Medical Master

Chapter 828 - More Importantly, It Hurts the Kidney!

Chapter 828 More Importantly, It Hurts the Kidney!

This time, to ensure the safety of the six MCs and two stars, the program staff specially prepared mosquito-repellent supplies for everyone, and then sprinkled insect repellent around the campsite of eight people to prevent them from mosquito bites.

On the next day, Fang Qiu got up early.

After going to the beach for some exercise, Fang Qiu began to make a fire to cook for everyone.

He used those big abalones he had gotten when he went to sea yesterday and the instant noodles he hadn’t eaten last night. He used purified water and instant noodle seasoning to cook a pot of abalone noodles for everyone.

Before the noodles were not cooked yet, everyone smelled the fragrance and got up. “It smells good.”

Liu Qingshi was the first to get up and washed his face with seawater before he walked over and looked at the pot of noodles Fang Qiu was cooking. He was drooling over the breakfast while saying to the camera in the hands of PD who had gotten up early and started taking pictures, “Thanks to the director team for arranging us a field survival master, a food master, a doctor, and a nanny.”

When hearing it, all the other people who had just gotten up laughed.

Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, Liu Qingshi clenched his fist and said viciously, “I want to punch him.”

“Yes, he deserves it!” Zheng Weilian immediately echoed, “A boy dares to cheat me like this. After the show, he has to apologize to me. It’s so unkind of him so do so.”

“Do you think the director is stupid? He is far away.” Zhang Junhe shook his head and smiled, “Indeed.”

Gu Jianguo chuckled and said, “We will have plenty of opportunities to do it. We will certainly teach him a good lesson when we catch him!”

While they were talking, they washed up and started to eat breakfast.

The number of instant noodles given by the program staff yesterday was just right, one pack for each person. Although they were cooked in a large pot, it was similar distribution to each other. With the delicious seafood soup, they were full early in the morning.

After breakfast, they took a break at the station.

Then, the staff of the director team came and prepared to play games.

After all, it was a variety show. “Next, we need everyone to play a game with us.” A staff member said to everyone.

“Game?” Liu Qingshi stepped forward and said with a smile, “You can play games, but what are the rewards?”

“Here it is!”

The PD did not hesitate, and directly asked the staff to bring a table where there were eight full portions of ice cream on it.

Seeing the ice cream, everyone on the scene’s eyes lit up, especially Ying’er and Song Yaqi whose eyes were gleaming, and they were almost drooling.

This scene made everyone in the director team feel very satisfied.

Judging from the light in the eyes of the eight people, they could already imagine how fierce the battle would be. After all, only in this way could they bring out the highlight of the show and give the audience enough entertainment.

“Next, we will announce the rules.” The staff of the director team said, “This time, this game is a quick answer. Those who get the question and answer it right can eat ice cream, and the loser can only watch.”

He finished and was getting ready to start.

“Wait a minute.” Fang Qiu suddenly raised his hand and stopped aloud.

Everyone immediately turned their heads and looked at Fang Qiu curiously.

“As your health doctor this time, I don’t recommend you to eat ice cream.” Fang Qiu stood up and said, “Ice cream is too cold and it hurts the stomach, and most importantly it hurts the kidney!”

With that, the five male MCs suddenly became angry.

“Damn, you guys are too cruel, right?” Liu Qingshi took the lead, and accused, “How dare your director team do such a thing to us?”

“You’d better have some common sense. Are you doing it on purpose?”Zhang Junhe was also angry.

“You should at least pay attention to our health. You invited this genius doctor over, and now you have been slapped in the face by Doctor Fang.” Gu Jianguo smiled wickedly.

The two women also protested.

Although they liked to eat ice cream very much, they were stars, so they didn’t dare to eat much. In addition, the wind on the island was strong and cold food would take a great toll on their bodies. Along with what Fang Qiu had said, they could only suppress their inner desires and refused the ice cream cruelly.

The director team was severely condemned by everyone!

Now the director team was embarrassed. They had thought that in such hot weather, everyone would want to eat ice cream, and they would fight for it. However, after Fang Qiu gave his advice, the rest of them had become so unhappy with them.

They were unhappy, and they were protesting.

What should they do?

This was the big highlight of the whole show. “We’re sorry. We didn’t think it thoughtfully.”

The staff of the director team apologized immediately, and then said, “Let us discuss it first, okay?” After he finished it, the staff of the director team got together immediately and began to discuss.

He finished and was getting ready to start.

After discussing it for a long time, they couldn’t come up with a good idea.

At this time, the deputy director of the director team suddenly came up with an idea. He pointed at the jet skis on the sea, and said to everyone, “Look at these jet skis, do you want to ride?”

Hearing his words, everyone nodded.

