Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 408 - The Second Style of Face Slapping: Exposed First, Then Punish the Heart!

Chapter 408: The Second Style of Face Slapping: Exposed First, Then Punish the Heart!

Who is Dog Jiang? (italics)

The smart people all looked implicitly in Jiang Weimin’s direction.

They looked at Jiang Weimin like they were looking at a dog.

Jiang Weimin was pressed on the shoulder by the burly man and couldn’t resist. He knew that everyone in the banquet hall was teasing him at this moment. Seeing him being so lively, he couldn’t help feeling angry.

Jiang Weimin looked at the evil Jiang Zhen on stage with a malicious gaze and scolded. “Child! What nonsense are you talking about! Come down quickly!”

Jiang Zhen’s cold eyes swept across the two burly men.

The burly men understood what Jiang Zhen meant. They took a napkin from the table, kneaded it into a big ball, and stuffed it into Jiang Weimin’s mouth. “Be quiet!”

Jiang Weimin stomped his feet in anger, his face turning green. He hated himself for not having three heads and six arms and being able to run to the stage to beat Jiang Zhen up.

When Jiang Zhen saw that Jiang Weimin was subdued and couldn’t make a sound, he considerately asked Zhu Xiulan, who was standing beside Jiang Weimin, “Auntie Zhu, can you keep quiet?”

Zhu Xiulan glanced timidly at the ball of cloth in Jiang Weimin’s mouth, then looked at the door guard duo standing beside Jiang Weimin, and nodded silently.

“Very good.” Jiang Zhen looked at the people below the stage. He said, “When I tell stories, I hate to be interrupted for no reason. Next, I will officially start telling stories. Everyone, please listen patiently. This story has ups and downs and is definitely exciting and moving.”

In the huge banquet hall, no one dared to speak.

At this moment, a whistle sounded. Everyone turned to look in the direction of the whistle and realized that the person whistling was Han Rang, who had come to the engagement party with Mrs. Han.

Han Rang looked up and gave a brilliant smile to the person on stage. He shouted very enthusiastically, “Miss Jiang, tell it quickly. There are so many people below the stage listening!”

Jiang Zhen and Han Rang looked at each other for two to three seconds before saying to the music teacher below the stage, “Sorry to trouble you, Teacher. Play the music again.”

The music teacher became a sentimental tool and hurriedly played pure music again.

The familiar pure music sounded again. Like a storyteller, Jiang Zhen spoke in a lively tone.

[Dog Jiang was born in an ordinary family and was the eldest in the family. He also had two sisters and a little brother. As there were many siblings in the family and his family background was ordinary, Dog Jiang dropped out of school when he was 14 years old. He worked odd jobs with the boss of a pharmacy and learned Chinese medicine. It was also considered a job for himself.]

Coincidentally, the owner’s wife left early and didn’t remarry. He only had one daughter under his name. The owner’s daughter is one year younger than Dog Jiang. The owner’s surname is Zhu. Let’s call his daughter Zhu Pig.]

The people below the stage knew very well which “pig” this was. They glanced at Zhu Xiulan obscurely. Some wanted to laugh but had to hold it in.

[That pharmacy boss saw that Dog Jiang was smart and a good seedling to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, so he acknowledged him as his disciple and taught him everything. He doted on him a lot. When he was 22 years old, Dog Jiang lived up to expectations and successfully took the Traditional Chinese Medicine license, becoming a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. The pharmacy boss saw that this child had a promising future, so he betrothed his daughter to Zhu Pig.]

Below the stage, Zhu Xiulan’s expression froze when she heard the beginning of Jiang Zhen’s story. She instinctively clenched her fists. She was really curious. Where did this girl get this information?

Zhu Xiulan couldn’t stop her imagination from running wild. Jiang Zhen’s story on stage had yet to reach its climax when he continued: [After Dog Jiang and Zhu Pig got married, he helped his father manage the medical center and lived a blissful life. But the good times didn’t last long. Zhu Pig’s father collapsed due to discomfort and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Zhu Pig was raised by his father. In order to save his father, she took out all her savings and brought his father for surgery and chemotherapy…]

Later on, when he didn’t have enough money, Zhu Pig decided to sell the Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, but Dog Jiang didn’t agree. He still had six to seven mouths at home waiting for him to feed them. If this Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic was sold, he could only go to the hospital to work and earn some dead salary to live. How could he support a big family? In order to sell the medical center to save her father, the two of them quarreled and nearly got a divorce. But in the end, Zhu Pig still sold the medical center and treated her father’s illness. Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. This Father Zhu only lived for a year and a half and finally passed away.

