Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 416 - Bear

Chapter 416 Bear-san, Comes Back

I noticed the reactions of a few Big Boars in the forest.

I’m worried about Toya, but it’s not good if the Big Boars attacked anyone else. I really want to quickly take out the Big Boar in front of Toya and then go after the other Big Boars, but Toya told me that I don’t need to do anything and he will take care of it.

Even in games, it’s rude to attack a monster that another player is fighting. If they ask for help, I’ll join in the fight, but if they refuse, then I won’t attack it. However, I’ve been asked by Senia-san to take care of Toya. If something happened to Toya, that would be a problem. Even though I want to keep an eye on him, I can’t leave the other Big Boars alone.

After thinking about it, I asked Swaying Bear to take care of Toya. Then Swaying Bear cried <ku~u ~ n> as if saying leave it to me. I left Toya in the hands of Swaying Bear and went off to defeat the other Big Boars by myself.

Using my detection skills, I found a Big Boar and got in front of it. I could have attacked it from behind like Toya, but I was interested in the red horns. I stepped in front of the Big Boar and used light magic to provoke it. The Big Boar roared and its horn turned red. The magic builds up and it gets harder.

I took out my bear knife from the bear box. I dodged to the side as the Big Boar rushed towards me, then swung the bear knife down at the red horn. The red horn got cut off and rolled to the ground. The Big Boar stopped and looked back as he ran past me. It let out an angry snarl from its mouth. It made a kicking gesture with its legs like a bull and rushed towards me. But it’s not as powerful as before. I felt sorry for it, as I unleashed my magic to stop it. I can’t leave a rampaging monster unattended.

I picked up the red horn and went for the next Big Boar. After that, I went on to defeat the rest of the big boars in the same manner. Of course, I got their red horns. It’s my motto to take what I can get.

At first, I thought I could use it as a souvenir for Tirumina-san. But then I realized, I don’t need to do that, do I?

The Meat on the other hand would be more appreciated.

I used my detection skills to confirm that there’re no other Big Boars around and returned to Toya. There, I saw Senia-san, whom I thought I parted ways with, tending to Toya.

[Oh, Missy, you’re safe!] Toya

[Toya, are you okay?] Yuna

Looks like he got more injuries than when we split up.

[Yeah, thanks to the bear you left for me, Missy.] Toya

Swaying Bear came to me. He seemed to have done what I asked him to do. I pat Swaying Bear’s head.

[Thank you.] Yuna

<Ku~u ~ n>

[So, what happened to the other Big Boars?] Toya

[There were three of them lurking around, so I took them out.] Yuna

I took out the Big Boars from the bear box and I also showed him the red horns of the Big Boars. Toya then looked at the red horn he was holding. It looks like Toya was able to get his hands on a red horn.

[Were there only three of them?] Senia

[At least, as far as I can tell.] Yuna

I didn’t take down anything outside of my detection skills, so I don’t know if there’s more.

[Do bears know where the monsters are?] Toya

<Ku~u ~ n>

[I’m not talking about you.] Toya

As soon as Swaying Bear cried, Toya quickly denied it.

[Now then, we’d better report this to the Adventurer’s Guild.] Senia

Normally, it seems that no monsters are roaming around near the city. That’s why it’s a playground for children, Senia-san told me. She also said that it’s the role of the adventurers to report any monster sightings.

How nostalgic, I have fond memories of Helen-san getting angry with me for not reporting on that adventurer’s role.

[Even so, you’re still a wreck.] Senia

Toya is being bandaged up by Senia-san.

[Hey, I just made a little mistake and got blown away.] Toya

[A little, you say?] Senia

Senia-san poked at the bandaged area with her finger, and Toya squirmed in pain.

[…A little, huh.] Yuna

He’s so skinny that everyone can see it. Senia-san said he’s only bruised.

[Your body is quite sturdy. How envious.] Senia

Senia-san poked and prodded with her fingers over the bandage. Every time she did this, Toya clenched his teeth and tried to repress the pain. If it hurts, then why don’t you just say it hurts without holding back?

[Did you took the Big Boar down with Senia-san?] Yuna

[I took it down by myself.] Toya

<Ku~u ~ n?>

[…With some help.] Toya

When Swaying Bear cried, Toya immediately rephrased it.

I wonder why?

[I got a little help from your Bear.] Toya

It seems that thanks to Swaying Bear, he was able to cut the red horn.

[Toya, was hugging Swaying Bear.] Senia

[Se, Senia !?] Toya

[You were hugging Swaying Bear?] Yuna

[I’m not giving you Swaying Bear.] Senia

Senia-san hugs Swaying Bear.

[No one’s going to take it.] Toya

Swaying Bear cried <Kuu-n> as if in trouble.

