Miracle Throne

Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce

Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce

The Birth of Miracle Commerce

Meng Ying Ying hinted at Chu Tian to help re-motivate her jiejie.

The result was, that pair of bright eyes which were carrying both hints and hope were completely ignored by someone!

Chu Tian touched his belly, feebly said: “I didn’t eat the entire day, I’m already starving. Come to my shack and I’ll invite you to a meal!”

Meng Qing Wu puffed out her cheeks and glared at Chu Tian. She was itching to pounce forward and bite him.

“What’s with the angry face, you haven’t eaten anything all day either. What are we going to do if you become incapacitated?” Chu Tian said emphatically, completely disregarding the missy’s discontent, “Eating is most important right now, behave and let’s eat!”

So dense!

Erxiaojie was very unsatisfied, but there was nothing she could do.

TN: er-xiaojie is same as da-xiaojie except while “da” means oldest, “er” means second-oldest.

In the evening, the three ladies arrived before Chu Tian’s small shack.

Nangong Yun was stunned on the spot. Not only was the shack old and broken, it didn’t even have a window. It was dark, humid and hot. Making someone live here was simply abuse!

Chu Tian is living in this hellish place?

A super genius receives this kind of treatment?

Nangong Yun felt unjust for Chu Tian!

Chu Tian sure has a good temper!

If it were laoniang, I would have razed the Mengs’ whole place to the ground!

Right after Meng Ying Ying entered the room, she immediately took the role of the hostess, picking up the teapot and beginning to imbue magic into it: “Chu Tian went to grab some ingredients. You two come in and have some tea first.”

There was a glowing array underneath the teapot. The water inside the teapot began to heat up and a rumbling sound could be heard after a few seconds. The water poured out was all hot water.

Nangong Yun’s eyes flashed a curious look: “Interesting, how come the teapot heats up by itself?”

Meng Ying Ying winked: “There’s a heating array that Chu Tian left on it!”

Nangong Yun slapped her leg excitedly: “Miraculous! Really miraculous! Laoniang has lived for so long, yet still didn’t know that arrays could be used to brew tea!”

Meng Qing Wu’s pair of clear and shining eyes also flashed slightly.

“This place is so hot and humid, why don’t we find another place?” The heat made Nangong Yun begin to sweat, turning her thin dress wet. Her milk white skin was partly visible and partly hidden, making her more alluring and her hot temper less apparent.

At this time.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A refreshing breeze blew from the two sides of the room.

Nangong Yun was startled and felt that something was off: “Wind? From where! There must be a ghost!”

Meng Ying Ying giggled and patted the wall: “Mystical right? This is an array Chu Tian left on the wall. Even though it does not have much use, it can move the air around, creating a breeze.”

“Good stuff! Definitely good stuff! I’ll make that Chu Tian kid help me install a few in my house!” Nangong Yun’s eyes lit up, said to Meng Qing Wu: “Qing Wu jiejie, what do you think?”

Meng Qing Wu’s eye brows knitted up, as if thinking of something deep. She became lost in her thought.

Who would have known, Meng Ying Ying mysteriously said: “This isn’t much, I’ll show you something even better.”

Nangong Yun was an extremely curious person, immediately clapping her hands: “Really? Hurry! I want to see! Quickly show me!”


The shack lit up!

The dark room became bright.

The two of them got a big scare. When they looked up, the two beautiful faces completely froze, as if they were looking at something unimaginable. Their mouth opened so wide that you could easily put an apple inside.

Nangong Yun became muddleheaded: “This this…this is godly! The little glass cases can glow!”

“Confused right!” Meng Ying Ying finally had the chance to show off for once, and sat down, very pleased with herself: “Let me explain, this is called the electric lightbulb!”

Nangong Yun scratched her head: “Electric lightbulb? What a weird name! I never heard of it!”

Meng Qing Wu’s voice trembled: “This isn’t also something Chu Tian invented right?”

“Of course it is Chu Tian’s invention. Several different arrays interact with each other when powered. The result of all that is light.” One was the respected and feared senior sister-apprentice, the other was her beloved jiejie. When Meng Ying Ying saw their amazed and admiring expressions, she was very satisfied. Everything was clearly invented by Chu Tian, but somehow, she felt very dignified, as if it was her that had invented everything!

Radical genius!

An extremely rare radical genius!

How could normal people invent such things?

Chu Tian came in, bringing with him a large pile of ingredients. Fiery pork, eight horn alligator meat, hundred year lotus root, red cloud pepper, tri yang fruit, white ginseng…… Of the large amount of ingredients Chu Tian had brought in, half of them were beast meat, and the other half were expensive herbs.

