Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1142 - : What If The Movie King Insists On Being A Calefare?

Chapter 1142: What If The Movie King Insists On Being A Calefare?

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July 13th, Friday…

Pei Qian was in his own office, sighing as he read the work summary from the various departments.

So difficult!

The week had been too difficult.

There was no need to bring up the news of the metro on Monday. It gave Pei Qian a heavy blow, causing him to stay at home for two days before he recovered.

Immediately after that was the end of the summer promotional event on Wednesday.

Pei Qian could only describe this summer promotional event as ‘boring’!

He should have exchanged blows with Finger Games. He did not expect the other party to not take the bait at all.


That showed that it was wishful thinking on Tengda’s part.

Not only that, he had also received bad news. Eric had specially come to say goodbye. He should have returned to Dayak Corporation’s headquarters now. His future was uncertain.

Pei Qian could not help but feel sorrowful.

The most upsetting thing was that Pei Qian still had the mysterious reward that the system had not given him!

During the previous settlement, the system had given Pei Qian a reward, allowing him to spend up to a hundred thousand yuan on his Personal Wealth. That would be converted into a hundred times of his income. It was also a permanent option. He could come once every cycle.

In other words, at critical moments, Pei Qian could spend a hundred thousand yuan from his own pocket and spend ten million yuan unconditionally on users.

Pei Qian had wanted to use this reward at the critical moment of the money-burning war with Finger Games.

Imagine it, Finger Games was coming on aggressively. Both sides were desperately lowering the discounts and were inseparable.

At that moment, Tengda suddenly spent tens of millions for nothing. How impressive would that be!

It would definitely scare Finger Games.

However, there was no chance now. The opponent had already decided to leave the battlefield. Who else could he give this quota to?

Of course, he could not waste it. If he really could not find a way to spend money in the end, he could use this method to forcefully spend the last ten million yuan.

However, it still felt a little boring.

He had received bad news from the Zhongdian Chinese Network after that.

Ever since the development plan of Eternal Reincarnation was announced, the copyright development plan of the inspiration class could not help but spread.

During this period, a large number of authors entered the Zhongdian Chinese Network one after another. A large number of new authors appeared. Many authors who wrote well on other novel websites jumped over as well.

That was because this copyright development plan had unwittingly achieved the effect of ‘spend a thousand pieces of gold to buy the bones’!

What was the most important to the authors?

The first in line was of course the readers. It was subscription and royalties. They had to provide for their families in order to continue writing.

However, there was something else that could not be underestimated. That was a higher, seemingly illusory copyright development!

Copyright development was beyond subscription data for a book. That was because it was equivalent to making a story completely different from words to images.

Whether it was online dramas, comics, movies, or games, their performance and visibility would be much higher than pure words.

For an author, this opportunity was extremely rare if his own work could be copyrighted and adapted.

Many classic works were outstanding but they did not have the opportunity to develop copyrights. This was a pity.

Many authors felt sour when they saw that work like Eternal Reincarnation could be developed by Tengda official and become the downloadable content of Repent and be Saved.

It was too blissful for a fanfiction to be written as the official sequel!

Many authors thought that with this standard, it seemed like they could do it too?

What’s more, even if they did not succeed, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class would pay them a high fixed-rate contract. Their lives would definitely be guaranteed.

Thus, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s status in the online literature industry rose once again!

Pei Qian was worried again.

It looked like he had to think of a way to mess up the three works based on copyrights in the next cycle.

On one hand, it was to incur losses. On the other hand, it was to dissuade these foreign authors!

Otherwise, the readers would naturally come over if the authors were to come here and there were more and more good works. That was self-evident.

Other than that was the VR glasses at Slow Movement Studio.

Pei Qian read the public opinion online again and felt that the time was almost ripe on Thursday, which was yesterday.

Thus, he told Slow Movement Studio to officially sell Doubt, the VR glasses.

However, there were strict restrictions on the quantity for sale. They were sold twice a week, and only 1,000 units each time.

VR might be a niche product and there were not many players who were really willing to pay for it, but this number was obviously far from satisfying the market demand.

That was exactly what Pei Qian wanted to achieve.

That was because the mainstream public opinion on Doubt VR glasses on the internet was not optimistic. Putting the specific quality of the glasses aside, most people’s negative comments on it were mainly focused on “marketing”, “hype”, and “buying fake reviewers”.

What’s more, the game “Animal Island” was not yet released due to the special circumstances of the VR glasses. The streamers could not let the audience understand the awesomeness of the glasses through the live-stream.

Many streamers were considered to be bribed when bragging about the VR glasses because of their past records.

The sales volume was still strictly limited this time. It was to make sure that only a small portion of netizens who paid attention to this pair of glasses could buy the real thing.

That way, even if netizens who bought the real thing changed their view of the glasses and said that the glasses were not bad online, others would still not believe them.

That way, he could extend the negative public opinion to the maximum. At the same time, he could use hunger marketing to further arouse netizens’ disgust and improve the effect of reverse publicity.

Of course, he could not let this drag on.

Settlement was at the end of this month. They had to officially sell these products a month in advance. “Animal Island VR” had to be released.

