Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 280 – Bear-san Gets Taken Away, Fina’s Perspective

Author’s Note:

Even though Yuna isn’t wearing her full Bear Suit at the moment, Yuna equals Bear by this point, so ‘Bear-san Gets Taken Away’ fits as a title.

Yuna-oneechan was going to fight an adult in a match.

It was because a noble was trying to make Shia-sama and Noa-sama marry his sons. He even tried to threaten them by getting someone to harm Shia-sama’s friend. Because of that, Eleanora-sama and Yuna-oneechan got very angry, and now Yuna-oneechan would have to fight against Knight-sama.

I knew Yuna-oneechan was strong, but her opponent was much bigger than her and looked incredibly powerful.

I wasn’t really that worried, though, and was sure Yuna-oneechan would win. She could defeat all sorts of strong monsters easily, after all.

The fight was amazing. Their swords clashed against each other every second, and the two of them moved around at such great speed that I could barely follow.

「Yuna-neechan, watch out!」

Shuri cried out beside me, so I grasped her small hand tightly.

This was the first time Shuri ever watched Yuna-oneechan fight, so she must be full of worry. Of course, when actually watching a match this intense, even I felt the same way.

Yuna-oneechan dodged the Knight-sama’s attacks left and right. I knew it was a practice sword, but it was still scary, knowing it could hit her at any moment. Still, I noticed that Yuna-oneechan was smiling as if she was having fun. I didn’t know who had the upper hand, but seeing Yuna-oneechan smile like that made me feel much more comfortable.

「Yuna-neechan, do your best.」

Shuri cheered as she grasped my hand.

Yuna-oneechan should be fine. She wouldn’t lose. Yet, why wasn’t she using her magic? Could it be that she was for some reason unable to?

Ah. It seemed like Yuna-oneechan didn’t know she was allowed to use magic.

At the end of the fight, Yuna-oneechan blocked Knight-sama’s attack with magic, and won the battle. Thank god. Shia-sama and Noa-sama also looked very delighted by this turn of events.

The other people around us also seemed very surprised to see Yuna-oneechan win.

「Amazing.」「Who is she?」「Yes, just who is that pretty girl?」「Which class is she from?」「What year?」「Was there always such a cute girl at this academy?」「She’s so cool.」「Who said she was weak before?」「Her block with magic at the end was amazing.」「I saw her talking to His Majesty, too.」「Her sword skills are quite good.」「Her panties are white.」「She really knows how to use a sword.」「That knight must have held back.」「Were you even watching the match properly? There was no way he was holding back.」「I would have no confidence in stopping even one of those attacks.」「If I remember correctly, she was talking to that girl. Is she her friend?」

I could hear all sorts of comments from all around us.

Most of them were praises towards Yuna-oneechan.

A few people were even glancing our way, but I knew they were meant for Shia-sama.

Just when we thought the match was over, it was announced that they were going to do another match.

This time, the opponent would be the Noble-sama who wanted to make Shia-sama and Noa-sama marry his sons.

From what I understood, he should be the commanding officer of that Knight-sama. Didn’t that mean that he was even stronger than the Knight-sama?

I decided to put my worries aside and watch the match unfold.

Like the match against the Knight-sama, Yuna-oneechan moved her small body around very quickly. Stepping right, stepping left, dodging backwards, and swinging her sword forwards. She also used some of her magic from time to time.

The match ended very quickly and unexpectedly with Noble-sama stumbling and falling on his face.

Everybody around us began laughing, but I knew it was all thanks to Yuna-oneechan’s magic. Not a moment later, I overheard a conversation, which showed me that I hadn’t been the only one who realized that it wasn’t due to Noble-sama being clumsy.

「That girl distracted him and then raised the ground to make him stumble. She is used to fighting with magic.」

「Yes, she was completely leading Rutum-sama around by the nose.」

「Just who is this little girl…?」

It was the Knight-sama discussing the match with one of his friends.

Hearing them praise Yuna-oneechan made me quite happy.


Just when I thought the match was over, they began another one.

Eleanora-san announced the start of the next match and said that this time no magic was to be allowed.

「WIthout magic, that girl will be at an disadvantage.」

「Yes, judging by the two matches she fought, she is a really good magic user. This time, however, she will have to rely solely on her sword.」

「That means Rutum-sama will win.」

「Yes, there is a vast difference in the amount of experience they have, and Rutum-sama isn’t our commanding officer just for show.」

I glared at the knights this time.

There was no way that Yuna-oneechan would lose. Yes, she would definitely win.

The knights might have noticed my glare as they looked back at me, so I quickly turned away.

The next fight was more like a normal match between two knights.

Noble-sama swung down his sword in a dangerous fashion, but Yuna-oneechan managed to dodge the attack in time.

