Miracle Throne

Chapter 23: Encountering Dangers

Chapter 23: Encountering Dangers

Encountering Dangers

Meng Ying Ying’s delicate cheeks turned bright red, barely able to off the excitement. If they hadn’t been in public, she would’ve started whooping and capering around!


So awesome!

Jiejie was too prudent and cautious!

How could you lower your stance against your nemesis!

Chu Tian did not disappoint me. That absolutely vented my anger!

Meng Qing Wu was not simple minded and easily swayed by debts of gratitude or revenge like her sister. Her dark eyebrows knitted together; she was still worried.

To offend the Ye family right after the establishment of the new commerce was not a wise choice. However, since it had already come to this, then there was nothing she could do.

And as for Chu Tian wanting to participate in the Summit competition…… does he not want to live anymore?!

Meng Qing Wu hurriedly voiced a reminder: “Tian Nan’s Summit happens once a year. It originally was the pinnacle event for elite families such as those who owns big business, government, or military circles. At the Summit there is a very important competition called ‘Genius Competition’, letting the younger generation’s geniuses compete on the arena. All the sectors attach great importance to it, so it is not a trifling matter. Miss Nangong was first place in the last last great competition, so she should know more about this.”

Nangong Yun nodded her head, supplementing: “A person is only allowed to participate in the Genius Competition once, the participant’s age cannot be greater than twenty years old. The competition determines the distribution of resources, something all the major families will fight over. Also, the competition is on a public ring, so don’t look to me to be able to help you. Ye Han didn’t participate in the competition two years ago to avoid me, and he wasn’t in the last one because he went to Central State. This time he definitely wants to win.”

After Meng Ying Ying heard this.

How would she still be ok?

Ye Han hadn’t participated for two years in a row, as well as studied in Central State for a year. Now that he was almost twenty and nearing the limit for participating in the competition, his power was definitely extremely strong!

Let alone, other families could also bring out many experts!

Jiejie had even brought me to watch a couple of times, and every year the matches were extremely horrifying. There were always people dying and getting injured. Chu Tian’s cultivation wasn’t high, wouldn’t it be dangerous for him!?

Meng Ying Ying poked Chu Tian: “Oi, don’t get into this mess!”

Nangong Yun followed up: “Right! It is essentially self-abuse!”

Chu Tian felt aggrieved!

You girls really have so little confidence in me?

How you girls would know I’ll be abused?

Fine! I Chu Tian haved lived two lives, yet haven’t been looked down upon like this before. At first I was just joking but now I have to go for sure!

The three women looked at each other helplessly. It was apparent Chu Tian has already decided, so they could only sigh.

Forget it, let him go and join in the fun. With Chu Tian’s current strength, he would probably be eliminated in the preliminaries. There was no need to worry that he would be matched against Ye Han.

Probably because of the pressure.

These two days, Chu Tian started eating large amounts of herbs and beast meat. At the same time he also started high-intensity training. His magic power gradually approaches the peak 3rd rank Body Refinement. As long as he had an appropriate opportunity, he could break through to the 4th rank Body Refinement.

4th rank Body Refinement was enough for him to fight against Ye Han. If he increased his cultivation just a little more, even if he only reached the peak of the 4th rank Body Refinement, then he would have the self-confidence to beat Ye Han.

The amount of time he had was already enough.

Aside from that, Miracle Commerce’s application for establishment had been approved. The full name was “Miracle Magic Power Array and Technology Corporation”!

Currently, the commerce was a mere outline, without any products or service. It was extremely low-profile and not many people were aware of it.

Right now, no could could imagine.

In the future, this commerce that was created in a small small city within a small country with limited resources would violently shake and change the entire continent.

Meng Qing Wu started to report the work situation from the last two days: “I bought two small factories that make glass and started to make preparations for producing the light bulbs.” While she was talking, she took out two small glass balls, “This is a sample, take a look.”

The glass case was in a pear shape. Inside were a few thin metal plates shaped to look like a flower bud. The metal plate was called Fire Copper Plate and was used to hold array inscriptions. The girls passed it to each other for inspection and were all very satisfied. It was much better than the one in Chu Tian’s room.

Chu Tian gave it a glance.

Overall, it was somewhat rough.

But with the current available technology and manufacturing capability, it wasn’t possible to make any elaborate designs. This should do for now.

Meng Qing Wu continued: “I plan to buy one of the high-class restaurants in Tian Nan City’s center to start preparations for the magic power restaurant, but we have one problem…… we don’t have enough people!”

Making light bulbs was done purely by hand. It was impossible for Chu Tian himself to do all of it.

Chu Tian did not think this was anything big: “Easy, just make a secret workshop, find some people you can trust and can inscribe arrays. It will be fine if I just teach them.”

Meng Qing Wu’s eyes showed a hint of surprise: “You can so easily give out such technology?”

