Miracle Throne

Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family

Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family

Eradicating the Han Family

Han Hao’s crying face made it seem as if it had actually happened!

General Zhao, pretending to be angry, pulled out his long sword and shouted with dignity: “Arrest all the perpetrators, especially Meng Qing Wu! Kill those that resist!”

Nangong Yun’s face turned cold: “Enough!”

General Zhao righteously said: “Daxiaojie, please conduct yourself. This servant can finally perform his duty. I am willing to sacrifice my life to protect the law; even if the mayor has come, I would not regret my decision! Stop assisting the evil and the tyrants, Tian Nan City belongs to the people, it is not the Nangongs’ private property. If the news of this incident spreads to the main city, not even the mayor can bear the consequences! Southern Cloud Commerce cannot be forgiven for its crime and must be punished!”

This General Zhao should be an actor. That expression, that look in his eyes, that righteous attitude.

Those that did not know about this incident would inevitably praise General Zhao for his brave and unyielding characteristic.

Nangong Yun almost exploded from anger.

“General Zhao is wise and decisive, he is a blessing for Tian Nan City!” Han Hao’s expression carried a hint of ridicule: “Villains, why haven’t you surrendered, do you want to rebel?”

General Zhao waved his hand: “Prepare for battle!”

Several hundred soldiers prepared their weapon and got into an assault battle formation.

Han Hao also raised his weapon: “Sons of Hans, raise your weapon and protect our family’s dignity. Assist General Zhao!”

Both front and rear has been surrounded!

Unspoken grievance!


The crowd was so angry that they almost vomited blood!

Their faces showed only anger! They could not reconcile!

The Han’s guard was already strong, but now that the Public Security Guard is also here, they would not have any advantages if this continues.

The Han’s backing was too strong!

Was this all they could do?

At this time, a burst of vigorous sound-waves, like a roaring avalanche, suddenly resounded from thence. That voice was like a wild beast, shaking everyone at the scene to their very cores.

“You guys are ignoring the existence of this Tian Nan City’s General!”

Xiong Tian Yan laughed: “Brother, you came just in time!”

An elite cavalry unit entered the scene like a silver torrent. Every single soldier carried an predator’s aura. This was a elite unit that had fought on a real battlefield!

A majestic burly man walked out from the crowd. This person wore a prestigious general armor; his whole body emitted a freezing aura. He was around forty years old and shared similar facial features with Xiong Tian Yan.

Tian Nan City’s KaiFu General —— Xiong Bing!

TN: Bing means ice, and KaiFu is a high ranking general with complicated responsibility.

The General Zhao who had been righteous and dignified just a moment before was so scared that he started sweating. His legs began to tremble on their own. He never would have thought that they had provoked such a figure.

Han Hao’s expression carried a hint of fear: “General Xiong, you…”

Xiong Bing’s eyes showed an angry glare. A cyan colored magic power spewed out from him as a stream of bone-chilling air spread out several hundred meters , covering everything with a layer of frost.


A brutal roar sounded from behind Xiong Bing. The cyan magic power condensed into a giant bear. An ancient savage aura spread out in all directions. This aura made the hundreds of Security Guards tremble so much in fear that they couldn’t even hold their weapons properly.

Spirit Summon.

An Awakened Spirit cultivator!

Nangong Yun and Xiong Tian Yan could use the spirit’s power but couldn’t summon the spirit itself. On the other hand, because Xing Bing had reached Spirit Awakened realm, he could directly summon his “Blizzard Bear”.

Han Hao was dumbstruck and felt hopeless: “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Killing you of course!”

The blizzard bear shined, discharging a dense blizzard!

Xiong Bing sent out a punch at an extreme speed. Han Hao had already been frozen into a human icicle by the blizzard. The follow up fast punch shattered the icicle into pieces!

A Spirit Awakened cultivator stands on the top of the pyramid in Tian Nan city. Normal people would not be able to see one of them in their whole life, especially not when a Spirit Awaken cultivator attacks.

Xiong Tian Yan had the Magma Bear spirit.

Xiong Bing had the Blizzard Bear spirit.

Even though both brothers’s spirit’s attributes differ, but both are dual attributes spirits. However, not only did Xiong Bing have a much higher cultivation than Xiong Tian Yan, unlike Xiong Tian Yan, he could also fully utilize his spirit’s power. Their strength was not even on the same level!

“You should also die!”

“General! Spare me!”

General Zhao did not even have time to kneel down to beg for mercy, the same attack had already arrived. Without any suspense, General Zhao had been frozen into an icicle by the blizzard and then shattered by the follow up punch!

One was the vice president of Blackwater Commerce!

The other was the Public Security General of Tian Nan City!

Xiong Bing did not even bother to give any reasons and killed the two pivotal figures on the spot!

If you have power!

You don’t need a reason to kill!

Xiong Tian Yan laughed: “Nice! Nice! These bastards deserve this! But dying under brother’s Blizzard Punch is already too nice for them!”

