Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 296 Bear-san and the Others are Relaxing with the Bears

[Fufu, apparently, Yuna-chan seems to have been worried because she thinks she also got ensnared by Blitz’s poison.] Rosa

[That’s a terrible word.] Blitz

It’s a horrible charge.

Blitz is free to increase the number of women.

…Just don’t put me in it.

It’s not an increase that you’d want to see.

Blitz said in a small voice that he’s [not interested in a child], but I heard it.

I want to say something, but I am also an adult.

Let’s be patient here.

And Ran is maybe a bit taller than me, but she’s small as well. (TN: chest armor.)

[Yuna, what is it?] Ran

When I was looking at Ran, she got a little cautious and asked.

[I think Ran is still young.] Yuna

[Well, I am the youngest party member.] Ran

[Ran is 18 years old.] Yuna

[That’s right.] Ran

Yeah, she doesn’t look like an 18-year-old. (TN: chest armor.)

I won’t say it.

After three years, when I become 18, I’ll be over Ran’s size and I should have become more like Rosa-san’s size.

[Ran, it’s good to be proud of being young, but you’ll be in your 20’s in no time. ] Rosa

[I still have two more years, so I’ll be fine.] Ran

While the two are having a small grudges, a delicious dish was brought.

Speaking of which, how much does this food cost?

When I asked Rosa-san, she said [Don’t worry, It’s my treat.]

[That’s right, don’t worry about it. Anyways, I don’t know how much you can eat with that small body of yours. But if Yuna can eat more than us, you’ll be charged, though I don’t think you could.] Ran

[I don’t eat that much.] Yuna

I like delicious food, but my stomach is just as good as any person.

[Well then, eat and grow big.] Rosa

I wonder if this is what an adult says to their children.

I am an adult as well and I don’t like being small.

[On the other hand, If you eat a lot and didn’t grow, you’ll end up like Ran.] Blitz

[Hey, I’m not small.] Ran

Ran reacted to her name being called and denied it, but I think she’s small.

She’s taller than me, but it shouldn’t be a height difference that I couldn’t catch up, you know?

I’m still 15 years old.

There are still room for growth.

In contrast, Ran is about to end her growth period.

Ran tried to get up and hit Blitz.

But, Blitz caught Ran’s head.

[U~uuu~, let go.] Ran

[If you don’t want to be like this, you should eat and grow.] Blitz

[Maybe you’re also teasing her in your room. I think the root of it is Blitz’s heart is small.] Yuna

[That’s not true.] Blitz

Blitz squeezes the laughing Ran’s head even more.

[Oi, it hurts.] Ran

Everyone laughs at Ran.

And so Ran gave up and is then released from Blitz’s grip.

Ran was angry with her cheeks puffing up, but when she started eating, she had forgotten what happened earlier, as if it never happened.

[That’s why I told Yuna, how to get to Dezerto city.] Ran

Ran and Rosa-san briefly explained my situation.

[Then, will Yuna leave tomorrow morning?] Blitz

[I’m in a bit of a hurry.] Yuna

[I really wanted us to travel together with you.] Rosa

Rosa-san looks at Ran.

[I’m not good with Ragaroot’s tongue.] Ran

[Well, Rosa doesn’t like hot climates, either.] Blitz

[The heat is…] Rosa

[The Ragaroot is….] Ran

They laugh bitterly when they look at each other.

It seems that Ran is not good with Ragaroot, and Rosa-san is not good with heat.

[Are Blitz and Grimos okay with those?] Yuna

[No, the heat is pretty intense and it was hard to follow that empty sand road. It doesn’t suit me to go on and on endlessly, towards the pillar.] Blitz

[We have to put up with it, somehow.] Grimos

Grimos also seemed to be weak against it, she even answered expressionless.

Well, I want to see the desert, but I can say that because I have Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, the Bear Equipment and the Bear House.

If I didn’t then, I wouldn’t want to go.

My poor body cannot bear crossing the desert and I don’t know if I can even get to this town in the first place.

Though I look like that, I really appreciate the Bear Equipment and my Summoned Beasts.

