Ye Chen who slept on Ren Jing’s side was extraordinarily cute. He stuck closely to Ren Jing, his face filled with hope.

Ren Jing wasn’t sleepy at all. When he turned around to look at Ye Chen, he almost forgot to blink.

A very light knock on the door could be heard from outside. Ren Jing responded with a grunt.

As the door opened, Yang Sen walked softly inside.

Then, Yang Sen made a gesture.

The moment Ren Jing was about to get up, he found out that Ye Chen had intentionally tucked his shirt under himself……

Ren Jing smiled, then he lied down again.

If he got up, he would definitely wake Ye Chen up.

"Tell me," he said to Yang Sen with a low voice.

Yang Sen whispered, "Will I wake him up?"

Ren Jing regularly patted Ye Chen’s back as he said, "You won’t."

Yang Sen collected himself and said firmly, "I’ve checked it. There doesn’t seem to be any problem."

Ren Jing naturally knew what had happened at the hotel's entrance. Although he only saw it once, he had a good memory, especially when it came to Ye Chen.

That car had the same color as the car Xiao Liu used in Paris. Even though the car wasn't limited edition so having similar cars was normal, Ren Jing noticed the license plate number.

The car that Xiao Liu drove had a car plate number 999, but this car's plate number was 996. They could be easily distinguished when seen closeby, but when seen from afar, they could be easily mistaken, especially since the cars were very similar.

It just so happened that the car came into the hotel. Furthermore, Ye Chen was about to go downstairs around that time. As a result, something occurred to the car. Whoever the driver was, they mistook the accelerator as brake, then the car crashed and smashed into pieces.

If Ye Chen came downstairs earlier; if Ye Chen was blinded by the burning sunlight; if Ye Chen thought of that car as the one Xiao Liu drove and went to greet him……

Then… the consequences would be too hard to imagine.

Ren Jing only thought about it for a moment, but he was already plagued with fear. He clasped Ye Chen's hand and held him, then he leaned against Ye Chen again.

Yang Sen said under his breath, "What you said is true about the license plate number. The victim was the owner's driver. According to the investigation, he came to pick his boss up……"

In such a short time, that was what they could find. Looking at these aspects, it seemed to be an accident.

Ren Jing said again, "Please check the recent whereabouts of the victim as well as his recent friends. Then, let someone follow after their families to observe things for a while."

Yang Sen replied, "Alright."

Actually, Yang Sen believed that it was an accident.

They knew Ye Chen too well since they had followed Ren Jing for so many years. It felt like they were very familiar with the Ye Family.

Even though the power of Ye Family was huge, they had always been the example of honest business and good conduct.

In those days, Old man Ye was still very arrogant, but he didn't make any enemies. Later, when Ye Family broke the family up and lived apart from each other, Ye Lan went to Sin**pore and grew up there. As for Ye Chen's parents, they stayed in the mainland. Father Ye was a person with a steady character. He might not be that brave, but he was kind and honest. He would rather make less money than to extort people.

Father Ye had good morals and was harmonious and affectionate with his wife. Added with Ye Chen's grandpa's position, when Ye Chen went out, if he didnt bully anyone essentially no one would provoke him.

Needless to say, Ye Chen was a soft person since he was young until now. Although lacking ambition, that was who Ye Chen was, living in freedom and happiness, making those around him happy, too. Even those who had been silently watching him felt irritated sometimes.

Some people might be jealous of Ye Chen's luck, but they were unlikely to go out of their way to be a murderer just because of that.

But Ren Jing had always been worried about Ye Chen, so it was normal for him to check on the situation to understand it.

After Yang Sen left, Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen who was still sleeping soundly. He suddenly felt somewhat sleepy.

It was a strange feeling to him.

Living in a (constantly) nervous state, Ren Jing had almost forgotten how it felt to be carefree.

Since he had almost forgotten how to relax, he had also forgotten that comfortable feeling of being able to sleep peacefully.

Ren Jing slightly leaned on his back, then he continued to gently pat Ye Chen’s back. As he listened to Ye Chen's even breathing, he slowly closed his eyes.

In the tranquil lounge, the two of them embraced each other in a narrow sofa bed, outlining a beautiful scene.

It was the redemptive power of love.

Which started from a beautiful encounter.

Ye Chen felt so stifled that he woke up!

He needed to use the restroom, so what should he do now?

As he moved slightly, Ren Jing immediately woke up.

"We still have ten more minutes, take your time."