During the period when Father Zhu was recuperating, Dog Jiang found a job at a public Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital. There were a lot of people at the Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital and there were countless patients coming to seek treatment every day. One day, Dog Jiang received a young and beautiful girl. This was the female protagonist in the story, Lan Beauty.

Due to her severe menstrual cramps, the blue beauty would visit Dog Jiang every month to seek treatment. This Lan Mei was born beautiful, gentle, and sensible. Her father was also the famous gold boss in the city and was a true fair, rich, and beautiful woman.

Dog Jiang was already sick of his wife because of the trivial matters at home. He couldn’t help having thoughts when he suddenly met such a beautiful and kind-hearted lady.

In order to pursue the Lan Beauty, Dog Jiang took off his wedding ring and acted as a single person. He started to pursue the Lan Beauty in all sorts of ways. It was a pity that the Lan Beauty had just turned 20 and had been raised by her family since she was young. It was very difficult not to be moved since she had never been pursued so crazily before.

Without knowing that Dog Jiang was already married, Beauty Lan confirmed her relationship with him. Not long after the two of them confirmed their relationship, Zhu Pig’s father passed away. Zhu Pig also found some connections and found a nurse job at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

In the hospital, Jiang Dog dealt with his wife while hooking up with his young and beautiful girlfriend. He was very good at two-timing and didn’t let anyone notice anything amiss.

That summer, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital organized a team-building. They rented a large ship and brought the medical staff along the Imperial Dragon River to admire the scenery. Jiang Dog and his wife, Zhu Pig, participated in that team-building activity. It rained that afternoon and the weather forecast reported that it was just a light rain that day. But unexpectedly, there was a storm at 7pm. A hurricane blew on the wide river and the ship sank for various reasons!

Although the captain had called for help the moment he discovered that the ship had sunk, by the time the rescue team braved the rain to reach the ship, the ship was about to sink completely and countless people were splashing on the river.

There were a total of 160 tourists on that ship that day. After the rescue team did their best to salvage and rescue them, a total of 128 survivors and 27 victims were saved. However, five medical staff were missing.

The next day, the rescue continued downstream. Two days later, the rescue team successfully found the bodies of three missing people, but two of them were still missing.

And that Zhu Pig happened to be one of the missing people…”

When Jiang Zhen spoke about this, he instantly pulled some middle-aged and elderly memories back to the shocking sinking ship incident on the Great River of Imperial Dragon in 1997. That night, the entire Wangdong City was concerned about the comfort of that boatman. Many people who knew how to swim formed a volunteer team to help.

Below the stage, Zhu Xiulan suddenly shuddered uncontrollably as if she had thought of something.

Jiang Zhen glanced at Zhu Xiulan and suddenly asked, “Am I right, Auntie Zhu?”

Zhu Xiulan and Jiang Zhen exchanged glances.

Since Jiang Zhen had mentioned that matter here, it was obvious that he had already investigated her true identity. Zhu Xiulan nodded and said, “You’re right, but also wrong.”

Jiang Zhen tilted his head and asked, “Then what went wrong?”

In the quiet venue, everyone heard Zhu Xiulan say, “That night, most people drowned, but there were also some who were pushed into the water.” With that, Zhu Xiulan turned to look at Jiang Weimin.

Jiang Weimin’s eyes narrowed.

He and Zhu Xiulan looked at each other with murderous intent in their eyes.

Everyone was shocked!

What was Zhu Xiulan trying to imply?

Jiang Zhen smiled happily as he watched the two of them bite each other. “I finally understand.” Hearing Zhu Xiulan’s words, Jiang Zhen finally understood why Jiang Weimin would do such a thing.

“I guess everyone must be very anxious and want to hear about Zhu Pig’s ending. Everyone, calm down and let me explain in detail.” Jiang Zhen took a sip of water and moistened his dry throat before speaking again.

[The news that Jiang Dog lost his wife in the shipwreck incident naturally couldn’t be hidden. That Lan Beauty also knew about this. The Lan Beauty proposed to break up with Jiang Dog and end this relationship that shouldn’t exist, but Jiang Dog refused no matter what. Using their true love as reason, he tied up the Lan Beauty and proposed to marry her.]

