Long Live Summons

Chapter 835 - The Red Haired Heavenly Ghost

Chapter 835: The Red Haired Heavenly Ghost

The afterimage of elder Yu Mu flashed, his fist already positioned right in front of Lie Yan.

His speed was a hundred times faster than the previous battle with Yue Yang. When he was fighting against Yue Yang in the streets of the Redemption City, he hadn’t exerted his full strength, nor did he use any ancient treasures or beasts to assist him. Now, in addition to wearing a pair of ‘Winged Wind Silver Boots’, he also wore a pair of ‘Speed Gloves’. Of course, the most important advantage was that he summoned a 5th Level Heaven Ranked beast, the ‘Photoelectric Jet Dragon’, and merged with him. He was now a hundred times better in both strength and speed in comparison to his previous fight against Yue Yang!

His strength was fairly good, but the speed that was beyond visionary comprehension and induction made Lionheart frown slightly when he saw it.

Lie Yan paused and took a few large strides back.

A few drops of fresh blood.

Churned out from her nose.

She stretched out her hand and wiped it lightly before she spat out a mouthful of blood: “Not bad, being able to land a hundred punches on this Master’s[1] face indeed makes you worthy of being the fastest elder of the Central Palace. But with the power of a mere mosquito bite, did you plan to kill me alive by scaring me?”

T/L Note:[1] She’s not actually his Master of course, but it’s condescending and comes across as arrogant, as it’s a declaration to say ”that you should respect me/fear me because I’m better than you” .

Elder Yu Mu was expressionless. But when Lie Yan spoke, he disappeared again.

The bombarding sound that was similar to raindrops echoed behind Lie Yan.

However, this time, the elder Yu Mu was no longer able to return to his original position after he initiated his attacks.

His fist was already caught in place with Lie Yan’s hand.

Lie Yan did not look back.

She turned her hand back and held Yu Mu’s wrist.

Her large hand sturdily grasped him, as if she was an iron clamp gripping onto the forelimbs of a small flying insect, and the elder Yu Mu couldn’t break free.

“Hmph, do you think I will let you attack this Master without fighting back? The same tricks are useless against your Master!” As soon as Lie Yan said, Yue Yang scratched the back of his head. Why did that sound so familiar?

Yu Mu then kicked a hundred times in a flash, the impact crashing on Lie Yan’s back.

Lie Yan endured his attacks before she twisted her waist and turned around. Her right hand grabbed Yu Mu’s body, harshly slamming it down sideways onto the floor.


The elder Yu Mu was smashed by Lie Yan into a pit more than ten meters underground.

This was not enough. Lie Yan stretched out her hand towards the nauseated elder Yu Mu, and he was once again grasped in her large hands. Lie Yan grabbed his head and knocked it against the ground again. She even added a kick to his frame when his head crashed onto the floor this time…Even if the tremor of the impact was reverberating throughout the room, everyone clearly heard the muffle sound of a bone cracking.

If it weren’t for an extra person who appeared in front of Lie Yan, the elder Yu Mu wouldn’t have been able to get rid of this tragic fate of pain and torment.

Because at some point, Colonel General Iron Shoulder had emerged in front of Lie Yan.

His hand was outstretched, clamping onto Lie Yan’s left hand that was attacking relentlessly.

Upon watching the Head of Flames involved in battle, the group behind them immediately dispersed. Except for Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor, everyone else moved around to look for opponents, preparing to annihilate the surrounding residual resistance and attack the Star-gazing Fortress. The only ones who stood still were the Lionheart King who was watching the battle quietly while the City Lord Qian Hu quailing in the corner.

Sky Execution and Dragon Emperor tacitly approached the wise old man, Nan Bei.

As for student Yue Yang, he looked at the red-haired Heavenly Ghost who was still seated and immediately turned to stare at Bi Lu, “Hey, why don’t you hurry up and check out the Hidden Treasury? All the precious items are going to be taken away already!”

When Bi Lu heard it, she felt wronged.

You were the one who said before, that no one should move without your command.

Those who were not strong enough had to stand behind to accept protection, and now you’re blaming others for not moving fast enough… She didn’t have time for tears, so when she saw that the beauty Luo Hua had flown to the inner hall, she hurried to keep up. Seeing that she was willing to leave, Yue Yang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. With this girl’s strength, if she got into a fight, she might be ambushed secretly by some unintelligible person and would have been killed directly.

Lionheart King’s gaze fixed between Yue Yang and the red-haired Heavenly Ghost. He only glanced briefly at the battle between Lie Yan and General Iron Shoulder on one side, and Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor and Nan Bei on the other.

He knew that the ones who would decide the outcome of the whole battle.

Were these two.


The Colonel General Iron Shoulder caught Lie Yan’s heavy fist with his hand. He raised his leg and kicked her out of the Fortress’s gates.

