Miracle Throne

Chapter 19: Counter Attack

Chapter 19: Counter Attack

Counter Attack

What kind of figure was Han Shao Long? How could he accept such a humiliation!

“I am the Blackwater Commerce’s successor, how dare a cheap slave humiliate me!”

“What are you still looking at? Kill Kill Kill! Kill him for me!”

Han Shao Long became enraged and lost all reasoning after being stepped on by Chu Tian. He threw out all worries and commanded his guards to kill Chu Tian to relieve his hatred!

Nangong Yun threw out two punches: “Scram!”

Two waves of concentrated crimson magic power surged out from her fist.

The two Han guards were immediately sent back into the crowd.

“I have seen shameless but I have not seen shamelessness of this magnitude! You are the one that demanded the duel but blame Chu Tian for the humiliation when you lost?” Nangong Yun’s red hair freely flew in the air as she looked over the crowd: “I will cripple those that dare to interrupt!”

“Thank you, miss Nangong.” Chu Tian remained unfazed, he used one hand to lift up the defenseless Han Shao Long: “Lets play a little game, this game is called ‘I Ask, You Answer’!”

Han Shao Long’s body trembled from fear: “I won’t play!”

“If you answer correctly, naturally nothing will happen. If you answer wrong, I will cripple one of your limbs. After all the four of your limbs have been crippled, your neck will be next. Do you understand my words?”

Han Shao Long howled: “Save me master!”

Chu Tian chuckled: “Wrong answer!”


Sound of broken bones rang out!

Han Shao Long’s shrill scream resounded.

The viciousness and decisiveness Chu Tian carried sent chills down people’s spine!

Li Chang Yun stood out: “I cannot continue to watch this cruel and vicious child!”

“President Li, please conduct yourself!” Zhang Li Qing locked his intimidating pressure on Li Chang Yun, leisurely saying: “Everyone here heard Han Shao Long suggesting a fight to the death. It is unsuitable for you to use your reputation to interrupt!”

Li Chang Yun carried a gloomy expression. People like Zhang Li Qing, Xiong Tian Yan and Nangong Yun were all there, and it was Han Shao Long that dragged him into this mess. If he were to attack, he would not have any advantages at all.

Chu Tian said: “Let us continue.”

“Stop! I don’t want to play!” Han Shao Long’s tears and snot flowed like a stream, crying out: “I admit, I did it, it was all me! I beg you! Let me go! If you let me live, I’ll pay whatever you want!

He felt regret!

He was frightened!

He was Blackwater Commerce’s successor!

He could inherit family properties worth millions!

He didn’t want to die, not like this!

The thought of easily destroying Southern Cloud Commerce was shattered. He never imagined that Zhang Li Qing, Xiong Tian Yan and Nangong Yun would appear and side with Southern Cloud Commerce. He never imagined that a demon like Chu Tian would appear!

No Medicine can save him!

TN: This is talking about Hao Shao Long’s personality rather than his physical condition

Li Chang Yun’s face had already turned ashen. He coldly humphed, turned around and left.

“The fuck! Already gave in this quick? Not interesting at all!” Chu Tian threw Han Shao Long onto the ground and viciously kicked him: “Where is Captain Meng’s family held? Talk!”

“In my family’s dungeon, alive! They are alive! I am wrong! Don’t kill me!”

“Fuck!” Nangong Yun cursed. She stretched out her snow white long leg and got in front of Chu Tian: “Dare to make a private dungeon, let me slaughter this asshole!”

Han Shao Long begged hurriedly: “Elder sister apprentice, as pupils from the same master, please spare me!”

“Pupil from the same master? You dare to bring this up!” Nangong Yun’s beautiful eyes opened wide: “When you schemed to destroy Meng Ying Ying’s family, did you think of being pupils from the same master! Laoniang will kill every scum like you! Take this!”

“Hold up, it is not us who can decide whether he lives or not.”

“Chu Tian! What do you mean? Move aside quickly!”

Chu Tian explained: “Since he is the main culprit in this whole matter, then let’s let the victims take care of him!”

“Nice!” Nangong Yun’s eyes lit up: “Ha ha! I like!”

Han Shao Long was so scared that his even his soul tried to fly away: “No! I have a lot of women, I have a lot of money. Chu Tian, as long as you let me off this once I’ll give it to you, give it all to you!”

