Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 41 – Bear-san Takes Action For The Sake Of The Orphanage

Chapter 41 – Bear-san Takes Action For The Sake Of The Orphanage

I returned to the Bear House and started considering the orphanage.

Things that were necessary for living.

Food, clothing, and shelter. These three things.

For clothes, it was not yet necessary to rush to get it.

For food, it would become necessary in a few days.

For shelter, because it was repaired, it should be okay.

As expected, the biggest problem was probably the food.

Like the food stall uncle said, bringing over food every day was not an option.

I extended a helping hand, so I don’t want to retract it.

When I was troubled over what to do, I heard knocking on the door and Fina calling out.

「Fina, is the dismantling finished?」

「Yes. Then, the guild master summoned Big Sis Yuna, so I came.」

I couldn’t come up with a solution to the matter regarding the orphanage, so I headed to the guild with Fina.

「Oh, you’re here.」

The guild master himself came out to receive me.

「So, what about the Black Viper?」

「Ah, it’s been refrigerated.」

When I entered the cold storage warehouse, there was a large quantity of skin and meat inside, and the fangs had been gathered into a big pile.

「How much does the guild want?」

「The more the better; there still won’t be enough though.」

「How about half?」

「If possible, a little more.」

「In that case, I’ll take one-third.」

「Hmmm. In that case, it’s fine.」

After receiving the guild master’s approval, I secured my portion and stowed it away in the bear box.

「Next, is the magic stone. I actually wanted you to sell this, too.」

Magic stones were necessary for various things I was making, so I had not been selling them recently and kept them instead.

Although I had not yet decided on what the Black Viper’s magic stone would become, I had no intention of selling it.

「Please wait a bit more for us to gather the money, the sum is an amount that takes a bit of time to gather.」

「Anytime is fine, you know.」

The sun had begun to set by the time I left the guild.

Today I went straight back to bear house.

I finished the day with dinner and a bath before laying on top of my bed.

I tried to think about a method to help the orphanage using the black viper materials, but couldn’t think of one.

If I sold it, it would become money, but that was it.

I called out the status screen to check if I had gone up a level after defeating the Black Viper.

Recently, I have not hunted monsters besides low-ranked ones like wolves and goblins, so my level hasn’t gone up.

This time, my level had risen, thanks to defeating the high-ranked Black Viper, and I had also learned a new skill.

Name: Yuna

Age: 15 years old

Level: 20

Skills: Different World’s Spoken Language, Different World’s Written Language, Bear’s Dimensional Box, Bear’s Eye of Observation, Bear’s Sense of Danger Perception, Bear’s Map, Bear’s Transfer Gate

Magic: Bear Light, Bear Body Reinforcement, Bear Fire Magic, Bear Water Magic, Bear Wind Magic, Bear Earth Magic, Bear Restoration Magic


Black Bear’s Hand (non-transferrable)

White Bear’s Hand (non-transferrable)

Black Bear’s Foot (non-transferrable)

White Bear’s Foot (non-transferrable)

Bear’s Clothes (non-transferrable)

Bear’s Underwear (non-transferrable)

Bear’s Transfer Gate

After installing two gates, the user can go through one and exit at the reciprocal gate.

When establishing three or more gates, it is possible to change the destination by picturing the location in the mind.

The gates cannot be opened if the Bear Hands are not equipped.

Ohh, a convenient skill has come.

However, since it’s an installation type skill, it’s slightly inconvenient.

I wanted to try it out immediately, so I hopped out of bed and installed the Bear’s Transfer Gate in my room upstairs.

On the wall, a pair of double doors with a bear-shaped outline were installed.

Next, I went to a room on the first floor and installed another Bear Transfer Gate.

I opened the doors, and my room on the second floor was there.

It’s convenient.

However, I have to consider the location when installing it outside.

Moreover, because it was an installation type, it wouldn’t disappear after being used, so it was even more important to carefully consider the installation location.

Whether I was on foot or moving around using Swaying Bear, there were a lot of unexpected inconveniences.

It’s a shame that I can’t use it during battles, since it’s teleportation.

However, there was no point in talking about luxuries.

After all, this skill’s power is more than convenient enough.

I’ll think about it when Fina arrives, so for the time being, let’s remove the Bear Transfer Gate.

Unn, the “Bear’s Transfer Gate” is long for a name.

What if I shorten the Bear Gate to “Bear Door”?

For an instant, a chill ran through my body.

Did I catch a cold, I wonder? I’ll think about the name next time, let’s hurry and go to sleep today.

For today’s breakfast, I ate a sunny-side-up egg and a vegetable sandwich.