At the same time, he rushed in pursuit whilst landing heavy blows.

But someone was faster than him. It was Yu Mu who drilled himself out of the ground.

“Get out of the way, sore eyes!” At the moment when the Head of the Flames flew out, she grabbed Yu Mu’s neck and dragged him directly over the iron gates like a broom, bursting a hole in the large wall. However, the Colonel General Iron Shoulder, who was hitting Lie Yan’s lower abdomen with heavy punches during his pursuit, did not have the upper hand either. With an extremely delicate spin, Lie Yan kicked fiercely, hitting the Iron Shoulder’s chin.

If she hadn’t gone through the cultivation between the Gates of Life and Death and the Heaven Stairway, Lie Yan would not have been able to be an opponent of the Colonel General.

Now, Lie Yan is different from who she was before.

On the other side, the battle had become more intense. Sir Nan Yao, who was known as the ‘Wise Man’ and possessed the peak strength of the 5th Level of the Heaven Rank, was even suppressed by a 4th Level Heaven Ranked Sky Execution and a 3rd Level Heaven Ranked Dragon Emperor.

This battle not only made the Lionheart King stunned, but also greatly exceeded the expectations of the red-haired Heavenly Ghost.

If Sky Execution and Dragon Emperor possessed some super treasure or beasts, it would have been acceptable.

But they did not.

Relying solely on incomprehensible combat power and infinite combat skills, Nan Bei kept retreating, unable to stand firmly to attack.

The two people at the lower ranks were completely fearless of the pressure of the higher ranked Nan Bei…If the Red-haired Heavenly Ghost and the Lionheart King knew that Yue Yang had already used the three Central Palace elders to train the Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor, things would make a lot more sense for them. Sky Execution and Dragon Emperor were already getting bored of fighting against the elders so why would there be any fear now.

“It’s really a spectacular sight. Third Young Master, you are an excellent young man. But do you think you can defeat me this way?” The Heavenly Ghost with red hair and blood-red eyes said, still sitting on his throne.

“I can’t?” Student Yue Yang asked, feigning ignorance.

“Haha. Lionheart King, do you want to make a bet with me?” The red-haired Heavenly Ghost suddenly looked at Lionheart King.

“What are we betting on?” Lionheart asked.

“I bet that he will fail. Within ten moves, I can kill your optimistic Third Young Master.” The red-haired Heavenly Ghost smiled confidently, his smile even more hideous as his face was full of scars.

“Although gambling is not among my hobbies, but as the saying goes, ‘small gambles bring laughter’[2]. So how about I have a bet with Lord Heavenly Ghost!” Lionheart King laughed brazenly, as if he didn’t figure out the hidden meaning behind the words of the Heavenly Ghost. He turned around before looking at Yue Yang: “Third Young Master, Lionheart is betting on you this time. You’re not planning to go easy on him right?”

T/L Note: [2] Literally means, small bets or gambles can bring joy.

“I will take a gamble with you too. Within ten moves, I will take his head.” Student Yue Yang didn’t miss the opportunity to join in on the fun.

“…” The Lionheart King wanted to say that it was impossible, but in the end he stopped himself and said nothing. Killing the Heavenly Ghost in ten moves, was this really not a joke? Heavenly Ghost was a legendary figure several centuries ago, where he basked in bloodshed during Empress Fei Wen Li’s conquering legion. How can an old Ghost who survived that bloody battlefield be killed by merely ten moves?

The red-haired Heavenly Ghost was shocked.

Then he laughed wildly as he praised his conviction!

Outside the gates, Colonel General Iron Shoulder clutched his chin and stood up. After being kicked by Lie Yan, he felt that his mouthful of sturdy teeth were a little loose, but he was confident that he could win against the Head of Flames who was known for her chivalry.

The Colonel General Iron Shoulder tore off the red cloak behind him and exclaimed with all his might: “If you think that I, the great Iron Shoulder, is merely at the 5th Level of the Heaven Rank, then you are sorely mistaken!”

The strong aura he burst out formed a shock wave that trembled the entire Star-gazing Fortress.

The man who became a residential Fortress Lord and named Colonel General Iron Shoulder, had a true strength of the 6th Level of the Heaven Rank! Under the triple blessings of the Heaven Ranked Beasts, treasures and abilities, he broke out of his limit, possessing the power to destroy the earth in a single blow. The Star-gazing Fortress behind him also shook heavily. Cracked and shaped like a spider web, countless rocks burst out of the ground and formed deep ravines. Countless heaps of soil were blasted into the sky like erupting volcanoes under the tremor of shock waves.

For a moment, the sky and the sun were covered.

It turned out that the starry sky had become pitch black. Even with fingers outstretched, one wasn’t able to see them.

Amidst the darkness, Yu Mu used his unique talent ‘Isinglass’, which was a mucus-like energy that filled the entire sky, forming a spherical field.

