Martial Peak

Chapter 2437 - Netherworld Sect’s Yu Ying

Chapter 2437 , Netherworld Sect’s Yu Ying

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The Embodiment burst into laughter before speaking, “Do you think I can easily act alone?”

Yang Kai stated, snorting, “At least you are a little self-aware.”

The Embodiment added, “I couldn’t see you act all lonely, come, I will accompany you to chat.”

Yang Kai’s corners of mouth twitched, “How is it any different from me talking to myself?”

Although he said this, Yang Kai’s lonely mood very soon cleared up. The little sense of loss that had been there had disappeared.

“There is one thing I haven’t told you,” the Embodiment suddenly continued in a solemn voice.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked.

The Embodiment replied, “I feel that my cultivation has reached a bottleneck.”

Yang Kai stated, “It’s usual to encounter a bottleneck while cultivating. It’s not your very first time cultivating, you should…”

Before he could finish, Yang Kai suddenly realized that something was extremely wrong.

The Embodiment added, “Logically speaking, a Heaven-defying Secret Art like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law should not have any bottlenecks. You have also studied this Secret Art and should understand what I mean.”

Yang Kai nodded. He had indeed researched this Secret Art after he obtained it from Wu Meng Chuan. At that time, he had felt that this Secret Art was too Heaven-defying. Everything in the world generally had some kind of energy in it, so theoretically there was nothing the Heaven Devouring Battle Law couldn’t devour. Furthermore, there should not be any bottleneck when cultivating with it.

But now, the Embodiment had encountered a bottleneck, which was undoubtedly abnormal.

“I have a feeling that this bottleneck cannot be broken through cultivation nor opportunity. Are you sure the Secret Art passed by Wu Meng Chuan is complete?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be suspicious.

If the Heavenly Devouring Battle Law taught by Wu Meng Chuan was incomplete, then the situation encountered by the Embodiment was well within reason.

But Yang Kai couldn’t figure out why Wu Meng Chuan taught him an incomplete Secret Art. If it was to repay Yang Kai for saving his life, then this price was too high. This Secret Art was known as the number one Secret Art in the Star Boundary. The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor had climbed to the top of the Star Boundary relying on this Secret Art, so every Master and Emperor coveted it.

Looking back now, Yang Kai realized that many things back then could be considered dubious.

“After the Shattered Star Sea closes, let’s take a trip to Blue Feather Sect and ask Wu Meng Chuan for a clear answer,” Yang Kai pondered for a moment before coming to a decision.

In the past, he was afraid of Wu Meng Chuan. First, the opponent’s background was pretty big as an authentic descendant of the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. Wu Meng Chuan also had many cards up his sleeve. More importantly, Yang Kai was far weaker than him at the time.

But now, the situation was no longer the same as it used to be. Among the cultivators of the same realm, Yang Kai didn’t need to fear anyone. Even if, after all these years, Wu Meng Chuan really broke through to the Emperor Realm, Yang Kai had the confidence to challenge him.


In the Starry Sky, Yang Kai flew forward. It had been nearly a month since he parted with Hua Qing Si and the others, and during this time, his harvest was mediocre.

Relying on the six-pointed Star Seal, Yang Kai could sense some Source Strength fluctuations every few days. All the Source Strength he encountered were completely cleaned out by him and the Embodiment.

The Embodiment also had a Star Source. The reason why its body was so huge was that it had merged with the Floating Continent. The Floating Continent had given birth to a Star Source a long time ago, so the two had become integrated.

The amount of Source Strength they had collected, however, wasn’t much. Yang Kai had also encountered a dozen people who came looking for trouble. Because of the special function of the Star Seal, the cultivators in the Shattered Star Sea would often start fighting as soon as they met.

Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t show them any mercy and killed them all.

However, the six-pointed Star Seal didn’t show any signs of upgrading. It had only become slightly brighter.

Today, Yang Kai sensed Source Strength fluctuations once again. He immediately changed his direction and shot off.

While he was en route, Yang Kai sensed two slightly different energy fluctuations.

He was familiar with these fluctuations. It was obviously the induction between Star Seals. In other words, two people had already arrived at the location of the Shattered Star Source.

Yang Kai hesitated for a while, but didn’t change his direction. Rather he sped up and shot straight towards these people, very soon arriving at a huge asteroid.

This asteroid was at least several thousand meters in radius and was floating through the Starry Sky. Its surface was flat and glossy.

What surprised Yang Kai was that he could sense Source Strength fluctuations coming from this asteroid. In other words, there were some Shattered Star Source fragments in this asteroid, and the amount wasn’t small either.

This was pretty strange. The Shattered Sources Yang Kai had encountered before were all found on some broken Cultivation Stars. This was the first time he had encountered this kind of Shattered Source, which seemed to be formed from an asteroid.

At this moment, there were two people on the asteroid already, a man and a woman, both of them in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. The man and woman appeared to be fighting each other for the Source Strength here and it was not clear how long they had been fighting for. When Yang Kai arrived, both of them were panting, their auras slightly chaotic, clearly exhausted.

Yang Kai found the clothing of the man on the left a little familiar. The man appeared to be in his thirties and had a fierce look on his face.

