Miracle Throne

Chapter 15: Too Late For Regre

Chapter 15: Too Late For Regre

Too Late For Regret

Xiong Tian Yan had five important statuses:

The first, he was a half Awakened Spirit elite.

The second, he was a well-known alchemist.

The third, he was Tian Nan City’s Alchemist Association’s Chief Executive Elder.

The fourth, he was Tian Nan City’s high ranking officer – General Xiong Bing’s younger brother.

And the fifth, he was a behind-the-scenes large shareholder in Tian Nan City’s Alchemic market, owning many properties and medicinal material channels.

Which one of these five statuses wouldn’t cause people to respect and worship him? After Nan Yun Commerce had become a second-rate commerce, there had been no chance of seeking connections with such a prominent figure like Xiong Tian Yan! Now that Xiong Tian Yan had personally come for a visit and wanted to be Meng Ying Ying’s disciple, how could she not be shocked?


Difficult to believe!

If Nan Yun Commerce could have Xiong Tian Yan as an umbrella protecting it, how would their enemies dare to try to deal with her openly?

Xiong Tian Yan had come up with this surprising decision after a session of deep thought. Chu Tian was the real expert. But as Chu Tian didn’t accept disciples, then why not take a roundabout strategy and instead become Meng Ying Ying’s disciple, learning Chu Tian’s knowledge from her?

To a real drug freak, how much does dignity really mean compared to the opportunity to gain knowledge of advanced alchemy techniques?

If there are three people walking, one of them must be able to teach me something! Things that other people understand, but I don’t; then it is worth it to go and learn.

TN: This is a phrase modified from Confucius. “Three people walking, there must be someone I can learn from. I can learn from other that are better and reflect on my weakness from other’s weakness.”

This was already originally Xiong Tian Yan’s style!

Moreover, Meng Ying Ying was already at the peak of the fourth rank of Body Refining at such a young age. If they were to compare talent, then she is definitely above Xiong Tian Yan!

Meng Qing Wu tested the waters: “The Meng family is only a small household. Wouldn’t doing something like this hurt the reputation of someone as famous as Elder Xiong? Besides, how would I not know what Meng Ying Ying is capable of? She does not even qualify to be your disciple.”

Xiong Tian Yan slapped the table: “You women are too fussy. I leave my words here today, if I can’t become her disciple today, then this old bear will just hang out here and not leave!”

Meng Qing Wu was a very cautious person due to long period of infighting and intrigues. This made her not trust anything easily. If she had not gotten this matter cleared up, she would not make any decisions. She could only think of a delay tactic: “Meng Ying Ying just got home and is resting. Why don’t I give you a reply after she has woke up?”

“Has Master already went to sleep? Then let’s talk about this after Master has had a good rest. You don’t have to bother her! I have plenty of time!”

Even someone as good mannered as Meng Qing Wu couldn’t help but want to curse out loud!

Xiong Tian Yan could be considered a respected figure.

How could he be so shameless!

Since Nan Yun commerce had begun to seep into the medicinal alchemy market, Xiong Tian Yan would be a great benefactor. However, Meng Qing Wu believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch. She had to settle Xiong Tian Yan down first, then ask meimei to understand the situation before making any decisions.

“Eldest Miss, Miss Nangong Yun and Master Zhang Li Qing have come to visit!”

Housekeeper Zhao ran over, breathing erratically.


Nangong Yun?

Zhang Li Qing!

Meng Qing Wu heard a loud buzz in her head, her thoughts turned into a complete disarray, like a bowl of mushy porridge. Xiong Tian Yan was already a big deal, now two more bigger big-shots had arrived. What was going on? Are these events connected somehow?

Nangong Yun, the mayor’s only child with astonishing talent. Her Fire Phoenix spirit made her fame spread far and wide. She is destined to be an elite among elites. Her potential is limitless.

Zhang Li Qing, one of the most influential people in Tian Nan City. Tian Nan City’s scrivener guild’s master. He sits in the pinnacle on the studies of talismans and arrays in Tian Nan City. He had unfathomable strength and a vast social network. He was someone that countless people try to curry a favor from. Even the mayor had to pay respect to him.

Even when Nan Yun commerce was at its peak it did not have this kind of honour!

Meng Qing Wu forced herself to calm down. Even though there must be schemes when abnormalities appear, but now that Zhang Li Qing had appeared, the likeliness of schemes had greatly decreased. Because the power Zhang Li Qing and Nangong Yun each hold is more than enough to go against Nan Yun commerce even without any scheming.

A simply dressed elder stood outside.

A flaming hot beauty with red hair and wearing a red dress stood at his side.

