Miracle Throne

Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme

Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme

Vicious Scheme

What to do now?

Meng Qing Wu’s dark brows consolidated, quickly thinking of a response to the situation: “I will think of a way to delay them. Chu Tian should not have gone far. Quickly find him and get him back.”

This was the only option!

The two sisters split up the work.

Meng Qing Wu prepared a sumptuous banquet for the three important guests. Meng Ying Ying stationed people throughout the city to look for Chu Tian. Half a day passed without finding any traces of Chu Tian at all.

Meng Ying Ying came back full of disappointment: “Chu Tian is a resourceful person. If he really wanted to leave, there is no way we can bring him back.”

Hearing this, Meng Qing Wu felt as if she wanted to cry. She felt aggrieved; even though her preconceived thoughts made her misunderstood him, but he had already gotten his revenge. Not only did he humiliate me, he also beat my bottom dozens of times. This body has never been touched by a man. Isn’t that more than enough?

A man should be more open minded and not fuss over matter with a woman like me!

Her round bottom was still burning with pain, and the swelling still had yet to subside. This tells you how vicious the beating was!

He showed absolutely no compassion towards women!

Meng Ying Ying’s mood was different from her sister. Her mind was full of gains and losses. She had average cultivation talent and wasn’t very intelligent; aside from her beauty, she had nothing else that was outstanding. Since she was little, people had only looked at her with lust if not with disdain. When Ye Feng said that she was only a vase, she was very angry but she could not refute his words.

Chu Tian was heaven’s gift to her.

Even though he was only with her for two days, but it had the most up and downs, was the most happy and fulfilling two days in her life.

This was the first time she felt that destiny could be changed. By standing on an air outlet, even pigs could fly.

This was the first time she felt a powerful sense of security. This sense of security was something not even someone like jiejie could provide.

Chu Tian was frivolous, arrogant, overbearing, and very very bad…yet Meng Ying Ying had a feeling that Chu Tian was definitely a good person that she could trust!

Even though it was only for two days, but a peculiar uncanny feeling had already germinated inside her heart.

Who would know that surprise came too sudden and left too sudden. She was caught by surprise and had no time to react. What was left was only the void and limitless regret and losses!

Will I never see him again?

Meng Ying Ying could not believe how depressed she was. It was as if there was a worm relentlessly biting her heart, causing her to suffer and tears to flow nonstop.

When Meng Qing Wu saw meimei’s depressed expression, she felt even more regret and bitterness. A short moment of impulse had deeply hurt two people, no, it should be three, she was also a victim!



“There is big trouble!”

Housekeeper Zhao almost stumbled as he hastily rushed in.

Meng Qing Wu was already in a very passive state. What new trouble was there now?

Housekeeper Zhao was full of sweat: “The pharmacy is in trouble! There is mass poisoning among the customers. There is a large mob heading this way to seek an explanation from Nan Yun commerce!”

Meng Qing Wu was as if she had been struck by lightning: “How is this possible?”

Nan Yun commerce had invested a large amount of gold and made adequate preparations to enter the medicine market. Since the opening of the pharmacies, everything had been going smoothly and there had been no setbacks. But it was because everything was going too smoothly, Meng Qing Wu felt concerned there was going to be a scheme and had even told Meng Ying Ying about her premonitions.

That premonition of danger had become true!

Meng Ying Ying looked at jiejie with a worried expression: “What do we do?”

The outside was already filled with waves of angry cries.

“Treacherous business hurting citizens!”

“Treacherous business hurting citizens!”

“Meng Qing Wu, stop being a coward and come out!”

There were three important guests in the house while there is an angry mob just outside. Meng Qing Wu felt that she was stuck between a rock and a hard place, she said only to Meng Ying Ying: “This must be a scheme our enemy has set for us. You go to the hall to find Master Zhang Li Qing. Stay with them, you will be safe.”

Meng Ying Ying anxiously asked: “What about jiejie?”

“I will take care of it, no need to worry about me.” Meng Qing Wu called: “Captain Meng, bring some people. We will go take a look.”

Meng Qing Wu did not make an immediate appearance. She observed from the inside for the time being.

The angry mob outside was all armed. There were soldiers, mercenaries, adventurers, and individual cultivators. Because the targeted customers of the pharmacy is all cultivators, the people they enrage when there is trouble in the pharmacy was also the group of people that had the most power.

At this time, Meng Qing Wu finally put all the pieces together. No wonder why everything in the pharmacy shop was going smoothly. Her enemy didn’t plan to just harass her businesses at all, they thought of a vicious plan to use other’s power to finish them off in one strike!”

“Treacherous trader, come out now!”

“My younger brother is in a coma, give me justice!”

Captain Meng came out first and unsheathed his long knife and deflected various stones and debris, shouted: “Quiet! Daxiaojie will explain clearly! What use is there shouting? Can this solve anything?”