The moment I bit down into the bread, the God of Ideas descended upon me.

That’s right! There’s also this, isn’t there?

I bit into the bread.


If eggs could be produced and sold…

I headed to the Commerce Guild when I finished breakfast.

When I arrived at the Commerce Guild, it felt like there were a lot more people here than there were last time.

No, there was definitely more.

People overflowed from the entrance.

Am I supposed to go into the middle of that?

I used my small stature to slip through the gaps between people and looked around to see if Mylene-san, who took care of me last time, was there.

There she is.

It seemed like she was in the middle of serving customers.

She finished helping her customer and called out to me while I was considering my less-than-attractive alternatives.


There are others queued up. Is this okay?

「What’s the matter?」

「There’s a matter I wanted to consult Mylene-san about for a bit, but…」

I glanced at the people lined up.

「In that case, I’ll hear you out okay?」

「Is that okay?」

「It’s not a problem, someone else will take my place. Well then, Yuna-san, let me hear about your situation over here.」

The eyes of the people who were lined up were scary.

I skipped the queue, so it can’t be helped, but that’s not my fault you know!

Mylene-san exchanged places with another staff member and took me to another room.

「It certainly was crowded. Did something happen?」

「Yuna-san, are you really saying that?」

She looked at me with an amazed expression.



Why did you let out a sigh?

There’s no way I would know why the commerce guild is crowded, right?

「It looks like you are saying that seriously. They all came to buy the raw materials from the Black Viper that Yuna-san defeated. It’s been a huge issue since yesterday! There has been a huge demand from everyone because of the limited quantity!」

「Is that so?」

「The Black Viper’s fangs are especially popular. There are even merchants who plan on going to the capital city to sell them. It is not possible to transport the meat though.」

「So it was that popular.」

「Yes. Thanks to you, Yuna-san, we are able to make a profit.」

She bowed her head lightly.

「So then, what is the consultation about? If it’s Yuna-san’s request, I’ll hear it out, even if it is unreasonable to some extent.」

I appreciate that.

I’ll try asking without reserve then.

「There is an orphanage, right?」

「There’s an orphanage located towards the edge of town, I believe.」

「That’s right. Is it possible to sell the land near it?」

「The land near the orphanage? I’ll take a quick look, so please wait a moment.」

Mylene-san left the room and quickly came back, carrying some documents.

She works quickly, as usual.

「Let’s see. It’s all right. Since the orphanage is there, nobody is using that land.」

「If the orphanage is there, it cannot be used?」

「To put it in a bad way, it is because of the uneducated children. There is a concern that they would do something mischievous if a building were to be constructed nearby. In addition, the land is not popular because it is located at the edge of the town.」

「In that case, it’s fine if I buy that land, right?」

「Yes, there is no problem.」

「Then, please sell me the entire region there.」

「Excuse my impoliteness, but what do you plan to do?」

「Hmm, that’s a secret.」

「A secret, is it?」

「Because I don’t know if it is possible to do.」

I paid the quoted price and received the title deed for the land.

The land near the orphanage became my possession.

I installed a transfer gate in the warehouse once I returned to the Bear House.

I went outside the town and summoned Swaying Bear when the installation was finished.

I should arrive before the day is over if I go now.

I headed towards the village where I defeated the Black Viper aboard Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

I could see the village by the time the sun had set.

The vicinity became dark.

Though, if I had noticed the Transfer Gate skill last time when I had defeated the Black Viper, I would not have had to spend as much effort.

Oh well. There was no helping it, even if I said that now.

I didn’t enter the village this time, but entered the mountains a small distance away instead.

It was dark, so I lit up the Bear Light, and advanced through the mountains.

「Isn’t there a good place, I wonder?」

Was it good here?

It was dark, and searching for something would be troublesome. I found a good place under a cliff, so I’ll do it here.

If it was here, people probably wouldn’t enter.

I dug out a cave at the foot of the cliff.

I made the entrance large enough for Swaying Bear and its counterpart to enter, and created a large empty cavity inside.

It was dark outside and even darker inside the cave, but I made two Bear Lights and continued working.

I’ll work out the minor details later; for now, I covered up the entrance using Earth Magic, installed a Transfer Gate, and headed through it.

「I’m home, phew.」

I returned to the Bear House’s warehouse in an instant.

It’s a convenient skill after all.


I wrote this without thinking about it first, so it became like this.

In truth, when the Black Viper was defeated, I should have confirmed the status and installed a Transfer Gate in the village at that time.

Also, is Bear Door (kumamon) a strikeout, I wonder?

It’s not a character, so I’m safe, I think.