Xiong Bing slowly withdrew his Spirit and angrily glared at Xiong Tian Yan: “You are already over thirty years old. Don’t make laozi save your butt every time you get in trouble!”

Xiong Bing was helpless in regards to his younger brother. He looked at Meng Qing Wu and her followers, impatiently waved his hand: “This general is under the order to come and investigate. I have a basic understanding of what has happened, tell me the entire sequence of events that has happened!”

Xiong Bing was Tian Nan City’s KaiFu general, he had a high-ranking position and noble status. His position was only just below the Mayor.

Meng Qing Wu did not dare to delay, and immediately described the situation in detail.

Xiong Bing showed an angry expression: “What a Blackwater Commerce, did you really think no one would dare to touch you just because you have a strong backing? This general will teach them a lesson today! Surround the compound, arrest every single Han, confiscate all their wealth. Kill everyone that resists!”


The whole army began to move!

Over, its all over!

Blackwater Commerce is finished this time.

All of the Hans had surrendered and been locked with shackles. All of their wealth had been brought out and confiscated.

Not long after, one of the officer reported before Xiong Bing: “Report to general, after the head count, we could not find Han Song but we found a secret tunnel. A lot of high value items have been moved through the tunnel.”

Xiong Bing’s expression turned cold: “That bastard wants to escape? Pass down my commands, make an arrest warrant and search the city for him!”

On the other side.

Meng Qing Wu was busy treating the victims.

Even though Styx River Water was a pain to treat, it was not without treatment. Chu Tian did not bother to give any instructions because revealing too much of himself was not a good thing. It would be bad if he was captured and treated like a lab rat.

After the injured had been taken care of.

Meng Qing Wu found Chu Tian: “Come out, I have something to tell you.”

Could this chick still hold a grudge against me for beating her butt?

When Meng Qing Wu saw that Chu Tian was trying to avoid making eye contact, her face immediately flushed red. She stomped the ground: “What are you thinking? We are even on that thing. Don’t mention that anymore; if a third person knows about it, I might…..” She performed a knife cutting movement with her hand.

Chu Tian winked, said with a loud and clear voice: “I know, I know. I won’t tell anyone about beating daxiaojie’s butt.”

Why are you saying it so loud?

The anger almost made Meng Qing Wu vomit blood!

Meng Qing Wu did not know why she was particularly irritated when she sees Chu Tian. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, but the exaggerated rising and falling of her breasts made Chu Tian’s jaws drop. When she noticed, she could only bite down on her teeth. All the things she wanted to thank him for disappeared from her mind. In the end, she could only utter out two words: “Thank you.”

Chu Tian posed as if he did not care for it one bit, freely waving his hand: “You regard me as an outsider too much. We are a family, no need to say thank you. But you need to start listening from now on. If that kind of incident happens again, then it won’t be as simple as beating your butt!”

Daxiaojie’s raised eyebrows almost reached the sky.

This was a sign that she was about to explode!

Oi, even though this chick is so gorgeous, her temper is too violent. It’s better to cherish one’s life and stay away from this daxiaojie.

Chu Tian hurriedly started a speedy retreat: “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“Wait!” Meng Qing Wu stopped him again. She gritted her teeth, and warned him, saying: “Han Song has not been caught so be careful when you go out in the future. If this fellow comes back to take revenge, he will target you first.”

Chu Tian felt slightly touched by the unexpected warning.

Daoxiaojie specially came back to warn me?

Does this active showing of good attitude towards me indicate that care is the dependent variable in a positive linear function of worth?

TN: For those that are not math literate, tada:


One really did need to be prepared for this kind of thing. Because the last few days I caught too much attention, it’s easy to attract troubles. However, Han Song was no cause for concern. He only worried that the old fogey Li Chang Yun would come looking for trouble.

After Chu Tian returned to the house, he beckoned his finger and said: “Old man Zhang that’s over there, come here for a second.”

Zhang Li Qing had been drinking tea with Xiong Tian Yan inside. He immediately rushed over like a child running to their parent, and stood before Chu Tian.

When Meng Qing Wu came inside and saw this farce, she was so mad that she almost spitted blood. She was itching to split Chu Tian into pieces. Even though Zhang Li Qing does not have a high position and authority like Xiong Bing, he still a very strong influence. Yet he actually came at a moment’s call from this youth.

Where was the dignity and honor of a great master?

Where did the virtue of young adults respecting the old and cherishing the young go?

Chu Tian just sat down as if he was not aware other’s presence. He looked at the reserved old man by him and drank a sip of tea. Only then did he open his mouth and said: “It was thanks to you keeping the stage under control today, or else that old fogey Li would have gotten rid of me a long time ago!”

Zhang Li Qing hurriedly waved his hands: “I ought to, I ought to. I haven’t messed around like this for years. After stirring up this row today, I feel like I am thirty years younger.”

