Martial Peak

Chapter 2436 - Separating

Chapter 2436, Separating

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Considering all this, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention to stop her. Perhaps by letting Hua Qing Si act alone, she might have a surprising harvest.

Furthermore, Hua Qing Si was strong, and she had the Five-Coloured Spear Emperor Artifact. This Emperor Artifact was formerly owned by Yao Chang Jun and had already been refined by Hua Qing Qi now, boosting her strength greatly.

Ordinary cultivators would not be her opponent.

What Hua Qing Si was lacking now was just a Star Seal! Without a Star Seal, she would not be able to sense the location of Star Sources and would only be able to search aimlessly.

“Take this,” Yang Kai reached out and gave her a Space Ring.

Hua Qing Si took it and checked out its contents with her Divine Sense. The next moment, she cried out in surprise, “So many Source Crystals!”

Everything in the ring was basically Source Crystals. There were roughly two to three hundred million Source Crystals, many of which were High Rank. In addition to the Source Crystals, there were various pills personally refined by Yang Kai.

“If you really manage to obtain an opportunity to break through to the Emperor Realm here, these Source Crystals will be a necessity. The World Energy in the Shattered Star Sea is very thin, so don’t reject this,” Yang Kai earnestly urged her.

Hua Qing Si tightly gripped the Space Ring and nodded, “Many thanks, Young Master Yang. You really care about me the most in this world.”

She might have been forced to follow Yang Kai in the beginning and was even locked in the Sealed World Bead by him for a time, but Yang Kai hadn’t put her at any disadvantage over these years. Not only that, but she also received an Extraordinary Treasure Pill, that everyone dreamed of but could never obtain, which allowed her to lay a solid foundation and clear path to the Emperor Realm. She also received the Five-Coloured Spear Emperor Artifact from Yang Kai.

Now, Yang Kai had given her three hundred million Source Crystals all at once. In this world, no one other than him had treated her so well and given her so many treasures. Whether it was the Extraordinary Treasure Pill or the Five-Coloured Spear, they were the treasures that could cause countless Masters to fight over. Even her own Master back in Star Soul Palace had not been this good to her.

Hua Qing Si was truly moved.

If she could really break through to the Emperor Realm in the future, she would have to thank Yang Kai the most. She mentioned sensing an opportunity just now, but in her heart, she thought that meeting Yang Kai was the biggest opportunity of her life.

“Sister Hua, there’s no need to be polite!” Yang Kai smiled. Suddenly, he remembered something and said, “Don’t move!”

Saying so, he suddenly stretched his finger out toward Hua Qing Si’s forehead.

Hua Qing Si didn’t know what he was planning to do, but she didn’t take any defensive stance at all, simply standing still and waiting.

Yang Kai pointed his finger at her forehead, and in the next moment, Hua Qing Si’s tender figure trembled. She felt as if some invisible shackle had been lifted, allowing her mind and body to completely relax.

She instantly understood what Yang Kai had done. To her surprise, Yang Kai had returned her Soul Brand to her Knowledge Sea!

Back then, when she was locked in the Sealed World Bead by Yang Kai, she had been forced to open her Knowledge Sea and allow Yang Kai to take her Soul Brand. From then on, she was no longer able to resist Yang Kai and had to unconditionally obey him.

But now, Yang Kai had returned her Soul Brand to her of his own volition!

In other words, she was now free, no longer bound to Yang Kai.

“Young Master Yang…” Hua Qing Si’s pretty eyes quivered as she looked at him with disbelief.

Yang Kai smiled and stated, “If one wants to break through to the Emperor Realm, they should have nothing hindering or distracting them.”

Hua Qing Si pursed her lips into a smile before she suddenly placed her hand over her heart and swore, “Young Master, rest assured, Sister Hua will not reveal any of your secrets in this lifetime. If I ever violate this oath, let the Heavens cause dissonance in my cultivation and condemn me to death!”

She knew too many of Yang Kai’s secrets. Whether it was the Sealed World Bead or Yang Kai’s various trump cards, or the Immortal Tree and the Firmament Tree planted in the medicine garden, if word of any one of these treasures got out, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to gain a foothold in the Star Boundary again. He would be hunted down no matter where he went.

She took the initiative to swear such an oath, planting a Heart Demon on herself all to assure Yang Kai that his secrets would not be leaked.

Yang Kai stated with a smile, “If I didn’t believe you, I wouldn’t have returned your Soul Brand. Sister Hua, act freely but be careful on your way!”

Hua Qing Si nodded before asking, “If the Shattered Star Sea closes, how can I find you?”

“If you want to find me, you can go to the Thousand Leaves Sect. Someday I will visit Thousand Leaves Sect.”

Chi Yue, Ai Ou and the others were in Thousands Leaves Sect, so Yang Kai would eventually go there to reunite with them.

“Alright, I’ll go there and wait for you,” Hua Qing Si nodded and walked forward, saying a few words to Liu Yang and Zhang Ruo Xi before her tender figure flew towards the Starry Sky, disappearing into the darkness.

Looking in the direction she left, Yang Kai heaved a slight sigh.

Over the past few years, Hua Qing Si had helped him a lot. When he had imprisoned Hua Qing Si, there wasn’t any malicious intent behind it, she had simply seen too many of his secrets for him to let her go at the time. He had always planned on returning her freedom to her once she broke through to the Emperor Realm, now he had just done it a bit earlier.

After having been with her for such a long time, Yang Kai felt that Hua Qing Si was trustworthy, so even if she had not made such an oath, he wouldn’t have worried about it.