““Did you plan on having me do all the manufacturing?” Chu Tian exaggeratingly opened his mouth wide: “That would just be exhausting me to death! How many beautiful girls would be heartbroken? How many pitiful commoners would be in distress? How big of a loss it would be for this world? Could you pay for all that?”

Meng Ying Ying flushed red and scolded: “Pei!* Narcissist!”

*TN: a sound similar to the english “blah”

The electric light bulb was a revolutionary product!

The biological and crystal lights throughout the land were very expensive. On the other hand, candles and oil lamps were not user friendly. Other illumination technologies were either not universal or very inconvenient. All those options did not fully satisfy people.

Light bulb was something that was both inexpensive and practical. It would cause quite a stir. There was no need to mention the value it would bring, the commerce will easily get its first bucket of gold!

Such a technology with limitless potential.

Chu Tian could share it without even batting an eye?

Did he trust herself that much? Meng Qing Wu was moved!

In actuality, she had overthought it. Chu Tian sharing this technology without much thoughts was because he had never placed any importance on it. This was the first main product of the commerce so the earlier it came out, the better it would be.

Southern Cloud Commerce had a new pharmaceutical plant.

At the beginning, due concerns of safety and privacy, the factory had to be built in a suburban area. It was very solidly built and tightly controlled. The comings and goings of goods and materials were all carried out through secret passageways and channels. This way, it was harder for the secret goods to be exposed. This pharmaceutical plant had conveniently just been shut down. Now it had been transformed into a secret base for the production of light bulbs.

Meng Qing Wu carefully picked a dozen workers she trusted while Nangong Yun filled the rest with twenty people from the Nangong guards. All of these people were not originally from the Central State and they are loyal and devoted to the Nangong family. These people have no problem in keeping the operations a secret.


The second day.

Chu Tian personally went to the factory to make an inspection.

Production was based in the rural area. The outside was guarded by employed mercenaries while the interior had several dozens of trusted personnel. This was a very safe place. Chu Tian gave the array blueprint to them, and just like that, the first production unit of Miracle Commerce was established.

Chu Tian didn’t stay after he had finished his matters. He rode on a beast cart with Meng Ying YIng to head back to the city.

Meng Ying Ying sat in the jolting beast cart. Her facial expression was one of looking to the future: “The day Miracle Commerce is formally established, it will create a stir in the entire Tian Nan City. It really makes one look forward to it!”

Chu Tian was just about to speak.

Who would know that at this time.

A strong feeling of danger loomed!

This keen sense towards unknown dangers had saved Chu Tian countless times. Chu Tian had complete confidence in this sense, so he made a move like a conditioned reflex.

He abruptly leapt toward Meng Ying Ying. The two bodies were locked in a tight embrace, falling onto the floor of the compartment. Meng Ying Ying’s young and wonderful body felt like a mass of soft yet elastic cotton.

Meng Ying Ying was scared silly by Chu Tian. Her face immediately turned crimson, her heartbeat furiously accelerating. Chu Tian…… He can’t possibly be thinking of doing that to me!

Peng peng peng!

Three to four shafts of Bleak Frost arrows pierced the carriage!

Meng Ying Ying suddenly came to realize the truth. Her face paled, “Someone wants to assassinate us!”

Who could it be?

There wasn’t enough time to think.

Sou sou!

Another barrage of arrows was shot inside!

The arrows were filled with a strong magic power and they easily pierced the several centimeters thick wood like they were made of paper. Chu Tian covered Meng Ying Ying’s mouth and used the direction the arrows came from and the denseness of the arrows to judge the enemy’s location.

From the eastern direction!

At least seven or eight people!

Chu Tian picked up Meng Ying Ying, violently charging towards the window of the carriage. The two people flew out from the carriage, heavily landing on the ground.

When Meng Ying Ying looked back, that coachman who was driving the beast cart had been wasted by countless arrows. He had already met with a tragic death. The horse that was pulling the cart was startled and ran the cart into a large tree. The whole cart had overturned and crashed to the ground.

Around ten people wearing black abruptly came out from the thick grasses. The number of people was more than what he had expected!

Chu Tian pulled Meng Ying Ying, yelling: “There’s a forest up ahead, quickly hide in it!”

The black clothed people sprang into action; their speed was shocking. They were generally sixth rank Body Refinement. This kind of power would be classified as expert in the entire Tian Nan City. The Captain of Southern Cloud Commerce, Meng Shan, was no more than the peak 7th rank!

It was definitely a group of trained assassins!

This place was at most two and a half kilometers away from Tian Nan City. Everyday, there would be military units patrolling the area to fight magic beasts. The area also contained Tian Nan City’s various commerce’s material factories, sawmills, quarries, farms, and etc.

Even though this was a rural area, it was a safe area.

