Miracle Throne

Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation

Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation


Xiong Tianyan was a well-known drug freak. When he saw the new type of pill, he could not suppress the blood boiling within him. Unable to endure his curiosity and his urge to know about the pill’s effect, he said to Meng Ying Ying: “I would like to ask Miss Meng to come up and introduce this new pill!”

How would Meng Ying Ying know what kind of pill she had refined?

Chu Tian saw the opportunity and came out to say: “This is called Crimson Lotus pill and its effect is similar to the effect of the so-called Fiery Rage pill, but the effect is both longer lasting and stronger. In addition, there are less harsh side effects. After the effect has passed, one would only feel that their body would become extremely exhausted, which can be recovered just by resting a few days. It will not damage one’s foundation which means their cultivation would not decrease.”

Xiong Tian Yan become deeply shocked!

The Crimson Lotus Pill was able to crap all over the Fiery Rage pill!

The side effects of the Fiery Rage pill would do a lot of harm to the body, and there was even a chance that one’s cultivation could regress. This was the reason why this pill was only used during a life or death situation, as one’s life was worth more than a setback in cultivation? Once the Crimson Lotus Pill went into production, what place would Fiery Rage pill have?

For one of Li Chang Yun’s research that he was most proud of to be made this worthless would – without a doubt – shock the medicinal alchemy sector!

Xiong Tian Yan felt as if his blood was on fire. As even Meng Ying Ying could make such an excellent pill, then how terrifying must that mysterious teenage boy be?

“There is no need for me to state who the winner is!” Xiong Tian Yan personally gave Ye Feng’s crystal card to Meng Ying Ying: “For miss Meng Ying Ying to create such an exquisite pill at such a young age, this old bear feels boundless admiration. Please accept your spoils.”


“You guys are colluding!”

Ye Feng could not accept such a result, thus he exploded in rage.

Hearing this, Xiong Tian Yan became furious: “I, Xiong Tian Yan is honest and impartial. It is you Ye’s that like to commit these despicable acts! If you aren’t satisfied, then take this pill and have it analyzed by Li Chang Yun. If this old bear got it wrong, then I’ll chop my head off so you can use it as a toilet.”

Both Ye Feng’s eyes were red through and through: “You guys are definitely banding together to trick me! Or else how could these garbage beat me? This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible! You are definitely tricking me!”

Losing money was not important!

This matter had dealt his ego too big of a blow!

Xiong Tian Yan was furious: “Don’t push it! Can the Ye’s not afford a lost?!”

“It’s impossible for me to lose!” Ye Feng lost his intellect in his rage: “I want to have a duel with you! If you have ability come and fight a round with me! Trash will forever remain trash! If you didn’t use any tricks and scheme, how would she have won!”

Meng Ying Ying became hot headed: “Then let’s duel! I’m not afraid of you!”

Xiong Tian Yan was about to stop them.

Ye Feng had the power of peak 3rd rank Body Refinement. According to Zhang Li Qing’s style, only those that have reached 3rd rank Body Refinement before the age of 18 could become his official disciple. Meng Ying Ying being only a nominal disciple meant that she did not have 3rd rank Body Refinement strength.

Chu Tian languidly yawned, saying irresponsibly: “No worries, let them fight!”

Ye Feng violently rushed forward a couple of steps, angrily roaring as he pounced towards Meng Ying Ying. Both of his fists glowed with a dim white magical light!

Losing to Meng Ying Ying in alchemy, was a reality that he could not accept!

Then he would use his fist to regain his dignity. Even if he cannot beat Meng Ying Ying to death today, he would still cripple her!

There must not be an alchemist genius more outstanding than me inside Tian Nan City!

Ye Feng did not hold back at all, he used his full strength and sent his fist straight towards Meng Ying Ying’s head!

Only a lowly 2nd rank Body Refinement!

How was it possible for her to dodge?

Go die! Go and die for me!