[Why are you in this town then? If you don’t like the heat, you can go elsewhere.] Yuna

[This town has a lot of escort jobs, there are also some monsters around it. I’ve been here so much that I’m practically working while sight-seeing.] Rosa

[But we are supposed to leave the town in a few days.] Ran

[As expected, working in this town does not really suit us, so we will return to the capital city.] Blitz

[Well then, will you work in the capital city after this?] Yuna

In my question, Rosa-san shook her head.

[We haven’t decided on a home base yet. I’m wondering if it’s good around the capital city.] Rosa

[If we move while doing an escort job, it’ll be two birds in one stone.] Ran

[It’s fun to go to different towns. Some people are sometimes troublesome though.] Blitz

I can agree to that.

The King, the Queen, Eleanora-san are some of the good people that I know of.

Though, sometimes they’re annoying.

I’m sure the same person is going to come up to me.

It may be fun to go to a new place, but there are also dangers because there are many unknown things.

You might get lost, or there is a monster in front of you, or you go to a new place and that happened.

But Rosa-san is living the ideal adventurers life, like in the manga and novels that I read.

Even when I met them for the first time, they seemed to be people who wants to get rid of the bandits themselves and if this is a manga or a novel, Blitz will be the main character.

And the title is [I don’t have a cheat, but it’s a harem adventure!] like that?

Yeah, it wouldn’t sell even if I write it myself.

I want a cheat at least.

But will Rosa-san return to the capital?

[Please be careful on you way.] Yuna

[Fufu, Thank you. But we have Blitz, Ran and Grimos, so it’s okay.] Rosa

[Surely, even if a Kraken comes out and we can’t defeat it, we will protect our party members.] Blitz

Blitz spat-out cool lines.

[I trust on you.] Rosa

Somehow, this is turning into a romance story.

But then, I feel that I understand a little somehow.

Well, Blitz thinks about everyone.

And after that brief love story, I was able to somehow finished my meal and went back to the room.

If we had had been eating for a little longer, we would have heard the full love story.

That would have been dangerous.

By the way, Blitz isn’t in the room.

Blitz went to his room all alone, kind of lonely in a way.

When we return to our rooms, we wipe off our sweat with a wet towel.

There are also baths in this town, not the inns but there seems to be a place like a public bath.

However today, Rosa-san and her friends seemed to just wiped their bodies with a towel.

Well, thanks to the Bear Costume, I didn’t sweat much, but I did the same thing as everyone else.

And so, I who was refreshed decided to sleep.

[Then I’ll go to bed now and head out early tomorrow.] Yuna

I went to the innermost bed.

The sleeping outfit is not the white bear, but the black bear.

I’m not in a Bear House, I’m not in Crimonia, I’m in an unfamiliar land.

When something happens, it is better to be wearing the black bear costume.

[Hey, Swaying Bear-chan!] Ran

When I’m about to sleep, Ran came over to me and protest.

Unfortunately, it seems like she remembered it.

[Hurry up, hurry up. You promised.] Ran

Well, I was going to call him out anyway, so that’s fine.

The room looks really spacious, but if I summon a bear in it’s real size, the room will get cramped.

So, I summoned Swaying Bear in bear cub form.

A bear appears on the bed.

At that moment, Ran opens her eyes wide and looks at the bear with a surprise.

[What, what is this cute bear? Swaying Bear-chan’s child?] Ran

[Nope, you’re wrong. That is Swaying Bear.] Yuna

[Eh~, it became small!] Ran

Ran lifts Swaying Bear.

[What, is this cute bear?] Ran

[It’s making a cry.] Ran

Well, it’s alive, so It’s going to make a cry.

Ran falls into bed while hugging Swaying Bear.

[This is , so soft. After all, the Bear is way better than Ragaroot.] Ran

No, wild bears are dangerous.

It feels like, I was saying the same thing just the other day.

I think I’m gradually changing the common sense about bears in this world.

I’m afraid that someday, someone will try to pet a wild bear and get attacked.

I really hope that they don’t.

[Ran, lend Swaying Bear-chan to me as well.] Rosa

[I still don’t have enough .] Ran

Rosa-san looks at Ran.

Well, it can’t be helped.

I summoned Hugging Bear from the White Bear Puppet.

Hugging Bear that has been summoned on the bed jumped to me, because.