Captain Meng was a well known warrior.

7th rank Body Refinement with strong combat strength. When he spoke up, everyone was a bit afraid.

“Meng Shan, you sure have the prestige.”

Captain Meng looked over, his expression became abnormal and showed a hint of hatred. This was not just anyone, this was Han Shao Long, Meng Ying Ying’s upperclassman, Zhang Li Qing’s second disciple, the next in line leader of Black Water Commerce.

Other people were afraid of Captain Meng, but Han Shao Long was not one bit afraid, exclaiming: “Nan Yun pharmacy selling bad medicine has been uncovered. The Han family also has a few victims. Now that things already happened, I have come for justice and compensation. Meng Qing Wu does not even make an appearance and only sends out guards to suppress others, where is justice? Where is justice!”

This remark has riled up the mob’s anger.

When the mob was about to get out of control.

“It is impossible for Nan Yun commerce’s medicine to have problems.”

A magnetic voice reached over. The voice was seductive yet dignified.

Meng Qing Wu slowly walked out. She wore snow white dress, waterfall-like black hair, noble, like a goddess descending to earth.

At the moment, even though she looked calm, her heart felt very unsettled. The incident was simply too big. The most terrifying thing was that she did not notice anything beforehand.

The ingredient source was reliable.

All the pharmacists were hired at a high price from outside the city.

Meng Qing Wu was always very cautious, it can almost be described as flawless!

Therefore, it was impossible for an outsider to poison the medicine. The only possibility left was that it was someone she was close to —— There was a deeply hidden spy within Nan Yun commerce. Because she understood this point, Meng Qing Wu felt a chill running through her body.

To not know who has betrayed her.

This person must be someone she trusts!

“Shameless treacherous merchant!”

“The truth is already in front of us, you still dare to deny!”

“Everyone, bring the sick here. Let the treacherous merchant see what unethical sin they have committed!”

From the crowd, more than one hundred sick had been brought up. Every single one was in a weak state. Their faces wore an unnatural gray black color, their body trembled and they sweated profusely. This was definitely the symptoms of serious poisoning.

Han Shao Long crossed his arms, righteously said: “This is only a small fraction of the victims. Almost everyone that has consumed the medicine from Nan Yun commerce in these two days showed symptoms of poisoning. The truth is already in front of our eyes, what more can you deny? Everyone, shouldn’t we all get justice and compensation?”

“That’s right!”

“We want justice and compensation!”

This was a long planned and well executed scheme!

“Everyone, please calm down.” Meng Qing Wu knows that denying is useless now; it would have the opposite effect of angering the mob even more. She could only suppress her anger and bitterness, said: “There is something suspicious in this incident. Please believe me, believe in Nan Yun commerce. We will investigate this matter and give the victims compensation!”


“Can you even afford the compensations?”

“After we were poisoned, our cultivation has also seriously regressed!”

“We can’t even find out what kind of poison we have been poisoned with. Even after you Nan Yun commerce has investigated clearly, we don’t know how many people would have died already, yet you’re still talking about compensation?”

This matter appeared to be more severe than they had imagined.

Because the poison could not be identified, this hints that the poison was carefully prepared to ensure that Nan Yun commerce cannot identify the poison. If you cannot identify the poison, how can you catch the culprit? In addition, because you don’t even know the poison used, how can you treat the victims? The situation will continue to escalate and ultimately get out of control!

TN: And we’ll be lucky to live through it.

“My brother bought a bottle of healing water. The poison took effect during his mission and he was killed by magic beasts.” A man with a face full of beard charged out from the crowd with a steel axe in his hands, angrily shouted: “You treacherous scoundrels, return my brother’s life!”

Captain Meng roared: “Get out!”

The long knife blocked the steel axe. Captain Meng’s magic power directly knocked his opponent off the ground and immediately followed up with an midair kick to send him back into the crowd.

Captain Meng wielded the long knife while standing besides Meng Qing Wu: “Whoever dares to hurt daxiaojie, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Han Shao Long caught the bearded man, immediately shouted: “Treacherous scoundrels do not give any explanation but instead attack others!”

“Fight with them to death!”

“Kill the treacherous scoundrels!”

“Knock down the evil business!”

Meng Qing Wu blankly stared at the angry mob, her face paling until it was stark white….it was over, everything was over, after this matter had passed over, even with the best possible outcome, Nan Yun commerce’s good name would be permanently ruined.

With one step wrong, everything was lost!

Her years of painstaking efforts to operate, were like treading on thin ice, extremely cautious. In the end, the result was still being sabotaged, the commerce disintegrating into pieces within moments.

Meng Qing Wu suddenly had a deep feeling of exhaustion.

She was really already very tired.