Ye Feng had suffered a huge blow and his mentality had thoroughly crumbled apart. This made him completely lose his reason. The only way that he could shake off the shadows in his heart was to get rid of Meng Ying Ying.

“So slow! ”

“It’s you who is trash!”

Meng Ying Ying made a soft yelp, her body emitted a magical shine. That delicate slender leg sent a kick so fast that it made a whoosh sound as it passed through the air.

Ye Feng was not prepared to defend at all and the kick landed squarely on his lower abdomen. He was sent flying like a sack of hay before landing on his face 3 meters away!

“Wah! Nice Dog Crushing Kick!” Chu Tian exaggeratedly screamed and danced about: “Meng Ying Ying won!”

Meng Ying Ying herself was taken aback.

I won?

No way!

I really won!

Chu Tian rushed up and held Meng Ying Ying’s delicate hands high in the air, and spoke loudly to the crowd: “Which blind dumbass dares to say Meng Ying Ying is garbage! Stand out if you have the guts!”

Meng Ying Ying’s brain had already completely short-circuited.

The audience, including Xiong Tian Yan, were all stupefied.

Meng Ying Ying was actually this strong!

That kick had the strength of at least 4th rank Body Refinement, right? It was not someone who had just entered 4th rank Body Refinement, but it carried the power of peak 4th rank Body Refinement!

A sixteen year old peak 4th rank!

This kind of cultivation talent was already first rate in Tian Nan city, not to mention her incredible alchemy “talent”!

Who still dares to say she is garbage?

Who still dares to say she is a vase?

Who still dares to look down on Meng family’s second daughter?

All the surrounding people’s eyes gradually began to show both fear and respect.

Meng Ying Ying had a feeling that she was dreaming. The hardship and low self-esteem she carried all these years have all been washed away in an instant. She wanted to cry, but did not want to ruin her guise; she bit down on her teeth to stop the tears from flowing out!

How many people looked down on her?

How many people thought of her as a vase?

But today, she stood tall and proud!

She used actions to tell everyone that she was not just some garbage nor a vase!

Of course, everything was put in place by that mysterious boy!

When Meng Ying Ying was lost in her thoughts, Ye Feng suddenly got up, his hair unkempt and disheveled like a lunatic, pulling out a dagger from his waist: “I will kill you!”

The cold blade stabs towards Meng Ying Ying!

Xiong Tian Yan was enraged for real this time: “Dare to pretend I am not here!”

The power of his spirit was unleashed through his fist which landed on Ye Feng’s chest. His exquisite white robe has been charred black and was sent flying dozens of meters before stopping; at least a dozen bones in his body is broken. Ye Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood before fainting.

“Young Master!”

The two mercenaries quickly carried Ye Feng away. After a brief inspection, their expression gloomed. Xiong Tian Yan’s fist broke a few of Ye Feng’s primary veins. Even if he was to completely recover, his strength would greatly decrease and it is possible to leave after effects.

The housekeeper’s heart was dead like ash!

If Ye Feng was half-crippled, would he still have a status?

“The Ye family will not let you go!”

“So noisy! Scram!” Xiong Tian Yan slapped the housekeeper flying. Just like rumor, Xiong Tian Yan has a violent strong personality, not afraid to offend anybody: “Go back and tell Ye Xiong that Tian Nan city is not his, have some restraint. Also tell him that I was the one that crippled his son, if he wants revenge, then come for me, don’t drag other people in this!”

The two mercenaries hurriedly fled the scene.

Meng Ying Ying felt a bit guilty: “Uncle Xiong Tian Yan, I am very sorry. We made you offend the Ye clan.”

“Ha ha ha, nonsense!” Xiong Tian Yan laughed loudly: “This is not the first time I have offended, so it doesn’t matter. I have a request that I hope you will consider.”

“Of course we will do what we can.”

Xiong Tian Yan’s rough face carried a serious expression. He stared at Chu Tian intently, saying: “I want to become your disciple!”

Meng Ying Ying opened her mouth widely in surprise!

