Miracle Throne

Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face

Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face

A Big Slap to the Face

At this time, a great commotion broke out in the crowd as a ferocious giant person of over two meters tall walked out. He had red hair and the stature of a bear, “Interesting, Interesting, I’ll come to serve as a witness for you.”

“Isn’t that the drug freak Xiong* Tian Yan?”

*TN: Xiong in his name means bear.

“Chief Executive Elder of Alchemist Association.”

“This guy has a hot temperament and is not afraid to go against even Li Chang Yun. He does not have a lot of strong connections, but his elder brother is a high ranking general in Tian Nan city. With such a solid background, no one would dare to offend him.”


Understands alchemy!

Honest and frank!

It would be hard to find a more suitable witness than Xiao Tian Yan.

Ye Feng’s face expressed indifference: “Alright, now that we have Xiong Elder as a witness, there is no need be afraid that someone would dare to renege on a debt after losing.”

“Everybody is clear about this old bear’s temperament; I am always impartial.” Xiong Tian let out a bear-like explosive laugh as red coloured magic energy surged out from his body along with a bear’s roar. A strong wave of intimidating pressure spread to the surroundings, “Those who goes back on their words will have a taste of my Violent Bear Fist!”

Peak of the 9th rank of Body Refinement realm!

Another expert who is close to Awakened Spirit realm!

Xiong Tian Yan’s elemental spirit is a Magma Bear, it was far from comparable to the Fire Phoenix elemental spirit, however it is a rare dual element spirit. Its main attribute is fire, but it also houses the earth attribute. It had both the destructive abilities of the fire element and the defensive properties of the earth element. Its offensive and defensive nature gave it a high combat potential; fighting against it is definitely not simple.

Xiong Tian Yan stood in the centre of the large scale alchemy room, while Ye Feng and Chu Tian stood on either side, surrounded by a crowd of curious onlookers.

“Well, the rules are simple, one person from each party will come up and make a pill which they are best at making. Whoever, in the limited time, makes the best pill will be the victor! Now start and choose the required ingredients!”

Ye Feng seemed as if victory was already in his grasp: “The materials that I want are, Hellfire Lotus Seed, Scarlet Cap Mushroom, Cordyline Blood Vine, Fire Hemp Grass, Smoke Asphyxiate Flower……”

Xiong Tian Yan’s nickname was “Drug Freak.”

Xiong Tian Yan was extremely obsessed with study of alchemy; his attainments in the field of medicinal alchemy would without a doubt place him within the top five in Tian Nan City.

Judging by the materials, Xiong Tian Yan knew that Ye Feng was preparing to make Fiery Rage Pill. Fiery Rage Pill was one of Li Chang Yun’s most classic inventions which raked in massive profit each year. Xiong Tian Yan hadn’t thought that Li Chang Yun would actually pass it down to Ye Feng; from this, one could see the importance Li Chang Yun put on Ye Feng.

Fiery Rage Pill is a type of consumable pill.

After a Body Refinement cultivator used this pill, it causes a user’s magic to increase several-fold for two hours. But once the medicinal effects wore off, the user’s cultivation would regress. It could only be used once every three months, or else it would leave permanent damage.

The essence of the Fiery Rage pill was to burn through the user’s potential. Even though the damage it causes to the body was enormous, it was still a great life saver if used in a time of danger, thereby making it a popular item in the market.

After Ye Feng finished saying his list of materials, he immediately used provocative eyes to gaze at Chu Tian: “What have you prepared to contend with me?”

Chu Tian blinked his eyes: “You misunderstood, did I say I was going to personally compete against you?”

Ye Feng was surprised for a moment: “What do you mean, do you want to go back on your own words?”

“I just said before, even your master is not worthy to be my handyman! That being the case, why would I use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken? To defeat you, why would I have to personally come out! Miss, you can go beat this guy.”

For someone as proud as Ye Feng, he immediately flew into a rage: “You dare to insult me!”

The crowd was also in an uproar. The second daughter of the Meng family was Zhang Li Qing’s student. Zhang Li Qing is an expert in the field of talisman crafting, Meng Ying Ying was no more than a nominal disciple, how could she understand the art of making medicine? This was just nonsense!

Xiong Tian Yan had a strange expression on his face: “This is a gamble of 5000 gold coins! You are sure you want to do it this way?”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, saying: “Meng Ying Ying has studied medicinal alchemy with me for one night. Dealing with a small fry like him is more than enough.”

