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Chapter 413 - Toya, Do Your Best. Part 1

Chapter 413 Toya, Do Your Best. Part 1

ATTATTIN: Let’s get this out of the way, 3 chapters of Toya’s desperation. So we can move on to the main story.

I wake up before Jade does. For the past few days, I’ve been going back to the drawing board and swinging my sword. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this serious with my sword. This is one of the reasons why I sleep so well at night.

Jade wakes up as I get out of bed and get ready for the day.

[You’re early.] Jade

[Oh, the Gate of Trials has begun. Moreover, I don’t have much time before the deadline.] Toya

The deadline is until the end of the Gate of Trials. By then, I have to pass the test of old man Xelo.

[Can you do it?] Jade

[It’s not, <Can you do it?> but <You’re going to do it>.] Toya

[That’s right. Because if the adventurer gives up, that’s where it ends.] Jade

[It’s nothing compared to being surrounded by monsters and not being able to escape. If you want, I can take over your challenge of the Gate of Trials once I pass the test.] Toya

Jade was asked by the old man Xelo to challenge the Gate of Trials. He was also recognized by the blacksmith himself. I feel a little frustrated.

[That’s right. If Toya can pass Xelo-san’s test, I’ll ask him for it. But you’ll have to pass it by today or tomorrow.] Jade

It’s rare for Jade to make a joke.

Or maybe he’s just saying that to motivate me.

[Are you sure you want to say that? I’ll play an active role and you won’t have your turn, Jade.] Toya

[That would make things a lot easier for me.] Jade

[Don’t forget what you just said.] Toya

Damn it, I’m definitely going to pass old man Xelo’s test and earn Jade’s respect.

When I went downstairs, I saw Mel and Senia already eating breakfast.

[Good morning, both of you.] Jade

[You’re already eating?] Toya

We sat down at the same table as Mel and Senia and ordered breakfast.

[Are you training today, Toya?] Mel

[Yeah, ’cause I think I know a few things now, thanks to Missy. I want to swing my sword before I forget those things.] Toya

[She’s really are amazing, isn’t she? That Yuna-chan, she’s so good with magic and weapons for someone with such a small body.] Mel

[She’s incredible.] Senia

Mel and Senia were right, she is an incredible girl. I’ve met a lot of adventurers in my life. Even the best wizards need to practice their magic. Mel also said that she was still a beginner when she was at the Bear Missy’s age. At that age, she can use so much magic and is skilled with weapons. I can only say that’s amazing. When I was her age, I don’t remember practicing earnestly. But I’ve been wielding a sword since I decided to become an adventurer. Still, I’m nowhere near the Bear Missy. If I could see the old me, I’d tell him to practice diligently.

[Maybe she’s just a genius of a girl.] Toya

[It’s not just that. Yuna is accustomed to fighting real battles. From what I’ve seen of her fighting, she’s had quite a few real battles.] Jade

Jade answers my little monologue.

]That’s right. Yuna-chan doesn’t seem to be afraid of monsters, even when she fights them up close and personal. Generally, people get scared of monsters when they encounter them. When I was Yuna-chan’s age, I used to be afraid of monsters when I saw them.] Mel

[But it’s not that long since Yuna became an adventurer, right?] Senia

When we first met Missy, she had just become Rank D. A few days before that, she had come to town and slaughtered an adventurer who picked a fight with her, which led to rumors among the adventurers about the Bear Missy.

At first, I thought it was a joke and laughed about it. But then, I kept hearing rumors about the Bear Missy. Rumors of her slaying goblins, orcs, and tiger wolves even with her small figure.

And when I heard the story of how she finally defeated the Black Viper by herself, I couldn’t believe it. But I passed it off as something like because she had a lot of magical power and talent. However, Missy, she’s also excellent at handling knives and swords. And at her age, she was way better than me.

[Where and what did Yuna-chan do before she became an adventurer? She definitely had to learn how to handle magic and weapons somewhere at some point, right?] Mel

[Maybe she’s from the land of the bears.] Senia

Senia said something stupid. What’s a land of the bears? When I thought of it, I imagined all of the people living there were dressed up as bears like Missy. I definitely don’t want to go to such a place.

[So, Jade will be at Xero-san’s place again today, right?] Mel

[Yeah, I have a few things to ask about the Gate of Trials.] Jade

After breakfast, Jade and Mel head to the old man Xelo’s place. While Senia and I went out of the city.

[You don’t have to follow me, you know.] Toya

[Jade and Mel told me to keep an eye on Toya to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.] Senia

Senia is foolishly following me due to the words of Jade and Mel.

[So, where are you going today?] Senia

[To the river in the nearby forest.] Toya

I asked the adventurer’s guild about the terrain in the area, hoping to find a good place to practice. Then I found out that there was an area with a small river.

Senia and I walked up to the river. There are trees and shade all around us. There are no people around, and it’s a good place to swing a sword.

I pulled the sword out of its scabbard and started swinging it. When I swung it as I want, the sword felt lighter. It’s a subtle sensation, but it’s there. The sensation of swinging through is different. Before I forget the feeling, I picked up a couple of thick branches that has fallen nearby and stuck them between the stones. I prepare several of them. I took a deep breath, walked between the wooden sticks, and swung my sword.