What kind of a figure was Xiong Tian Yan?

He was the Executive elder of Alchemist Association. The boss of Tian Nan city’s herb market. His brother is Tian Nan city’s general. As a person carrying so many titles, he can easily attain money, power, status and strength. To request becoming Chu Tian’s disciple in front of so many!

Normal people would not let themselves do something like this.

Who has seen a famous billionaire grovel before a hobo and humbly become their lackey?

For situation like this, there is no need to mention whether it is reasonable; just the courage required is admirable!

Xiong Tian Yan true to his nickname Drug Freak, is fascinated with the art of medicinal alchemy. Chu Tian was able to teach Meng Ying Ying to make a precious pill such as Crimson Lotus pill in one night already set him apart from others. The knowledgeable ones will be the teacher, age does not matter!

“I don’t accept disciples.”

Chu Tian directly refused extreme characters like Xiong Tian Yan almost without thinking. This once again shocked everyone!

Xiong Tian Yan not only didn’t become angry, but he felt Chu Tian was even more unordinary!

Xiong Tian Yan anxiously scratched his head: “Why don’t you reconsider? Just pretend you hired a bodyguard, you must know that you already angered the Ye’s clan!”

“No need, I definitely will not take disciples so you had better find some other experts. I will not change my mind on this matter.” Chu Tian shook his head, and patted Meng Ying Ying, who was by his side: “The Ye’s will come back soon to get revenge, let’s quickly get out of here.”

“Wait, I’m sincere!”

“I will pay tuition, any amount you want!”

Under countless people’s wondering and admiring eyes, Chu Tian didn’t look back as he left the alchemy center with Meng Ying Ying.

After leaving, Meng Ying Ying said: “Uncle Xiong is a very nice person and he is strong. If he were to become your disciple, then it would be good for all of us”

Chu Tian shook his head: “I don’t like restrictions, besides, teaching or not teaching depends on fate. If I am in a good mood, then I’ll give some pointers. If i am not in a good mood, then I will kick him away. That is my style. Regarding accepting a disciple, forget about it! If I were to accept a disciple, not to mention that he has not even reached Awakened Soul realm, but even if he has, there is nothing special about that either.”

Awakened Soul cultivators are giants above everyone else.

Chu Tian acted as if those Awakened Souls were nothing special. Meng Ying Ying only rolled her eyes and did not say much else. She took out the 5000 gold crystal card and felt as if she was dreaming. Even if she gave Chu Tian half of it, the twenty five hundreds that is left is still a large amount.

The two people returned home.

At the doorway, a bony old man wearing a cloth gown hurriedly rushed up: “How did Miss Meng Ying Ying come back only now, Miss Meng Qing Wu was almost worried to death.”

“Housekeeper Zhao, what did you say? JieJie already knows?”

Housekeeper Zhao sighed: “Ah, my Miss Meng Ying Ying, this time you have overdone it. The news that you get expelled has spread. Miss Meng QIng Wu wanted you to explain but she waited a whole night and you didn’t return.”

“I will go explain to my sister!”

Housekeeper Zhao bitterly smiled as he said: “You don’t know, this time Miss Meng Qing Wu is actually very disappointed and angry.”

Meng Ying Ying stomped on the ground: “Then move out of the way! If I explain it, then it will be fine! She will understand me!”

A middle aged man in armor walked out from the gate, said with a long face: “Miss Meng Qing Wu ordered for you to be locked up for a day once you come back!”

“Captain Meng, what are you saying?”

“These are Miss Meng Qing Wu’s original words.”

“Forget it, I need to see JieJie first!”

“I am very sorry, I can only follow Miss Meng Qing Wu’s command!”

The household guard kept his cold face, showing no compassion at all.

Two maids walked to either side of Meng Ying Ying and began to advise her in soft voices: “Miss Meng Ying Ying, Captain Meng is only following his instructions, he can’t disobey orders. You had still better come with us.”