These words were too arrogant!

How broad was the study of refining medicinal alchemy?

Countless people exhausted their whole lives trying to achieve something in alchemy with no success at all! Both talent and hard work were extremely important to become a good alchemist. Now, an outsider who had only studied for a single night threatens to defeat the most dazzling young talent in Tian Nan City?

This was practically a play acted out by children!

Chu Tian himself was only sixteen or seventeen years old!

Meng Ying Ying suppressed the nervousness and excitement in her heart. She remembered that Chu Tian said that he would create an opportunity to setback the Ye clan and for her to get her dignity back.

Xiong Tian Yan couldn’t do anything: “What materials do you want?”

Meng Ying Ying felt somewhat moved in her heart: “I will have whatever ingredients he’s having.”

The Fiery Rage Pill was the exclusive invention of Li Changyun,its production is closely guarded even to this day; how could Meng Ying Ying grasp the the technique to refine Fiery Rage Pill? And if she wasn’t refining Fiery Rage Pill, then why would she take the exact same ingredients?

Xiong Tian Yan was completely unable to guess what the other party wanted to do. They were full of confidence, and he had no reason to interfere. He could only order the requested materials to be delivered to the site. He let the two sides do their preparations before finally taking out a hourglass.

“Let’s begin!”

The sand in the hourglass would empty out after thirty to forty minutes.

Limiting the time it took to make pills would only increase the difficulty.

“Hmph, trash, look closely! Today I will let you witness what is called disparity, to let you know how stupid your actions are!”

While Ye Feng was talking, he had taken out a pill furnace. The furnace was around half a meter tall, it had a violet gold body covered with complicated runes. Four spirit beasts wound around it, emitting a precious pale light. With a single glance, one could tell it was not a common item.

“That’s the Four Beasts Violet Gold Furnace!”

“This is the furnace which great master Li Chang Yun used when he was young!”

“The level one pills made by this kind of pill furnace will have both their chance of success and purity greatly increased.”

“Ye Feng was already the alchemy genius of Tian Nan City. Now that he has the help of this kind of treasure, it was basically giving wings to a tiger!”


There were a lot of medicinal alchemy masters here. When they saw the Four Beasts Violet Gold Furnace, they all became very excited. This was an extremely famous top-tier treasure in Tian Nan City’s medicinal alchemy sector!

Even Xiong Tian Yan hadn’t thought, that the old devil surnamed Li would really give a furnace worth tens of thousands of gold to Ye Feng. On the other side, Meng Ying Ying took out a plain looking, mediocre styled bronze furnace. This was clearly the standard equipped furnace which appears in every alchemy room.

How could this be competed against?

Xiong Tian Yan shook his head.

Meng Ying Ying’s pill furnace was not only simple, but her handling of the materials was also very crude. She was just taking them out one by one and carefully grinding them.

Ye Feng skilfully activates the fire apparatus. The hot flame spewed out and immediately enveloped the Violet Gold Furnace. With a sweep of his right hand, all the materials crumbled and turned to fine powder before raining down in disarray. With a wave of his left hand, magic energy spewed out, lifting the Violet Gold Furnace into the air. With a single pass, the furnace had already captured all the ingredients.

The Violet Gold Furnace stably landed in the middle of the fire, and then started to spin at an even pace to ensure the heat was very evenly distributed. When the medicinal alchemy array activated, the furnace emitted a low rumbling noise from within and a thick medicinal aroma spread throughout the area.

The refinement had begun!



People cheered out in succession!

Ye Feng’s two hands shielded the pill furnace, stably controlling the refining progress. Fiery Rage Pill was a type of pill that was hard to refine because all the materials used are of the violent fire type. If the alchemist was not careful, they would lose control and explode the furnace, therefore they must be very careful.

Ten minutes has already passed since Ye Feng begun. A strong medicinal aroma diffused through the surroundings. Ye Feng’s series of lavish techniques amazed the audiences, making them stand up again and again like waves.

At this time, Meng Ying Ying finally started to refine. She steadied the pill furnace and began to use magic energy to activate the alchemy formation. There was no fragrance, there were no special techniques. She released her magic energy at a constant frequency to power the alchemy array in the furnace.

