Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 349 - 349: The Real Reason

Alicia was initially stunned, but she didn't let it show on her face as she understood what Lucifer was trying to do. He didn't want them to lie, so he was lying to them that she could catch lies. 

She decided to play along as she acted confident while staring at Quan. 

"So let's start. We need to finish by the time things settle above. So no time to waste. First question for General Maxwell."

Lucifer glanced at General Maxwell before he asked, "So General, first question is for you. So tell me, did you have a hand in the treatment I received in the Facility?"

General Maxwell was slightly hesitant to answer. He couldn't help but glance at Alicia, ultimately deciding to tell the truth. 

"I have a hand in it. I told them that you weren't to be given any special treatment, no matter who your parents were. I told them that you were to be treated like any normal kid while they waited for your powers to awaken," General Maxwell answered. 

"Alright. One point for General Maxwell," Lucifer replied after glancing at Alicia. 

"Next, Quan. Your question is just as simple. Why did you want my parents dead?" Lucifer inquired. 

"Because they were the biggest obstruction in our path. At least that was the risk if they were left alive since they were different from other Warlock Kings. So he told us to have them killed while we had a chance," Quan also confessed. If it was the race for survival, he wasn't going to bother lying. 

It was fighting General Maxwell for victory. 

"General Maxwell, your turn. As you may know, I was killed in the end. But my question is different. I don't want to know why I was killed. Instead, I want to know why I wasn't killed sooner? Why was I kept alive for five years?" Lucifer asked, changing focus to General Maxwell. 

"Because I really don't think you were hoping for me to awaken so I could help this world? Were you?" 

General Maxwell took a deep breath before he answered, "Because of your powers. Doctor Rao was working on an experiment where he was able to give powers to a little girl who was his experimental subject."

"We also wanted that experiment to be a success so we could use her in the future. That's why we were using that lab for young Variants."

" We wanted you to awaken so we could give your powers to her as well since she could only take powers of Variants who were younger than ten. That's why you were kept alive for as long as we could. Since you didn't awaken, we were all upset, especially Doctor Rao."

"Because you couldn't awaken, he felt like his experimental subject lost the chance of receiving great powers from you. I think that's why... The things happened that happened." He finished explaining. 

"That explains a lot. So that was why you did what you did..." Lucifer muttered, smiling. "You were keeping me alive for someone else. And when it didn't work out, you all blamed me for your failure. Not bad."

"Quan, your turn. You said he told you to have my parents killed. Who is this 'he'? And in what was my father an obstruction for you?" Lucifer asked, again switching focus to Quan. 

"This... I can't answer that. He would kill me if he knew I told you..." Quan hesitated, not willing to answer. 

"Think again. If you don't answer, I'll kill you right now. If you do answer and win, you'll be free. Then you can hide somewhere and survive whoever that person is," Lucifer reminded Quan. "Which is better? Confirmed death now or potential death later?"

"I'll give you one more chance. Answer, or you'll get minus one point," he further said. 

Quan fell in deep thought, realizing that it was the truth. Potential death was better than confirmed death. 

Clenching his fist, he answered, "Warlock Council President, Alexander Loan!" 

"Warlock Council President? He wanted my parents dead?" Lucifer muttered, frowning. Why was the Warlock Council involved in this? 

He wanted to ask directly, but he still shifted the attention to General Maxwell. 

"You talked about a test subject who you all worked on. The lady you were giving the powers to. Where is she now?" Lucifer asked General Maxwell. 

"We actually have no idea. We tried searching the entire facility after Doctor Rao's death, but we couldn't find her anywhere," General Maxwell replied. 

"We don't know if he shifted that girl elsewhere or what, but she wasn't anywhere in the facility. We checked everywhere. So I can't answer that question as even I don't know," he added, unaware that the woman he was talking about was standing in front of him.

'So that crazy testing subject is roaming free with multiple powers?' Lucifer thought, frowning. 

His mind soon clicked though. 

' A girl with many powers...?' he couldn't help but glance at Alicia, realizing that she matched the characteristics. She also has multiple powers, in fact slightly more than he did. 

Moreover, her identity was a mystery as well. He was told that she was the daughter of Vega, but according to Veracity, it was a lie. 

Variant Uprising had also gone to that facility. He wondered if it was possible that Vega and Raia took her from the lab after Doctor Rao's death? That was a big possibility. 

Alicia actually considered Vega her father, so it was clear to him that her memories were manipulated by Raia. There was a great chance that she was from that lab. He needed to ask Vega to be sure of that. 

"Your turn," he moved back to Quan. "Why did the Warlock Council want my parents dead?"

"I don't know why. All I was told was that they had a plan that they were going to put forth in Elisium in the future and that Zale was supposed to be taken out before that."

"That was why I was planted as the human president of Elisium, despite being a Variant without anyone finding out. This plan was put forth not long after the Great War with Dungeon Dwellers when Raia had killed the current human representative," Quan answered. 

"Since then, I've been playing this role, acting on the commands of the Warlock Council. Whenever they wanted me to do something, I did it," he further explained. 

"Why didn't they ask you to take one of the seven stones from Varant?" Lucifer asked, confused, why the Warlock Council sent Varant's niece to him when they already had Elisium president under their thumb.