The first stick was cut cleanly, and the second one was cut as well, but the third and fourth sticks bounced off each other. This is because I am not good at backswings. The angle of the blade is bad.

To do a proper slash, not only power but also speed and angle are important. In terms of power and speed, it could be compared to Jade and Senia. If that’s the case, then the angle is bad? It’s not a problem if I just want to cut one, but to cut all of it, I’ll need to figure it out.

And it should be done while actively moving. But it’s no good if I fail while moving. Jade, Senia, and Bear Missy can do that as normal as breathing. They can damage the opponent in any situation. If I can’t do that much, then I can’t handle a Mithril sword.

I wielded my sword in silence, I set up the wooden sticks and practiced slashing.

As I silently swinging my sword, Senia calls out to me.

[Toya, it’s lunchtime. I’m hungry.] Senia

[Is it that time already?] Toya

[It’s ready. Come and eat.] Senia

While I was swinging my sword, Senia was preparing lunch for us. I wet my towel in the river and wiped my face and body. The water was cool and refreshing. After wiping off the sweat, I head towards Senia. Then I saw Senia already eating a piece of bread by herself.

[And you’re already eating. You could have waited a bit.] Toya

[You’re too slow, I’ll eat your portion if you don’t hurry, Toya.] Senia

I sat down in front of Senia and grabbed a piece of bread. I am famished and it was delicious.

[It’s not fun to watch, right? You can go back.] Toya

[It’s okay, I was sleeping.] Senia

[You were sleeping?!] Toya

I’ve known Senia for a long time, but sometimes I don’t know what she’s thinking. However, the trees shade her from the sun’s rays. This might be the best place to take a nap while listening to the sound of the river.

After I finished my lunch, I resumed my practice. Then I heard the sound of happy children’s voices. The voices gradually get closer and closer. I heard the sound of stepping on a nearby branch, and three dwarven brats appeared from behind a tree.

[Hey, niichan, what are you doing here?] Dwarven Kid 1

[As you can see, I’m practicing with my sword. What are you guys doing here?] Toya

[There are no monsters here, so it’s our playground. While we were playing, we heard someone over here, so we came to check it out and found you and neechan over there.] Dwarven Kid 1

[Niichan, are you an adventurer?] Dwarven Kid 2

[Yeah, I am an adventurer.] Toya

When I said that, the dwarven kids looked happy.

[That’s cool.] Dwarven Kid 3

[Have you ever defeated a monster before?] Dwarven Kid 2

[Yeah, of course.] Toya

[Wow.] Dwarven Kid 3

[Let me see your sword.] Dwarven Kid 1

[Me too.] Dwarven Kid 3

One of the kids tries to touch the sword I’m holding. I quickly lift my sword.

[It’s dangerous to try and touch it so suddenly.] Toya

[I’m sorry.] Dwarven Kid 3

The kid apologized honestly. I lowered the sword that I had raised above my head and held it out to the kid, who looked like he wanted to see it.

[Can I?] Dwarven Kid 3

[Only for a bit. It’s heavy, so be careful.] Toya

He grasped the sword that I presented to him with both hands.

[Oh, it’s so cool. I’d like to make a sword like that someday.] Dwarven Kid 1

That’s a child of the dwarves for you. They desire to make, not use.

[Are you guys aiming to be blacksmiths?] Toya

[Yes! That’s right. I’m going to become a great blacksmith and make a lot of cool swords.] Dwarven Kid 1

[Yeah, good luck with that.] Toya

[If I ever make a cool sword, niichan, buy one from me.] Dwarven Kid 2

[My sword, too!] Dwarven Kid 3

[What’s this? Is it because I’m cool?] Toya

Apparently, to a kid, I look cool. A cool-looking guy deserves a cool-looking sword.

[No, it’s not. My father told me to take good care of my customers. He said a blacksmith who runs away from his customers is a third-rate blacksmith.] Dwarven Kid 2

[Oh, I see. Then I’ll have to become a good blacksmith so that my customers won’t run away.] Dwarven Kid 3

No adventurer wants to buy a weapon from a third-rate blacksmith. If you’re going to trust your life to them, then buy a weapon from a good blacksmith.

[Niichan, do you mind if I watch you practice?] Dwarven Kid 1

[It’s okay, but it’s not interesting.] Toya

[It’s fine.] Dwarven Kid 1

The kids went to Senia’s side.

I made sure the kids were away, then I swung my sword. Over and over again. Each time, I hear the happy voices of the kids. And when I cut down a branch, they cheered for me.

[Niichan, that’s awesome.] Dwarven Kid 1

[The weapon is good.] Dwarven Kid 2

[I think that’s where you say my skill is good.] Toya

[Eh?~] Dwarven Kid 3

Damn it, I gave them permission to watch, but it’s hard to train like this.

But I’m slowly getting a feel for it. I thrust the blunt sword, made by old man Xelo’s son, into the ground.

Taking a deep breath, I readied my Mithril sword.

At that moment, Senia shouts!

[Toya! Behind you!] Senia

I turned around and saw a large beast there.

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