Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 524 - Immortal of Ghost Showed Up

Chapter 524 Immortal of Ghost Showed Up

Wen Hun stood beside Su Li, and the gray sword appeared in his hand somehow. He stared at “He Jiu” coldly.

“He Jiu” was shocked, like a robot getting stuck suddenly. Then his eyes were like marbles rolled at random, and the whole face began to shiver. Pieces of human skin were shaken off like scraps. Then layers of rotten flesh inside revealed.


Wen Hun saw such a disgusting ghost for the first time. He couldn’t help retching, and almost vomited the breakfast.

But at this moment, the clear voice of the junior sister apprentice reached his ear, “Senior Fellow Apprentice, step back.”

As soon as he took a step back subconsciously, a sickle full of spikes skimmed over his nose. He was startled to break out in a cold sweat.

If he didn’t step back, half of face would be cut off definitely.

But when he was still in a state of shock, the rotten flesh suddenly swelled to split the clothes and turned into a mass of white flesh. In the middle of the flesh was a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, which opened and closed continuously.

“Mess up my thing. I swallow you!”

The flesh laughed frantically and dived for them. Wen Hun’s face changed drastically, and he was about to retreat. But a strong thought came from his feet, and hit his awareness sea.

Wen Hun’s face became paler immediately. He was even not able to think with the sharp pain, and covered his head instinctively.

“No! No! Drive it away! Don’t let it in! Otherwise, I will die, and you all will…”

The roar suddenly stopped, and the sharp pain also receded like a tide.

Wen Hun put down his hands. Like a drowning person who was just lifted out of the water, he panted violently to try to relieve the tinnitus due to the hitting. Then he struggled to open his eyes wide, and the blurry scene in front of him gradually became clear.

The pitch-black eyes streaming with bloody tears came into his view.


Wen Hun suffered cardiac arrest with fear, and then swung the gray sword to hack. But it was caught by a small hand.

“Well, don’t scare him. He is more precious than you.”

Su Li said. Hearing it, the little girl drew back hands immediately, and stepped back to bow to Wen Hun cautiously.

Then Wen Hun saw clearly that it was a little girl younger than the junior sister apprentice. But the bloody tears in her eyes… A ghost?

A tame ghost?

He was shocked, and recalled everything happened just now quickly. Then… He couldn’t help looking over Hong Baizhu, and looked at Su Li.

She still had a delicate and pretty face and a fragile body. But the weak little junior sister apprentice in his mind actually trod the ghost like mountain of flesh under her foot just now, and the ghost became as thin as a piece of paper.

Was there something wrong with her coming from the Ni Sect?

Wen Hun bit his lip tightly. Bitterness and resentment rushed into his mind. But he could talk to nobody.

He trusted someone completely, while…she always told lies, right?

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, it is not the time to be distracted. Since something in the deep mountain disguised itself as the Master, which means…”

Wen Hun was shocked. He had no time to think about Su Li’s identity anymore. He held his forehead and walked over to Su Li. Then he asked uncomfortably, “Su Yue, what did you get?”

Hearing Wen Hun called her name, Su Li raised her brows, and then chuckled, “I join the Sect for a short time and don’t understand what he said. Senior Fellow Apprentice, you can interrogate…”

“You…don’t call me Senior Fellow Apprentice!”

Wen Hun’s pale face showed a trace of anger, as well as childish grievances that were hard to see.

Su Li couldn’t help laughing. Although she could no longer empathize with Wen Hun in her state of mind, she still apologized with understanding, “Sorry, I concealed my identity, but…it is only a name. The name is false, but my heart is true. Do you care about me or my name?”

Wen Hun didn’t know how to refute that for a while. He felt that Su Li’s words were a little weird, but they were reasonable after contemplation.

What did he care about? Just a name?

As the little junior sister apprentice said, in the past month, she had never cheated him. Even today, he was fortunate not to get killed by the ghost with the help of the junior sister apprentice.

Fine, he had already reached the Erosion Period, and might die soon, so there was no point in thinking about these things.

He thought so, but felt bitter. However, since there was the matter at hand, he still managed to put away his emotions. Then he took out a red jade token from his arms and placed it on the rotten flesh.

With a bang, the red jade token combusted spontaneously, and scorched a little of rotten flesh, which made the flesh struggle violently.

With his heart sinking, Wen Hun said, “It is indeed the ghost in the deep mountain. Ghosts in the book pavilion will not ignite the yang token.”

“So, what should we do now?”

Su Li blinked and asked Wen Hun.

Wen Hun hesitated for a moment, and said, “I don’t know what’s in the deep mountain. Maybe we can get something from the ghost’s statement.”


Su Li raised her foot and grabbed the rotten flesh on the ground to press it into a ball. Then she threw it to the little ghost, Hong Baizhu.

The little girl caught it in disgust. But in order to prove her worth, she made an effort to check the rotten flesh. Then she said in ghosts’ typical voice, “I need some time…to find its memories.”

