Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 3 – Bear-san Haggles

Chapter 3 – Bear-san Haggles

After we arrived at the front gate, we were greeted by a guard.

His eyes were looking straight at me.

I then remember my appearance; I have Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear on.

Even if I changed my expression, I don’t think he would stop staring.

I shouldn’t look suspicious; Fina told me that it looks cute.

Personally I think it’s too cute, to the point of being embarrassing.

It would be cute if someone about Fina’s age wore it.

However, it doesn’t suit a hikikomori like me.

Even though I call it cute, I would prefer it if I wasn’t seen wearing it.

「You’re the young lady who was going to look for herbs! Did you find anything?」



Fina answers happily.

「That’s good. I hope you kept your promise and didn’t venture too far into the forest. There are monsters in the forest after all…」

A wry smile appeared on my face.

「So, who is this weird looking young lady?」

「I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask too much.」


「Well, each person has their own circumstances. Regardless, you’ll have to let me see your card before you can enter.」

Fina showed her identification card to the guard.

It’s the one she had shown me on the way here.

Entering is free if you’re a resident, but visitors must pay a tax of one silver coin to enter.

「I’m on a journey.」

「Are you traveling alone looking like that?」

I show him the bear and moved its mouth. *Paku Paku*

「For the time being.」

That was the only answer I could give.


One word came out from the guard’s mouth.

The problem is, I didn’t have anything like that.

「I don’t have one. I can enter by paying a silver coin though, right?」

「You…don’t have one? A card from any city is okay. A guild card is fine too.」

「I lived in a place without identification cards.」


「Is that so?」

「Well, not really.」

「So, can I go in?」

「Yes, non-residents can go in when they pay the tax of one silver coin. Anyone without identification will get a background check…but I guess there’s no problem if it’s your first time in the city.」

I pass the guard a silver coin that had been taken out of the White Bear’s mouth beforehand.

「Then, please follow me to the examination room.」

Since I hadn’t committed any crimes since coming to this world, there shouldn’t be any problems. Of course, I was clean in my original world as well.

It’s true.

I’m taken by the guard to a building near the gate.

Are those the barracks that often appear in fantasy novels?

There was a reception desk in front of me when I entered, and the guard placed a crystal on it.

「Place your hand on this crystal. If you are a criminal then it will turn red.」

「Only placing my hand on it is enough?」

「Yes, it will react to your magic.」

I placed my hand on the crystal, but there was no response.

「Looks like everything is okay.」

「Are you really able to tell with only this?」

「You don’t even know about this? Really? Just where did you come from?」

「A village far away.」

「Then I will give you an explanation. This crystal is connected to crystals all over the country. When a person is living in a city and a baby is born, an identification card will be issued and their inherent magic registered at the same time. This is done in the Capital as well as other cities. With that, one could figure out the person’s place of origin.」

I wonder if it’s something like a resident registration.

「And when a crime is committed, it’s possible to register that data into the crystal plate. As a result, the criminal won’t be able to enter any cities or the Capital.」

「What happens when counterfeit cards are used? Or if I used someone else’s card?」

「That’s impossible. Cards are made to react to a specific magical power. They don’t respond to magical power that isn’t registered on the card.」

Something like a magical fingerprint I guess.

「But if you haven’t done magic registration, that system becomes useless, no?」

「That’s very rare. As I said before, it won’t happen to people who were born in cities or in the Capital. Something like that can happen only to villagers and the like. People like that rarely commit felonies.」

That…may be true.

「That’s all for my explanation. Do you want to know anything else? If not, you can enter the city now.」

I say my thanks and leave the room. Fina had waited for me.

I pat Fina’s head.

「Big Sis Yuna, was everything okay?」

「Un, everything is fine.」

「Then, let’s go to the guild to sell the Wolfe parts!」

The inside of the city resembled the ones from the game, but I felt like something was…different.

And for some reason everyone was looking at me.

Was it because I was an outsider?

「Big Sis Yuna’s outfit stands out.」

…I forgot.

That my appearance was that of a bear.

I don’t even have to say that all of the people we had passed by on our way to our destination had looked at me.