“Okay, okay! I know!” Meng Ying Ying was a bit scared of Captain Meng. She gloomily stamped her foot: “I’ll just go, so stubborn!”

Meng Ying Ying was brought away for confinement.

Captain Meng did not leave. He only looked at Chu Tian with a bad expression, saying: “You are the person that Miss Meng Ying Ying brought back? Miss Meng Qing Wu wants to see you!”

Captain Meng was the Meng family’s head guard and has the power of 7th rank Body Refinement. He could be considered one of the few stronger people in Tian Nan city. This person was extremely loyal to the Meng family. Chu Tian was not his opponent, thereby escaping was impossible. If Miss Meng Qing Wu wanted to see him, then he might as well go have a look.

Captain Meng led him to a small flower garden.

“Go inside!”

This setup seemed kind of strange, almost as if the Miss Meng Qing Wu intended to meet with him alone? Chu Tian rubbed his nose but didn’t think about it too much, immediately walking in.

The small garden had a quiet and tranquil style with a exquisite small pavilion located in the center.

There stood a tall beautiful girl that looked similar to Meng Ying Ying. Her veil like white dress made it appear as if she was standing in a thick, white fog. She stood quietly under a pavilion as if it was a beautiful painting. This sight would make even a flower pale in comparison while making people lose themselves in their thoughts.

Meng Qing Wu’s hair had been carefully brushed and arranged. She looked beautiful and noble, with snow-like skin, long straight legs, a plump butt; full of a mature charm. From her brows seeped the aura of a strong woman.

Chu Tian looked at Meng Qing Wu with an eye of appreciation.

Unrivaled beauty, unrivaled beauty!

Both sisters are rare beauties.

Last night, when he could only hear her, but not see her, just her voice itself was already tantalizing. After seeing her in person, her beauty is indeed enough to overthrow cities and states, much more beautiful than he had previously imagined!

In addition, she had the most perfect, mature, and attractive body out of all the beauties he seen. That magnificent bosom, that moon-like round bottom, that obscene pair of long legs, all released a mature charm.

Meng Ying Ying was like a big kid; silly and naive. Being around her is very relaxing and comfortable. If she was compared to Meng Qing Wu, then she would lack a bit of femininity.

Nangong Yun was also very stunning, but her personality is very unruly and pungent. On the other hand, Meng Qing Wu’s elegant, noble and dignified personality is better at stimulating a man’s desire to conquer.


“Have you seen enough?”

An magnetic voice sounded near his ears.

Meng Qing Wu’s eyes showed a hint of animosity!

Chu Tian felt he was a bit abrupt. Meng Qing Wu was already not in a good mood, he did not want to fall into a bad situation; he immediately fakely cupped his hand: “The lowly Chu Tian greets Miss Meng Qing Wu. Does Miss have any instruction?”

Meng Qing Wu humphed.

The first impression was already extremely poor.

Despite this guy having fair skin and handsome looking, he probably wasn’t anybody good!

She asked in a cold tone: “Where did you come from? What evil intentions do you harbor for getting close to Ying Ying?”

“Miss Meng Qing Wu, you have the situation confused. It was Miss Meng Ying Ying that brought me into Meng family, how could you say that I was the one getting close to her? You can ask her yourself for my background, no need for me to explain.”

Chu Tian tried his best to appear modest and unassuming, but this was proving to be something very hard. The coquettishness and frivolousness in a person’s bones was hard to cover up.

Miss Meng Qing Wu felt more deeply that this man was deceitful!

A sixteen year old girl that could lead Yun Nan Commerce out of quagmire was definitely someone with skills and perception. Meng Qing Wu’s vicious gaze could tell that Chu Tian was not just a slave in just a single glance.

He must have ulterior motive for getting close to Meng Ying Ying!

Her pair of beautiful eyes immediately became filled with hostility.

Chu Tian helplessly sighed.

No wonder Miss Meng Qing Wu wanted to see me.

This setup is purely for sending in an army to punish me!