“Then you stay here.”

Su Li deployed her a protection boundary with ghost energy, and then took Wen Hun into the hall.

“Where are we going?”

Wen Hun looked back at the little girl with bloody tears who worked hard, and couldn’t help asking.

Su Li smiled, “Senior Fellow Apprentice was bullied by a bad guy just now. He can’t get away with that.”

As she said this, she stopped smiling. After she stomped her feet gently, the ripples spread. Her soft voice became cold instantly.

“Come out!”

The shadow sank into the ground and turned into a sharp sword to cut dozens of black veins instantly. The pure black air gushing from the cut-off veins was all absorbed by the evil ghost. The shadow in the deepest part became angry immediately and manipulated the nearby black veins to twine around the evil ghost.

The hall vibrated violently, as if an earthquake occurred. Wen Hun was frightened, and tended to carry Su Li to leave. But he found that he was not able to draw Su Li, and the ground around Su Li did not vibrate at all.

“The vibration… Could it be that the junior sister apprentice and the ghost under the ground…are fighting?”

When Wen Hun thought of what Su Li said just now, he was stunned by his speculation.

At this moment, boom!!

Like tentacles, dozens of black veins shot out form the stone slab in the center of the hall and left many holes on it. Then they stopped in the air for a moment and turned into sharp swords collectively, stabbing at Su Li straight like lightning.

“Junior Sister Apprentice, be careful!”

The veins were too fast to block them. As Wen Hun said, those veins were in front of Su Li.

“Do you think my physical body is my weakness?”

Su Li squinted her eyes and stretched out her right hand calmly. Then the golden arc was twining and flickering, and the strength resided in her palm.

Cuixing Method.

A golden light as thick as a barrel burst outward!



Wen Hun felt weak-kneed and fell on the ground. He stared at the hall without roof and walls in shock. There was also no sign of those veins. Only the ground which had been turned over was left, as if it was plowed by someone…

Junior Sister Apprentice… What was her cultivation?

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, I accidentally damaged the Master’s hall.”

Su Li fixed the hair around her ear embarrassedly, and her face flushed slightly.

Wen Hun earthed to himself and opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say for a while.

“I don’t want to mess it up either.”

Su Li shook her head and sighed, “It’s just because I’ve eaten too much recently, and I don’t even know what realm I have reached. I can’t pull back at the right time.”

After a short silence, Wen Hun just intended to say something. Suddenly, Su Li looked behind him with a serious expression, and said calmly.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, come to me.”

It chilled Wen Hun, and he rushed to Su Li’s side without another word. Then he dared to look back.

Somehow, the black veins as thick as a wooden barrel sprang out from the ground and turned into a mass of indiscernible twisted shadow. It was colorful and almost contained all colors in the world, most of which was the dirty grey at first sight.

“Your Excellency… you are an Emperor of Human Clan.”

The familiar ghost voice sounded, but there was deep fear in it, “You stay out of my way, and I will stay out of yours. Why do you pick on me?”


Su Li chuckled and said indifferently, “What are you? Tell me your name.”

Wen Hun was a little confused, and wondered why the Immortal of Ghost called Junior Sister Apprentice “Emperor”. The Master just reached the Huashen Realm. And the higher level was the “nature’s test”, which had nothing to do with “Emperor”.

The twisted shadow seemed not to understand the disparagement of Su Li’s words, and then responded, “I am an ancient ghost, and was given the name Hong by the Ghost Emperor. Emperor of Human Clan, you are a rare powerhouse. Why do you offend the Ghost Emperor for just a yin-gathering site?”

“Ghost Emperor?”

Su Li tilted her head and smiled, “So, you live in the All Spirits Age? I heard that the Ghost Emperor…only lived in the All Spirits Age.”

If the twisted shadow could sweat, it would break out into in a cold sweat upon hearing this.

“Speaking of the Ghost Emperor, it’s really a coincidence.”

Su Li pointed out the door, “That little girl is called Hong Baizhu. Since you know the Ghost Emperor, do you know her?”

The twisted shadow trembled as if to disperse.

The atmosphere was strained and quiet in this moment. Wen Hun glanced at Su Li, and then looked up at the “Immortal of Ghost” enshrined by the Master. He couldn’t help scratching his head.

What were the little junior sister apprentice and the Immortal of Ghost talking about?

He didn’t understand a word, but…it seemed that junior sister apprentice gained the upper hand.

At this moment, there were footsteps came from outside the hall, and it was the little girl who pinched a little bit of flesh. She said with a bit joy, “Find…find it.”

When the twisted phantom saw the bloody tears under the little girl’s eyes, it burst and dispersed.

It was really the legendary Hong Baizhu!!

The little girl with flesh in hands was a little confused, but she still walked up to Su Li and intended to point between Su Li’s eyes.

“Transmit…transmit the memories to…!”


Suddenly, there was a soft sound in the hall, and the phantom reappeared.