Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 26 – AFTER THAT

Jin fled to the mountains, guided by Reiko, they headed towards the cave that hid the 《Warp Gate》.

「This is the place」

 It was a good location with an overlook of the base of the mountain. Jin looked out over Kaina Village,

「Even though it was a comfortable place to live, it is regrettable」

 After saying that, Gon and Gen were the first to be transported. They were somehow able to cram the Golem Horse 『Koma』 into the cave and it was also transported.

 Remaining were Jin and Reiko.

「Now then, because they saw us run away this way, it would be bad if we don’t make this unusable」

「That is right」

「Chii, when would we be able to go to Kaina Village after that」

「I will help」

 Reiko followed up.

「Un, right. Then, have it break 1 minute after we use it」

 So the 《Warp Gate》 is not misused, they added those functions as default. After it was set, Jin,

「Then, let’s go」


 And then the 2 figures disappeared.

「Damn it, so they escaped」

「Zee, zee, zee…」

 A plenty 1 hour after Jin’s group disappeared, Earl Walter’s group finally reached the summit. Already without a trail, with the weather of snow fluttering down,

「Earl, there isn’t much to do here. We should withdraw before it gets dark」

 so the adjutant advised,

「It can’t be helped, let’s go back」

 Muttering his bitterness, Earl Walter and his troops descended the mountain, giving a glance to Kaina Village, and headed directly towards the capital.

*   *   *

「So this laboratory is on an island」

 Jin returned to the laboratory, and was guided outside by Reiko. The climate was warmer than Kaina Village. It was not enough to call it a jungle, but there is decent rain.

「It would be self-sufficient if I cultivated it」

 To cultivate the field was what Jin thought. But that is still far ahead. There was something more important.

「Look for something I can eat from things like trees」

「Understood, Goshujin-sama」

 Reiko, and the 5 Golem Maids split up their work. For now he would secure some food.

 About over 2 hours, 4 kinds of fruits and 2 kinds of nuts were found. Also, there also seemed to be what looked like a rubber tree.

 After confirming it was not poisonous with 《Analyse》, he immediately tasted them.

「Un, this is sweet and delicious. This one is bittersweet. As for this, it’s sweet but a little dry. This is sour」

 Each fruit had a taste close to peach, orange, apple, and lemon.

 The nuts were similar to a walnut and a Japanese chestnut.

「It looks like I’ll be able to somehow eat. Well then, collect 20 of each fruit and about 10kg of each nut」

 Ordering the Golem Maids, Jin went back to the reseach facility.

*   *   *


 In the capital of Cline Kingdom, Earl Walter received a reprimanding from King Alois III after returning to report.

「I was going to have that person Jin to serve the Kingdom when he was brought here. And to treat him like a criminal! Finally getting angered, he escaped! What if he goes and serves another country!」

「M-My deepest apologies… h-however, that person could control a Golem, so he may have been a harm to our country」

「I’ve already received reports for that. Jin captured that Golem with a never before seen magic, and rebuilt it to obey him」

「No way!」

 With this, Jin’s innocence was proven as Lithia had quickly returned to capital to fix the incident with her report. In doing so, she was to be reprimanded for hiding the truth, but as Jin had asked her and reporting Jin’s true strength that was seen personally by Lithia, it was written off. And so the king and prime minister wanted Jin who was a talented individual.

「It is fine now, go back. From now on it is prohibited to meddle around with Kaina Village. Understand?」

「Ha, hahaa」

 If they were to provoke Jin who ran away any further, there was a possibility he might become their enemy. Thinking about the true strength he heard from Lithia, he thought to avoid that.

「It seems it didn’t turn out well…」

 Cline Kingdom’s King, Alois III gazed up to the sky and heaved a sigh when he was alone.

*   *   *


 Every morning, and every time she drew the water from the pump, Hanna remembered Jin.

 Since then, Earl Walter returned by passing through the village and did not retaliate at all. Martha and the entire village were worried about Jin who fled to the mountain.

「Heey, besides him there’s Reiko-chan and they’re riding the horse, so they’ll be fine」

 Rock made that statement.

 Because the villager did not know about the 《Warp Gate》, they thought Jin was hiding in the mountains. And sometimes, they went searching for Jin in the mountain with the remaining Golem Horses, but of course there was no result.

 Then one day, Lithia visited the village.

「Oya, Lithia-sama, what is it?」

 The village chief who met her asked Lithia who had a cheerful face.

「Be delighted, the suspicions on Jin-san have been cleared」


「And directly from the king, as an apology for this misunderstanding, he invited Jin to the capital and wanted Jin to serve him. In that case, it was guaranteed that the lowest position he would be given would be 《Royal Magic Craftsman》」

「Hou! That’s amazing!」

 The village chief was impressed. The 『Royal』 in 《Royal Magic Craftsman》 to begin with, correspond with the treatment of nobility.

「So, where is Jin-san?」

「That is, there’s been no news from him since then」

「Is that so…」

 Although they were honestly glad that Jin was recognised, the villagers of Kaina Village could only be half glad as the main person Jin remained missing.