Medical Princess

Chapter 49 - One Wave After Another

Chapter 49 One Wave After Another

Qin Huaiyong basically left Mrs. Qin with that last statement.

Mrs Qin was frozen in place, wearing a stunned expression on her color-drained face, as Qin Huaiyong left, Mrs. Qin just looked on while unable to say a word.

When Nanny Zhou finally entered Mrs. Qin’s room, she could see Mrs. Qin in a daze, with her face drained of its colors. She approached her in two quick steps and called out softly, “Madam!”

Mrs. Qin woke up from her trance, reached for Nanny Zhou’s hand and started wailing, saying, “How could he do this to me? He said he wanted to take that slut as a concubine. She’s not worthy, she’s just a widow! How could she become the general’s concubine? No way am I going to agree to this, no way!”

She cursed and swear as she wailed, her face filled with hatred and malice and a vein bulging on her neck. She dug her manicured nails into Nanny Zhou so much so that Nanny Zhou’s face turned pale with pain. She quickly pushed Mrs. Qin’s hand away and cried out, “Madam, wake up, Madam, wake up!”

“What am I going to do? What should I do? I’ll now allow that slut to marry my husband! I’m going to kill her!” wailed Mrs. Qin, unable to restrain her emotions. She never imagined that Qin Huaiyong would ever say such words to her, to abruptly reject her suggestions and to marry Shui Ruolan against her will.

How dare he? She was the daughter of Duke Yong. She had lowered her status by marrying him.

“Madam, Madam, don’t panic. Things are still not certain. There has to be a solution to it, do not freak out!” said Nanny Zhou put her hand on her shoulder and shook it gently.

Nanny Zhou’ words brought Mrs. Qin back to reality as her eyes lit up. She reached out to hold on to Nanny Zhou’s hand, back to herself, she said, “What can we do, Nanny Zhou? I don’t want to let that slut marry into the Qin family as the general’s wife, she’s not even fit to be his concubine! She’s not worth it! She was lucky enough not to be drowned given that she did not guard her chastity!”

Mrs. Qin could not help but gnashed her teeth. She did not respond to Qin Huaiyong a minute ago because she was simply too shocked.

“Is the general going take Ms. Shui as wife?” inquired Nanny Zhou, who did not dare to eavesdrop when she was waiting outside the room.

“Yes, that’s what he said. How could Qin Huaiyong even say that? I’m the daughter of Duke Yong and me marrying him was a blessing from heaven. How could he treat me like this? Is he giving up the chance to go to the capital city?” said Mrs. Qin, gnashing her teeth when she mentioned this matter. She could no longer contain the hatred in her as it manifested in her eyes.

“Madam, is it because the general thinks that no one was helping Second Miss Qin manage the matters in her courtyard?” Nanny Zhou suggested after pondering for a while. She knew it was no use for Mrs. Qin to just sit there worrying.

“I’m quite sure it’s not that simple. I am certain he had been having the thought all this while! He wanted to settle this matter together with Qin Wanru’s problem once and for all. I really regretted leading a drunk Qin Huaiyong into Shui Ruolan’s room, now she had taken advantage of that opportunity,” said Mrs. Qin, who wished she could tear Shui Ruolan to pieces at this moment.

“Madam, what is done cannot be undone, we have to move on and think about what we can do to salvage the situation!” said Nanny Zhou, sounding a little guilty because Nanny Zhou was agreeable to the plan regarding what happened that day when the drunk Qin Huaiyong was led to Shui Ruolan’s room. They did not expect that Qin Huaiyong would end up wanting to take Shui Ruolan as his wife, and seemingly Shui Ruolan had agreed to this!

They had half expected Shui Ruolan to become a nun out of shame, which she eventually did not. Even so, Qin Huaiyong would feel so guilty towards Mrs. Qin, that even if he wanted to keep Shui Ruolan in the family, he would make her a concubine.

“What then should we do next?” asked Mrs. Qin, who was clueless.