This time, everyone had thought they were here to play, but so far they hadn’t had any entertainment. Judging from the current situation, the only entertainment that could be considered as an entertainment project seemed to be to ride a jet ski.

These jet skis had been brought in the morning when someone from the director team came over. The reason why they had gotten a few jet skis was that they were afraid that things like what Fang Qiu had experienced yesterday would happen again and they could not be rescued.

Of course, in the morning, when the eight directors first came, their eyes lit up when they saw these jet skis, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the key.

If they had the key, they would have escaped this uninhabited island long ago.

“Great.” The deputy director laughed and said, “Since Fang Qiu said it is not suitable to eat ice cream, then we will change the rewards of the game. The winner can get a chance to ride a jet ski to the sea. Of course, we will send a rescue team to follow you to ensure your safety.”

“Great.” The deputy director laughed and said, “Since Fang Qiu said it is not suitable to eat ice cream, then we will change the rewards of the game. The winner can get a chance to ride a jet ski to the sea. Of course, we will send a rescue team to follow you to ensure your safety.”

“All right.” Liu Qingshi nodded immediately and said, “That’s right. You should have done it earlier. Otherwise, what happened yesterday would not repeat itself.”

“Go ahead, what is the question?” Huang Huachao urged, “This time, I will win. I’m going to sea.”

Ying’er clenched her fists bravely and said, “I’m going to ride a jet ski with Yaqi!” Other people also started to scramble.

However, “Wait a moment.” Just when everyone was looking forward to it and started to prepare for the questions, the deputy director suddenly shook his head and said with a smirk, “Since the rewards have been changed, then our game rules should also be changed. A quick answer is not fun. How about we fight over the key?”

Everyone was surprised.

“As for the rules of this game, the program team will hide the only key to the jet ski on the island. In addition to the real key, there are many fake keys. Only those who find the real key can ride the jet ski. Of course, whether you can drive the jet ski or not depends on whether you can escape from others’ clutches. Anyway, there is only one key for you to drive the jet ski away.” The deputy director smirked.

After he said it, they realized that there would be a fierce battle.

However, when they thought about it carefully, such a battle would indeed make the whole show a lot more interesting.

After finishing the rules, the director team immediately went to dig sandpits to bury the keys.

Whether it was a real key or an ordinary jammer, they were all packed in small bags.

Some were hidden in trees, some were buried in the ground, some were buried in the sand, and some were hidden in the sea with ropes. Anyway, they were hidden in various places. Everyone couldn’t wait to get started.

However, to prevent them from cheating, the deputy director directly asked someone to bring some large canvases to surround the eight of them. They were released after the director team had hidden the keys.

“Now, the game starts. You can go find the key.”The deputy director announced.

The eight people were like tigers going down the mountain, and they immediately dispersed in all directions. Once they found a place suspicious, they started digging wildly.

Especially the two women who were looking for the key along the beach, they didn’t even have the strength to dig anymore. They had dug more than a dozen places and picked several from the sea, but they had all turned out to be fake keys.

The men who rushed into the jungle on the island were also very unsuccessful. Whenever they found one, they would hide quietly and inspect it, only to find that it was fake.

They found another one, which was also a fake key. This made all MCs extremely depressed.

“This is too hard. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.” Liu Qingshi smiled wryly and said, “Why are they still working so hard?”

Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi kept searching in an area over there.

But they couldn’t find it.

Liu Qingshi thought about it and walked secretly towards the area where the jet ski was.

However, when he was just about to get near, he found that Fang Qiu had already entered that area.

At this time, the deputy director of the director team suddenly came up with an idea. He pointed at the jet skis on the sea, and said to everyone, “Look at these jet skis, do you want to ride?”

At this time, Gu Jianguo on the beach in the distance dug out a bag from the beach and opened it. There was a red rope like a spring in it, and a plug-in key was connected to the top of the rope.

He got the key.

Gu Jianguo quietly took the key out and put it into his trouser pocket. Then he held the bag in his hand, shouting, “It’s fake again. It’s ridiculous!”

He finished and was getting ready to start.

After that, he continued to fumble, while moving towards the jet ski. At this time, he did not notice that Fang Qiu and Liu Qingshi were both moving towards that area.

On the way, he also talked with other people. He finally came to the area near the jet ski.

Gu Jianguo turned his head and looked around. He quietly took out the key and immediately rushed towards the jet ski frantically. “What?”

Liu Qingshi, who was nearest to him, sensed that something was wrong, and jumped at Gu Jianguo. He grabbed Gu Jianguo’s beach shorts and instantly tripped Gu Jianguo to the ground.

Seeing this, everyone rushed up frantically.

However, Fang Qiu didn’t even want to snatch it, so he stood by and watched them fighting. But during the fight, the key to the jet ski, which had been held in Gu Jianguo’s hand, suddenly flew out of the crowd and landed directly on Fang Qiu’s face.