For the past couple days, Chu Tian had been behind closed doors. He hadn’t thought that as soon as he went on a trip outside, he would encounter such a vicious ambush! Chu Tian had no choice but to escape into the forest with Meng Ying Ying.

This was extremely risky!

The safe districts and dangerous districts outside Tian Nan City was outlined very clearly. Because magic beasts had a very strong sense of territory, randomly barging about could possibly disrupt a beast’s territory. If by any chance a strong magic beast was drawn out, then the consequences could not be imagined.

“The reaction wasn’t slow.” A middle aged man with a sinister and ruthless expression coldly said: “Give chase! I want him captured alive! I will make him wish he was dead!”

The black-clothed assassins dropped their bows, draws the weapons from their waists. The assassins were like a dozen arrows as they give chase.

Meng Ying Ying felt the assassins nearing. She gritting her teeth, saying to Chu Tian: “I’ll slow them down! You quickly run!”

You should stop teasing me, with your 4th rank Body Refinement, any one of them could instantly finish you off!

Even though Chu Tian’s heart was rather moved, he bitterly smiled, saying: “Stop joking!”

“I’m not!” Meng Ying Ying drew out a light red, almost opaque, pill from her clothes. Her small face revealed a determined expression, “If I eat the pill, I should be able to stop them for a while!”

“Crimson Lotus Pill? Why would you have it!”

“This pill has a special commemorative value for me, I have always kept it by my side!”

Chu Tian was really excited, this really was heaven giving him hope. He almost hugged and kissed Meng Ying Ying: “Erxiaojie, you are my savior, give it to me!”

Chu Tian grabbed the Crimson Lotus Pill and swallowed it. A burning hot feeling spread through his dantian, instantly flooding his body’s meridians. There was a slight prickling pain. Under the strong stimulus, the rate at which his body produced magic power became faster and faster, instantly making his magic power stronger by several times.

“It will take time before Crimson Lotus pill will take effect!”

Chu Tian picked up Meng Ying Ying. He lightly kicked the floor, releasing a surge of magic power, instantly propelling him dozens of meters away. His body was light like a swallow.

“Phantom Swallow Steps!”

This technique was not an advanced technique but was the most suitable one under the current circumstances. This technique remarkably improved movement speed, and when coupled with Chu Tian’s “hyperfocus” ability, he could advance even in the forest at a swift pace.

That sinistered face middle aged man showed a surprised expression: “Am I seeing ghosts? How come their speed is so fast? Pick up the pace, we will capture him at all costs!”

Meng Ying Ying could feel the effect of the Crimson Lotus pill as she was held in Chu Tian’s embrace. She felt the heat coming from Chu Tian’s body, as if every vein and artery was being burned. She could not help but worry. This pill that forcefully raises cultivation must cause a lot of pain!

She could do nothing but hold Chu Tian tighter, hoping to bear some of his pain.

The effect of the Crimson Lotus pill peaked after five minutes, allowing for Chu Tian’s power to increase several folds; pushing his cultivation from peak 3rd rank to peak 5th rank!

This was the limit of the pill!

Moreover, the Crimson Lotus Pill’s effect could not last for long. As soon as the pill’s effect wore off, it would be replaced by a strong side effect. It would make a person feel intense fatigue, almost to the point where they could not move.

No, this wasn’t enough.

This kind of speed was not enough to shake them off!

Chu Tian’s exposed a decidedly dignified color: “Erxiaojie, they are trying to get me, I’ve dragged you in this.”

Meng Ying Ying stared at the side of Chu Tian’s face. Her gaze did not reveal much fear, but instead a kind of blurriness. Lying in Chu Tian’s arms, she could only feel his heartbeat was both rapid and full of strength, causing her to feel a sense of security, as if in a dream.

Meng Ying Ying’s face became full of stubbornness: “I’m not afraid!”


“Don’t call me erxiaojie anymore!”

“It sounds strangely distant.” Meng Ying Ying’s crystal-clear and sparkling eyes revealed a complicated expression, “Just call me Ying Ying, ok?”


Chu Tian’s heart became warm.

No matter what the cost!

At least he had to protect the safety of the girl in his arms!

Chu Tian’s aura gradually became fierce: “Ying Ying, I am going to go for it!”

Meng Ying Ying nodded her head: “Go, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Chu Tian leapt up high.

Phantom Swallow Steps——Swallow Returning to Nest!

Chu Tian stepped on a large tree. As if inertia had no effect on him, Chu Tian suddenly changed directions and headed back the way he came. The black clothed assassins proceed at full speed as they were about to catch up to Chu Tian. They did not think that Chu Tian would suddenly counterattack.


Screams rang out!

Chu Tian’s kick swept through the air and striked one of the assassins with 6th rank Body Refinement. That assassin’s bones and muscles were instantly destroyed and he died on the spot. All the other black clothed people were startled. They had never thought that Chu Tian’s combat strength was this terrifying!