Nangong Yun grabbed Han Shao Long, and throwed him directly into the crowd: “Not only is this guy the mastermind behind the poisoning, he also manipulated you idiots like a weapon, see for yourselves on what to do!”

“Kill him!”

“You dirty swine, you dare to trick us!”

“Give me back my brother’s life!”

Countless amounts of people rushed up, submerging Han Shao Long in mere moments. His agonizing shrieks abruptly stopped. Roughly ten minutes later, the crowd gradually dispersed. Pieces of scattered flesh covered the ground; Han Shao Long was already indistinguishable to the naked eye.

TN#1: May Hao Shao Long RIP

TN#2: …… want to throw up + I think TN#1 meant to make this pun: R(ipped)I(n)P(ieces)

No one would have thought the outcome would turn out like this!

Meng Qing Wu’s body trembled slightly; her eyes were moist. She had been oppressed by Blackwater Commerce for years but she finally got her revenge today. However, what filled her heart was not the bliss of revenge but rather deep exhaustion and sorrow.

Today was the same as it was six years ago.

Was it really worth taking so many lives for a bit of profit?

Meng Qing Wu really was exhausted. She even thought of dissolving the commerce after this matter had ended and live a peaceful life from then on.

Chu Tian!

It was this mysterious youth that had saved her whole family.

When Chu Tian felt Meng Qing Wu’s gaze on him, he turned back to smile at her, mouthing: “No need to thank me!”

Seeing his frivolous manner, Meng Qing Wu felt a burst of aggravation. Whatever, seeing that you’ve helped me, I will not pursue that matter anymore. But if there is a next time, then I must fight it out with you to the end!

“I cannot shirk the responsibility for things that happened at the Southern Cloud Pharmacy, so we are still willing to compensate for a part of the victims’ losses and to help everyone find the way to cure the poison.” Meng Qing Wu willingly came forward. “However, this incident was obviously caused by the scheme devised by the Blackwater Commerce! We cannot let the real culprits go! Southern Cloud Commerce is willing to mobilize our forces to help everyone get their revenge and justice!”

As soon as the crowd heard these words, there were none who did not shed tears of gratitude.

“President Meng Qing Wu, it’s us that have misunderstood you!”

“That’s right, we cannot let the real culprits go!”

“Brothers! Bring your weapons! Destroy the Blackwater Commerce!”

The whole Southern Cloud Commerce was fully mobilized. Adding to that was the thousands of the victims’ friends and family. Even if the Blackwater Commerce was more powerful, today they would not come out unscathed!

Meng Qing Wu stood in the middle of the excited crowd. Her tall, full figure and her stunning and alluring face made her a goddess that was supported by tens of thousands of people. Her gaze was filled with an unwavering determination.

“Set out!”

The crowd, like an angry torrent, under Meng Qing Wu’s leadership, flooded towards Blackwater Commerce. In this cruel world, being compassionate towards the enemy was to be cruel to oneself! If they did not get rid of the Blackwater Commerce, many more victims like Housekeeper Zhao and Captain Meng would appear!

Counterattack, start!

One shall live, one shall die!

When the massive imposing crowd had arrived at Blackwater Commerce, there were already several hundreds of its elite guards protecting the main areas. The gate was tightly shut, not a single high-ranking member of Blackwater Commerce came out.

“Han Song, a life for a life!”

“Han Song, a life for a life!”

“Old dog Han Song, get your ass out here!”

The people surrounded Blackwater Commerce so closely that not even a drop of water could have leaked through. They shot flaming arrows and threw torches into the compound, quickly setting the buildings inside on fire. The raging flame quickly started to spread.

Xiong Tian Yan split open the back door with a single punch.

Several people broke into the Han family’s secret dungeon. One of the cells contained an ordinary middle-aged woman, a young boy, and a five or six year old girl.

Meng Ying Ying recognized them with a single look: “She is Captain Meng’s wife, Auntie Lin!”

The three had suffered excessively vicious beatings; their whole bodies were covered with wounds. However, the most shocking sight was that every person was missing two or three fingers, those had been cut off.

The middle-aged woman’s wounds had become infected and she has passed out from a high fever. The boy was absentmindedly talking to himself and showed no reaction even when people came in. It is reckoned that he had had a nervous breakdown and already went mad. On the contrary, the smallest child, the girl, was also very weak, but as soon as she saw people come in, she immediately started to cry and scream in terror.

