Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 412 - Bear

Chapter 412 - Bear

Chapter 412 Bear-san, Returns To The Inn

After successfully replenishing the magic power, Guildmaster and I left the room. Then Rojina-san greeted us outside the door.

[Well, it looks like it worked.] Rojina

Rojina-san said as he looked around at the brighter surroundings. The surroundings are now brighter than when we first entered the room. It seems that the magic power is being used properly.

[I think we can trick them somehow with this. The only question is, how long will it last?] Yuna

[Well, I guess we’ll see.] Guildmaster

In the worst-case scenario, I can add magic power to it. Although, it’s troublesome, so I’d rather not.

[I’m sure you’ve got a lot of magic power in you. But if you had that much magic power, you would normally live as a wizard, so you shouldn’t be that much proficient with knives.] Rojina

[Indeed. Just the fact of having a lot of magic power gives one an advantage using magic. That’s why those with a lot of magic power often fight with magic at a safe distance instead of the dangerously close combat with melee weapons.] Guildmaster

Of course, if you attack from a distance, you’ll be safe, though if you want to use magic, you’ll need some practice first. If you have time to practice with weapons, then use it to practice magic instead. I also know a new adventurer girl who practices magic every day. There’s even a saying, <He who chases two rabbits will never catch a rabbit>.

If you practice handling weapons, you will neglect your magic, and vice-versa. That’s why those with more magic power are less likely to handle weapons.

The same can be said for the game world. Wizards don’t fight with swords. Only magic swordsmen use magic and weapons.

[Moreover, at your age, it shouldn’t be easy to acquire that kind of skill.] Rojina

I learned it by playing games.

Unlike in this world, you can practice fighting 24 hours a day if you want to. If you go outside the city, there are monsters, and if you go to the battlefield, there are NPCs (non-player characters) and players. In the real world, if you run out of energy or get injured, you won’t be able to practice. But in a game, you can recover your strength and heal your injuries by using recovery medicine. You can play as many games as you want.

Even in just one year, I have fought a dozen times, almost a hundred times more than the inhabitants of this world. How many people in this world have defeated tens of thousands of monsters? And how many people in this world have fought as many people with different professions as I have?

Above all, no one in this world died as many times as I have. Most people cannot learn from death. But I have died so many times that I’d lost count, and there are many things I have learned from my death. That’s the difference between me and the people in this world.

More importantly, I can’t use that technology or power without the bear equipment. This is really harassment, isn’t it?

I look down and sigh when I see my fluffy figure. It would have been nice if I had at least been wearing something cool.

We opened the outer gate and went back to the building where Fina and Ruimin were. Then Fina and Ruimin came running up to us. It seems that they were waiting for us at the door.

[Yuna-oneesan!] Fina

Fina came in front of me. I stared at her.

[Yuna-oneesan?] Fina

[You’re the real one, right?] Yuna

[The real one?] Fina

Fina tilted her head slightly.

Looks like she’s the real deal. Of course, I’m skeptical after what just happened. After all, I was fooled by the silhouette on the magic wall and the voice at that time. But I’m sure, it’s definitely Fina in front of me.

I lightly tap Fina on the head with my bear puppet. Fina looks puzzled at my incomprehensible action.

[Nothing happened to either of you, right?] Yuna

Have you ever had anything strange happen to you, like your memory suddenly being copied?

[Etto, the guild staff is here.] Fina

I looked behind Fina and saw two girls in guild uniforms doing their work. When the guild ladies noticed us, they ran up to Guildmaster.

[Guildmaster! Where have you been! When I came here, you were not around. There were only two girls here and they said you went inside the Gate of Trials.] Guild Worker 1

[Hey, I was just checking the inside of the Gate of Trials.] Guildmaster

[Together with the blacksmith Rojina-san and the bear girl?] Guild Worker 1

She looked at Rojina-san and then at me.

[That’s…….] Guildmaster

[I’m sorry, I was the one who forced him to do it. An acquaintance from far away wanted to see the inside of the Gate of Trials.] Rojina

When Guildmaster was faltering, Rojina-san came to his rescue. Then he glanced at me. I see, he can’t tell her that I challenged the Gate of Trials, so he’s going to pretend that it was his selfish request and went inside. But isn’t this my fault?

[Guildmaster, is that true?] Guild Worker 2

The other guild lady sharply asked Guildmaster.

[…I’m sorry.] Guildmaster

[The guild staffs are not allowed to go in without Guildmaster’s permission, so you can’t just let a girl go in just because Rojina-san asked you!] Guild Worker 2

Guildmaster flinched at the angry expression on the Guild lady’s face.

[Now, now, it’s not like I showed her the trials itself.] Guildmaster

Guildmaster said as if to make an excuse. He doesn’t seem to have the dignity of a Guildmaster. Or maybe the guild lady is the resolute one?

[However, rules are rules. And you have to follow them.] Guild Worker 2

[I’m sorry.] Guildmaster

[I apologize as well.] Rojina

[I’m sorry.] Yuna

Following Guildmaster, Rojina-san apologizes, so I apologize as well.

The guild ladies let out a small sigh.