[Wh-what? That white bear!?] Ran

Ran is looking at Hugging Bear and looks like she’s about to rush in to grab him.

[Speaking of which, I’ve heard rumors when I was in Crimonia. Yuna-chan has two summoned bears.] Rosa

[Is that so?] Yuna

[Yeah, I just heard what are the adventurers talking.] Rosa

Rosa-san came to me.

[Umm, can I hold it?] Rosa

[Of course.] Yuna

I summoned it for that.

Rosa-san is happily holding Hugging Bear.

[Fu fu, what is this? I’m not Ran but it’s really cute.] Rosa

[I’m good because I have Swaying Bear-chan. Right, Swaying Bear-chan?] Ran

Ran strongly hugs Swaying Bear.

Seeing Swaying Bear squeezed like that, seems to be painful, but he’s fine, right?

[So what is this child’s name?] Rosa

[It’s Hugging Bear.] Yuna

[Hugging Bear-chan, what a cute name.] Rosa

Rosa-san also hug Hugging Bear.

I really wanted to sleep early, but a promise is a promise, so it can’t be helped.

[Hey, Yuna. If you can make it smaller, you can make it bigger, right?] Ran

[Yeah, I can do it.] Yuna

[Well then, let’s make it big.] Ran

Uh, is that okay?

[Since it’s narrow on the bed, can you put them down on the floor?] Yuna

When I ask, Ran placed Swaying Bear down on the floor.

I returned Swaying Bear to its normal size.

[Awesome! It really got bigger.] Ran

Ran leap onto Swaying Bear.

Even though the room is not that large, she ride on the back of Swaying Bear.

Quit acting like a child.

[Yuna-chan, can you do the same with Hugging Bear-chan?] Rosa

Rosa-san, not you too

Since it can’t be helped, I made Hugging Bear bigger as well.

Rosa-san happily hugs Hugging Bear.

The room got extremely cramped.

[Just like Ran said, it is better than a Ragaroot.] Rosa

[Isn’t it?!] Ran

Don’t compare my bears with lizards.

Then, the continued until the two were satisfied.

And then I returned the bears in cub form, the two are hugging them on their beds.

[Uh, it’s getting hot.] Ran

Ran says that, but still holding Swaying Bear.

The heat doubles, the bigger the size.

However it is smaller right now, yet it is still seems to be hot.

But Ran is drinking cold water then replenish it.

Hugging Bear is being held alternately by Rosa-san and Grimos.

[Well, I want to go to bed soon, can I have both of them back?] Yuna

I want to go to bed early, so I can head out early tomorrow.

So I ask them to return both of the bears.

[Eh ~~ I still doesn’t have enough.] Ran

No, it’s already enough.

How long are you planing on your ?

[Look, don’t say that, give Swaying Bear-chan back to Yuna-chan.] Rosa

Ran doesn’t like it, but Rosa-san returned Hugging Bear.

When Hugging Bear happily came to me, he climbed on my lap.

When Swaying Bear saw that, he appears to be envious.

[Look, Swaying Bear-chan also wants to go to Yuna-chan.] Rosa

This may be a chance.

I made an eye contact with Swaying Bear, [Swaying Bear make a lonely cry.].

Then Swaying Bear cried as if he wants to returned to me.

[U~u.] Ran

Ran looks at me and Swaying Bear alternately.

(Swaying Bear, one more push.)

Swaying Bear looks at me once again and cried a lonely .

[Uh, cute… Okay I get it, but the next time I go to Crimonia, you’ll let me do again.] Ran

After being deceived by Swaying Bear’s performance, Ran reluctantly returned Swaying Bear.

When I received Swaying Bear, it hugged me.

You can be a great actor.

I pet Swaying Bear’s head.

[Now then, I’ll turn off the light.] Grimos

Grimos who had been silent until now touches the magic stone on the wall, then the light in the room disappears.

[Yuna, it’s a promise, you hear.] Ran

Ran’s voice came from the next bed.

Well, I wonder when will they come to Crimonia.

When I lie down, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear on my both sides, came closer and sleep as I hug them.

(If something dangerous is about to happen, wake me up.)

I hug the Bears that are sleeping beside me.

[U~u, I’m jealous.] Ran

I heard a voice from the neighbor, but just ignored it and sleep.