Lan Beauty was also stupid and brainless. She couldn’t stand being coaxed. After that Jiang Dog coaxed her for a period of time, the Lan Beauty really accepted him again. In the second year, Jiang Dog and Lan Beauty got married. Not long after they got married, they gave birth to a pair of twins. The year the children were born, Lan Beauty’s father passed away due to illness. Many of the gold businesses under his name were left to Lan Beauty.

But Beauty Lan didn’t know how to manage it at all. Seeing that the gold business was about to go bankrupt, Beauty Lan sold all of it under Jiang Dog’s suggestion. The money she sold was all given to Jiang Dog to start a pharmaceutical company.]

At this point, Jiang Zhen suddenly smiled. He changed the topic and said, “Next, let’s play an award-winning game.”

Everyone was speechless.

It was very quiet.

Jiang Zhen took off the watch on his wrist that was worth more than 400,000 yuan. He stood up and held the watch. “If anyone answers my question correctly, I will give this watch to him.”

Jiang Zhen was holding a blue star and moon watch. It was very beautiful and no girl could resist its beauty.

In the beginning, no one gave a reply. Jiang Zhen added, “It can be sold for 400,000 yuan.”

Hearing this, a hand suddenly raised from the crowd.

Jiang Zhen pointed at the girl who raised her hand and pretended to be shocked. “Ah! It’s my cousin, Jiang Tang. Tang Tang, your big uncle often praises you for being smart and beautiful. You’re so smart, you can definitely answer my question correctly, right?”

Jiang Tang stood up and nodded with reddened cheeks. She couldn’t resist the temptation and wanted to get that watch from her cousin Jiang Bi. 400,000 yuan was enough for her to buy many bags and accessories!

Jiang Tang’s sudden appearance was actually a form of betrayal to Jiang Weimin.

Anyone who was not a fool could tell who Jiang Zhen was referring to. As Jiang Weimin’s beloved niece, Jiang Tang actually stood up at this time. Wasn’t this slapping Jiang Weimin’s face?

Jiang Tang’s father hurriedly tugged at her and scolded in a low voice, “Little bastard! Sit down!”

Jiang Tang broke free from his father’s hand and muttered, “No, you can’t bear to buy it for me. Now that Cousin is willing to give it to me, can’t I take it?”

“You!” Jiang Weiye gritted his teeth as he waited for his daughter. He wanted to drag her away, but just as he got up, he was subdued by two burly men. Jiang Weiye glared at Jiang Zhen and scolded angrily, “Jiang Bi, don’t go overboard!”

Jiang Zhen didn’t even look at his little uncle.

He waved that watch and said to Jiang Tang, “Tang Tang, let me ask you.”

Jiang Tang nodded timidly. “Go ahead.”

Jiang Zhen said, “Can you guess what the name of the pharmaceutical company that Jiang Gou took the Blue Beauty’s money to establish is?”

Jiang Tang was stunned at first. Then, she glanced at Jiang Weimin and didn’t dare to speak for a moment.

Everyone stared at this stupid lady.

Jiang Tang wanted to sit down and was about to sit down when she heard Jiang Zhen say, “You said it, so I gave you the watch. Also, don’t you really want God Yule’s signature? I can get it too.”

Jiang Tang was the braindead fan of the gaming god Yule.

Under Jiang Zhen’s coercion and persuasion, Jiang Tang instantly hardened her heart. She clenched her fists and answered loudly, “Is it called Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals?”

“Tang Tang, my father is right. Tang Tang is indeed very smart.” Jiang Zhen threw that watch to a man in black below the stage. That man held the watch and gave it to Jiang Tang.

Jiang Zhen glanced at the angry Jiang Weimin and smiled. “Father, look, your niece is so smart.”

Jiang Weimin felt like eating Jiang Tang.

This girl, I doted on her for nothing!

Jiang Zhen smiled at Jiang Weimin, then glanced at the young lady who had a satisfied smile on her face after receiving the watch. Could the Jiang family inherit their selfishness?

Witnessing this scene, Song Ci couldn’t help turning to Nan Yanyan. “What a ruthless move.”

Nan Yanyan stared at Jiang Zhen, but her heart ached as she frowned. She said, “If not for being hurt too badly by the person she respected and loved, why would she risk everything to do such a thing?”

This farce didn’t just embarrass Jiang Weimin, but also Jiang Zhen.

Hearing this, Song Ci felt that something was off. She asked Nan Yanyan, “You know Miss Jiang?”