The woman on the right had a graceful figure and her face was sharp and thin, giving off a wicked look. Furthermore, her aura gave an uncomfortable feeling. It was very cold.

This kind of coldness was very different from the coldness of an Ice Attribute Secret Art like that of Ice Heart Valley’s disciples. This cold gave rise to an instinctive repulsion in others, like this woman didn’t belong to this world.

These two were locked in heated combat, but the sudden appearance of Yang Kai had immediately startled them. They leapt back, one after another, and turned to stare at Yang Kai.

After scanning with their Divine Senses and realizing that Yang Kai was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, their expressions immediately turned serious. Both of them were only in the Second-Order, so they had fought a hard struggle against one another with no clear winner, but if they now had to face Yang Kai, they definitely had no chance of winning in their current state.

Yang Kai indifferently glanced at the two before focusing his gaze on the back of their hands. To his surprise, both of them had five-pointed Star Seals.

According to Yang Kai’s understanding of Star Seals, there weren’t many five-pointed Star Seals that were naturally generated. Most of them were three-pointed or four-pointed. Since these two both had five-pointed Star Seals, they must have killed a lot of people in the Shattered Star Sea.

[They are not a good bunch!] Yang Kai coldly snorted in his heart.

Seeing Yang Kai stand there without speaking a single word, the two felt a little stressed. The woman was unable to take the silence anymore and she forced a smile to give Yang Kai a friendly nod.

However, before she could say anything, the other man interrupted her, cupping his fists and stating, “Greetings, this one is Northern Territory Seeking Passion Sect disciple, Guan Qi. I wonder how I should address this friend?”

“Seeking Passion Sect?” Yang Kai raised his brow, seeming to have been struck with realization.

He was still wondering why the other party’s robes looked familiar, but now it turned out he was a disciple of the Seeking Passion Sect.

When he thought of the Seeking Passion Sect, Yang Kai recalled Feng Xi and Feng Xuan, the two shameless fellows, one old and one young. The old liked to bully the weak using his strength, while the young liked to bully the weak using his status. When he first entered the Shattered Star Sea, Yang Kai had even suffered a huge loss at Feng Xi’s hands. That Emperor Authority Bead had almost cost him his life, so, naturally, Yang Kai had no good feelings towards Seeking Passion Sect.

Seeing Yang Kai’s reaction, Guan Qi raised his brow and asked, “Friend, are you also from the Northern Territory?”

Yang Kai coldly snorted and scoffed, “Whether I am from the Northern Territory or not, it’s none of your damn business!”

Guan Qi found it a little hard to swallow Yang Kai’s complete impoliteness. He was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm, one Minor Realm lower than Yang Kai, but he was an elite disciple of Seeking Passion Sect. Since he could enter the Shattered Star Sea, it was evident that his aptitude was extraordinary. If he was outside, he would really not care about a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator. Simply reporting his name and his Sect would be enough for most Third-Order Dao Source Realms to prostrate themselves before him.

But now, he just had a heated fight, and his strength was less than half of his peak. What’s more, Yang Kai didn’t look like someone easy to talk to, so why would he take a dive in a poisonous pool? All he could do was swallow his anger for now.

On the other hand, seeing Yang Kai not giving Guan Qi any face, the woman suddenly became relaxed.

She was afraid that Yang Kai and Guan Qi knew each other, or that he had some connection with the Northern Territory’s Seeking Passion Sect. If that had been the case, she could only choose to escape.

Now the situation was undoubtedly something she liked to see. So, she suddenly burst into a peal of bell-like melodious laughter, attracting everyone’s attention before she mocked, “What thing is Seeking Passion Sect. They even dare to utter their name in the Shattered Star Sea. I wonder how thick your face is.”

Being mocked by Yang Kai first and now ridiculed by this woman, Guan Qi’s face turned quite gloomy.

The woman completely ignored him and instead bowed to Yang Kai, winking at him as she bat her lashes and spoke in a sultry tone, “Greetings Senior Brother, this Junior Sister is Eastern Territory’s Netherworld Sect disciple, Yu Ying!”

Yang Kai’s pupil shrank as he blurted out, “Netherworld Sect!”

Yu Ying was stunned, wondering why Yang Kai showed such a big reaction. She cautiously asked, “Senior Brother seems to have heard of my Netherworld Sect?”

Yang Kai took a deep breath as he calmed his excitement before he stated with a smile, “I have naturally heard of it. Netherworld Sect’s name resounds like thunder in one’s ears. I have long heard of your noble Sect. How could I not have heard of it?”

When Guan Qi heard Yang Kai say so, he almost breathed flames of anger.

Earlier, when he had reported that he was a disciple of Seeking Passion Sect, Yang Kai had rebuffed him without any trace of politeness, but when this woman reported that she was from Netherworld Sect, he had heaped praise upon her. The difference in treatment was just too much!

In the entire Star Boundary, both Netherworld Sect and Seeking Passion Sect were actually top Sects in their respective territories, enjoying similar status across the world.

But Yang Kai’s different reaction made Guan Qi feel deeply insulted. He was so angry that he wanted to attack them and kill this shameless couple.