Meng Qing Wu personally came out to receive the guests, slightly flustered as she cupped her hands: “Master Zhang, Miss Nangong, Qing Wu did not know you two would come for visit so the welcome was lacking. I hope the two of you would accept my apology.”

Meng Qing Wu looked at the old man again.

Sure enough it was Zhang Li Qing!

This person was the pinnacle on the study of talismans in Tian Nan city and Nan Yun commerce’s speciality was in talismans. For such a leading figure to come visit, how could Meng Qing Wu not be nervous? She couldn’t hold back and asked: “May I ask for what matter the two has come for? Is it that Ying Ying has done something wrong, so….”

Zhang Li Qing smiled slightly, shaking his head: “The matter with Meng Ying Ying was a misunderstanding, I hope you will not keep this matter to heart.”

Keep this matter to heart?

How would I dare!

Meng Qing Wu felt happiness in her heart.

Could it be that he was preparing to accept Meng Ying Ying back?

Nangong Yun interrupted: “Sister Meng Qing Wu, before I thought you were pretty alright; but now I found you to be a not very honest and sincere person!”

Meng Qing Wu’s heart skipped a beat, and her forehead started to sweat.

Why would she say that?

What have I done wrong?

Nangong Yun’s violent tendencies were something no one was unaware of. If she got angry, even dismantling the entire Meng family was something within her ability. Meng Qing Wu didn’t remember when she had ever offended this demonic respected figure!

Meng Qing Wu was a bit fearful: “Qing Wu does not know where she has gone wrong, would Miss Nangong please enlighten me?”

Nangong Yun casually said: “Since you have already found a real expert, why let Ying Ying stay under that old man’s tutelage? Isn’t this letting other people see it as a joke! It’s almost as if you are trying to insult the old man!”

Zhang Li Qing also nodded depressingly.


Meng Qing Wu felt at a loss. Expert, what expert? Surely there wasn’t any other person in Tian Nan City more formidable than Zhang Li Qing? Even if there was this kind of person, it was impossible for them to build connections with Nangong Commerce: “Your serious tone, I… don’t understand.”

“Ok, stop pretending! We already know!” Nangong Yun threw a heavy sack onto the floor, “This is the twelve thousand gold that I scraped from different places. For this money, I almost sold my underwear. Where is Meng Ying Ying? I want to invest, I want to buy shares, I want to work together with her!”

Nangong Yun wanted to invest with Meng Ying Ying?

The Nangong family clan was an exemplary military and political noble clan. A mercenary clan like the Ye family could never compare!

As the daughter of the city lord, Nangong Yun’s position in Tian Nan City separated her from the rest. Not to mention about buying shares, just her words was enough to cause waves and put fear into numerous groups of power. You need to know that Nangong Yun was a real genius that has reached peak 9th rank Body Refinement at the age of 18. No one would want to go against someone that had a divine spirit.

Even Meng Qing Wu with her intelligence could not figure out this matter.

“This old man has come for this.” Zhang Li Qing took out a scroll from his sleeve and handed it to Meng Qing Wu with both hands, “This is ‘Rock Skin’ talisman blueprint. I will give this to Nan Yun Commerce. I will not take any of the revenue that it generates. It will all belong to Nan Yun Commerce.”

Once again, a huge meat pie fell from the sky.

Meng Qing Wu was shocked, her head pounding, as waves of dizziness swept through her.

Zhang Li Qing said with a smile: “If it weren’t for Meng Ying Ying’s help, how could this old man come up with such a perfect design? Just the fame generated is already terrifying, how would i still dare to seek more benefits from it? I think giving this to Nan Yun commerce is the most suitable. Please accept it, I only have a single request. I want to see Miss Meng Ying Ying as well as that erudite person.”

“Hey, what will we do about my investment? You should give me a straight answer!”

Nang Gong Yun carelessly started to make noise.

“Please, please!” Meng Qing Wu was wiping sweat as she said: “Meng Ying Ying has just slept. Why don’t you come in for tea while I go discuss this with Ying Ying before we give you an appropriate answer? Would this be fine?!”

“Of course there is no problem, in any case I don’t have much to do today.” Nang Gong Yun nodded her head: “However, I’ll say the ugly words first. I almost had to sell even my underpants in order to raise money for this investment. If you don’t give me face, then I will be very unhappy, and if I’m not happy, I will make many people be unhappy with me.”

Meng Qing Wu’s heart thumped. She had no choice but to smile along.

“Yes, Miss Nangong please come this way.”

The two has been seated in the main hall.

Meng Qing Wu used the 100-meter sprinting speed to look for Meng Ying Ying. She pushed open the door without knocking.

This series of event was too abnormal. She must understand everything from start to finish.

The Meng Ying Ying that had no knowledge of what was going on outside was sleeping soundly.