“Sir…” A weak shout came from nearby, and Yang Kai felt someone tugging his sleeve. Looking down, he saw it was none other than Zhang Ruo Xi. She was gazing at him with an expectant look on her face.

He sceptically asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Sir, I… I…” Zhang Ruo Xi hesitated, stuttering and repeating herself.

Yang Kai, furrowing his brow, asked, “You wouldn’t happen to be thinking of acting alone as well, would you?”

He had noticed that Zhang Ruo Xi was somewhat anxious and excited, so he had this guess. What he didn’t expect was that Zhang Ruo Xi would nod in agreement.

Yang Kai was greatly shocked, “Are you sure?”

Zhang Ruo Xi bit her cherry red lips, then took a deep breath as if she was summoning her courage before she spoke, “Since Ruo Xi left the Zhang Family, Ruo Xi has been cultivating under the shelter of Sir’s wings. Although Ruo Xi can be considered to have achieved some success, Old Ancestor once told me that flowers that do not withstand the wind and rain do not grow strong. Ruo Xi does not want to be a drag on Sir. Ruo Xi wants to become stronger too… So… Ruo Xi wants to try.”

Yang Kai’s face turned serious as he asked, “Do you know how dangerous this will be?”

Zhang Ruo Xi hesitated before gently nodding.

Yang Kai added, “Then you know who the people who have entered here are, yes? You have a naturally kind and simple personality. You haven’t seen how treacherous the world is, are you sure you can survive here?”

“Ruo Xi will try her best!”

Yang Kai blankly stared at her, seeming to have seen another side of Zhang Ruo Xi for the first time. The weak-looking girl seemed a lot stronger now.

“Master, let me go with her,” Liu Yan suddenly interrupted. “If I and Ruo Xi are together, we can take care of each other. Moreover, I still have Xiao Bai, so there shouldn’t be any danger.”

Yang Kai glanced at Liu Yan and seeing her nod at him, he finally relented, “Liu Yan will go with you. Will that be a problem?”

Zhang Ruo Xi cried in joy, “That would be the best!”

Yang Kai appeared to have become emotional as he spoke, “Since your wings have grown, then fly as you wish.”

When he first brought Zhang Ruo Xi with him, she was just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm child, but over the years, she had slowly advanced to the Dao Source Realm.

If someone from Zhang Family knew about this, they would surely be joyful. The Zhang Family hadn’t had a Dao Source Realm Master in many years. Now, the strongest person in the Zhang Family was the Old Ancestor who was just a Second-Order Origin King. Such strength was basically insignificant in this world.

If Zhang Ruo Xi was allowed to move alone, Yang Kai would not have been able to relax. She might just be eager to try out how strong she currently was and was following Hua Qing Si’s example, but she was still just a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, and even if she had her special Bloodline Power, someone with her cultivation and with no experience in fighting would be in danger here. She might encounter a crisis that she couldn’t deal with.

But if Liu Yan was with her, there would be no problem.

Not to mention Liu Yan having a Heaven Grade puppet with her, Xiao Bai, her personal strength was at the peak of the Dao Source Realm. Furthermore, Liu Yan had the Annihilation Thunder Bead with her. What’s more, although Zhang Ruo Xi was a little weaker, she was wearing the Pink Clouds Phoenix Robe.

As long as the two were cautious, they wouldn’t be in any danger.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Zhang Ruo Xi waved her hands in horror and explained herself, “Sir, you are misunderstanding, Ruo Xi didn’t mean it like that.”

Liu Yan comforted her, “Don’t mind it. Master was just casually speaking.”

Yang Kai handed Liu Yan a Space Ring and instructed, “Take these, they are the same as Sister Hua’s. When the Shattered Star Sea closes in the future, if we haven’t met up by then, go to the Thousands Leaves Sect and wait for me there.”

Liu Yan took the Space Ring and answered with a nod, “I will remember.”

“Go on then!” Yang Kai waved them off.

Zhang Ruo Xi pursed her cherry red lips before she approached Yang Kai and knelt down, kowtowing as she declared, “Ruo Xi will forever remember Sir’s kindness. Sir, you must remain safe. Ruo Xi will take care of you in the future.”

“Get up, this is not a life and death parting. We will meet another day,” Yang Kai bent over and helped her up.

“Let’s go,” said Liu Yan, grabbing Zhang Ruo Xi’s tender hand and pushing her Source Qi before flying towards the Starry Sky with her.

After a while, the two disappeared from sight.

“Everyone is gone,” Yang Kai murmured as he stood there, feeling some slight melancholy.

Although he had wandered alone for many years now, he never felt too lonely because there was life in the Sealed World Bead. This time though, Hua Qing Si, Liu Yan, and Zhang Ruo Xi had all left, making him feel a little uncomfortable, like something was missing from his side.

However, he also knew that although it was safer for everyone to stick together, the harvest was also significantly smaller.

Now that he had taught them the Star Refining Art, if they acted alone, their gains would be greater. Perhaps this was a part of the reason they wanted to leave. They didn’t want to drag him down and share his harvest.

Just as Yang Kai was in a daze, he suddenly realized that the Embodiment was calling him.

He quickly sent a part of his consciousness into the Sealed World Bead and connected with the Embodiment, “You’re not thinking of acting alone too, are you?”

Although the base of the Embodiment’s sentience was his Soul Clone, along with the rise in its strength, the Soul Clone had fused completely with the Stone Puppet body. Now, the Embodiment could be considered a unique existence. It couldn’t be merely regarded as Yang Kai’s Soul Clone. It had its own thoughts and ideas. Of course, if the two were willing, they could still communicate with each other and share all their thoughts and memories. Even if they did not converse, they could still guess what the other was thinking.