Nan Yanyan shook her head. “No.”

Why don’t I know him?

When I had nearly died in a car accident at the motorcycle racing track, he had risked danger to drag me out from beside the motorcycle that was about to explode.

I knew better than anyone how kind Jiang Zhen was. If such a kind person hadn’t been forced into a hurry, how could he have said such a shameful thing in public?

“Little Miss Tang Tang’s answer is very correct. With the money from Blue Beauty, Jiang Dog really founded a company called Chuan Dong Pharmaceuticals.” Jiang Zhen showed that he had confirmed Jiang Tang’s answer before continuing his story—

[When the company was just established, it was naturally busy with work. If Jiang Dog could take care of the company, he couldn’t take care of his family. Meanwhile, the once golden beauty, in order to support her husband’s career, became a full-time housewife.

She was a mother, a wife, and a nanny. All day long, she revolved around her child. Her nerves were tense and her days were very dull and boring.

On the children’s fourth birthday, which was their anniversary, Dog Jiang was so busy at the company that he couldn’t leave. Lan Beauty made a cake for the children’s birthday at home alone, but the two children didn’t know how hard their mother worked. They knocked over the cake and dirtied the ground.

Lan Beauty lost her temper and abandoned the two children to hide upstairs to cry secretly. As she was not careful, that night, the twins were kidnapped and disappeared.

After the children went missing, Lan Beauty washed her face with tears all day long. She became neurotic and cried about the pain of losing her son whenever she saw someone. Meanwhile, Jiang Dog was born to do big things. After being depressed for a few days, he returned to work. Jiang Dog was invincible in the business world. Lan Beauty was depressed at home and later suffered from depression. She got a mental illness and committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Meanwhile, after Jiang Dog lost his son in his early years and lost his wife in his middle age, he remained strong and optimistic. Not only did he manage the company well, he even married a beautiful and capable subordinate and even got an outstanding son!]

When Jiang Zhen said this, he suddenly laughed and said with a face full of admiration, “Although Jiang Gou was born ordinary, he was born extraordinary. His life was so exciting and bumpy that he was like a male protagonist in a male novel. Congratulations. Come, everyone clap for our Jiang Dog!”

No one dared to clap with Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen’s applause echoed in the huge banquet hall.

After Jiang Zhen finished clapping, he saw that no one was clapping with him, so he raised his brows and asked everyone, “Why doesn’t everyone clap with me? Do you still have many questions in your heart?”

Hearing this, everyone knew that Jiang Zhen was going to continue stirring up trouble.

Jiang Zhen shook his head and chuckled. “Is everyone curious to know what happened to that missing Zhu Pig? Was she found? Is she dead or alive?”

“Do you really want to know if the disappearance of the Jiang Family twins was a coincidence? Or did someone come up with a plan behind the scenes? Are you also suspecting why Beauty Lan wanted to jump off a building? Why did she insist on jumping off a building in Jiang Gou Company?”

With every question Jiang Zhen threw, Jiang Weimin and Zhu Xiulan’s faces turned pale. The guests below the stage looked more confused and had deeper guesses.

Han Wangwang stared at Jiang Zhen and looked at the mocking smile on his face. A hint of pain welled up in her heart and quickly spread throughout her body.

Jiang Zhen suddenly waved his hand and shouted, “Bring him here!”

As soon as Jiang Zhen finished speaking, two men in black escorted a dark-skinned old man into the banquet hall.

The old man looked to be in his sixties. He was very tall but not muscular. His chin was covered in a long beard. The old man was brought in front of Jiang Zhen and pressed into the chair that Jiang Zhen was sitting in earlier.

He looked at the people below the stage with a dumbstruck expression, then looked at the long-haired girl (Jiang Zhen) beside him. He couldn’t help narrowing his eyes and asked scrutinizingly, “Little girl, did you catch the wrong person?”

Jiang Zhen lifted his lips and sneered. He squatted in front of the old man and pointed at Jiang Weimin below the stage. “Old man, do you know that gentleman?”

The old man stared at Jiang Weimin for a moment, shook his head, and said, “I don know (I don’t know).” He spoke in an accent, but everyone could understand him.”

Jiang Zhen pointed at his own face again and asked the old man, “Then do you remember me?”

The old man naturally continued to shake his head. “I saw you first today. How di I recognize you?”

“Very good!”

