Medical Princess

Chapter 39 - The Big Scar on the Hand

Chapter 39 The Big Scar on the Hand

Qin Wanru was already prepared. She hid behind the back of the servants standing near her.

The few servants saw that Qi Rongzhi was still coming for Qin Wanru and immediately went up to block her. However, Qi Rongzhi had just suffered some pain and was now coming towards them like a mad dog. She pushed the servants over and because they did not dare to hurt her, they could only keep on stepping back. Some of them got hit by Qi Rongzhi.

Qin Wanru retreated to the door. Hearing footsteps coming towards them, she looked towards the incoming Qi Rongzhi and broke into a sinister smile before she stepped outside of the room with one swift step.

Madam Di was hurrying over with a few servants and old women. She saw Qin Wanru step outside of the room and paid no attention to her while she tried to get inside.

Qi Rongzhi was provoked by Qin Wanru to the extent that she was about to go crazy. She rushed out of the door and saw that someone was blocking her path. Thinking that it was a servant in her way, she swayed her hand and gave her two tight slaps and scolded sternly, “Bitch, get out of my way!”

She then gave the person a hard push.

Madam Di was bewildered. Before she could process what was going on, she was pushed outside of the door. Luckily, the quick-eyed servants behind her managed to catch her. After a temporary pause, her temper shot up instantly. She pointed to the already-shocked Qi Rongzhi and shouted, “Get hold of that vixen! Hit her or kill her, I don’t care!”

Madam Di was furious. Before she arrived, she listened to her subordinates report on how Qi Rongzhi had poured a bowl of scorching porridge onto Qin Yuru and scalded her. She rushed over in a hurry and was given two tight slaps by Qi Rongzhi!

Once she saw that the person she hit was Madam Di, Qi Rongzhi knew that she was doomed. She stopped making a fuss immediately and was held by the servants and older women.

“Madam Di, what has my daughter done for an elder like you to call her a vixen? She’s still a kid!” A stern remark came from behind the chaotic crowd.

A representative from Magistrate Qi had arrived after being informed by Old Grandma!

Hearing this voice, Qi Rongzhi immediately sprung into pitiful tears. “Mother, Mother, they want to ruin my reputation, they want to destroy me!”

“What? Madam Di, time and again, you guys try to destroy my two daughters, why do you keep doing this!” Madam Li from Magistrate Qi had just reached the yard’s entrance. Upon hearing her daughter’s cries, she looked at her torn clothes and was fuming with anger.

She came slightly later and did not see Qi Rongzhi giving two tight slaps to Madam Di. She only saw how her own daughter was being held by servants and had ended up in such a terrible state. She looked nowhere like the daughter of a rich family.

“Madam Li, you’re just in time. Your daughter scalded Yu Ru with a bowl of hot porridge and even slapped me twice! How are you going to settle this? If she’s not a vixen, that what is she? A kid? She’s already so big and ready to get married, yet she’s still a kid?”

Madam Di was also full of anger. She was both mad and angry. The two slaps had caused her to lose all of her face, how could she anything nice at this point in time?

Qin Wanru watched the two quarrel with a peaceful heart. A cold smile flashed across her big eyes and frost started forming at the bottom of her eyes. In the past, when Qi Rongzhi would hit herself or ‘accidentally’ get hurt, these two would fight to find out. Qi Rongzhi was just a child, this was no big deal. They would have such a big fight that even her Grandmother could not stand up for her.

Once Qin Yuru got hit, Qi Rongzhi became a ‘vixen’!

Pouring scorching porridge onto others and also hitting Madam Di…even if Qi Rongzhi wanted to push the blame to her, it would be impossible. She was still thinking about how she could make the two families walk separate paths and to prevent Qin Yuru and Qi Rongzhi from working hand in glove with each other. Now that stupid Qi Rongzhi had delivered herself right up to the doorstep, it was perfect timing!

“What? Rong Zhi? You really scalded Qin Yuru?” Upon hearing Madam Li’s words, Madam Di found that things were not quite right and immediately turned to ask.

“Mother, I… I did that because they set me up first. They want to ruin my reputation to make up for Qin Yuru’s fall in reputation recently. Mother, they even cause me to fall into the lake and find a man to save me just to hurt my reputation,” Qi Rongzhi cried aggrievedly as she explained.

“Madam Di, my son wants to marry your daughter, but your daughter made a cuckold out of him. The whole Jiangzhou Prefecture is now talking about him, yet you guys find it not enough and even want to destroy my daughter’s reputation as well. Well…fine, we cannot afford to play with the people of General’s Mansion, from today onwards, we will cut all ties with you!”

Upon hearing Qi Rongzhi’s words, Madam Li was so furious she almost puked out blood. She had always been worried about Qi Tianyu and Qin Yuru’s relationship. Although her son explained that Qin Yuru was set up, she did not believe him. They were all women of the backyard, Madam Li could see through Qin Yuru’s tricks so clearly, it was just his son that could not see it.

Madam Di had always been in charge of General’s Mansion, she could immediately tell that Qin Wanru was not someone to be loved. As for Shui Ruolan, she had a calm personality. Usually, she does not even go out of the house, how could she set up Qin Wanru by placing the box in Qin Yuru’s house?

Taking a million steps back, if it was really done by someone else, how could the content of the letters be so legit? This was obviously a lie spun by Qin Yuru.

Madam Di’s face was now black from being angered by Qi Rongzhi’s words. She stared red-eyed at Madam Li and said, “Madam Li, what nonsense are you sprouting? When did we harm your daughter? It was obviously Miss Qi that’s in the wrong for pushing the blame to others. If something were to happen to my daughter, I’ll definitely not let you guys go!”

