Medical Princess

Chapter 43 - A letter, The Best Chip

Chapter 43 A letter, The Best Chip

“Miss, the Young Lady is too outrageous. It is obviously her own business, but she just viciously blamed you for everything, and Qing Cui, she is also on her side!” Qing Yue was also angry and said, “Miss, let’s go tell the general and the Old Grandma.”

“It’s useless!” Qin Wanru smirked and smiled softly. She then folded the letter. “This letter was not written by Qin Yuru, since her hand is now hurt.”

Qin Yuru couldn’t write it at all, because her right hand was injured.

“Not written by her, who would write it?” Qing Cui was stunned and said with surprise.

“It should be Mrs. Qin, who could only tell so many details.” Qin Wanru said it calmly since she knew that it letter with so many details could not be written by the injured hand of Qin Yuru.

“How can Madam write such a letter.” Qing Yue’s face turned red because of shame. If she was not mistaken, the beginning part sounded like it was written by the Young Lady, and it sounded very intimate with the man in the letter. As an elder, how could she write such shameful words?”

“She didn’t need to be ashamed since nobody found out, and Qin Yuru would admit that she wrote it,” Qin Wanru sneered, and put down the letter, took a sip of the tea at her, then looked quietly on the water. “if you take this letter to my father, nobody can do anthing to Qin Yuru as long as she didn’t admit it was written by her.”

“We can say it was written by the Madam.” Qing Yue said hurriedly.

“The font written by the Madam is also slightly different from the previous ones. It was written with the most formal writing method. Even if you say that she wrote it, she can just deny!” Qin Wanru said with a cold voice.

Qin Wanru sat in the window by her slim body with coldness and contempt, “If it is so easy to make Madam confess her guilty, there would not be so many ghosts that died from no reason.”

Her words were extremely merciless. It was terrifiying for such a weak girl to talk about things happened in the backyard with such a disobedient and cold tone.

“Then··· what to do?” Qing Yue stammered and said.

“Send out the rumor that someone had found a letter.” Qin Wanru said peacefully with a smile. The oblique sun outside the window came in, which made her face half bright and half dark.

Qin Wanru right now looked surprisingly different to people at her age. Her dark eyes hid under her long eyelashes, which looked innocent and weak, as well as the charm that other girls didn’t have. Her current appearance made Qing Yue inexplainably terrified, and she could’t help swallowed her spit.

The Miss in front of her was still the Miss of her own, but she seemed to have changed a lot, not the face, but the personalities, which made Qing Yue feel safe in danger.

Her own lady had really changed, which made Qing Yue feel at ease. There were too many things happening in these days, each of which was targetted to Miss to make her die. If she was still the one she was, Qing Yue didn’t know what could happened to her at a time like this.

It was the law of the jungle. How could she fall behind as a servant since her master was being so strong.

“Yes, Miss, I’ll leak it later as if I did it on accident.” Qing Yue nodded with confirmation that she would and could protect her own master.

“It’s still early. Talk it out at night, and don’t let others find out. Come on, let’s go to see Aunt Shui right now.” Qin Wanru nodded and stood up. She then hid the letter in her sleeve and she had to bring it to Shui Ruolan, since it was a good chip to bargin.

Qing Yue answered and went to the family temple by following Qin Wanru.

Qionghua saw them coming over and hurriedly ushered them in. Shui Ruolan still wore a plain clothes and sat on the futon. She also did not stand up when she saw Qin Wanru coming.

Qin Wanru took a futon on the side and sat down.

“Aunt Shui, did my mother come to you?” Shui Ruolan shook her head, and her eyes went dark. The previous thoughts of Shui Ruolan had already been overthrown since she knew that it was Mrs. Qin who stained her reputation for the reason to let Qin Huaiyong feel guilty and no longer worry about the thing that Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru sabotaged Qin Wanru.

Nobody was willing to be stepped into the muddle.

It was also because of Qing Wanru’s advice that she didn’t make any move.

“My father may come today, you···” Qin Wanru said seriously, “Aunt Shui, I know you don’t usually think too much on my father, but now··· if there was no one to battle with Mrs. Qin, me and grandma, and you··· we would both end terribly.”

“Don’t worry, Wanru, I know!” Shui Ruolan understood what she said and said it with sadness, while reached out to hug Qin Wanru.

The girl in her arms was truly slim, as if it was a child that didn’t grow up, who could only scheme for herself. If she was not pushed so hard, a girl with such a slim body should stay in her mother’s arms and be spoiled.

“Wanru don’t worry, I know what to do!” She didn’t intend to do it before, but now since she knew that she had to, Shui Ruolan still had something in her hand.

Mrs. Qin was so mean that she tried so hard to ruin herself and Wanru, she could not just let herself be fooled by her.

“Aunt Shui, this letter is for you, take a look, when mother comes to you, you can let her give in, but it is not enough to prove that this is written by my big sister!” Qin Wanru leaned in the arms of Shui Ruolan, while taking out the letter from the sleeve and said with some hidden meaning.

