Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 756 - How Could She Get Into Tsing University?

Chapter 756: How Could She Get Into Tsing University?

Jiang Mingyue stopped looking at her speech and frowned slightly. She raised her head the moment Yi Feiyu finished his sentence. She glanced at Huo Yao’s empty hands and paused for a couple of seconds before veering her eyes nonchalantly.

Huo Yao turned her head sideways and saw the look of concern on Yi Feiyu’s face. She promptly stopped herself from saying that all she needed was her mouth.

She contemplated and decided that she ought to keep a low profile, so she cleared her throat and answered. “I don’t need a script.”

Yi Feiyu was astonished to hear this. “If you are not using a script, does that mean you are giving an impromptu speech?”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Huo Yao. She was dragging her last syllable a little and sounded particularly languid.

Yi Feiyu touched his nose. Fine. He was simply narrow minded. Perhaps it was nothing for Huo Yao to give an impromptu speech.

After all, Huo Yao was a genius.

Yi Feiyu cleared his throat awkwardly and stuck his thumb up at Huo Yao. “You are brilliant.”

He paused before he sighed and said, “There’s no way I can pull that off. I almost went bald just coming up with the speech. How could I memorize it?”

Huo Yao nodded slightly and rooted for him. “Good luck.”

Jiang Mingyue suddenly closed the notebook in her hand and stood up. She smiled as she interrupted Yi Feiyu and Huo Yao’s conversation and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she walked away gracefully without even looking at Huo Yao.

Yi Feiyu did not continue chatting with Huo Yao. Instead, he pulled out a piece of paper filled with words and quietly memorized it.

Just thinking about going on the stage made him nervous.

Not all the students had arrived at the hall yet and there were still about ten minutes to go before the speech officially commenced. Huo Yao pulled up a chair to sit down and took out her phone.

The Physics professor she had met when she was at Tsing University for the National Quiz Contest kept texting her recently about Physics. If she did not reply right away, he would proceed to send a sad face emoticon before long. It made her feel incredibly guilty about bullying a nice old professor whenever he did that.


Jiang Mingyue came back from the bathroom to see Huo Yao leisurely playing with her phone and despised her even more.

Mu Qing was preparing for the speech seriously, along with Yi Feiyu. How could the third year student representative sit around playing with her phone? Jiang Mingyue shook her head in contempt.

Although she did not like Huo Yao, she did not show it on her face.

After all, they would probably never encounter each other again. She certainly did not think someone as frivolous as Huo Yao was capable of getting into Tsing University.


Before long, the speech commenced.

Since this was an important event, Principal Yu went onto the stage and said a few words first. Huo Yao and the others stood behind the curtain the moment the event started.

After the principal said a few words, he would invite each alumnus to come on stage and give their speech. The first one to start was Yi Feiyu.

Yi Feiyu held the thick curtain. His black spectacles were incapable of concealing his anxiety. He turned to look at Huo Yao and said, “I feel a little scared.”

Since Yi Feiyu was a Physics student, he was typically stuck in a research laboratory. Although he had an exuberant personality, it was the first time he was presenting a motivational speech to so many people.

Huo Yao raised her hand and patted his shoulder. “You can do it.”

Yi Feiyu saw the calm look on Huo Yao’s face. He instantly inhaled deeply and straightened his back. “Okay. Thanks for the encouragement.”

Yi Feiyu could not afford to embarrass himself with Huo Yao around. He had to give her a good impression so that he could convince her to join the Physics department.