“Rest assured, Madam. I’m sure the general would not spring into action straight away,” said Nanny Zhou who tried to comfort Mrs. Qin, as her eyes twinkled as if she suddenly thought of a good idea.

“Why?” asked Mrs. Qin.

“Madam, so many things happened in our manor lately and our reputation is at rock bottom now. How would people look at the general if he were to take in another wife, who was a widow, at this moment? Would people not say that he was a lustful man? How could he still think about taking another wife when his daughter had just got into big trouble. His prospects would be greatly affected if news of him taking another wife in at this time.”

Nanny Zhou had accompanied Mrs. Qin and was originally a maid from Duke Yong’s house, so she more or less knew something about politics.

Those officials usually were very concerned about their good reputation. It was really not a wise thing to do to take in a new wife while so much chaos had happened in the General’s Mansion.

“But… after a while, he would still harden his heart, and go ahead with the marriage arrangements,” said Mrs. Qin, frowning and looking upset.

Before she married Qin Huaiyong,she did not think much of him. However, after she married him, she had concentrated her attention to making sure everything worked well in Qin Mansion. While she scrambled for power, she could not take it that Qin Huaiyong was going to take another wife. She was the daughter of a high ranking official from the capital city, who was this Shui Ruolan who wanted to be equal with her.

”At least during this period of time, we can make some plans. Don’t try to argue with the general at this moment, Madam. This is no reason to rush. At the very least, we’ve to wait until the matter concerning Elder Miss Qin to calm down first. Given we have so much time on our hands, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with Miss Shui.

Nanny said with a menacing tone.

Nanny Zhou’s words indeed calmed down Mrs. Qin, who nodded and said, “Alright, we will let that slut enjoy for a few more days.”

“Way to go, Madam, this is how you should tell yourself, that it does not do any good to argue with the general after so many things had happened!” Nanny Zhou said purposefully.

Mrs. Qin had left a foothold for Qin Huaiyong with regards to both Shui Ruolan and Qin Wanru. Although there was no solid evidence yet, however, all that had happened pointed to Mrs. Qin , so it was not the right time to argue with Qin Huaiyong.

“So what if I try to contradict him? Would he divorce me?” questioned Mrs. Qin, gritting her teeth, as she continued, “I am the precious daughter of Duke Yong. If not for… sigh, why did I marry such a useless person?”

“Madam,although I don’t expect the general to be upset over these matters in the past, he was really upset this time. If he were to tell this to the people outside the family, you would definitely be deemed as the party who had done wrong,” Nanny Zhou tried to remind her with a hint. Then she continued with her warning, saying, “Madam,dodon’t ever mention the things of the past which we’ve done. Those had to be kept the secret with you!”

“I won’t tell,” replied Mrs. Qin, nodding. She then went back to her chair, drank a few big gulps and putting down the water, she said, “Nanny Zhou, I supposed you can help settle Wanru’s maid and servants. Tale away whoever she claimed to be unsuitable, lest she uses this to provoke the general to the anger.”

Although Mrs. Qin was beyond angry for what Qin Huaiyong had done, she knew that at this time, she had to back off.

One one hand, there was Shui Ruolan, while on the other, there was Qin Wanru. In comparison, dealing with Shui Ruolan was more pressing for her, since Qin Wanru was just a kid. She thought it would not be too difficult to deal with Qin Wanru once Shui Ruolan, who was stirring up trouble, was gone.

“Yes, Madam, I understand what you mean. I will instruct the Old Maid Ya to bring in the candidates for Second Miss Qin to choose her maids from. Madam, you have to treat Second Miss Qin nicer during this period time, so that the general’s anger can be abated,” reminded Nanny Zhou, who finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Mrs. Qin had finally regained her composure and did not lose her mind.

“I will!” said Mrs. Qin, gritting her teeth and twisting her handkerchief into a ball, as she continued, “I will show that I’m concerned about Qin Wanru’s matters as much as I show concern for Yuru. However, I will not let the matter concerning that slut rest.”