Meng Ying Ying immediately jumped up, puffing her cheeks she said: “Where is my favorite beef steak? What is all these messy things!”

“Steak? That’s low class!” Chu Tian picked up a pan that had a magic array inscribed: “Just watch, I will personally stir-fry a few dishes for you. You girls are in luck today.”


These can also be stir-fried!

Meng Ying Ying and Nangong Yun were both shocked silly.

Chu Tian heated up the oil in the pan along with the oil collected from the body of a magical beast. After a short while, the oil released a rich, strong fragrance. Following after the oil was prepared, the pork was sliced and added in. The magic array was able to break down the coagulated energy in the beast meat with such a speed that even the naked eye could see the fresh meat becoming cooked in real time. Then red cloud pepper and other materials were added in.

A plate emitting the seductive scent of spicy pork was finished!

Around twenty or so minutes passed…… Stir-fried chili pork, lightly fried lotus root slices, alligator meat braised in soy sauce, all these colorful dishes were ready to be served.

Even though there was nothing strange about the name of the dishes, the ingredients used were either beast meat or expensive herbs. There was no one in the world that can cook with this combination of ingredients.

Chu Tian picked up a large amount of herbs and a silver-scaled fish: “I will make some fish soup, you girls eat first.”

“Don’t mind if we do!”

“Let me try first!”

Meng Ying Ying orderly picked up her chopsticks, selected a few pieces of fiery pork, and put them in her mouth. Both her cheeks puffed up, looking absolutely adorable.

She chewed a few times and paused for a few seconds. She then continued to chew faster and faster. Her eyes shone brightly, her face flushed, she danced in joy: “So aromatic, so tender, so spicy! So delicious!”

Isn’t this too exaggerated!

“This really is fantastic!”

“Jiejies, quickly try it!”

Meng Qing Wu skeptically tasted a piece of black lotus root. This was a very expensive herb used for making healing cream and potions. But after it had been stir-fried with strips of meat, it became very savory. The faint aroma was intoxicating, making her want to swallow even her own tongue.



Herbs can be eaten as vegetables?

Nangong Yun ate a slice of eight horn alligator meat. The meat was very dense and resilient, simply too delicious.

The energy that protected the beast meat had been completely dissolved so it was no different from ordinary meat. Just the quality of the beast meat far surpasses the ordinary meat, there was no need to even mention the nutritional benefits.

Simply unbelievable!

If beast meat and herbs can be used like this, not only would the dishes be delicious, but it would also bring out more nutrients in the ingredients!

This style of cooking of using beast meat and herb could raise the consumer’s cultivation. Its effect was not as apparent as pills but was more mild and gentle on the body.

It was not as if the mainland did not have methods of cooking beast meat.

In fact, all the big major powers require their disciples to eat certain amount of herbs and beast meat each day to improve their strength. But cooking beast meat is very tedious as it requires intense heat in order to cook the meat.

Cooking beast meat is impossible for cooks that did not have enough strength. As for taste, it would be tough and coarse. It could not even be considered food as it is just something that is swallowed.

Without a doubt!

Such an easy, efficient and fast magic cooking method has plenty of business potentials. One does not even need to think to know that they can make big money with this!

Meng Ying Ying understood!

She finally understood!

MN: Sry for being such a late bloomer, teehee….

Meng Ying Ying secretly peeked at Chu Tian who was making soup. A small stream of warmth flowed through her heart. Even though he was careless, easygoing and cynical on the surface, he was in fact a very scrupulous person.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t understood her secret signals. Rather, he chose to use a more direct and intuitive method instead of talking to her.

I’ll admit that you are smart!

Erxiaojie was extremely satisfied!

This time I won’t bother to argue with you!

When Chu Tian, sweating profusely, brought over the fish soup, the table was a mess. All three plates of food were completely empty. The hot pepper had all been eaten by Meng Ying Ying.

The three beauties had just finished their battle and were covered with sweat. They were all extremely satisfied. Their slender, long, pale legs appeared even more tender and seductive under the lighting.

Chu Tian was stunned: “Damn, what will I eat!”

Nangong Yun picked her teeth, as if she did not had enough yet: “You can only blame yourself for dawdling. Hurry and bring the fish soup up, this big boss sister still haven’t eaten enough yet!”

“Hands off! This is mine!”

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Silver-scale fish soup had at least five different herbs. The herbs not only contributed immensely to the soup’s taste, it also significantly increased the dish’s nutritional value which had effects of regulating bodily functions and increasing one’s physique.

Chu Tian had used a pill to increase his magic power to the third rank of Body Refinement, yet his own body’s strength was still awaiting improvement. Strengthening the body with pills was possible but long period of usage will make the body reliant on the pills and hinders future development. Nourishing the body with food was undoubtedly a relatively moderate and stable way to strengthen it.