Ye Chen blinked his eyes. Waiting for the plane to board wasn't the problem, what he was worried about was his life!

It would be awkward for them if they walked hand in hand when passing through the security check. Did he need to 'invite' Ren Jing to go to the restroom together now?

Two men going to the restroom together wasn't much of a problem. They could just explain that both of them drank too much water, so it was normal for them to go to the restroom together to answer the call of nature.

But what would happen if two men went to the restroom while holding hands? Another important point was——even when they were relieving themselves, they did not let go of each others' hands!

How the fuck would they take off their pants??

Would they need to help each other?

Ye Chen immediately turned bright red.

Ren Jing asked him, "What's wrong?"

Ye Chen, "……"

Ren Jing frowned slightly. "Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?"

Ye Chen said pathetically, "I… I want to go to the restroom."

Ren Jing was startled for awhile. Then he said as he smiled, "Go ahead, there's still enough time."

Ye Chen, "……"

It didn’t matter if they were late since there was a restroom on the plane, but the problem was……

Well then, it would be more reasonable if they go to the restroom hand in hand while they were still at the airport. Just imagine if they did it on the plane: He and Ren Jing went to the restroom hand in hand under the other passengers' attention. Then, when they were about to go in, the flight attendant would say something like this, "Excuse me sir, the restroom could only hold one person at a time."

Wouldn’t he be so embarrassed he would want to jump off the plane if that happened??

Ye Chen was frightened by his own train of thoughts. No way, he had to go to the restroom first before he got on the plane!

But what could he do so that he would look less insane?

The death system really couldn’t stand looking at Ye Chen being like that anymore, so it said, "Ding dong. Three hours had passed, you get the reward of one life point."

Ye Chen felt relieved for awhile, but he reacted again soon. "When you said the maximum duration is nine hours, is it nine hours of total mission time or nine hours of physical contact?"

The death system gave him a supercilious look and decided to cut him some slack (mainly because they were tight on time. If it forced him, Ye Chen would have no choice but to do some 'play' in the restroom), "After you have physical contact for a total of nine hours, you won't get the reward of life points anymore."

Ye Chen's eyes suddenly brightened up, then he said, "So that means it's alright for me to let go of his hand now?" He had earned a life point anyways, he should take a rest in between. Then, he just needed to continue holding his hand later for three more hours. That should do, right?

Death system stated, "Random missions have the chance of being refreshed by daily mission, so pay attention to the mission's duration."

Ye Chen was already delighted, so he said, "There's enough time!"

There were still thirteen to fourteen hours before tomorrow's daily mission. It was more than enough!

Ye Chen quickly let go of Ren Jing's hand, then smiled sweetly as he said, "I'm going to the restroom for a bit."

Ren Jing was dazzled by Ye Chen's smile. By the time Ren Jing came back to his senses, the other person had slipped away.

Ren Jing chuckled softly, then he looked at his palm. The warmth remained in there made him felt very pleased.

Ye Chen had settled the problem regarding physical contact, so he didn't immediately hold Ren Jing's hand when he came back.

He already had a solution in his mind!

After getting on the plane and fly for at least nine hours, he can cuddle and sleep next to Ren Jing for the next six hours, then they woke up after a sound sleep…… Oh ho, with that, the mission would be accomplished, and he would be home.

This was too good to be true.

Ye Chen had planned accordingly, but he found a very serious problem when he got on the plane.

Because the booking was done in a hurry, they didn't get the two seats together in the middle. Yang Sen booked them two seats by the window each.

Th… this was too different from what Ye Chen had planned!

How could they make a 'double bed' if they didn't sit in the same row? If there was no double bed, how could he sleep together with Ren Jing? How could he get life points if they didn't sleep together?

Ye Chen went into a panic. When he saw the person who was supposed to sit across from him getting aboard, he couldn't help but ask, "May I change my seat with yours?"

The man was surprised by his words that he couldn't respond.

Ye Chen added promptly, "My seat is by the window, it's also very good. Please let me change my seat with yours. How about I pay for your ticket?"

The first-class fare from Paris to Beijing was 4500 EUR. Converted to RMB…… It was quite the amount of money.

The man was very surprised. He was dumbfounded for awhile before he said, "That doesn't sound like a good idea." What he actually meant was that it was alright to exchange the seat for free. He preferred a separate seat by the window, too.

But Ye Chen thought that he didn't want to exchange the seat, so he quickly added, "How about I double the fare? I beg you!"

The man, "……"

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