[In the first place, Swaying Bear is my Swaying Bear.] Yuna

When I announced that, Swaying Bear cried happily and Hugging Bear cried sadly. When I said, <Of course, Hugging Bear is mine too>, Hugging Bear also became happy.

Then, after Senia-san finished treating Toya, I got on Hugging Bear and Senia-san got on Swaying Bear as we return to town. I asked Toya if he wanted to ride too, since he was injured and all. But he got an annoyed face and said, <I’m fine. I can walk by myself>.

But while we were going to the city, he kept glancing at Senia-san.

I wonder why?

When we got back to the city, we saw Jade-san and Mel-san running towards us.

[Toya, are you okay?] Jade

[Why do you look so worried?] Toya

[Because Fina-chan and Ruimin-chan told us about you.] Mel

Apparently, they heard about it from Fina and Ruimin and rushed over to us.

[I can handle a big boar.] Toya

[And you got hurt from that.] Senia

[Toya, are you all right?] Jade

[I just got blown away, that’s all. Besides, I had help from my Bear Missy’s, Swaying Bear.] Toya

[[Swaying Bear?]] Jade/Mel

Jade-san and Mel-san tilted their heads to the side.

Yes, it was certainly strange. Toya was calling out Swaying Bear’s name.

Everyone looks at Toya.

[Missy’s black bear! Senia, let’s go and report to the Adventurer’s Guild.] Toya

As if to cover up something, Toya walks towards the adventurer’s guild with Senia-san.

They’re going to the Adventurer’s Guild to report about the Big Boars. I wondered if I needed to go with them. But Toya and Senia-san said that they would also report the Big Boars that I defeated on my behalf.

Toya said, <No one would believe that a girl dressed as a bear, defeated a group of big boars by herself.>

And Senia-san said, <On the contrary, it’s troublesome to explain about Yuna.>

I was told that they would handle it. It’s nice and all not having to go and report it myself, but there’s something sad about it.

I later heard that the area had been investigated by the adventurers. The cause was unknown, but Senia-san said that it might have been a herd looking for food.

When I came back to the inn, I was greeted by Fina and Ruimin, who ran up to me as if they were relieved to see me.

[I know Yuna-oneesan is strong, but I’m still worried about you.] Fina

[Even with Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan, fighting monsters is still dangerous.] Ruimin

I guess I worried you both.

I came back and decided to rest in my room. I told Fina and Ruimin that it was okay for them to go out, but they were playing with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in their cub form.

While I was relaxing in my room, somebody knocked at the door. When I opened the door, I found Toya holding a jar. It seems he had returned from reporting to the Adventurer’s Guild.

[What is it?] Yuna

You’re not going to ask me to join you in taking down a Big Boar, are you?

I think I’ve checked the area around the city. Even if there are some of them left, we’ll need to go far away from the city. It would be too troublesome for me so I wanted to refuse. But the words that came out of Toya’s mouth were different.

[It’s honey. Give it to that bear. It’s my thanks for today.] Toya

Toya held out the jar in his hand to me.

Apparently, he brought honey for Swaying Bear.

[To Swaying Bear?] Yuna

[And the white bear too. He’s the one who brought Senia to me. And it would be a pity to have only one of them is eating this. Tell them they’ve been a big help today.] Toya

That’s all Toya said. Then went back to his room.

[Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, Toya said thank you.] Yuna

I called out to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in their cub form, who were playing with Fina and Ruimin on the bed. As I approached the bed with a jar of honey, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear came up to me.

[What did Toya-san bring?] Fina

[It’s honey. It’s like a thank you gift to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, do you want some?] Yuna

<<Ku~u ~ n>>

They said they want to eat it, so I took out a spoon and put the honey in Swaying Bear’s mouth.

[Is it good?] Yuna

<Ku~u ~ n!>

It looks like it’s delicious.

Next, I scoop the honey with a spoon and carry it to the mouth of Hugging Bear.

Hugging Bear also eats it deliciously.

[Oh, Yuna-san, I want to do it too.] Ruimin

[Me too.] Fina

When Fina and Ruimin saw me giving honey to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, they wanted to do the same.

[Then we’ll do it on the table so that you don’t spill anything on the bed.] Yuna


Fina took Swaying Bear and Ruimin took Hugging Bear and went to the table. I put the jar on the table, took out another spoon, and handed it to Fina and Ruimin.

They hold Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in their laps and feed them honey as if they were feeding a chick.

[It’s soothing.] Fina

[Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan are cute.] Ruimin

[Don’t feed them too much.] Yuna

Well, I think it’ll be okay, but just be careful.

When they finished eating, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear’s mouths were in serious trouble. I thought of returning them to the bear puppets, but instead, I decided to wash them in the bath to thank them for today.

Author’s Note:

Looks like Toya wants to ride Swaying Bear.

In the WEB version, is this the first time we see Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear eating together?