Slow Movement Studio had already developed the game after all. If they delayed it for a week and did not publish it, Pei Qian could also explain that he hoped they would test more and fix bugs. It would not be appropriate to delay it any longer than that.

All in all, Pei Qian’s goal was to drag to the 18th, which was next Wednesday, and get Meng Chang a guaranteed commission.

Why was life so difficult!

Pei Qian leaned back in his chair, his mind blank. He did not know what to say.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on the office door.


Pei Qian looked up and was stunned.

It was Lu Zhiyao.

He might be wearing a baseball cap and mask that completely blocked his face but Pei Qian still recognized him at first glance since they had worked together many times after all.

Lu Zhiyao took off his hat and glasses, looking very happy. “Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian was a little surprised. “Why are you here?”

Lu Zhiyao smiled. “Oh, my schedule is free recently. There’s nothing much.”

“I’m thinking that the movie ‘Mission and Choice’ will stop screening tomorrow. It’s also a Saturday, and next Friday is the 20th…”

“I invited Uncle Zhang and the others to Jingzhou to play and freeload by the way!”

“I heard that there’s a snack market and Tengda experience shop in Jingzhou recently. What’s more, I heard that the metro is going to be built there? Boss Pei, congratulations!”

Pei Qi an: “…”

He came to freeload so confidently, simply shameless!

They had worked together for so long after all. Lu Zhiyao understood the process very well.

He realized that Boss Pei would treat them to a meal every time the movie was done. He would also treat them to a meal every time they gathered after the movie ended.

What’s more, Boss Pei would usually arrange for private rooms on Saturday and Sunday every month. He would also arrange for gatherings on the 20th.

The timing was just right!

It was the weekend after the movie was screened. They could have a meal; they could play in Jingzhou for a week and eat again on the 20th.


The thought of the nameless restaurant’s delicacies made him salivate.

What’s more, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Lu Zhiyao felt that he was the main actor in Mission and Choice. At the last moment, the box office had squeezed to 1.6 billion yuan. It broke the record. Boss Pei had earned at least 500 million yuan, right?

What was wrong with freeloading off Boss Pei for one meal!

Wasn’t that justifiable?

Pei Qian felt a headache coming on when he heard the words ‘Mission and Choice’.

It was finally over!

The ending had been delayed for two months, causing the box office to rise slightly. However, Pei Qian had no choice but to postpone it.

That was because the box office payment for the movie would only be returned next cycle after the delay.

If he did not postpone it, given the speed at which this world was refunding money, what if another 500 million yuan suddenly appeared before settlement?

Then, he would probably have no choice but to accept the 500,000 yuan with tears in his eyes.

Not only was the amount of money less than 800,000 or 900,000 yuan converted from losses, but the most important thing is that the mysterious rewards that could be obtained with a wealth conversion value of more than 800,000 yuan will be gone.

That was a huge loss!

In short, that was all.

The nightmare was finally over.

Lu Zhiyao sat on the sofa very naturally and poured himself a cup of tea. “Boss Pei, what’s the next movie? I can’t wait!”

Pei Qian nearly rolled his eyes in anger.

What the f*ck!

Are you addicted!

The more money you earn, the more trouble you would cause!

He was indeed addicted to filming. Where else could he find such a good opportunity to become popular?

If they knew that the movie would definitely become popular before filming, everyone in the production team would probably be on steroids and want to start work immediately. Who could stand it?

That was how it felt to film a movie with Boss Pei.

It would have a good box office and reputation no matter how they filmed it!

Pei Qian said, “Not in the short term. Fei Huang Workspace’s next project will be an online drama. What’s more, it will be filmed overseas. There won’t be a suitable role for you.”

Lu Zhiyao was unhappy at that moment. He put down his teacup. “How can there not be a suitable role for me? My foreign language is very good. Can’t you just arrange a Chinese character for me?”

Pei Qian tried to persuade him patiently. “The protagonist has been confirmed. They are all foreigners. Even if I arrange for you to have a Chinese character, you will only be a minor supporting actor and calefare.”

Pei Qian felt that Lu Zhiyao was very close to winning the Best Actor award. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you were the most popular male actor in the country now. Shouldn’t many production teams be inviting you to be the protagonist?

Did he want to film an online drama with Fei Huang Workspace instead of working with the other teams? And only as a calefare?

Are you crazy?

However, Lu Zhiyao said in all seriousness, “So what if it’s just a calefare? I’ve never looked down on supporting actors!”

“I’m not going to say anything else. I’m going to act in it no matter what the theme is, no matter what kind of supporting role it is!”

“Boss Pei, don’t be too embarrassed to ask me. I’m not an ingrate!”

It was obvious that Lu Zhiyao misunderstood.

He felt that Boss Pei must have felt that he was too famous if he did not say anything. He would be a little embarrassed to ask him to act as a supporting actor in an online drama.

Therefore, he had to make it clear. So what if he was just a calefare given his relationship with Fei Huang Workspace? He had to help!

He would not shirk his responsibilities!

Pei Qian looked at Lu Zhiyao, speechless.

What a mess!

He really wanted to post something online.

The movie king insisted on being my calefare, unable to be chased away. What should I do? I’ll wait online. It’s quite urgent!