Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 13 – ATTACK

To Lithia’s sudden question, of course Jin was speechless. But then he remembered, what the orphanage director had said before,

「People are beings that cannot live on their own. Therefore everyone borrows someone else’s power to live」

「Ee, that’s true…」

Lithia meekly nodded to those words.

「People have things they are and aren’t suited for. Therefore there’ll be things you can and can’t do」

「Ee, I know…」

「So, isn’t it fine to live for the things you can do?」

When Jin said those words, Lithia hanged her head down,

「… the things I can do」

she murmured. Jin,

「I’m not a noble, and I have no interests in government. But, isn’t Lithia-san different?」


「A person that stands above others and does not question what they do is unpleasant, and is what someone like me thinks.」

Lithia fell silent from that and seemed to be thinking about what was said.Jin said nothing more and gazed at the stars and moon.

After checking 2 hours had roughly passed by the movement of the moon, the two went inside the cabin to switch shifts. The men had a large room while Lithia was in a separate room.

In the large room, Jin woke up the sleeping and snoring Jonas and Linus

「Hn? …aa, it’s time to switch?」

「Yes, please do so」

「Hn… I got it」

Having switched, Jin lied down. Being worn out from the day, he easily fell asleep.

On the other hand, Litha couldn’t fall asleep. She was thinking about what Jin had said.

「Something I can do… huh? I need to find that something, and for now it’d probably be my current task…」

*   *   *

The next morning it was unusually cloudy. Dim inside, they finished their breakfast and quickly departed. Coming out the forest, they crossed a bridge over a creek and arrived at a prairie.

「At this rate it looks like we’ll make it to a village before it becomes night」

「That will be good」

The bicycle trailers advanced, gotogoto. According to schedule, lunch was finished and there was about 15km left. It will take around 4 hours. The surroundings had become rocky.

「The village will be in sight after exiting this rocky area」

Saying that, Rock encouraged the party.

「There’s only a little left to go, hang in there」

At that moment.


Yang at the rear of the line screamed.

「What’s wrong!?」

「U-Uwaah, what is that thing!」

Turning around, something with a strange appearance approached them from behind.

「That’s a… golem?」

Lithia murmured.

「Golem? That thing is?」

It’s height was 2 metres and its entire body was made of iron armour in a human form. It looked really solid.

「Uwah, there’s one here too!」

it was Rock’s voice. The identical golem moved forward and approached.

「Is it aiming for the wheat? Shit, damn you, this is unreasonable!」

The wheat was important, but there was no way to beat an armoured golem, and Rock cried out in sorrow.

「I won’t let you!」

「Lithia, it’s impossible!」

Rithia only had a sword and pulling out her short sword, she dismounted the frightened horse, rushing forward towards the golem.

「It’s alright, I’ve learnt swordsmanship even if it doesn’t look that way! Taaa!」

Lithia lowered her stance and slashed at golem, aiming for its leg. But,

「No way…」

The short sword did not cut the leg, and had instead been bent.

「That’s why I said you couldn’t! Stand back!」

Jin shouted and rushed towards her but,

「I don’t want to! I’m a 《Ritter》 everyone looks up to! As a 《Ritter》 I’ll protect everyone!」

「Watch out!」


Aiming at Lithia, the golem’s fist swung down.

Jin is a 《Magi Craft Meister》. In fact, a 《Magi Craft Meister》 cannot use attack magic.

For recovery type magic, the extent to which he could heal were cuts and grazes at best. Because of that, his aptitude leans closer to production type magic. Furthermore, as a bonus he could not exert an effect on something without touching it.

However, it does not mean 「cannot use attack magic」=「cannot attack」. A chainsaw is a tool to cut a tree, however it didn’t need to be used to cut a tree.

Well, it was that kind of thing. Jin took the pouch of water hanging from his from waist,

「Shit! Make it in time! 《Water Jet》!」


Thud, a dull impact hit Lithia’s head. It was useless she thought and she resigned herself to her fate.

But, the sound of metal and the golem’s arm tumbled before her,


Fearfully opening her eyes, there she saw the golem’s lower body. The upper-body had fallen to the other side. The arm also seemed to be cut up, with the right arm up to the elbow gone.

The right arm was lying in front of him, and he understood that the dull impact was it colliding with her.

「T-That’s right, there was another one!」

Remembering the golem attacking in the rear, he went to take care of it.

And with that, Jin used 《Water Jet》 to cut up the golem there.

「No way…」

Such a magic she had never seen before. Although it was a magic that used water, it wasn’t a magic from the water type attack magic, with water that sweeps away《Water Stream》 and the water that is thrown 《Water Ball》. Even so, they were magic that couldn’t be used without abundant water nearby.

「Lithia-san, are you alright?」

After confirming that another golem wouldn’t appear, Jin rushed over to her.

「Y-Yes. I just have a little bump on my head」

He gently caressed her head that collided with the golem’s arm.

「Aa, sorry… I was a little too slow.」

「Jin-san, what in the world was that magic?」

「Hn? Do you mean 《Water Jet》? That was just a 《Craft Magic》 to process stone and iron, what about it?」

「Eeehh? Even though it has such terrifying attack power?」

Glancing backwards, to the surprised Lithia,

「Let’s leave this talk for later. Lithia-san, can you use recovery magic?」

Yang who was at the rear had been hit by the Golem, and his arm was fractured.

「Ah, yes I can… 『Heal that person with light, there.《Cure》!』」

Lithia rushed over to Yang, holding her palm over his fractured arm and used magic. Then, a pale light illuminated the affected area, and the swelling of the arm could be seen quickly fading away.

「Ooohh! Amazing!」

The men were impressed upon seeing it.

「Thank you very much, Lithia-sama」

Yang, and also Rock thanked her.

「It’s nothing, because this is my duty」

Saying that, Lithia wryly smiled, and treated the bump on her head right after.