[Young Lady. Only those who are challenging the Gate of Trials are allowed in here, except for Guildmaster. We can’t enter either. Don’t be selfish just because you want to see what’s inside, okay.] Guild Worker 1

I guess I looked childish, so the guild lady forgave me.

Well, no one wouldn’t think that I already challenged the Gate of Trials, you know?

[And Guildmaster, just because she’s a little girl, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules.] Guild Worker 1

[Yes, I understand.] Guildmaster

[Now, can we then begin the reception for the blacksmiths and adventurers waiting outside?] Guild Worker 1

[Yes, please.] Guildmaster

The receptionist opened the door. Then several pairs of blacksmiths and what appeared to be adventurers entered the building.

One of the receptionists will be at the counter and the other one will be outside.

[Somehow, we got this thing started on time.] Guildmaster

Guildmaster is happy to see the weaponsmiths and the adventurers. Both are young, possibly apprentice blacksmiths and new adventurers. Then the first group arrives at the reception.

[Tarotoba, you’ve been a great help this time.] Rojina

[Okay sure. Now, make your own weapons and participate next year. Then I won’t complain.] Guildmaster

[I know. I’ll be there with my best weapon.] Rojina

Rojina-san said he’d participate with his best weapon. Does this mean?

[However, if the Bear-girl wants to participate, it should be on the last day. It’s the only thing that’s non-negotiable.] Guildmaster

Guildmaster seemed happy at Rojina-san’s words and walked behind the door with the first group to challenge the Gate of Trials.

Well, even if Guildmaster said that. I’m not going to participate anymore. I don’t want to get into trouble again. Besides, I already had my fill of the trials at the Gate of Trials.

[Rojina-san, I’m also going now.] Yuna

A little more time and people will start to gather. I want to leave before that happens.

[Oh, you’ve shown me something good, Missy. I appreciate it. I’ll be done with what you’ve ordered by tomorrow, so come and pick it up by then.] Rojina

Rojina-san said he would stay behind for a while and watch the blacksmiths who came to challenge the Gate of Trials.

I called Fina and Ruimin and went back.

[Yuna-oneesan, how did the trials at the Gate of Trials go?] Fina

Fina asked as she climb down the stairs.

Ruimin is going down the stairs alone as if she’s running away from me. I asked her if she wanted to come down with me, but she ran away.

[Well, it was… It was a test of the weapon’s performance, the weapon’s wielder, and the wielder’s mind.] Yuna

[That sounds difficult. So, did Yuna-oneesan completed the trials at the Gate of Trials?] Fina

Fina, who was a few steps down from me, looked back and asked.

[I cleared it for the time being.] Yuna

[You’re amazing, Yuna-oneesan. But you can’t talk about the details, can you?] Fina

[Well, that’s the rule.] Yuna

Besides, I’m embarrassed to talk about fake Fina. And it’s the same with my own copy. It’s also embarrassing to imagine a battle between a bear costume vs. a bear costume.

I use the rules as a shield and set the details aside.

[But I wanted to see you fight, Yuna-oneesan.] Fina

[Me too.] Ruimin

Perhaps hearing Fina’s voice, Ruimin, who was a few steps below Fina, agreed.

[Oh, right. Yuna-oneesan, please listen to me. Ruimin-san tried to enter the Gate of Trials without permission. I told her not to do that.] Fina

[Ah, oi, Fina-chan. You don’t have to tell her. I didn’t go inside anyway.] Ruimin

Ruimin, who’s a few steps below, runs up and tries to cover Fina’s mouth.

[You were saying, just a little bit.] Fina

[Fina-cha ~ n] Ruimin

[In the end, she couldn’t do it because someone from the guild came. If they hadn’t come, she definitely would have sneaked in. It was hard to stop her.] Fina

[Because I’m so curious.] Ruimin

Ruimin makes excuses, but I can’t blame her since I also know that feeling, I was curious too. That’s why I climbed the long stairs to the Gate of Trials. I even took the challenge with Rojina-san’s suggestion. So, I can’t blame Ruimin.

Then we descended the infamous long flight of stairs. While doing so, we passed several pairs of blacksmiths and their adventurer partners. Each time they looked at me, but I simply passed them by and went down the stairs.

I’m curious to see what kind of trials they will go through. I hope they will do their best and challenge the trials head-on.

[What are you two going to do now? I think I’ll go back to the inn and get some rest.] Yuna

[I’ll go back with you.] Fina

[What am I going to do?] Ruimin

Ruimin began to worry alone.

[We’re going to leave after we get the pots, pans, and the other stuff from Rojina-san, so you can do whatever you want until then.] Yuna

[I’ve already had my fill though.] Fina

[That’s right. It’s still early in the morning. I think I’ll go back and sleep as well.] Ruimin

When Ruimin gave a small sigh, Fina and I followed suit.

Certainly, it was still early in the morning. Besides, I had used up a lot of my magic power after all. I should go to bed after returning to the inn.

When we returned to the inn, I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in cub form, and tried to sleep with them in my arms like stuffed animals. But they were taken away by Fina and Ruimin, and I had to sleep by myself, all alone.

……I’m lonely now.

Author’s Note:

This is the end of the Gate of Trials (Bear Edition).

Toya? I haven’t forgotten him.