Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1170 - Their Own Game Platform

Chapter 1170: Their Own Game Platform

To Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao, this was a logical thing to do.

A mere twenty percent of the income would probably not affect Boss Pei much.

Thus, he only briefly mentioned it in his work report. He did not make it a big deal.

Pei Qian’s heart did not fluctuate too much because he nearly had a cardiac arrest.

Twenty percent of the income!

You naive fools, do you know what an additional twenty percent means to Boss Pei!

That meant that it would be much harder to incur losses!

The key was that the official platform was too big. It would affect all games in Tengda’s past, present, and future. Be it standalone games or online games, it would increase 20% of income equally.

The specific multiplication rate should be 2 / 7. That was nearly 30% higher than Tengda’s original income!

This was no f*cking joke!

Pei Qian was completely unwilling to accept this painful fact. He even opened the official platform that had not been logged in for a long time.

In the end, he realized that the situation was even worse.

Not only did the official platform change all of Tengda’s games’ royalty contracts to ninety percent, but they also packaged all of Tengda’s games into a compilation. They created a special column and vigorously promoted it, praising Tengda, the outstanding game company!

Pei Qian quietly closed the official platform and pulled a small blanket to cover himself.

The air conditioner today was really cold…

“I really can’t take it anymore.”

“The official platform is going too far!”

“I have to think of something. I can’t let this continue!”

It was already ridiculous enough to change it to 70% previously. Wouldn’t it kill him to change it to 90% now?

Pei Qian was already very unhappy when he changed to 70% previously. However, he had no choice but to submit.

However, he could not tolerate a 90% share. He had to resist!

Pei Qian immediately began to think of countermeasures.

The difficulty of this was that the other party was on the official platform.

Why would the official platform reject more money? There was no reason!

He could not possibly tell the official platform that he did not want a 90% share, but to change it to 50%, right?

That was ridiculous.

Since he could not change this share… could he change his mindset?

For example, could he stop playing the game on the official platform?

It did not seem possible either.

That was because the official platform’s full name was ESRO’s official platform. That meant that the platform was still in charge of game vetting, grading, and so on. If a game wanted to be released normally, it had to be on the official platform. There was no way to change that.


Other than the official platform, they could also go to other channels!

Pei Qian seemed to have found a breakthrough point.

There were many other channels in the country apart from the official platform. For example, Shenhua’s application market.

Once a game passed the vetting process and went on the official platform, it could be sold freely through other channels. The official platform did not restrict this at all.

After all, multiple channels of sales could increase the income of game merchants on the one hand. On the other hand, it could promote benign competition. A complete monopoly would not be conducive to the development of the industry.

Take Tengda’s games, for example. They have been released on other platforms.

The official platform stipulated that these channels, which were other gaming platforms, could sell the game at discounts or even give it away for free.

“Can we do this then? Tengda’s game might still be on the official platform but I can work with other platforms to encourage players to buy the game on this platform?”

“It’s impossible to give it away for free. The system has restrictions on the price of the game. The prerequisite for giving the game away for free is very strict. However, other platforms don’t have as many rules as the official platform. There’s naturally more room for operation.”

“However, there’s a problem with this as well. Other platforms might not be so obedient.”

“Why don’t you create your own gaming platform?”

After much consideration, Pei Qian decided that working with others was better than working with himself.

That was because the other gaming platforms had to earn money as well. It was not in line with Pei Qian’s goal. What if this group of people recommended Tengda’s games to death? What would happen then?

As a platform, he had the final say in the pricing and event.

Of course, the pricing was still limited by the system. The pricing on the official platform was the lowest price that the system allowed.

However, since it was their own platform and there was no need to split the money with others, the lowest price allowed by the system should also be slightly lower.

What’s more, since it was their own platform, it was very reasonable to organize more promotional events and discounts to attract more players, right?

The bottom line of the system for discount promotional events would definitely be different between the official platform and their own platform.

Selling games at discounts on the official platform was just a “small profit but quick turnover” to the system. There were no other benefits. Naturally, there were more restrictions.

However, if he were to organize an event on his own platform, apart from making small profits and quick turnover, he could also “attract users for the platform”.

After taking this factor into consideration, discounts and even free activities could be done more frequently.

What’s more, what if he created a platform and bypassed the official platform’s approach? He might even anger the official platform and remove Tengda’s recommendation spots on the official platform.

It was unlikely, but it would be great if it could really happen!

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more he felt the need to create his own gaming platform.

The main reason was that his entire life was now in the hands of the official platform. They were constantly doing special questions, recommending, and increasing commission. Pei Qian did not dare to say anything even though he was angry. That was too unbearable.

Do something stupid and provoke the official platform!