「Hey now, did she just dodge Rutum-sama’s attack?」

「Yes, she’s quite amazing. Because of here excellent sidestep, Rutum-sama’s offense slowed down quite a bit.」

「Yeah, you’re right. If she blocked or dodged it poorly, her balance would have been broken, and then he would have been able to use a heavy blow to finish her off.」

「Even so, isn’t Rutum-sama having a bit of a hard time?」

「Yes, her movements are completely on point, so he can’t find a chance to break her balance.」

「Hmm… Is it because of those black-and-white shoes of hers?」

From this distance, they were only able to see the color of Yuna-oneechan’s shoes and couldn’t tell that they were actually Bear-san Shoes.

The match was even, which the Knight-samas clearly did not expect.

In my heart I cheered Yuna-oneechan on as the match unfolded, but like everyone else, I kept quiet and watched the intense fight in silence, with only the sounds of clashing swords resounding throughout the arena.

Eventually, the Noble-sama fell to the floor, but it wasn’t because of Yuna-oneechan’s magic this time. Noble-sama tried to stand back up again but couldn’t. Then, he announced that he had lost and it was Yuna-oneechan’s win.


Shuri let go of my hand and raised both of hers in the air, happily cheering for Yuna-oneechan.

When I looked at the knights who had claimed that the Noble-sama would win, I could see that they were in complete disbelief.

I knew that Yuna-oneechan would win from the very beginning.

Next to me, Shia-sama and Noa-sama also started to cheer happily.

Soon, cheers started to pick up all around us, which brought a smile to my face.

Just at that moment, however, Yuna-oneechan suddenly punched Noble-sama while he was still down, and he flew away from the impact.

Because of her sudden actions, the audience went dead silent.



The nearby Knight-samas all stared at what had happened with their mouths agape.

Then, before we could even collect ourselves, Yuna-oneechan went to Noble-sama and poured water over him with her magic. People around us gasped in shock as she did so.

「She just dumped water on Rutum-sama… 」

「Who cares about that. She punched Rutum-sama even after he said he lost, didn’t she?」

Just what was Yuna-oneechan doing?

As we were all wondering what would happen, Noble-sama stood up and went to towards His Majesty together with Yuna-oneechan.

They then began to discuss something.

I quickly got a bit closer so I could hear them talk.

「I will be returning to the castle. Eleanora, Yuuna, both of you will accompany me.」

His Majesty said he would be taking Yuna-oneechan with him.

Yuna-oneechan and Eleanora-sama both tried to protest, but it was no use. In the end, Tilia-sama said she would take care of us in their place, and the conversation was resolved.

Yuna-oneechan looked at us with a sad expression.

「I have to go to the castle with His Majesty for a while. Go enjoy the rest of the festival with Tilia-sama, okay?」

Even when she told us to enjoy it, would we be able to?

Yuna-oneechan and Eleanora-san were then taken away by His Majesty.

Was it just me, or did they almost look like calves being herded away?

Those Knight-samas near us began dispersing as well.

「Yuna is simply amazing. The way she fights… 」

Tilia-sama said as she approached us who were left behind.

Yes, Yuna-oneechan was amazing. If I tried harder, could I come to be as amazing as her? I tried imagining it, but it felt rather impossible.

「Shia! Just who was that girl?!」

A girl came up to Shia-sama. If I remembered correctly, she was Shia-sama’s friend.

「What the hell is with her strength, really? What is her name? Which class is she from?」

The girl grabbed Shia-sama’s shoulder and began shaking her.

「Um, that’s… 」

Shia-sama was unable to answer. More and more students began to gather around Shia-sama, all asking about Yuna-oneechan.

「Which class is that girl from?」「Was there always such a cute girl here?」「Shia, introduce her to us.」

So many people gathered around us that we almost couldn’t see Shia-sama anymore.


Noa-sama became quite concerned by this turn of events.

I wished I could ask Yuna-oneechan and Eleanora-sama for help, but sadly, they had been taken away by His Majesty.

Just as we were worried about what to do, Tilia-sama gestured to Noa-sama and said: 「It’s fine. I will handle it.」

「Everybody, you are troubling Shia. Also, the practice matches against the knights are still in progress…」

The students who were aiming to become knights looked over at the arena, where the Noble-sama was standing and waiting for them. The students quickly ran over.

Other students also left soon after being scolded by Tilia-sama. Tilia-sama was so cool…

「Thank you very much, Tilia-sama.」

「It’s fine. Yuna asked me to take care of you, after all.」

With Tilia-sama shielding us from the crowd, we promptly left the area. As we walked, we decided to head back to Shia-sama’s stand first, and once we got there, we were met by a line of customers waiting for their cotton candy. It seemed like business was still going well.

「Shia, you’re back already?」

Marcus-san asked when he noticed us. I managed to remember who he was since we had greeted each other several times by now.

