Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2155 - Taking Liberties

Chapter 2155: Taking Liberties

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“That’s right.” She responded and looked at him and wondered what his intentions were.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu looked at her with a smile: “You must have heard about my competition with the Pharmacy Division Peak Master tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Bai Qingcheng replied. Naturally, she had heard about this matter. She felt that this young boy was far too conceited to dare to challenge the Pharmacy Division Peak Master.

“Tell you what! I don’t want your magical artifacts, if I lose my competition with the Pharmacy Division Peak Master tomorrow, I will give you my Aurora Teleportation Device.”

Upon hearing this, Song Ming’s expression remained the same as before, not in the least surprised. However, Yuan He Immortal Lord was slightly startled, he looked at the young boy who was filled with confidence in his eyes.

Though he had dared to say this, it meant that he felt that he wouldn’t lose to the Pharmacy Division Peak Master at pill refining.. How could a mere young boy be so confident?

“If you lose in your competition with the Pharmacy Division Peak Master, you will give me your Aurora Teleportation Device?” Bai Qingcheng froze for a moment, she asked somewhat cautiously: “What if you win?” She was shocked that she had asked this question.

Could it be that she thought this young boy would defeat the Pharmacy Division Peak Master? How was that possible?

“If I win, hehe.” She laughed lowly. Her smile appeared wretched and her eyes slid around Bai Qingcheng: “If you want to bet there must be a stake, my stake is the Aurora Teleportation Device. As for you, from my point of view, you seem quite valuable on the whole as a person.”

“What do you mean?” Bai Qingcheng stared at him warily.

“You are the stake!” Feng Jiu said leisurely and glanced at her: “Do you think there is anything else on you that catches my eye? If there is anything, it will be your pleasing face.”

She squinted and smiled: “If you want to bet then use yourself as a stake, I don’t want anything else!”

“You, you are shameless!”

She was blushing from Feng Jiu’s words and she waved her palm angrily at Feng Jiu. It was another matter if these words were spoken by a woman, however, it was a man who had said it, and he wanted her to use herself as a stake? He was asking her to betray herself. This young boy was born with a good appearance, but she didn’t expect him to be so shameless!

Feng Jiu avoided her attack easily, and at the same time, she pulled her onto her lap with one hand. She put her other hand around her and lowered her head and asked in her ear: “Why am I shameless? I just thought that I am lacking a maid. If you lose, you will be my maid. Don’t tell me your mind has drifted to dirty thoughts?”

Having said this, the corners of her lips twitched slightly and revealed a wicked smile. She raised her delicate chin with one hand and said: “If you want to, then I can also…”


Yuan He Immortal Lord coughed hard and looked at Feng Jiu in displeasure. This young boy was really audacious, and outrageous to take liberties of his disciple right in front of him.

Song Ming’s mouth twitched slightly, he didn’t know Feng Jiu was interested in both male and female. The way he took liberties with a girl was even more like a man than an actual man. It seemed that he had a few more tricks to learn from her.

“Let me go!”

Bai Qingcheng glared at Feng Jiu in embarrassment. This was the first time she had been hugged by a man so intimately. Her face flushed and her head roared with emotions, especially when she looked at his boisterous grin, it was even more disgusting.