Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 294 Bear-san and Rosa-san’s Reunion

[So why is Yuna-chan here?] Rosa

[It’s about work.] Yuna

I tend to forget, but I’m an adventurer too.

So, I’m also doing my job.

Its true!…….

[So why is Rosa-san also here? I haven’t seen you around Crimonia recently. ] Yuna

After working from the town of Mereera, Rosa-san’s group moved to Crimonia and stayed there for a while.

So, even though I occasionally saw them, I didn’t see her group recently. Well, I haven’t visited the Adventurer’s Guild that often anyway.

[You see, Blitz told me that he wants to go to a lot of different places. So, we traveled from place to place while working. This time, we came to this town for work. ] Rosa

It seems that she didn’t break up with Blitz.

[You’re not with the others today?] Yuna

Rosa-san’s party includes the leader male Swordsman Blitz, the Wizard Ran, and the female Swordsman Grimos. Since the group consists of one man and three women, I call it a Harem Party.

It’s a mystery of whether or not it’s actually a harem, but from another male adventurer’s perspective, it is a harem, so it’s not wrong.

[Today is a free day, so I’m wandering around by myself. And then, as I was walking around the town, I thought I caught a glimpse of a girl that seems to be dressed as a Bear at the entrance to the town. But it turns out that it really was Yuna-chan, so I called out to you. ] Rosa

Such a lovely smile.

It’s a mystery, why does this cute person, became a member of the Harem Party.

I knew it, it’s because he’s handsome.

[So, what’s the job, escort? Or you’re doing a delivery?] Rosa

[A delivery job.] Yuna

For a moment, I thought it would be fine to state the content of my work. But I don’t think its good to reveal something important, as well as the client’s information.

[I knew it, so that’s the case.] Rosa

[You knew it?] Yuna

[It seems that the number of delivery requests has increased recently.] Rosa

Is it related to the Water Magic Stone?

[So what will you do now, Yuna-chan?] Rosa

[I’ll ask the Adventurer’s Guild about the location of the city of Dezerto and I’m thinking if I can depart tomorrow?] Yuna

It seems that people normally prepare in this town, before heading to Dezerto city. But I don’t need any preparations.

[Yuna-chan, are you going to Dezerto city?] Rosa

[I have to deliver a package to Dezerto city.] Yuna

[Is that so. That means, you’re going to cross that desert. I can only tell you to do your best, but it’s difficult, you know?] Rosa

Somehow, Rosa-san is looking at a distant.

Was it really a bad idea?

[Now then, let me show you to the inn where we are staying. You’re staying in this town today, right?] Rosa

[That’s right. But before that, I have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and ask how to get to Dezerto city.] Yuna

[But it’s better to secure an inn first. There are many merchants coming in here, along with their escort adventurers, so the inns are very crowded. And the worst part is, you wouldn’t want to sleep with the other people.] Rosa

Uu~, She’s right, I don’t want to sleep with other people. I can’t sleep peacefully in such place.

Well, when it comes down to it, I still have the Bear House and I can set it up just outside of town. It’s a hassle though, because I have to think about the place to install it.

So, I obediently followed Rosa-san and decided to secure an inn first.

As we walked towards the inn, I asked her about something that caught my attention.

[Rosa-san, what is that?] Yuna

There are people, riding on a big lizard’s back ahead of me. There is a person, holding the reins of the lizard like a coachman on a horse that is walking in the town. And also, there’s a lot of them.

[That’s the Ragaroot (Ragarūto) ] Rosa

[Did you just call that lizard, Ragaroot?] Yuna

[Yeah, it’s a monster, but it’s docile and you use it when you travel through the desert. I was surprised as well, when I first saw it. ] Rosa

Sure, unlike the camels, horses cannot move well in the desert. So, I thought they’re using camels here in the desert.

But it seems to be different.

However, it looks like that lizard, can move quite well in the desert.

But it’s a monster.

Wait, I can just use the Detection Magic to confirm!…

…There are countless of monster’s reactions in the town, which are labeled Ragaroot.

It really is a monster.

If I used Detection Magic without knowing this, I don’t know what might have happen.

[Is it not dangerous?] Yuna

[I don’t know much about it, but it looks okay. Basically, it’s a lot of fun to ride and it seems like it’s been used as a way to travel in the desert for a long time. When I came to this town, I found out that it’s the unique selling point of this town.] Rosa

It’s just the way in a different world, to travel through the desert with a big lizard.

I have a little feeling that I want to ride, but I don’t want to cheat on my Bears.

[Somehow, I feel some gazes.] Rosa

Yeah, I feel it too.

But I just ignore it.

People passing by are staring at us.

At ME to be exact.

[It’s because Rosa-san is beautiful.] Yuna

[Fufu, Thank you. But the line of sight seems to be directed at Yuna-chan. It appears that, they are looking at Yuna-chan’s cute bear appearance.] Rosa

It can be honestly said that I look strange or unusual.

Mou~, I’m already used to it.

[But, isn’t it hot to dress like that? I’m feeling hot just by looking at you.] Rosa

I don’t know the outside temperature thanks to the Bear Costume, but Rosa-san is sweating on her forehead and even the palm of her hand in this heat.

[It’s not hot, because it’s a special clothes.] Yuna

[Is that so?] Rosa

[That is so!] Yuna

I forcibly persuade her.

Even if I say it feels cool, it doesn’t seem like she’ll believe it.

Walking towards the inn while looking in its direction, a familiar girl came from the front.

[I knew it, it’s Yuna.] Ran

I encountered the Wizard girl, one of the member of the same Harem Party as Rosa-san.

A pretty girl, about 18 years old. This girl is also one of the victims of Blitz’s poisonous fangs(selfish conceit).