What’s more, if this gaming platform operated well, perhaps he could incur losses?

Of course, lying down could also make money. That was everyone’s consensus.

However, it was up to him.

He could think of some ways to change this situation.

Pei Qian fell deep in thought.

As he was thinking about this, a knock on his door rang out.

Pei Qian looked up and saw Meng Chang.

“Boss Pei, I’m here to receive this month’s task.”

Meng Chang looked much more energetic. He had shaved his beard clean, had a neat hairstyle, and was dressed appropriately. What’s more, the calm and composed feeling that he once had seemed to have returned.

Pei Qian was pleasantly surprised.

It looked like Meng Chang was really getting better?

It did seem very meaningful to help him get a guaranteed commission previously. After such a long period of adjustment, Meng Chang’s mental state seemed to have completely recovered.

That was a good thing. It meant that Meng Chang could devote himself to reverse publicity in a more energetic state.


I haven’t had any publicity tasks for you recently.

Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “Er… at the moment, most of the projects are still in the development stage. They have not been completed. It seems too early to do the publicity plan.”

“However, I’ll give you a few choices since you took the initiative to ask.”

Pei Qian also knew that Meng Chang’s commission was calculated every month. A month of rest was equivalent to giving up the chance to earn a month’s commission. Meng Chang would definitely not accept it.

It was rare for Meng Chang to take the initiative. He would forcefully find something for him to do.

Pei Qian flipped through the current projects and said, “Upwind Logistics is going to start the mailing business. Air transport should be able to start this month.”

“Bao Xu wants to open a new travel club. Apart from being in charge of Tengda’s employees traveling, he also wants to accept foreign customers. At the moment, he’s still in the midst of preparation. I think it’ll take a month.”

“GOG will have some regular updates. We can also publicize it.”

Meng Chang was silent for a moment. “Boss Pei, are there other projects?”

He had eliminated Upwind Logistics and GOG first.

That was because he knew very well that the key step of the Pei Family’s publicity method was to separate the projects that were going to be promoted from Tengda Corporation as much as possible.

However, Upwind Logistics and GOG were too famous. Basically, they were already deeply tied to Tengda. It was very difficult to achieve the third ‘reputation cutting and cutting ties’ of the Pei family’s publicity method. Meng Chang naturally would not choose it.

Bao Xu’s travel agency could be considered, but… Traveller Bao Xu’s name was very famous after all. It was still very difficult to complete the third rule of the Pei family publicity method.

If he had no other choice, Meng Chang could only choose Bao Xu’s travel agency.

However, there might be other projects.

Pei Qian was silent for a moment. “Wait, let me think about it.”

He also realized that the three projects were indeed a little difficult for Meng Chang.

Pei Qian might not be able to succeed even if he were to do it himself.

It was not easy for Meng Chang to adjust his mentality. If he were to film him with a hellish mission, he would easily knock him out and collapse.

Thus, he had to think of an easier project for him.

After some consideration, Pei Qian said, “I have an idea. I want to create a gaming platform. However, I only have a preliminary idea at the moment. I haven’t thought about how to do it yet.”

“What do you think of this?”

Meng Chang’s eyes lit up and he nodded immediately. “I’ll choose this!”


Meng Chang paused for a moment and said, “Since you haven’t thought about how to do it, can I give you some advice?”

Pei Qian was a little surprised and pleasantly surprised. “Of course, you can.”

Alright, Meng Chang. You’ve indeed improved in your thinking and know-how to take the initiative to share my burdens!

Pei Qian knew that Meng Chang was probably the only one in the entire company who had the same intentions as him.

Previously, Pei Qian only asked Meng Chang to be in charge of publicity work, mainly because publicity work was his forte.

However, it would definitely be a good thing if Meng Chang could take the initiative to give him ideas to increase the failure rate of the new industry!

Meng Chang was very happy to see Boss Pei agree.

His guess had been confirmed!

The second part of the Pei family’s publicity method was to “have a deep understanding and complete control of the project”.

Of course, it was best to participate in the planning of the project personally!

What’s more, Meng Chang felt that Boss Pei must have hoped that he could learn the “Pei family publicity method” as soon as possible after personally showing it.

Therefore, Boss Pei did not reject Meng Chang’s suggestion to help with the game platform this time. This meant that their brainwaves had successfully matched!

“Come, sit. Let’s chat slowly.”

Pei Qian got Meng Chang to sit on the sofa and then poured some tea for him. They chatted while drinking.

“What do you think the gaming platform should do? Speak frankly.”

Pei Qian only wanted to create his own platform because he had been stabbed too hard in the back by the official platform.

However, he had no idea how to do it.

He needed some inspiration.