「Yeah, well, some things happened.」

「Was it something interesting?」

「Yeah, you could say that. First, can you forward a message to everyone else later?」

「What is it?」

「If people come and ask you about Yuna-san, don’t say a thing, okay?」

「Did Yuna-san do something again?」

We left Timor-san to make the cotton candy by himself, while Cattleya joined us as we sat down behind the stand.


Timor-san called out to us.

「There aren’t that many customers right now, so he’ll be fine.」

「So, what did Yuna-san do?」

Shia-sama gave a simplified version of how Yuna-oneechan was forced to use a fake name by His Majesty and Eleanora-sama to fight against the Knight-sama and then fought Noble-sama.

「Yuna-san did that, huh?」

「I wish I got to see the match…」

「Still, Yuna-san is way too strong, if she can even defeat Rutum-sama. Dammit, I really wish I got to see it.」

「Anyways, if someone asks you about Yuna-san, make sure you don’t tell them a thing, okay?」

Marcus-san and Cattleya-san both nodded in understanding.

Afterwards, they switched with Timor-san, and Shia-sama gave him the same explanation.

As we were talking, we heard a lot of noise outside.

「Ahh, there you are, Shia!」


It was Shia-sama’s friend, Rinea-san, and behind her were a bunch of other students.

「Shia, will you please tell me who that girl was?」

「Um, you know… 」

「I heard that she saved me by taking my place.」

「Wait, where did you hear that from?」

「So, it’s true?」

「Rutum-sama was against female knights and was trying to do something immature. So, she was only trying to help.」

「Okay, so what’s her name? Which class is she from? I want to meet and thank her.」

「That’s… 」

Shia-sama was troubled. She looked at us for help, but there was nothing we could do.

「That girl is my friend.」


「She is my friend, and doesn’t attend this academy.」

「But wasn’t she wearing our uniform?」

「Some things happened, so I lent it to her.」

Shia-sama jumped on Tilia-sama’s explanation.

「Then, at least tell me her name.」

「Her name is Yuuna. However, we cannot announce that in public, so don’t spread this information, okay?」

「Yuuna-chan, is it? Thank you very much, Tilia-sama. Still, this means I won’t be able to thank her.」

「Yes, sadly that will be the case. She’s only here in the capital to attend the school festival, after all.」

「How unfortunate. In that case, can you please at least tell her that I wanted to thank her? I really wish I could show my appreciation to her as a fellow girl. Seeing how such a small girl could be so powerful has motivated me very much.」

If I worked hard, would I be able to be as strong as Yuna-oneechan?

Well, even among the monsters that I knew of, there were many that I couldn’t defeat, but could I eventually become as strong as Yuna-oneechan and take down those monsters?

The students listened to Tilia-sama’s explanation and left obediently. It was good that things didn’t get out of hand.

「Thank you so much, Tilia-sama.」

「Yuna is my friend, so of course I would help.」

Yuna-oneechan really was amazing to have even a princess call her a friend.

To begin with, it was already quite amazing that a commoner like me could meet and talk with the royal family. It was all thanks to Yuna-oneechan.

Still, it would become a big problem if Shuri were to think that this was something normal. I would have to ask Mother to explain it to her when we returned to Crimonia.

Afterwards, Shia-sama switched out with Marcus-san, and stayed behind at the shop.

「Alright, where do you want to go? Yuna asked me to take care of you, so let’s have some fun since it’s the last day of the festival.」

We did as Yuna-oneechan told us and enjoyed the festival.

As we walked around the academy, we could hear rumors about Yuna-oneechan on every corner, though.

「This beautiful girl defeated all the knights, you see.」No, she actually hadn’t defeated them all.

「A beautiful girl killed Rutum-san.」No, she hadn’t; she just hurt him a bit.

「Powerful magic came out of the beautiful girl’s lovely fingertip.」Yuna-oneechan’s hands were covered by Bear-sans, so that wasn’t true, either.

「That beautiful girl seems to be related to the royal family.」That was kind of true, right?

「The young girls who were with the beautiful girl were pretty cute, too, from what I heard.」Were they talking about Noa-sama and Shia-sama?

Aside from Yuna-oneechan being a beautiful girl, most of the rumors about her were false. Just how far had the rumors gone? If Yuna-oneechan heard them, I was sure she would be very troubled.

As we walked around, I noticed many of the people spreading rumors also took time to glance at us.

「I think we’re being stared at because of me. Do you want to go to the place we went yesterday? We could watch the concert and play again. If we go there, we won’t be seen.」

We all agreed with Tilia-sama’s proposal. I did want to see the programs again.

Both the ensemble and play were quite fantastic. I was very happy that Shuri and Noa-sama didn’t object, either.

We went to the same large building as yesterday, so that we could watch those amazing performances again.

Still, was it really okay for us to have fun while Yuna-oneechan got dragged away by His Majesty?