“I see!” Shui Ruolan took the letter and simply read it. She then took a deep breath and nodded. She understood while her eyes became dark and looking down.

Qin Wanru stayed in Shui Ruolan’s arms for a while, and finally rose up. She slightly smiled and said, “you shall be fine, and grandma shall be fine, everyone shall be fine!”

Shui Ruolan almost cried after hearing this. She nodded hard and squeezed her hand while biting her lips.

Qin Wanru stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She turned and left with Qing Yue. She came to send the message her father came, and sent the letter to Shui Ruolan.

It could not be treated as evidence, but could be used as a handle!

Qin Huaiyong went straight to the study and slapped Mrs. Qin for what happened today, so he must be upset and wanted to talk to someone. Qin Wanru knew that she was too young to be that person and grandma was too sick to talk to, and other two wifves were both uneducated since they used to be servants.

Thus the only one left was Shui Ruolan, and she had indicated to him that she had feelings for him. So father would must come to Shui Ruolan to talk about it. That was the first reason.

The accident must make Mrs. Qin worried since she had never been slapped before, together with the letter. That was the second reason.

So Mrs. Qin must be alarmed if they worked together. The more panicked she was, the more mistakes she would make. Desperate moment was a time like this.

Qin Huaiyong was too upset to read the files to his hand. Since he had worked so much to fix Qin Yuru’s problem. Even though there was some grudge between him and the Magistrate Qi, they were still polite to each other in front of other people. Especially he had been promised to Magistrate Qi that he would make it up to him that if he went to the capital city, he would help Magistrate Qi be transfered there too.

Finally, the matter of Qin Yuru was settled.

He could not thought that after the matter, Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru had gotten into another fight with Qi Rongzhi and Magistrate Qi’s wife Madam Li, which was so serious that everyone in Jiangzhou Prefecture knew about it. Magistrate Qi’s eldest daughter went famous together with his own eldest daughter, and Magistrate Qi was really angry about it and sent someone specially to tell him to take good care of his own wife and daughter.

To let know what they should and should not talk about.

They had alrady failed his son, and they were going to do the same to his daughter, Qin Huaiyong had no idea what Mrs. Qin was thinking about. He was even more angry when thinking about that Qi Rongzhi was invited by Mrs. Qin. What was she planning on inviting her, and if she didn’t mean to treat her well, why did she do that. And both sides were humiliated when things turned out to be like this.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Huaiyong stood up. He didn’t have the appetite for the dinner so he just walked around the house with his hands folded back. He also felt pressed as if something was on his chest. How could he calm down when such a thing happened at the critical time when he was about to be transfered to the capital city.

The servant didn’t dare to say anything and followed behind when he saw that he frowned.

After walked for a while, Qin Huaiyong stopped at the little yard and he had no idea why he was here in the family temple. He didn’t know if he should walk in when standing in front of the gate.

Shui Ruolan went to the family temple ever since the accident, he was ashamed to see her. He thought it should be managed by the senior, but the Old Grandma was sick at the moment and he could not mention it to her at the time like this. But it had to be settled and he didn’t want to wrong Shui Ruolan.

He didn’t know what to do in front of the gate of the family temple. He thought that it was not an appropriate time when smelling the scent of the flowers in the yard of the family temple, and he didn’t know what to do.

Qin Huaiyong shook his head after took a sigh and wanted to turn around and leave, since he didn’t know what to do

“Cousin!” The sound coming from his back gave him a tremble. He turned around and saw Shui Ruolan standing at the gate with her servants with surprise.

She was only wearing a simple plain-colored clothes, and she was a little excited and a little bit flustered, but even so, she walked out of the temple and stopped Qin Huaiyong.

They both understood what it meant by taking the step out.

“Cousin, you···” Qin Huaiyong had so much to say at the moment but he just couldn’t say a word.

“Cousin, are··· are you here to see me?” Shui Ruolan lowered her head and bit her lip and said uncomfortably. She twirled the handkerchief in her hand, which was one of her habits. Qin Huaiyong had been watching her, so he knew about it.

“Yes, I’m here to see you··· don’t live here!” Qin Huaiyong’s voice could not help being softened. If it was really Mrs. Qin’s scheme, she was the most innocent one.

“Where should I live if I don’t live here···” Shui Ruolan said with a bit disappointment but with no scold. She slightly lowered her head, which made her slim body more fragile and cold at night.

Qin Huaiyong was both distressed and sad. He subconsciously reached out to help her. “Cousin, you can rest assured, I… I will give you an explanation. You should go back to your yard, it was still too cold out here. Since your body was weak, it’s not good··· for your health to live here!”

“Cousin, I believe in you, but can I··· stay for two more days?” Shui Ruolan lifted her head a bit and said gently, “I··· I don’t know how it turned out to be this···”

Shui Ruolan couldn’t say anything, and lowered her head down hurriedly. The eye marks that flashed in the corner of her eyes were noticed by Qin Huaiyong. He reached out and pulled her hand hard. “Come on, go back with me!”