Jiang Zhen turned his finger and pointed at the LED screen on the left side of the stage. A photo appeared on the screen. The person in the photo was the young Lan Ruoyun, as well as the three-and-a-half-year-old Jiang Bi and Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen asked again, “Then, do you know those two children?”

The old man looked back along Jiang Zhen’s arm.

The old man’s eyelids twitched at the sight of the twins. “This…” He turned to look at Jiang Zhen with wide eyes.

He said hesitantly, “You, you are that little girl. You…” The old man thought of something and suddenly said excitedly,” No! You are not that little girl. She has never seen my face at all. She has always been unconscious. You are… you are…”

The old man said in shock, “You’re that little boy!”

The old man’s brainless words confused everyone.

iang Zhen grabbed the old man’s chin and said, “Looks like you still remember us. I also remember you. That year, you kidnapped us siblings from Wangdong City and sold us to the Yue State!”

“Do you still remember?”

The old man’s surname was Chen.

Of course Old Chen still remembered Jiang Zhen and Jiang Bi. He was a professional errand boy and specialized in using money to do things for others. In his career, he had met many people and seen many dirty things, but the thing that he couldn’t forget the most was the deal 20 years ago.

The seller gave a very generous sum of 800,000 yuan.

In 2003, 800,000 yuan was enough for him and his partner to live comfortably for many years. Old Chen asked his employer in detail and confirmed that he didn’t want them to kill anyone, so he accepted that business.

But he didn’t expect that although the other party didn’t let them kill people, the things they did were not much easier than killing people. That employer actually asked them to kidnap the Jiang family’s twins and sell them to a poor overseas area so that they could never return to China!

That pair of children were really too good-looking. Their eyes were so clean that they looked like they had been washed by water. Old Man Chen would never forget that pair of adorable children in his life.

Seeing that the old man was silent, Jiang Zhen asked again, “Mr. Chen, you still remember me, right?”

Old Man Chen was already captured. It was useless to argue.

He sighed and nodded. “How would I not rememba? Then, you wa only four years old. You still remember me? The child is young but has a good memory.” If he had known that this kid had such a good memory, he would have covered his eyes back then.

Actually, Jiang Zhen already couldn’t remember what happened when he was young, but he still remembered his adoptive father’s house in the State of Yue. Jiang Zhen sent someone to his adoptive father’s house to threaten and tempt him, before finding out the identity of the person who sold them to his adoptive father.

Jiang Zhen personally went to look for that human trafficker, the fat woman who had locked the siblings in the pigpen back then. Jiang Zhen tortured that fat woman for several days before she was willing to reveal Old Man Chen’s identity.

Old Man Chen had long been monitored by Jiang Zhen. Only today did he have a use for it.

Jiang Zhen didn’t answer Old Chen’s question. He asked, “Back then, what was the name of the employer who instructed you to kidnap us siblings?”

Jiang Weimin’s eyes flashed wildly.

Old Chen thought for a moment and answered honestly, “I don’t know his name. I haven’t even seen his face before. Our deal is communicated over the phone. When money is being traded, he always puts the money in the designated plae (place) in advance. I will go with my brother to get it.”

Jiang Zhen believed that Old Chen was telling the truth.

He asked Old Chen, “Then think about it carefully. What’s so special about that person? When you and your brother interacted with him back then, didn’t you notice anything suspicious?”

Old Chen thought for a moment and said, “It’s bee so lon (it’s been so long) and I can’t remember many things. But I think that person should be the relative of that child.”

With that, he glanced at Jiang Zhen and said while thinking, “Because he especially knows that family’s living habits. He told us that that day was your parents’ wedding anniversary. Your mother liked drinking heart chocolate, so he asked us to pretend to be deliverymen and send a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates to your mother. Your mother might not know that there was actually knockout powder in that chocolate.”

When Jiang Zhen heard the truth, he was momentarily stunned.

Sheng Jing, who was below the stage, suddenly stood up. He glared at Jiang Weimin and shouted, “Jiang Weimin, Junior Sister Ruoyun is allergic to chocolate but loves drinking heart chocolate! Only Master, you, me, and you know this secret! Jiang Weimin! Did you do Jiang Zhen, Jiang Bi’s disappearance back then?!”


Everyone was in an uproar.

Even Jiang Guchuan looked at Jiang Weimin in shock.

Lan Ruoyun was allergic to chocolate, but she especially liked drinking heart chocolate. When she was young, she often stole alcohol heart chocolate. After eating it, the corners of her lips would turn red and she would have hives on her body.