Meng Ying Ying, stumbling, got up: “Did one day already pass?”

Meng Qing Wu urgently asked: “What happened yesterday? Quickly tell me!”

Meng Ying Ying honestly answered: “I was selling steak with Chu Tian. We then went to the alchemic market.”

“Just that?”

“Yep, what?”

Meng Qing Wu described what has just happened: “Why does Elder Xiong want to become your disciple? Why does Nangong Yun want to invest? Why is Zhang Li Qing being so nice to us? What is happening?!”

“Ah? You already know! I wanted to hide this for a bit and give you a surprise. Since you already know, then I will tell you.”

Meng Ying Ying jumped down from bed with bare feet, danced with joy and said: “What happened last night was more fulfilling than the previous ten years!”

Meng Ying Ying began to describe.

First sold steak and encountered thugs; then went to alchemy market, encountered the Ye family and got dragged into duel. Then defeated Ye Feng with Chu Tian’s help and won 5000 gold.

“You didn’t know!”

“When Ye Feng fiercely charged towards me, I Meng Ying Ying daxiaojie was calm and patient. I sent the stinky Ye Feng flying with just one kick!”

“JieJie, did you know? Everyone was shocked, they all see me in a new light now!”

Meng Ying Ying was still dancing, gesturing as she waltzed.

Meng Qing Wu held Meng Ying Ying’s wrist and carefully felt it. She showed a shocked expression. All other things could be made up but only this could not. Meng Ying Ying had already reached the peak of 4th rank Body Refinement, same as her!

Meng Ying Ying brought out the crystal card, delightedly said: “This is my reward! Would the honourable JieJie please take a look!”

This is the crystal storage card designed for merchants. The card is standardized throughout the entire country, in order to give merchant, the convenience of not having to bring a large amount of gold everywhere. They could visit a bank that is established in all cities and retrieve the gold from there.

The minimum deposit amount for these crystal card is 1000 gold!

This crystal card actually had a massive deposit of 5000 gold!

Chu Tian, everything revolved around Chu Tian. That bastard is Chu Tian? He didn’t lie? He really brought Meng Ying Ying to earn money. He really did take Meng Ying Ying out to a hotel, but they were only there to use the alchemy room!

From the beginning to the end, he was always helping Meng Ying Ying, yet she had misunderstood him without any cause or reason.

Meng Qing Wu distractedly sat down on the stool: “Where did you find this person?”

Meng Ying Ying smiled broadly, saying with a pleased expression: “I bought him!”


“Formidable, right?”

Meng Ying Ying proudly raised her head; this was mostly likely the most powerful contribution she had made to her life within all the years she had lived. “I saved my allowance for half and year, and bought him from the slave market. Hey, by the way, where did this guy go, he didn’t come look for me.”

“This is bad, he…might have been so angered by me that he already ran out!”


“Where does he live? Bring me there!”

“He lives in the small room by the kitchen!”

Meng Ying Ying hurriedly brought her sister to Chu Tian’s small room.

The room was empty and deserted, Chu Tian had long before left without a trace!

Meng Ying Ying immediately became frantic, searching inside and out a few times without finding anything, “Where did he go!”

Meng Qing Wu felt extremely guilty: “Sorry, this was all my fault. I thought he was sinisterly plotting against you, so I said some heavy words. How would I know that he had such a big temper, I accidentally…accidentally stabbed and injured him…in anger he said he was going to leave, I don’t know where he went?”

“What?” Meng Ying Ying’s eyes immediately became moist, unable to help the tears gushing out: “He helped me to the best of his ability, yet we have treated him like this. Your actions have definitely broken his heart! Sister, how could you be like this, you didn’t investigate clearly and treated a good person unjustly!”

I was just doing this for you.

Wasn’t it just a temporary fit of anger?

Meng Qing Wu felt that her chest was stuffy. She was unable to say anything for a while. She looked at the leftover light bulbs, the inscribed pans and soup pots. She looked at air conditioning array in the wall and the automatic tea heating array.

Even though she didn’t know what use these things had.

But she had already realized she had done something stupid.

The most stupid thing she had ever done in her life.

She had chased away an extraordinary talent, a genius sent from the heavens!

Meng Ying Ying felt very uncomfortable, but didn’t have the heart to blame her sister. Looking at it from jiejie’s perspective, she hadn’t gone too overboard, she was only too caring for her. A combination of care and confusion, caused jiejie to have strained their relationship with Chu Tian.

“Chu Tian helped me to the best of his ability. In the end, he didn’t get any thanks but instead was misunderstood. He must be very disappointed and heartbroken!”

Meng Ying Ying felt a sense of deep guilt and self-blame.