“Meng family’s second daughter has lost for sure.”

“How could she be young master Ye’s opponent?”

“That’s right, regardless of strength, skill, or equipment, she has obviously lost by a big chunk.”

As people discussed with each other, at a time when nobody was paying attention, Meng Ying Ying suddenly stopped. She opened the pill furnace and took out an almost transparent pale red pill: “I’ve finished!”

The whole audience exclaimed in surprise!

What kind of a situation was this?

Meng Ying Ying actually took the lead in creating the pill?

The entire process had nothing exciting, and yet it only took a mere ten-something minutes?

Ye Feng saw the colour of the pill in Meng Ying Ying’s hand from far away, and laugh coldly. Fiery Rage Pill was red, dark red means low-grade, purple-red means mid-grade while blood red was top-grade. What was up with that transparent thing? Simply rubbish!

Not blowing up the furnace was already a miracle for trash like her, only heaven would know what kind of garbage was made!

Ten-something minutes later.

The hourglass was about to finish draining.

Ye Feng shouted loudly: “Raise!”

A crimson red pill shot out from the Violet Gold pill furnace.

Ye Feng’s limit was originally the purple-red Fiery Rage Pill. His extraordinary performance this time allowed for him to create a pill that has surpass mid-grade. The actual worth of the pill was between mid and top-grade. He used the attitude of a victor to glance at Chu Tian: “You guys have already lost!”

Chu Tian shook his head: “No comparison has been made yet, your speech is too premature.”

Ye Feng laughed loudly: “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll make you admit from the heart. Elder Xiong, would you please identify the quality of the two pills! I believe that with elder Xiong’s ability, he will be able to identify the quality at a glance.”

As a cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank of Body Refinement and as an experienced alchemist, the quality and the energy contained in a pill is indeed something that can be identified with a glance.

Xiong Tian Yan first checked Ye Feng’s Fiery Rage pill, with a dignified face, nodded his head and said: “This is truly a Fiery Rage Pill with exceptional quality. It has been thoroughly refined and contains few impurities. The energy contained within is strong enough to stimulate a cultivator’s magic energy and allow them to double their strength for a short time!”

The crowd was in an uproar!

Since even Drug Freak Xiong Tian Yan appraised it so, then it must be real!

For Ye Feng to refine a near top-grade Fiery Rage Pill at such a young age was indeed something extraordinary. He was so proud because he had the skills to back his pride up.!

Xiong Tian Yan in his heart didn’t want Ye Feng to win, but the truth in front of his eyes was not something he can reject. Xiong Tian Yan did not have any expectations for the pill that Meng Ying Ying had refined.

Meng Ying Ying voluntarily brought up the pill.

Xiong Tian Yan held it in his hand and simply sensed it.

Suddenly, Xiong Tian Yan’s pupils contracted and his whole body shook. From calm, to shock, and finally turned to fright. He stalled for a few seconds before he finally said a sentence with difficulty, “I think the outcome is already very clear!”

Ye Feng hadn’t paid attention to Xiong Tian Yan’s expression, smugly said: “That goes without saying! These two trash challenging this young master is purely bringing disgrace upon themselves. Well, please hand me the promissory note. This young master will kindly accept that five thousand gold!”

Xiong Tian Yan angrily roared: “Shut your mouth!”

The people were all shocked at the same time.

Ye Feng also froze in place.

Xiong Tian Yan slowly lifted up the pale red translucent pill, and took a deep breath: “In my whole life, this pill is the most flawless, most impeccable and the most outstanding pill I have ever seen. The degree of refinement is close to 100% with almost no impurities. It completely absorbed all of the essence from the ingredients and did not allow the slightest waste. This can simply be called the highest-grade!”


The whole crowd was shocked!

What kind of a figure was Xiong Tian Yan?

To actually be giving out this kind of high evaluation!

Xiong Tian Yan continued, saying: “I can tell, this is not a Fiery Rage Pill. Even though the power of the two pills are similar, but there are obvious differences. This pill’s strength is higher than of Fiery Rage Pill. I can say with confidence that this pill is made with a completely different but a more perfect alchemy array! This alchemy array is simply superior to Li Chang Yun’s alchemy array!”

The people felt as if the earth and sky were spinning!

Is this real?

A girl actually possessed an alchemy array that is superior to the one of Alchemy Association’s president!