The three beauties did not worry about their noble image or the Chu Tian who was slaving away. Almost in a moment’s time they had eaten most of the fish, meat, and melon. Chu Tian was reduced to the point where he could only have soup.

Essencexn TN: As in the soup has stuff in it, they ate all the stuff, now he only has the liquid soup.

Nangong Yun had originally harbored big expectations, but now her heart held even greater expectations for the future: “Cooking with magic power definitely has a bright future! Qing Wu jiejie, this Southern Cloud Commerce is riddled with damages and wounds, keeping it would be really worrisome. A better thing to do would be to sell Southern Cloud Commerce and start a new business with us!”

Meng Qing Wu really had the stirrings of a sense of purpose: “Even though cooking with magic power is good, we don’t know if there are any limitations. Chu Tian, can you give us a summary?”

As soon as Meng Ying Ying saw that her jiejie showed interest, she immediately became aggressive with Chu Tian: “Jiejie is asking you, quickly talk!”

Chu Tian drank down his last bit of soup and started explaining as if it can’t be helped: “Using magic for culinary arts is a safe, convenient and fast technique. At the heart of the technique is the special culinary-type magic array. As a whole, there are no big shortcomings.”

Meng Qing Wu was in disbelief: “Are there really no shortcomings?”

“If you have to talk about limitations, there are only two. The first, is the requirement for the tool’s quality. The second, is the requirement for the cook’s cultivation.”

“Grade 1 cooking array can prepare grade 1 ingredients, grade 2 cooking array can prepare grade 2 ingredients. In other words, the higher the food grade is, the stronger is the magic power required, thus chef with high cultivation is needed to prepare the food.”

“The current black-iron pot can at most bear the power of a grade 1 array. Black-iron pot cannot bear the strong magic power from cooking with a grade 2 array. You need to use darksteel to create pots and pans, but darksteel is dozens of times more expensive than black-iron.”

How could this even count as shortcoming!

Of course higher quality magic array would demand a stronger material to be inscribed on. It was well known that the amount of magic power produced would only rise along with higher levels.

In other words, in order to cook grade 2 beast meat, you must find strong metals like darksteel to make magic frying pan. At the same time, you would need a Spirit Awakened chef to use the grade 2 array.

There are only an handful of Spirit Awakened experts in the whole Tian Nan City!

Of those, which was not a person with a high status and a strong background? Who would want to be a chef!

In fact, grade 1 magic power formations were already more than enough. It was hard for one to imagine the business that would come from it!

Chu Tian saw that the time was ripe, immediately brought up the matter directly: “I have plans to create a commerce. However, at this point I have no power, no rights, and no money. If you guys are willing to help me as partners, I will naturally give you some of the original shares. How about it, do you have any interest in going all out?”

“Have, definitely have!” Nangong Yun took the lead in standing up: “Count me in!”

Meng Ying Ying raised her hand, said: “I want to join!”

Meng Qing Wu showed an eagle-eyed gaze, bluntly asking: “What are you preparing to call your commerce?”

Chu Tian didn’t even have to think before saying: “Miracle Commerce!”

Voices of praise rang out at once.

Nangong Yun said with shining eyes: “This is a good name!”

Light bulb?

Magic powered frying pan?

This was enough to disturb the ranks of the kingdom’s greatest inventions. However, in Chu Tian’s eyes, these were simply the basics to the point where in the era he had lived in, these inventions had been almost completely discarded.

Things that fly in the sky, things that run on the ground, things that swim in the water, from communication tools, to military equipments. From super magic array computers, to magic array internets. From mechanical puppets to artificial intelligence. All these amazing things from thousands of years in the future, Chu Tian would without a doubt make all of them when the time is right.

Right now, no matter if it was materials, abilities, talents, property resources, or production capabilities, they were all too weak. So at this point in time, they are unable to do most of the things that Chu Tian could think of.

Eating food require small bites, walking a road require small steps. If you stride too far each time, it is easy to rip your balls.

“Looking at the world as a whole, Tian Nan City is very small, this country is also very small, it is only a drop in the ocean. Once we set sail, we will be in for a lengthy journey.” Chu Tian emitted an aura that can bring out people’s passion, “Life is too boring, I want to be stronger, I want to change this world bit by bit. Come with me!”

Meng Qing Wu, Meng Ying Ying, and Nangong Yun’s body trembled.

Because in that moment, Chu Tian seemed to have become a different person.

He had an enormous ambition!

Is it even possible to achieve?

However, the three people felt their hearts throbbing in anticipation and excitement, life is so short, so why not give it all we have got?

Dreams are a must, what if by chance they come true!