Except Yu Mu himself, anyone who was trapped in this field would be affected. They would slow down to a great extent, and even completely submerge in the mucus energy, before finally being immobile to tragically suffocate and ‘drown’ in it.

“Well, it’s time to send you on the road to your death!” Colonel General Iron Shoulder saw Lie Yan trapped in the Yu Mu’s slimy domain and immediately gathered all his strength.

Then, he raised his fist.

A terrifying pillar of energy erupted in front of Colonel General Iron Shoulder’s fist.

It slammed directly at Lie Yan… The destructive force smashed Lie Yan into the air, before she hit the ground of the field and was pounded deeply into a pit. There was no response from her for a long time, and it seemed to have killed her directly.

Colonel General Iron Shoulder stood on the top of the pit as he slightly doubted himself. Lie Yan, who had the ancient dragon’s bloodline, died just like that?

Yu Mu looked at him and shrugged his shoulders, indicating that it was the case. Because, in his domain of energy, He did not sense any living being at all.

Just when the Colonel General Iron Shoulder turned around and was about to return to the Star-gazing Fortress, a shadow appeared silently behind him. Just as the Iron Shoulder turned around, he found the female giantess Lie Yan standing in front of him without a scratch and the pupils of the Iron Shoulder shrinked sharply. How was that even possible? Obviously, he used his greatest strength to destroy the earth with a blow, so how could the opponent appear to be safe and sound? He couldn’t understand it at all. Of course, his first reaction was not to verify, but to flee. At this time, Lie Yan made him feel like she was the shadow of death. With fear pulsing through his heart, he subconsciously wanted to flee far away.


Lie Yan’s large hand pressed on the shoulder of the Iron Shoulder.

She smiled and revealed her snow-white teeth: “If you think that you can put your nostrils up to the sky[3] with the mere strength of a 6th Level Heaven Rank, then you’re wrong! Let me tell you, this Master is also at the 6th Level Heaven Rank, and I even achieved enlightenment in the Supreme Will. DId you really think that this Master had no talents or domains?”

T/L Note: [3] Since your nostrils are facing the sky, that means you only look up and boast about your current success. You think you’re the best at something, and would look down on other people.

A heap of flames emanated from her body, appearing to be more terrifying than thousands of volcanoes erupting together.

Elder Yu Mu found that his domain was instantly shattered.

All the slimy energy was combustible for the flames to incinerate.

In the sky, the sound of a dragon’s roar resounded.

The image of the ancient golden dragon, which was close to a thousand meters in size, flickered and appeared magnificently.

Flame dragon patterns appeared all over the female giantess’s body, especially on her powerfully large arms that were now densely covered with dragon patterns.

Lie Yan raised her right hand and slowly arched it over. Just like twisting a watermelon in a melon field, she twisted the head of the Colonel General Iron Shoulder from his neck effortlessly. At the moment when his head was broken, Colonel General Iron Shoulder’s face still portrayed a look of fear…Lie Yan then discarded the head of the Iron Shoulder, who seemed to want to exclaim “no”, towards the elder Yu Mu.

Elder Yu Mu didn’t dare to pick it up. He just stared blankly at the Iron Shoulder’s head falling over to his feet, tumbling steadily.

The second Lie Yan approached him, he turned around and ran away as fast as he could for his life.

He wanted to escape back to the Heavenly Ghost.

Because, with his power, it was impossible to fight the current Lie Yan.

Lie Yan chased unhurriedly behind him when Yu Mu fled into the gates of the Star-gazing Fortress. It wasn’t until he passed by Yue Yang’s side and was about to flee towards the red-haired Heavenly Ghost that she accelerated a thousand times more and reappeared right behind Yu Mu.

With one hand outstretched, the giant’s hand grabbed Yu Mu’s head.

Under the gaze of the red-haired Heavenly Ghost, she directly squeezed the head of Yu Mu.

“That’s interesting.” The red-haired Heavenly Ghost remained still in his upper seat. In addition to patting his watch leisurely, he even tried to persuade Lie Yanl: “If you are willing to surrender now, I will exempt you from all crimes and let you take the position of Yu Mu. How about being promoted directly to an executive elder? It is very rare for someone to be able to comprehend the Supreme Will, so I really don’t want to ruin a talent like this.”

“How about you ask my fist!” Lie Yan slammed her fist, and the ancient dragon roar reverberated throughout the entire Star-gazing Fortress, blasting directly towards Heavenly Ghost indefinitely.

Rumble rumble… The result of her punching blow was revealed. Even the Lionheart King who stood aside to witness the battle was stunned, not to mention Lie Yan herself who made the attack.

Because, with only one index finger of his left hand, the red-haired Heavenly Ghost held the heavy fist of the Head of Flames.

He seemed to be very relaxed.

Completely effortless.

And apart from Yue Yang, no one else could remain calm.