She felt that what Qi Rongzhi had said were lies. This was obviously a lie that she had spun because she was feeling guilty for pouring the porridge onto Qin Yuru. If Yu Ru turned out to have an injury, then this matter could not be put to rest!

At this point in time, Madam Li did not want to say another word to Madam Di. She waved her hand and said to her servants, “Go over there and bring Miss away, we’ll never come back here again.”

Two servants from magistrate came over immediately. The old women pulled away the hands of the servants who were holding on to Qi Rongzhi. The moment Qi Rongzhi’s hands were free, she plunged into Madam Li’s embrace and cried out aggrievedly.

“Let’s go!” Madam Li turned around angrily and half-carried her daughter away.

Qi Rongzhi was carried and turned around by Madam Li. As she turned her head, she landed her eyes on Qin Wanru. She wanted to say something but was helplessly dragged away by Madam Li.

Seeing the people from Qi’s mansion take away Qi Rongzhi messily, Madam Di could not care about her anymore. She immediately rushed into the house to take a look at Qin Yuru. The doctor came just then and a big crowd went indoors.

Outside of the yard’s entrance, there was only Qin Wanru and Qing Yue left. Qin Wanru sighed softly and silently looked at the back view of the crowd from Magistrate Qi. When Qi Rongzhi brought her here today, she had no good motives. She wanted to cause a scene and push the blame to her. But the situation got out of hand and Qi Rongzhi could not push it to anyone now.

The corners of her lips curled into a silent smile. She turned around and her eyes met a pair of handsome eyes that sparked her interest. The corners of her lips froze.

In the pavilion opposite of Qin Wanru, Chu Liuchen was really leaning against the window. He was wearing a snow-white robe and his handsome face was as white as snow. His eyes were glistening and his mid-brow was like a painting that was hard to describe. He was as elegant as a fairy.

He stood there peacefully, obviously having watched her for a long time. His gaze semi-casually landed onto Qin Wanru’s face and his lips curled into a smile.

Qin Wanru was crying in pain. She thought that it was just a joke and did not expect His Royal Highness to be so free to come and watch the show. Feeling helpless, she gave him a slight bow out of respect and slid indoors with Qing Yue. This man was giving her too much pressure!

In the house, Qin Yuru had been helped to her bed. The traces of porridge on her body had been wiped clean and the doctor was treating her wounds.

“How is it? How’s my daughter?” Madam Di asked nervously. Seeing her daughter in this state, her heart was in pain and she started tearing.

“Madam, unfortunately, this hand is severely injured! The injury on the face is not that serious, but she would need to let it heal properly, or else it might leave a scar,” the doctor frowned and said.

“What about the hand? What about this hand?” Madam Di looked at her red palm that had grown a big blister and her face turned as pale as snow.

“The hand…unfortunately, it will definitely leave a scar!” The doctor replied helplessly. A large area of her hand had been scalded and a big blister had formed in the meantime. Her whole palm was bright red, almost becoming translucent. Anyone who looked at it would find their heart shivering at the sight of it. “This injury is too serious! There’s nothing I can do!”

“Is there no other ways? There’s no other way that we can consider?” Madam Di cried desperately. A girl’s hand was an asset, she would be dispised if she had a big scar on her hand. How could she allow anything to happen to Qin Yuru at this time?

“This…I really have no solutions. Or there might be good scar-removing ointment in the palace, those might work!” The doctor had really run out of solutions, but seeing how anxious Madam Di was, he could only give a solution that he was not so confident of.

“Palace…an ointment from the palace?” Madam Di was flustered, where was she supposed to get an ointment from the palace?

“Madam, do you want to try requesting from Duke Yong in Jing capital? Perhaps there would be an ointment given from the palace in Magistrate Yong?” Standing beside Madam Di, Servant Chou reminded her.

“Yes…yes. Write a letter immediately. Magistrate Yong had always been well-loved by the Emperor. They must have an ointment from the palace!” Madam Di’s eyes lit up instantly. She stood up and walked out immediately. She must hurry and write the letter.

When she reached the door, Qian Wanru was coincidentally walking in. She bowed to her. “Mother, how is big sister?”

“You big sister is fine, there’s nothing wrong!” Madam Di paused in her footsteps, leaned back and erupted into a peal of cold laughter.

“That’s good. Then I’ll go report to Grandmother so that she doesn’t have to worry!” Qin Wanru said gently, seemingly unable to hear the anger in Madam Di’s words. She brought along Qing Yue and turned to leave without going in to take a look at Qin Yuru.

Madam Di was so furious her whole body was shaking. She almost lost control of herself and wanted to give Qin Wanru two tight slaps. But she had asked earlier, this had nothing to do with her, it had all started from Qi Rongzhi’s crazy behavior. Qi Rongzhi only did that because she was upset about the cancellation of marriage and came here to cause a scene.

At this moment, Madam Di also regretted letting Qi Rongzhi into their house. If only she had known she would do something like this.

But what’s the use of regretting? She could only grit her teeth and stare harshly at Qin Wanru’s back view. Once Yu Ru’s matter was settled, she would take some time out to teach this brat a lesson. How dare she stand at a side and watch the scene unfold without helping her sister to block Qi Rongzhi? Why was this brat so lucky to not get her face scalded? …

“Madam, Second Miss’ matter is not urgent, what about Qi’s mansion?” Servant Chou reminded Madam Di continued staring at Qin Wanru’s back view with fiercely.