“Tian Tian, I am Sister Ying Ying, don’t be afraid!”

The girl had suffered too much shock, continuing to cry and scream without end.

Meng Ying Ying’s heart ached as she held the girl in her arms. The girl’s body was covered with scarring wounds; two of her fingers were gone, the originally baby-pink skin had even bred maggots, the blood and flesh almost mixing together.

Meng Ying Ying couldn’t resist shedding tears.

Too ruthless!

The Han family deserved to die a million times!

Why torture a five year old girl!

“Those damn swine!”

“If I don’t raze this place to the ground, laozi will no longer be surnamed Nangong!”

Both Nangong Yun and Xiong Tian Yan were filled with righteous indignation. Both of them had a fiery temper and are very frank. They could not suppress their rage and were very eager to kill everyone in the Blackwater Commerce in order to vent their anger.

Chu Tian was also very angry but he did not want to waste time. He lightly poked the children’s bodies to make them pass out: “They are at their limit, saving lives is more important. Let’s go.”

The outside was a complete mess.

The Hans were much stronger than the Mengs. A lot of the guards were retired mercenaries from the Ye. They could suppress the Meng guards in both quantity and quality. If it weren’t for the help from the angry victims, coming here would be simply seeking death for the Mengs.

At this moment, both sides were at a stalemate. The number of wounded is increasing rapidly.

Nangong Yun roared, her body becoming shrouded in a red light. She jumped out from the dungeon like a rocket racing towards the sky and landed like a meteor into the Han’s house.


The impact created a deafening sound!

The terrifying power from the impact created a large crater in the house.

Nangony Yun’s power was too violent. Her intense flames quickly spread, the resulting shockwave made the Han’s guards flee in panic.

Nangong Yun stood on the rooftop. Her red high heels, red dress, dazzling red hair, long snow white legs, exquisite face accompanied by her surging magic power made her into a angry inferno goddess.

“People from Blackwater Commerce, listen!”

“Within ten seconds, lay down your weapons and surrender. Otherwise I swear, as Nangong Yun, I will make sure this city has no place for you!”

The mayor’s daughter!

Everyone from Blackwater Commerce was shocked!

“She is only the mayor’s daughter and has no titles. What qualification does she have to represent the mayor?” The voice came from one of the middle aged man wielding a giant sword. His face drastically changed, immediately shouted loudly: “Protect the family! Fight till the end! Our family is innocent. The mayor has no rights to raze Blackwater Commerce. These instigators will suffer the consequences!”

The middle aged man was Han Hao. He was the vice president of Blackwater Commerce and has a high prestige.

The Han guards immediately became hyped.

Thats right!

Blackwater Commerce had a very strong backing!

Blackwater Commerce contributes large amount of taxes to the city every year. Even the mayor has to give them respect. If they could hold out till the army arrives, then everything will be resolved.

At this time, four to five hundred soldiers wearing Public Security Guard armors appeared and flooded the scene.

One of the officers shouted: “I am the general of Tian Nan City’s Public Security Guard. You guys daring to start a large scale battle in Tian Nan City is simply turning a blind eye to the law. Everyone of you lay down your weapons!”

Han Hao showed a delighted expression: “General Zhao, save our Blackwater Commerce!”

This officer is Ye family’s trusted aid, in other words, he is the Han’s backing. If this person representing the military makes a move, then this dire situation would be resolved.

General Zhao pretend to not know of the situation: “What is going on here?”

Han Hao sounded as if he is in great pain: “Meng Qing Wu! This snake woman! She tricked the other people by intentionally inflicting self injury. They cruelly killed my nephew and instigated the crowd to cause havoc in our Blackwater Commerce! Our Blackwater Commerce, since its establishment six seven years ago, has always followed the law and has not done anything that lets down Tian Nan City.”

“Today my nephew died a cruel death. Meng Qing Wu enticed the crowd to invade the Han family headquarters, causing heavy damage to Blackwater Commerce. Where is justice? Where is justice! If such a cruel and despicable person does not receive the harshest punishment, it would disappoint the citizens of Tian Nan City!”

Everyone was angry when they heard this.

Han Hao still had the dignity to say such shameless words?

What will disappoint the people of Tian Nan City?

If Blackwater Commerce were not destroyed, then that will really disappoint the citizens of Tian Nan City!