I was taken to an inn-like place that was next to a very large building.

There were adventurers with swords and wands inside.

The status screen didn’t show up, so I wasn’t sure if they were players or not.

I’d like to check, but for now I’ll follow Fina.

「We can haggle here. Excuse me, I’d like to sell some Wolfe materials!」

Fina is talking to the man behind the counter.

「Aren’t you Fina? What brought you here at such time?」


「I came to sell materials!」

Fina put the material onto the counter.

I did the same.

「Isn’t this Wolfe meat and fur? What happened?」

「When I went to pick herbs outside, I was attacked by wolves, and big sis here saved me!」

「You went to the forest?!」

The reception guy shouted.

「Un, because mother run out of herbs.」

「I have said it many times, and I’ll say it again: If you need herbs then I’ll give them to you!」

「But, I can’t keep asking Uncle Gentz. I don’t have any money…」

「I said it’s okay. If something happens to you, what will I say to your mother?」

「It’s okay. I have been to the forest several times.」

「But you were attacked by a Wolfe today. Then this, uh, weird bear helped you out? Young girl, thank you for saving Fina.」

He expressed his gratitude with difficulty after seeing my appearance.

「 Uun, I had lost my way so we helped each other out.」

「 I want to thank you properly, so I’ll purchase these materials at a good price, how about it?」

「That’s fine.」

The man examined the Wolfe materials.

「Let’s see…meat and fur. About this much for this quantity.」

Gentz-san put the money in front of us.

I have no idea if it was a fair price or not.

「Yes, thank you!」

Fina accepted happily.

She handed me half of the received money.

「Fina, if I give you this money, will you show me a good inn? I don’t know anything about this city since it’s my first time here. We’ll give the herbs to your mother first though, I guess.」

I remembered the reason I had found Fina in the forest.

「It’s okay. There’s a good inn on the way, I’ll guide you!」

「Thank you.」

「Fina! Don’t do anything dangerous anymore. Just tell me if you need medicine.」

「Un, I understand.」

We start walking after Fina had replied.

「The man just now, was he your acquaintance?」

「Yes, I’m always in his care. Sometimes, when there are a lot of monsters around, I help with his work.」

I see, so that was the reason she was so good at skinning.

「So when he found out about my mother’s illness, he sold me medicine and herbs at a really cheap price. Occasionally he gave me some for free. But I can’t ask for medicine every time…」

That’s why she went to the forest alone this time.

I would like to do something for Fina, but it’s impossible for now.

I’m kind of in the same boat.

「This is it. Everyone says that the food there is delicious!」

「Thank you. You should hurry and take the medicine to your mother.」

「Un, thank you big sis!」

Fina started running.

When I walked up to the inn, a good smell tickled my nose.

The sun was setting. Yup, it was time for dinner.

A delicious meal could be expected.

I gave in to the temptation of delicious food and entered the inn.

When I went in, a girl in her teens looked at me with surprise.

Every single time! People have the same reaction…that’s troublesome.

Since I have money now, I should probably buy some normal-looking protective gear.

「Wel, welcome?」

The girl looked at me as she spoke in soft voice.

「I want to stay the night.」

「Yes, that’s okay. Are you alone?」

「Un, I’m alone. Is that bad?」

If you need to be with parents to stay overnight, where will I stay?

「Of course not. Breakfast and dinner is one silver coin. It’s half a silver coin without the meal.」

Apparently I can stay overnight without any problems.

「Then I will stay for 10 days with meals.」

「The bath is open from 6pm to 10pm.」

「There’s a bath!?」

「Yes, we have a bath. There are separate male and female baths, so please rest assured.」

A wonderful miscalculation. I never thought there would be a bath in this inn too.

「 Can I eat immediately?」


After listening to the girl, I took out 10 silver pieces from the White Bear’s mouth.

The moment the girls received the money, she grasped the Black Bear.

「Waa, I’m sorry. It’s so cute! 10 days with meals, done. The meal for tonight will be prepared immediately so please go find a seat and wait. Ah yes, I’m the daughter of the owner, Elena. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

「I’m Yuna. I will be in your care.」