Apart from those who were especially close to her, who else knew that Lan Ruoyun liked chocolate? After all, to outsiders, Lan Ruoyun had always been someone who insisted on not eating chocolate!

Jiang Weimin couldn’t speak at all.

Sheng Jing rushed over and grabbed the ball from Jiang Weimin’s mouth. “Tell me! Did you do it?!”

The two burly men glanced at Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen shook his head at them. Only then did the two men stop stuffing balls into Jiang Weimin’s mouth.

Jiang Weimin could finally speak.

He first took a few deep breaths before defending himself innocently. “Senior Brother Sheng, you can’t just listen to that old man’s one-sided words. Who knows if he lied and purposely framed me? Moreover, I have a deep relationship with Ruoyun and have both children. Why should I harm my child like this!”

“That’s still my child!”

Jiang Weimin burst into tears when he heard the words “my child”.

Sheng Jing was blinded by Jiang Weimin’s tears.

He instinctively turned to look at Jiang Zhen on the stage, wanting to hear what he had to say. Jiang Zhen looked at the teary Jiang Weimin and smiled mockingly. “Why did you harm us siblings? Do you really want me to say that reason on the spot?”

Jiang Weimin didn’t believe that Jiang Zhen knew everything.

He wanted to take a gamble!

Jiang Weimin looked up at Jiang Zhen and asked sadly, “Child, how did I offend you and make you unhappy? You actually want to accuse your father like this?”

“A cat crying over a mouse is fake kindness,” Jiang Zhen said.

Jiang Weimin’s expression changed slightly. He quickly regained his aggrieved look and continued crying.

“Alright, you won’t shed a tear until you see your coffin today!” Jiang Zhen suddenly nodded at an unfamiliar man holding a computer in his seat. That man nodded in response before opening a document on the computer and sending it to the LED screen.

Everyone looked up and saw a surgery contract on the LED screen. It was written in Korean. As it was old, the pure white A4 paper was slightly yellowish.

But everyone saw that under the contract was a Chinese signature. The name was—

Zhu Ruqin.

This was a facial plastic surgery contract!

Zhu Xiulan stared at the contract in shock. In an instant, her memories were stripped away and brought back to the sorrowful 25 years ago. Zhu Xiulan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, refusing to open them.

Jiang Zhen glanced at Zhu Xiulan and said, “The guests here might not know, but my father, Jiang Weimin, had a short marriage before marrying my mother, Lan Ruoyun. His first wife was the daughter of a pharmacy owner called Zhu Ruqin.”

Jiang Guchuan guessed something and instinctively looked over at Zhu Xiulan. Seeing that his mother’s eyes were closed and two streams of hot tears flowed down the corners of her eyes, Jiang Guchuan instantly understood.

Jiang Guchuan was not the only one who had guessed the truth.

The guests who had guessed the truth all looked stunned. Could it be that Jiang Weimin’s first wife, who disappeared in the shipwreck, didn’t die but underwent plastic surgery? B-became…

Everyone looked at Zhu Xiulan.

Zhu Xiulan still had her eyes closed and knew nothing about these people’s spying.

Jiang Zhen was satisfied that everyone had more or less guessed the truth.

“That’s right. My father’s first wife, Zhu Ruqin, didn’t die at all! She escaped death and hid herself. She even secretly went to Korea and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. After changing her face, Zhu Ruqin became Zhu Xiulan and entered Chuan Dong Group to work. She slowly gained my father’s trust and became his most capable subordinate!”

As for why she had to hide and undergo plastic surgery, Jiang Zhen kept the suspense and didn’t say it out loud.

Everyone’s jaws dropped at Jiang Zhen’s admission.

This is really…

It was really more complicated than watching a Korean drama!

Damn it!

It was not a loss today!

Song Ci instantly regretted it. If she had known that she could eat such a huge melon, she would have called Han Zhan over too!

What a miscalculation!

“Everyone thought that my father, Jiang Weimin, and Zhu Xiulan got together after my mother passed away. Actually, that’s not the case. I went to investigate some old people who had left their jobs and got some news from them. Twenty-two years ago, when I was only two years old, my father had already gotten together with Zhu Xiulan! When my mother was alone at home bringing her child to cook, mop the floor, and wash clothes, Jiang Weimin was leaning into the arms of his beautiful subordinate drinking milk!”


Song Ci couldn’t help laughing again.