“Your moral character is not bad, looks like I misunderstood you before.” Chu Tian wrote a list of materials, handing it to the old man: “How about this, get the ingredients on this list. It is the ingredients for the heart devouring poison antidote. You can actually become thirty years younger if you detoxify the poison.”

Zhang Li Qing became ecstatic.

The heart devouring poison had tortured him for fifteen years!

He had searched through ancient texts and for master alchemists to no avail. Now that Chu Tian had given him hope, how could he not be excited?

Zhang Li Qing bowed: “This life saving favor, I do not know how to repay.”

“Blah, you already this old, why mention this? Is bad luck!” Chu Tian glanced at Xiong Tian Yan and said: “Xiong Tian Yan, you want to be Meng Ying Ying’s disciple right? Right now, you have a chance. If you can create this antidote, then I’ll agree to it.”

Xiong Tian Yan showed an overjoyed expression and took a look at the ingredient list: “Violet mark fruit, carrion grass, nine secluded worms, black blood oak sap… weird, these are all poison!”

Chu Tian replied: “Heart devouring poison is hard to cure with ordinary means. The best method is to fight poison with poison. I’ll give you the blueprint for the magic array. Making this antidote is not easy, you can ask old Zhang or find others to assist you. Whether you succeed or not depends on your talent.”

Xiong Tian Yan’s eyes almost popped out when he saw the blueprint.

His rough and dark face swelled up to become red and purple!

What kind of alchemy array was this?

He could not understand it at all!

However, Xiong Tian Yan could swear that this was the most perfect alchemy array that he had seen in his life. He never even seen or heard of most of the runes and formations. The structure of the array was simply unimaginable. As a whole, it was both natural and artistic.

He felt that every one of his cells were screaming!

He could not wait to draw it out!

If he could thoroughly study this alchemy array, he would have large gains!

He said goodbye to the others and quickly left.


The array Chu Tian gave Xiong Tian Yan was naturally not the “Five Element Eighty Thousand General Alchemy Array”. That array could be classified as something holy in this era, its existence must not be known, or else the consequences it might bring were unimaginable.

People treat Chu Tian as a super genius. There were plenty of genius these days so it was not something extraordinary.

But if the “Five Element Eighty Thousand General Alchemy Array” was exposed, then Chu Tian would not be treated simply as a genius. Chu Tian was one hundred percent sure that the mainland’s strongest forces would capture him and study him like a lab rat!

The heart devouring poison’s antidote was a level two antidote pill.

This antidote pill was special and requires a specific alchemy array to make. It could not be made with a general alchemy array. Chu Tian’s low cultivation made it impossible for him to make it.

Xiong Tian Yan had not reached Spirit Awakened realm so making a level 2 medicine would also be very difficult for him. But let’s use this opportunity as a test. If he could not pass this test, it means Xiong Tian Yan did not have enough talent; thus there would be no need for him to learn Chu Tian’s knowledge.

Meng Qing Wu’s bright eyes kindled a strange expression.

It is becoming harder to see through this guy. He is so young but has such profound knowledge. Why did he end up as a slave at the slave market?

At this time Meng Ying Ying took Nangong Yun with her and went home.

Meng Ying Ying glumly said: “Auntie Lin has already been treated and has no life threatening injury. We will take her home to recover. Xiao Hu and Tian Tian both suffered a great ordeal and are traumatized. Representing the family, I gave her few hundred gold to let them live their lives without worry. I hope they could recover from their trauma soon.”

After Meng Qing Wu heard this, her face carried melancholy that could not be dispersed: “Even though Captain Meng had done something wrong, we can’t blame this on his family. Get someone from the commerce to take care of them.”

“Jie, what do you plan to do next?”

In order to enter the pharmaceutical market, Meng Qing Wu spent a hefty amount of the Commerce’s wealth to buy equipments, recipe, materials and hired expensive alchemist from outside the city. After going through this ordeal, there is no way Southern Cloud Pharmacy could continue.

Now that all the investment has gone to waste, Southern Cloud Commerce had to pay the alchemists’ liquidate damage and compensate all the victims. Southern Cloud Commerce would inevitably enter a debt crisis.

Meng Qing Wu was dispirited, saying in a lost tone: “I plan to split and sell the business to repay the debts. However much of the commerce is left will be however much we have left. If we can’t operate anymore with the remnants, we will shut it down. We can leave to find a peaceful place to quietly and peacefully live out the rest our lives.”

“Jiejie, you are only twenty-two! You have to pull yourself together, you can’t give up like this!” Meng Ying Ying was very concerned towards her negative sister. She immediately cast a glance towards Chu Tian, and moved her eyebrows to signal him, “It doesn’t matter if Southern Cloud Commerce cannot go on. Jiejie’s ability is so great, if there are any suitable opportunities, you would definitely reach new heights. Chu Tian, am I right?”