Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 415 - Toya, Do Your Best. Part 3

Chapter 415 Toya, Do Your Best. Part 3

-Toya POV-

What appeared was Bear Missy riding on her black bear.

[Why are you here?] Toya

[Senia-san told me you were here, so I came to help.] Yuna

[Where’s Senia?] Toya

[She went back to the city with the others and being escorted by Hugging Bear.] Yuna

I feel relieved to hear that.

She went back to the city safe and sound. That’s why Bear Missy came to check on me.

[So, do you need any help?] Yuna

Missy looks at the Big Boars.

The Big Boars turned to Missy and grunted menacingly.

[I feel like they want to fight me.] Yuna

No, not to you, but to the bear that you are riding.

Missy tries to move.

[Missy, can you wait for a minute? Let me take care of these guys.] Toya

[Both of them?] Yuna

[Yeah.] Toya

I moved and attacked from behind one of the Big Boars, who’s snarling at the girl. I thrust my sword into Big Boar’s body. The flesh was thick. I pushed the sword in as hard as I can. The Big Boar started to flail. I pulled out my sword and swung it down at Big Boar’s body.

It may not be fair, but unfortunately, I can’t take down both of them head-on at the same time. It’s the Big Boar’s fault for getting distracted by me. This is a fight for life and death. I’m not strong enough, nor am I kind enough, to show mercy to my opponent.

The Big Boar’s large body collapsed after being slashed by the sword.

There’s only one left.

I looked at her with an expression saying, <Leave the rest to me>. Missy has a look of disappointment.

[What’s wrong?] Toya

[I just thought that if you were going to beat it normally, you would go and cut the red horns.] Yuna

Don’t ask me to cut the horn as if it’s so easy. If Missy had easily cut the red horn in front of her, I may not be able to recover mentally. I would definitely judge, <Oh, I’m no match for a genius>. That’s how different you and I are.

Jade, Mel, and Senia are all excellent adventurers. I’m the only one who’s ordinary. I must have a strong heart.

[Sorry, sorry about that, don’t feel so bad Missy, but I’m going to take down that Big Boar over there, too.] Toya

I turn my gaze to the remaining Big Boar. The Big Boar snarled at me, probably because its friend was killed, and its red horns turned even redder. I need to have at least one more experience right now. And if it’s just one, it can be my practice partner. So I can’t give it up to you, Missy.

But then, something unexpected comes out of Missy’s mouth.

[I’m going to go kill the other Big Boras. I’m going to leave Swaying Bear with you, so if anything happens, please call for help. And Swaying Bear, if Toya is in danger, please help him.] Yuna

Wait a minute. What did you just say, Missy?

I turned my gaze from the Big Boar to Bear Missy.

[Hey! What do you mean, by <other>?] Toya

Are you still there?

[I don’t think this is the time to be talking to me. If you don’t look at them, they’ll come at you from behind like the Big Boar you just beat.] Yuna

I quickly turn my attention back to the Big Boar at her words, and the Big Boar is running towards me.

I dodged it at the last second.

The next time I looked at Missy, all I saw was the black bear.

What the hell? There’s still more? And you’re saying you’re going to beat them so easily when people around you were struggling?

But thanks to you, Missy, I have a one-on-one match. Besides, I feel safer when I think of the bear left by Bear Missy. I can’t call myself a man if I can’t slash a red horn under such circumstances.

The Big Boar lunged at me. I pulled myself to the edge, dodged to the side, and swung my Mithril sword at the magic-filled red horn, but the sword keeps bouncing back every time. It was hard. The horn is redder than before.

<Ku~u ~ n>

Don’t sound so worried. It’s just a training partner your master gave me. It’s not your turn yet. Just stay there and watch over me.

I look at the bear, who looked mildly concerned, and smiled.

I remember when I slashed the sword, I slashed it several times, even by chance.

I remember the feeling.

I repeatedly dodged the Big Boar’s thrusts and timed them well.

I tried to dodge Big Boar’s attack in the last second, but Big Boar’s body moved slightly in the direction I dodged.

It’s unavoidable.

My body bounced multiple times. Oh no. Unlike before, the impact was too strong. I fall to the ground. I try to get up quickly, but the pain is so intense that I can’t get up right away.

Come on, get up or you’ll get crushed by that.

I put strength into my arms and legs.

Get up!


I commanded my body.

I put all my strength into my body and stood up. As I look the Big Boar rushing towards me, I knew I can’t avoid that. And while I’m thinking of that, a black object hits Big Boar.

The bear that Missy left me hit the Big Boar from the side. He saved me. The Big Boar was hit by the black bear and fell over on its side. The black bear cried <ku~u ~ n> and looked at me.

[You saved me. Thank you.] Toya

I thanked Missy’s bear.

I didn’t think that he would really help me when I was in a pinch. It feels strange to think that a bear was watching over me, but it indeed saved my life.

I feel frustrated at my lack of ability. Why am I so weak?

It’s impossible for me to cut the horn of a moving Big Boar right now. But what if I cut the horn of a fallen Big Boar?

I forced myself to move my body, which was in agonizing pain and approached the fallen Big Boar. The Big Boar tried to get up, but it’s too sluggish due to its large size. I stepped forward forcefully, put strength into my hands, pictured the sword line in my mind, and swung the Mithril sword down at the red horn.

