Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 729 - Why Treat It So Badly and Be Hard On Yourself?

Chapter 729: Why Treat It So Badly and Be Hard On Yourself?

Huo Yao noticed Huo Yulin squeezing his left hand and pondered briefly. She proceeded to stand up, walked up beside Huo Yulin, and grabbed his hand to open it slowly.

Huo Yao finally noticed that Huo Yulin’s joints on his left thumb were slightly misshapen. Since she was well versed with human anatomy, she knew that it was a clear sign it was once broken and damaged again during recovery.

Two seconds later, she raised her head to look at Huo Yulin and said, “No matter what happened to your hand, it is all in the past. Why do you have to treat it so badly and be hard on yourself?”

Huo Yulin lowered his eyes and looked at his palm for a long time. He wanted to say how disgusted he was by this hand, but he was suddenly unable to bring himself to say it. Instead, he simply acknowledged her softly.

Huo Yao noticed that he was not as depressed as before, so she patted his palm. “You can do it.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she blinked at him with her head tilted.

Huo Yulin was tickled by his little sister and instinctively rubbed her head. “Okay.”

Huo Yao touched her nose. She wanted to avoid his hand. Since he was feeling depressed today, she decided to let him touch her head.

Moments later, Huo Yao did not continue holding him up and left the room to go downstairs.

Old Madam Yang was still chatting with Min Yu. Huo Yao walked over and sat on the couch sideways.

“Has Yulin gone to bed already?” asked Old Madam Yang as she turned sideways to look at Huo Yao.

Huo Yao took off her furry indoor slippers, sat on the couch cross-legged, and leaned into the backrest. “Uh huh. He might have caught a cold today, so he isn’t feeling great.”

Old Madam Yang got worried the moment she heard this. “Shall we give him some medicine?”

“It’s fine. He’s still young, so he can handle it. It’s just a minor cold.” Huo Yao waved her hand.

“Yulin is such a skinny boy. How could he take it?” Old Madam Yang disagreed. Although he was warmly dressed in winter clothes, Huo Yulin’s face was clearly too thin.

Huo Yao instantly straightened her back to pat her chest. “I am skinny too, but I have a strong constitution.”

Old Madam Yang went speechless.

Even Min Yu’s lips twitched involuntarily.

Old Madam Yang shook her head and stood up. “I am going to make him some ginger tea for the cold. Young people these days just don’t take care of themselves.”

Huo Yao wanted to tell her grandmother to stop, but Old Madam Yang was insistent and there was no holding her back, so Huo Yao gave up.

Huo Yao shook her head before veering her eyes. She reached out and took some winter jujubes from the coffee table.

She took a bite before she asked Min Yu. “Oh yes. Have you booked your air ticket?”

“Not yet. When do you plan on going back?” asked Min Yu as he raised his brow.

“Probably the day after,” replied Huo Yao.

They had already stayed here for five days and it was a decent period of time.

“Okay,” acknowledged Min Yu and nodded.

Old Madam Yang’s phone rang on the coffee table. Huo Yao spat the winter jujube seeds into the bin nearby. She put on her slippers, picked up the phone unhurriedly, and picked it up to take it to Old Madam Yang who was in the kitchen.

Her eyes narrowed briefly when she caught sight of the caller ID on the screen.

The phone’s ringtone was very loud, and Old Madam Yang could even hear it from the kitchen. The moment it rang, Old Madam Yang had already heard it.

She said from the kitchen, “Yao, why don’t you check who is calling? Help me answer it. I am busy.”

Huo Yao raised her head and glanced towards the kitchen as she acknowledged her grandmother. She answered the phone just as it was about to stop ringing and placed it by her ear.

There was a cold look on Huo Yao’s face as she listened without saying a word.