“Madam, you mean…” asked Nanny Zhou cautiously.

“So I heard that Old Grandma’s health is deteriorating. In the past, she would go to Jingxin Monastery to look for the reverend there to help her with recuperating her health. I reckon she would be visiting the monastery again these few days?” said Mrs. Qin with a sinister expression on her face as she contemplated to attack Shui Ruolan at Jingxin Monastery.

“Are you thinking of attacking the general’s cousin at that time?” asked Nanny Zhou, pointing towards Jingxin Monastery. Nanny Zhou immediately understood Mrs. Qin’s intention. In the past, Old Grandma would visit the monastery whenever there was a relapse of her old illness. She guessed as much that Old Grandma would to the same this time.

“While I can’t touch her in the mansion, who could fault me for things that happen outside the mansion? Who could Shui Ruolan when she was the one who caused all the chaos?” said Mrs. Qin coldly, as an evil smile spread across her face

“So you’re not going to send someone to Second Miss Qin’s?” asked Nanny Zhou after she paused and pondered for a moment.

“Of course I’ll send someone for sure! While I’m not going to be targetting the little girl at this moment, that doesn’t mean I would not do something to her later on! I will just let her choose her maids to her heart’s content,” said Mrs. Qin as she raised her eyebrows in a malicious look and continued to say, “Let Yuru choose some maids for herself tomorrow too.”

Coincidentally, at this moment, she had someone in mind whom she could send over to Qin Wanru as a maid. She would arrange for Qin Yuru to stir up some mess to help kick off her plan!

“Yes, Madam. I shall proceed with the arrangement!”

All the servants and maids working in Qin Wanru’s courtyard had been dismissed, amongst whom Qin Wanru’s personal maid, Qing Cui, had been transferred out of the general’s mansion. For a disloyal maid, she would never again be a trusted personal maid even if she were to be sold to another family who wanted her. She could only continue working in households as a lowly servant.

After all, Jiangzhou was not a big place. In a while, what Qing Cui did would be spread all over the place, so one could imagine the state she would end up!

By the time Old Maid Ya brought the servant candidates for Qin Wanru, Shui Ruolan had already left the family temple and gone straight to visit Old Grandma. Thereafter, she went to Qin Wanru’s courtyard to help choose the maids.

When Old Maid Ya heard that Second Miss Qin’s courtyard needed a number of servants and maids, she brought a big group of potential servants and instantly, Qin Wanru’s courtyard looked to be filled with people.

Qin Wanru and Shui Ruolan were sitting on a bench along the corridor with Qing Yue and Nanny Yu standing by and standing behind Shui Ruolan was Qionghua.

“Look, Second Miss, the maids here are clever and witty. Do you want to pick a few more? Madam had given instructions for Second Miss to pick to your heart’s content!” said Old Maid Ya, who knew when to say the right things. She kept sing praises in front of Qin Wanru, knowing that she was the one who was picking the maids today.

She then nudged maids towards Qin Wanru and said, “Look, Second Miss, this young maid is 13 years old, but she is a good caretaker. She has a few younger brothers and sisters at home, whom she takes care of on a daily basis. Her family would not have given her to be a maid if not because there are too many mouths to feed at home!”

This young maid was slightly-built and her eyes looked likely. Her features were pleasant, though not especially outstanding. In total contrast to Qing Cui, she gave a rather likable impression.

Although she was still tender in age, she appeared to be mature and stable. Even though she jolted when Old Maid Ya suddenly nudged her, she remained calm and bowed respectfully at Qin Wanru before she went back to standing quietly with head bowed.

She appeared to have a steady and mature character, yet she was quick to respond. She was an ideal candidate to be the maid to a young mistress like Qin Wanru. Maids with her qualities would like be chosen to be personal maids who could take care of their mistresses, and at the same time, keep an eye on the young mistresses’ conduct.

“Please come over here for a while!” said Shui Ruolan with a gentle voice. She set her eyes on this maid as she rather fancied her.