[Ran, why are you here? Didn’t you go shopping? ] Rosa

[I already did. But it’s boring to go alone, so I’m heading back to the inn. Then, I saw two familiar people. So now, why are Yuna and Rosa together? ] Ran

[I just happened to meet Yuna-chan when she came into town. So we’re heading to the inn where we are staying to introduce her to that inn.] Rosa

[Well then, I will go with you.] Ran

And so, Ran joined(the party) as we travel to the inn(Demon Blitz’s lair).

[Yuna is always dressed like that. Isn’t it hot? ] Ran

I was told the same thing, so I explained to her the same thing I said to Rosa-san.

[So why are you not together with Swaying Bear?] Ran

I looked around while having neck sound.

You can’t take a Bear with you in an unfamiliar town.

People might get frightened and attack, I’m not trying to gather attention.

[But you’re a Bear and you’re riding one as well.] Ran

That made the Bear Puppet cringe.

[Speaking of which, that Bear was a Summoned Beast.] Rosa

[Uh, I want to after a long time.] Ran

Ran said, while stuffing her face on my Bear Costume.

[It’s so soft.] Ran

No way, my meat was never soft!

The Bear Costume is the one that’s soft!

For the time being, I asked Rosa-san to help me pull Ran off of me.

However, since she doesn’t want to release me, I made her a good promise.

Swaying Bear, I’m sorry.

I apologize to Swaying Bear while he’s in the Bear Puppet.

[Fufu, I can’t wait to meet Swaying Bear-chan. I can do lots of .] Ran

Ran, looks very happy.

Then, we arrived at the inn and went inside, the first floor was like a tavern. There are a lot of gazes, but I ignored them and went straight to the counter.

[Ara, have both of you returned?] Fluffy Aunt

A little fluffy Aunt at the counter, called out to Rosa-san and Ran.

[[We’re back.]] Rosa and Ran

[Ara?~ Who’s that cute girl dressed up as a Bear?] Fluffy Aunt

The Aunt is looking at me.

[She’s the same adventurer like us. I met her by chance when she came to this town for work. So I would like to introduce her to this inn.] Rosa

[Ara~, Is this cute bear-looking girl an adventurer?] Fluffy Aunt

Aunt looks at me with amazement.

This is also the usual.

[She’s stronger than any adventurers out there.] Ran

[We may not win even if we fought together.] Rosa

[I’ve seen other young adventurers like her, but she is just way too strong.] Ran

They made an unbelievable story again.

[It’s true] Ran

[Her rank is the same as ours.] Rosa

[~Really?!] Fluffy Aunt

[[It’s true]] Rosa and Ran

Everyone’s gaze starting to gather, at this rate I won’t be able to stay here.

When I met them in Crimonia, I was told by the guild about the rank up, so I told them that I was raised to C rank.

However, since the conversation is likely to continue indefinitely as it is, I will use my special skill.


[Ah.. By the way, what about the room?] Yuna

For now, I”ll ask for a room and quickly get away.

[Ara~, sorry~. Are you fine with a single room?] Fluffy Aunt

I nodded. (TN: It’s Super Effective!!)

I was able to change the conversation wonderfully.

[Ara~, I’m terribly sorry~. There are no empty single rooms available.] Fluffy Aunt

[Is that so?] Rosa

Rosa asked in my stead.

[Ara-ra~, I don’t know what I could do~.] Fluffy Aunt

[Well, that seems to be the case.] Rosa

[Rosa-san, I will go to another inn.] Yuna

There should be other inns. If the worst comes, I still have the Bear House.

[No, you promised me.] Ran

Ran grabbed my Bear Costume while I was leaving the inn.

Well that’s true, I promised her to make to Swaying Bear.

[That’s why, you should stay in our room.] Ran

Ran just said something outrageous.

[Your room you said… But Blitz is there right?] Yuna

As expected, staying in a room with a man is…

[It’s alright. We’ll kick him out.] Ran

[That’s right. That’s a good idea.] Rosa

Rosa-san agrees with Ran’s idea.

[No, that would be bad.] Yuna

[Fufu, I’m just joking. I rent a separate room from the beginning. When we checked-in, there were only a triple room and a single room available. Later, the quadruple room got vacant. Because it is troublesome to move, we rented the rooms as it is.] Rosa

[But it’s a triple room right?] Yuna

[It’s okay, Yuna is small, so you can sleep together with me.] Ran

[Oh, I’ll refrain from that, I’ll just go to another inn.] Yuna

[Then, would you like to move to a quadruple room?] Ran

[Is the quadruple room still available?] Rosa

[Didn’t she said there’s no empty rooms available?] Yuna

[Ara~, The only room that is not available are single rooms~. Quadruple room is vacant. ] Fluffy Aunt

[Well then, we’re moving to a quadruple room. So now, Yuna-chan won’t have a problem with it. ] Rosa

[Err, I can rent the quadruple room for my self, but.] Yuna

Well, I have the money.

Moreover, it’s a lot quieter.

[No way.. If you are not in the same room, I can’t Swaying Bear-chan.] Ran

So that’s your reason?

[Aunt. For the time being, please change our room to a quadruple room. We have the money.] Rosa

Rosa-san asked for a room change.

[I will pay as well.] Yuna

[It’s okay. Because we were indebted to Yuna-chan at that time. ] Rosa

The same goes for me.

There were many things that I couldn’t do alone at that time.

It was Rosa-san who spoke to the people that we rescued from the bandits and spoke gently to those who got their families killed. I couldn’t do anything at that time.

During that time, I thought it would be over if I just killed the bandits, but it was when I learned that it was not the only thing to do.

[Then~ your room, is the room at the end of the same floor you are currently using. After you vacate the triple room, please come here and return the key.] Fluffy Aunt

Then the little fluffy Aunt gave the quadruple room key to Rosa-san.