The horn was slashed, but I kept going, cutting all the way to the back, and plunging my sword deep into the Big Boar’s neck.

The Big Boar stopped moving.

……It’s over.

I picked up the red horn.

……It was cleanly cut. It made me laugh. It was the best slash I’ve ever done. But I can’t do it while moving, so it’s no wonder I’m considered a half-wit. I need to work harder.

I turn my gaze to Bear Missy’s bear who was watching over me.

[Swaying Bear, right? Thanks.] Toya

When I thanked it, it cried a happy, <ku~u ~ n>.

Damn it, it sounds so cute, I can see why Senia and Mel love it so much.

I pat it on the head and thanked it. What is this? This softness. It feels good.

No one’s watching, right?

I checked my surroundings. I buried my face in Swaying Bear’s body, after making sure that no one is around.

Oh, it feels so good. What is this fluffy feeling? My body is tired, so I feel even more comfortable. If I fall asleep like this, I might feel good. I gave in to this temptation and closed my eyes.

[Toya, what are you doing?] Senia

I quickly opened my eyes and looked away from Swaying Bear. Then I looked in the direction of the voice. Senia was there, riding a white bear.

[Why are you here, Senia?] Toya

[I was worried, so I came to help you out. But then, I saw Toya hugging Swaying Bear.] Senia

Senia looks at me and Swaying Bear alternately.

[No, that’s not it.] Toya

When I move away from Swaying Bear, it sadly cries <ku~u ~ n>.

[No, that’s not it.] Toya

I also told Swaying Bear that it’s not it.

[What’s not it?] Senia

<Ku~u ~ n>?

I look at Senia and Swaying Bear alternately.

[That’s not it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~!] Toya

My cry echoed throughout the forest.

Then the white bear that had brought Senia to me went to the Bear Missy’s side. Senia asked it to bring her to me after all.

Whether it’s the black bear Swaying Bear or the white bear Hugging Bear, they understand human language, they obey their master’s orders, and they can detect if their master is in danger. It makes me wonder if they are really bears. The best part is how comfortable they are to the touch. It’s like being wrapped in the finest fur. I want to sleep wrapped in that fur.

But it was not good that Senia saw me hugging Swaying Bear.

[Senia, that was just a bear supporting me, I was badly hurt after all.] Toya

I explain to Senia, who is tending to me, as an excuse.

[You were hugging Swaying Bear happily.] Senia

[It’s just your imagination.] Toya

<Ku~u ~ n>

I feel like Swaying Bear is looking at me with a <Is that so?> face. It’s bad because it can understand people’s words. I can’t even say hurtful words.

Senia smiles. As she looks at my hand.

[Did you cut the horn?] Senia

I’m holding the red horn of the Big Boar in my hand.

[Yeah, but it’s all thanks to Bear Missy and Swaying Bear.] Toya

[Swaying Bear?] Senia

When I said Swaying Bear‘s name, she lunges at me.

[That Bear Missy, she has two bears. So I was just making a distinction between them.] Toya

[You usually just say a black bear and a white bear, though.] Senia

You remember all the details?

[It’s just your imagination.] Toya

I looked at Swaying Bear.

[Are you sure you don’t want to go to your master? I’m safe now.] Toya

<Ku~u ~ n>

It replied, but it doesn’t move. I can’t tell from its expression if it thinks it doesn’t have to go because the white bear is on its way to its master, or if it’s following its master’s word and stayed by my side.

[What happened to Yuna?] Senia

[There are other Big Boars out there, so she went to take them down.] Toya

[Then we have to go help her.] Yuna

After Senia heard what I said, she stood up.

Just then, I thought I heard a sound of rustling grass and trees, the Bear Missy appeared riding on a white bear.

[Miss, you’re safe.] Toya

[Toya, are you all right?] Yuna

She tilted her head while looking at me, who was being tended to by Senia.

[Oh, thanks for the bear you left for me, Missy.] Toya

When I looked at Swaying Bear, it happily ran up to its master, Bear Missy. She gets off the white bear and pets Swaying Bear on the head.

[Thank you.] Yuna

<Ku~u ~ n>

Swaying Bear looked happy when it was praised by its master, Bear Missy.

It was at that moment that I once again realized Swaying Bear had saved me, not because it was trying to save me on its own, but because it had been ordered to do so by its master, Bear Missy.

Damn it, I’m not gonna miss you Swaying Bear.

[So what happened to the other Big Boars?] Senia

[Yeah, there were three of them in the vicinity, so I took them out.] Yuna

She said it as if she simply defeated some Wolf. Then, Missy took out the Big Boar from her bear-faced glove, and in her hand were three red horns.

I had a hard time getting it, but she gets it so easily. She must have slashed the horns of the moving Big Boars. I slashed the one that Swaying Bear had knocked down.

This is the difference between a genius and an ordinary person. It’s difficult to close this gap.

Before I can do that, I have to be able to stand next to Jade, Senia, and Mel. It’s going to be a long road. I look at the single red horn in my hand. This is the first step.

Author’s Note:

One more bear lover!

Now Toya is also captivated by the bear.

It seems that Toya was able to grow up with the help of Swaying Bear.