“Please be quiet.” Meng Qing shouted, her two eyes containing tears. She walked forward two steps, standing in front of everybody. Her heart filled with a thousand tastes of different emotions. She used a firm and strong voice to say, “I am again saying it again. Nan Yun Commerce will compensate for all losses, please believe me, even if I bring my family to ruin, I will still compensate you. Housekeeper Zhao!”

Housekeeper Zhao haltingly walked to face his female master.

Meng Qing Wu ordered: “First take out all the cash the commerce has as the first batch of compensation. In addition, mortgage all the real estate of the commerce at all costs. Compensate for the losses of all the victims first!”

“Daxiaojie, this will dissolve the commerce!” Housekeeper Zhao’s old tears flowed freely, “There is no need to do this, this wasn’t our fault! Scheme! It’s all a scheme!”

Meng Qing Wu laughed miserably.

It was a scheme, but did that information have any use?

This time, the other side had made careful and thorough preparations, they had confidence that she would not be able to trace this back to them. Also, the culprit was very likely to be a person on the inside, so even if this incident was cleared up, Nan Yun Commerce would also be accused of not being able to manage their people properly, and would still have to take on a lot of responsibility.

Moreover, after a despicable matter like this had happened, even if Nan Yun Commerce was spared and lived on, would a commerce that had lost its reputation still have a chance of expanding?

Housekeeper Zhao’s whole body shook: “When master and madame had just started trying to make a living from place to place, this old servant had been following by their sides. Toiling and struggling for dozens of years, I watched as Nan Yun commerce build up and expand with my own eyes. Six years ago, the master and madame encountered a calamity, this servant should have been buried alive with the dead, yet this was worried about the commerce, after all, this was their life’s effort! As of today, the commerce is gone; there is no need for me to continue to drag on an ignoble existence, I will fight it out with these despicable and vile scumbags!”

“Elder Zhao, no!”

Housekeeper Zhao pounced towards Han Shao Long. Meng Qing Wu tried to stop him but it was too late. An arrow shot from the crowd, directly running through the old man’s chest.

“Elder Zhao!” Meng Qing Wu disregarded Captain Meng’s attempt to bar her way and threw herself onto the old man’s body. Her two hands were quickly dyed red with blood. She looked at the surrounding crowd, her face already filled with tears: “I am already willing to let go of everything, you have won, you have already won, why would you do this! Why!”

Han Shao Long laughed loudly, “Meng Qing Wu, are you actually stupid or just pretending to be dumb, did you really think just compensating for the losses was enough? Brother Wang, please tell her!”

A man wearing a senior military officer’s armor walked out, first raising a badge up high: “I am Tian Nan city’s investigation team’s captain Wang An!”

Wang An spoke with a sense of justice: “This incident has involved a large number of victims, the impact was extremely odious. According to the country’s law and the commerce regulations, if Meng Qing Wu, as the head of the commerce, cannot uncover the truth, then she will bear the responsibility and be treated as the accomplice. She exiled and sentenced to hard labor for life at the borders. All her family and relatives will become comfort women and military slaves.”

So vicious!

Meng Qing Wu would be branded and exiled.

Meng Ying Ying would be reduced to a comfort woman.

Could it be they are this ruthless?

“Damn it!” At this time, a sound that carried the oppressiveness of a large bell came from inside the house. It contained an endless amount of rage, “Who the hell wants to send my master to become a comfort woman? You simply have a death wish! First eat laozi’s punches!”

TN: 老子/LaoZi is a term with many meanings.

1) It is the name of a famous ancient chinese philosopher.

2) It means father.

3) It is used to refer to oneself, showing contempt for the spoken to or used jokingly.

Context here: This is a term that only men uses to refer to themselves. The female usually uses 老娘/LaoNiang instead of LaoZi. But because of how overbearing Nangong Yun is, she actually uses LaoZi to refer to herself.

A strong wave of intimidating pressure abruptly invaded.

The audience all felt their chests became heavy, even their bodies had no way to move.

The captain that had just before been spouting words of righteousness and cause was suddenly hit by the red shadow of a fist. He was immediately thrown out more than ten meters, his whole body’s tendons and bones smashed to pieces. He didn’t even have the chance to make a sound before he immediately died on the spot.

Han Shao Long’s facial expression changed greatly: “You dare! You dare to sneak attack and kill an officer in broad daylight!”

At this time the familiar voice of a girl passed over: “The one surnamed Han, cheating your teacher, making up lies, you sure have guts!”

“Nangong Yun?”

Three people gradually walked out.

One was a flaming hot beauty with cascading red hair, wearing a red dress and high-heeled boots.

One was a thirty-year old brawny man near two meters tall, with a thick and bulky physique just

like a bear.

The last was a plain and ordinary looking white-haired old man.

When Han Shao Long saw Zhang Li Qing, it was as if he had seen a ghost. His facial expression immediately changed: “T…Teacher!”